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by: Monte

Rating: G
Copyright: February 6, 2004
Summary: BA has an interesting visitor
Warnings: Much silliness and delusions on my part.
Disclaimer: I do not own the A-Team, Stephen Cannell owns all rights to the characters. Val Thomas is a inmate of the VA who granted me permission to use her for this story. I make no money from this work of fanfiction. My payment is merely an increase in my insanity.
Comments: Please
Note: Beware of plot bunnies. Especially when they involve your friends. *** denotes dream sequence.
Dedication: To Val, the world's only rainbow-hued chicken. Thanks for letting me do this.


"Billy, you behave now. What is it? You have a friend? Well, you'd better introduce me." Murdock rolled off the couch and sauntered around the corner into the hallway. "Now who might this be?" Murdock walked back into the living room and stood in front of BA. "You have a pooka," he stated simply.

"I got a what?"

"A pooka, right behind you." Murdock pointed behind BA as he spoke.

BA glanced over his shoulder and glared at Murdock, "Ain't nuttin there, fool."

"Now don't go saying that, BA. You'll hurt her feelings." He ignored the growl emanating from BA's throat as he continued, "Her name is Val and she is a seven foot tall, rainbow hued chicken pooka."

"What's a pooka?"

"Val's a pooka. A very large invisible animal. Didn't you ever see Jimmy Stewart in Harvey?"

"You're nuts, man." BA shook his head at Murdock.

Murdock just grinned, "You better believe it, my friend."

Val followed Billy who followed BA into the garage. Val watched the human as he tinkered with some sort of machinery. She looked down at Billy and asked, "So explain to me again about these guys."

Billy scratched his ear and looked up at her. "Murdock is the one who can see us. Face is the blond guy, he pretends to see me sometimes. Hannibal is the one who smokes the cigars. BA is pretty scary looking but I've seen him with kids and he is just a big teddy bear."

"So how did you manage to get together with this particular group?"

Billy thought back to the first meeting with Murdock. "Murdock was a little boy the first time he saw me. He was only five and his mom had just died. I was just walking down the sidewalk and I heard him crying. So I stopped to see if I could make him feel better. I stayed with him for a few years until he got comfortable and settled living with his grandparents. After a while, he couldn't see me anymore. He didn't need me like he used to, but I stayed with him."

Val stared in amazement at her little friend. "And you've been with him all this time? Wait, if he didn't need you anymore, why can he see you now?"

Billy sighed and rested his chin on his paws. "It was during the Vietnam War. They all got captured by the Viet Cong and were POWs. They all got treated terribly. Murdock got tortured more than the rest of them because he was a pilot. It was hard to watch and not be able to do anything. One night, I managed to get inside the cage with him and I snuggled up beside him. He reached over and started petting me, he even whispered my name. Even after all those years, he remembered me. And so here we all are together still."

"Wow, that's quite a story, Billy. You and these four guys living together." An odd look came over Val's face, a strange grin pulling at her orange-yellow beak.

"Val, I know what you're thinking... and no, they aren't like that."

Pouting slightly, she changed the subject. "So why can't BA see me if I am his pooka?"

Billy pondered her dilemma. "I know!" he exclaimed after a minute. "Wait until tonight when he's asleep, he can see you when he's dreaming."

"Great idea, Billy."

BA piled his jewelry on the dresser as he prepared for bed, mumbling under his breath about crazy fools and pookas. He slid under the blankets and slowly fell into a restless sleep.

*** BA was in the van; he could hear Murdock talking to someone in the back. He turned to see who it was and saw the pilot playing with a small brown and black dog. "Hey, what's a dog doin in my van?!"

Murdock just grinned as the dog spoke, "Don't you know me, BA? It's me, Billy."

BA shook his head in disbelief. "No, you ain't real."

"And I'll bet you don't think Val is real either."

"Val who?"

Billy trotted up to stand beside BA before jumping up onto Hannibal's seat and calling for Val.

BA's jaw dropped when a chicken stuck her head into the van's side window. A very large, very colorful chicken.

"Hi, I'm Val."

BA stared at her in shocked silence. Never in his life had he seen anything like the seven foot tall, rainbow hued chicken.

Billy shook his head, "It's not nice to not introduce yourself to a lady, BA. Val, may I present BA Baracus. BA, meet your pooka, Val Thomas."

"Hi," was all he could manage to say. A thought popped into his mind. This was all Murdock's fault somehow. He turned his head but the pilot was nowhere to be seen. "No! Murdock's the crazy one not me. Where's that fool?!"***

Where you at, fool?!"

BA, wake up," Murdock reached over to give his friend a shake. He jumped back when BA lunged off the bed toward him. "Hey! What's the big idea?"

"Stay outta my dreams. And keep your 'maginary friends outta my dreams, too." BA pushed Murdock out into the hall and slammed the bedroom door.

Murdock glanced down at Billy who was sitting innocently at his feet. "Well, Billy. I guess that was one way of getting BA and Val to meet. Just don't make it a nightly occurrence or none of us will be getting any sleep." He chuckled and squatted down to ruffle Billy's fur. After a few minutes, he trudged off toward his own room, calling goodnight to the rainbow hued chicken watching with a grin from the living room.


Pooka by Monte



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