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Pillow Fight

Pillow Fight
by: Templeton Peck

Rating: G
Summary: Face and Murdock get into a pillow fight. Hannibal and BA become involved also. (F/M pairing)
Disclaimers: Don't own the A-Team, I just love to mess with their minds on occasion. <eg>
Warnings: Fluff and pillow violence. Some mild slash as well but nothing to make the rating higher.
Comments: Oh, if you must. (Just kidding, comment away)
Extra Note: This is to make up for not posting anything recent on "Endless Summer Nights."
(- -) Are used for sound emphases.


Face snuck up on Murdock, who was standing in the hallway of yet another lavish house he scammed in Beverly Hills. With a solid - WHACK!- he smacked Murdock square in the back and took off running, laughing.


Murdock blinked after getting hit with a pillow. "Hey!'re askin' for it now Faceyman."


He quickly dashed into the master bedroom they both shared, grabbing another pillow from the king-sized bed and went back out into the hallway. Face hid in an alcove-type of place, waiting for Murdock to find him. "Come out, come out wherever you are." Murdock said, pillow at the ready.


"Gotta catch me first!" Face shot back.


"Oh don't worry muchacho, I'll catch you.." He walked past where Face was hiding and promptly got smacked again this time in the stomach.




"Am not!" Murdock growled and dived after Face, who got whacked in the left leg with a pillow.

Hannibal looked up at hearing a commotion upstairs, wondering what was going on. "Hey BA, you hear that?" The Colonel asked.


"Yeah, Ah did. Wonder what's goin' on."


Hannibal got up off the dark brown leather couch in the living room, about to go upstairs and investigate when he spotted Murdock chasing Face down the hallway.


"Get back here Face!"


"Make me!" shot back the Lieutenant, who had to duck an incoming swing via pillow.


A loud "Oomph!" was heard from Murdock when he got hit again.


Hannibal blinked, watching his two officers pillow fight. "What are you two doing?" raising an inquiring eyebrow.


Face and Murdock paused, looking at Hannibal. "Having a pillow fight." Face said.


"Yeah, only he started it."


Face grinned and swung his pillow at Murdock again who saw this coming and ducked just in time, Face didn't have enough time to stop the pillow's momentum and it cuffed Hannibal over the head.

Hannibal blinked when he got hit, glaring up at Face. "Whoops... sorry Colonel. I ah, couldn't stop the pillow in time." Murdock grinned and took the opportunity to whack Face's side with his pillow. Face caught this from the corner of his eye and side-stepped out of the way, whacking Murdock over the head.


By this time, BA had come to see what was going on and watched as Face and Murdock tried to hit each other with pillows, noticing also that Hannibal had a red velvet throw pillow in his hand and was trying to get Face for hitting him. "Buncha' crazy foo's.."


Murdock promptly looked up at BA's comment, "I am the only crazy one here, Mudsucker." he said in a British accent, going "Oof!" when hit in his stomach by Hannibal who had been aiming for Face.


"Sorry Murdock."


"No problem'o Colonel."


"Hey! No taking sides!" Face hollered and whacked both of them, running off down the hall.

BA shook his head. "Crazy foo's..." A slightly evil glint came into his brown eyes and he snatched another velvet throw pillow from the couch and headed upstairs to join in.


Murdock ran after Face, "Ready or not here I come!"


"Murdock, we're not playing hide and go seek, nor are we playing tag!" Face called from his hiding spot, pillow at the ready.


"Well duh, I know that. But the phrase 'Ready or not here I come' works for whatever game you're playing." using 'Murdockian Logic' on Face. Face shook his head, unprepared for the -WHACK!- which came from behind from Hannibal, who's sapphire blue eyes were sparkling with 'The Jazz.' Face quickly retaliated and caught the Colonel in his left side with his pillow. Murdock was still looking for Face when he got hit with a throw pillow, expecting it to be Hannibal and instead finding out it was BA who'd hit him. "Why BA I didn't know you wanted to play." BA gave that half-grin and aimed for the pilot again.

Murdock let out a loud howl and took off running. "Face! We need to form an alliance!"


Face blinked, ducking another shot from Hannibal and ran in Murdock's direction, pulling him into one of the five bathrooms the two-story house had. "I agree. I had no idea they'd join in."


Murdock grinned, "My craziness must've rubbed off on them."


Face cuffed him lightly with his pillow, smiling. "This is the second time I agree with you Murdock. Let's go get them." Murdock nodded and followed Face out of their hiding place, spotting Hannibal at the other end of the long hallway. "Too bad we didn't bring throw pillows they could've made perfect projectiles.." Face commented, hugging one side of the hall while Murdock crept a few feet behind, looking out for BA.


"Problem solved.." he made sure BA wasn't rounding a corner and headed for the staircase, creeping down and moving over to the other leather couch grabbing all the velvet throw pillows.

Hannibal paused at hearing Face's familiar light footsteps in the hallway, knowing the Lieutenant was preparing for a sneak attack. He slowly opened a bathroom door and moved inside, waiting. Face watched a door open and grinned, creeping to the other side of the hallway, quieting his footsteps the best he could on the hardwood flooring, since bare feet don't exactly make the softest of sounds when they stick. Hannibal frowned when he couldn't hear Face anymore, getting thwacked with a pillow.


"Gotcha Colonel." Face laughed then took off running, passing Murdock along the way, grabbing his shirt that read 'Napoleon', hauling him into another bedroom. "Got the pillows?"




"Good, give me one."


Murdock handed Face a red velvet pillow and piled the others on the floor.

BA caught Face and Murdock going into a bedroom, heading in that direction when he heard Hannibal call his name. BA crept as quietly as he could down the hall, holding his gold necklaces so they wouldn't jingle and give away his position. "Since Face and Murdock have teamed up, I thought it only fair that we do the same." Hannibal said.


The Sergeant nodded. "Good plan Colonel."


Hannibal grinned. "Of course it's a good plan, I always have good plans."


BA shook his head, "Not all are good Hann'bal."


Hannibal glanced at his sergeant sideways, but didn't say anything. Face motioned for Murdock to follow him out of the bedroom, main pillow in one hand, throw pillow in the other. He gave a silent signal and Murdock moved across the hall, while he stayed on the right side, waiting for either Hannibal or BA to show themselves.

At the same time, Hannibal and BA left the bathroom, watching for Face and Murdock. -WOOSH! WHACK!- Came the sounds of two throw pillows hitting Hannibal and BA's stomachs along with twin "Ooof's!" after impact.


Murdock howled with laughter, "Targets hit Sir!"


Face chuckled and ran towards them, pillow swinging. Hannibal got hit again in his side, BA in the left leg. Face ducked both attacks only getting hit once in the back of his right leg. Murdock chucked two more throw pillows and both smacked into Face.


"Hey! I thought we were on the same side!" Ducking another attempt by BA.


"We are! Only you failed to duck Templeton!" Murdock shot back. Face snarled and whacked BA in his left side, running down the hallway, promptly whacking Murdock upside the head. "What was that for my dear Temp?"


"That, flyboy was for hitting me with -two- throw pillows!"


Murdock grabbed Face in a headlock, mussing up his golden hair, laughing. "Okay so we're even."


Face started laughing, finding a ticklish spot on Murdock's ribs, who laughed harder. "H...Hey! Unfair!"


"No it isn't." He got out of the headlock just as Hannibal and BA came down the hall, pillows held high. Murdock grabbed the last throw pillows, handing Face one. "Shall we?"


"After you."


Pillow Fight by Templeton Peck



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