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Title: The Assassin

The Assassin

by: Mooncat


Rating: R

Summary: Avenge

Warning: Very, very dark and sad. Character Death. Guess a little violence.

Disclaimer: I still don’t own the A-Team

Copyright: Sarah Diaz 2004

Thanks: To Franne who makes the story flow in real English and to Susie, for finding even the slightest detail. Thanks! And to everyone else who gave me tips and tricks for this one. You are great!




The Assassin


The rain was pouring down, a constant stream that had been going on for a week now. Not that it mattered to him. He didn’t care anymore. There hadn’t been any sunshine for him during the past two months. Since the night his world had been destroyed. So he didn’t notice the wetness or the cold of this dark night. What difference would it make anymore? He now lived in a world colder and darker than any surroundings could be. But tonight it would end.


Hidden in the shadows of a few trees he watched the house. Like he had done for the past five days. And his patience had been rewarded. Today, the owner had arrived. An evil smile appeared on the face of the watcher. The fool bastard had really thought he could escape him. Like he now believed he would be safe in this house. Sure, it was well guarded. A normal thief would have no chance of getting in. Probably not even a normal assassin. But he was far from normal.


The security system was no problem for him. Neither were the bodyguards. They would be easy enough to take out. Oh, he would not kill them. A simple tranquilizer would be enough. After all the two goons had done nothing to him. It wasn’t their fault they worked for a ruthless man without any honor or decency. The smile widened. After tonight people would no longer suffer because of this man.


But it was not yet time. He had to wait a little longer before he would meet his fate. The hidden assassin was in no hurry. It was only shortly after midnight. He had decided to make the kill at exactly 01:17. The exact time the verdict had fallen. Squeezing his eyes shut the assassin forced the memory away. He could not afford to think of it now. Of them. Of ‘him’. The light he had lost. No, he needed to concentrate now so he could do what he had come here to do.


To guarantee that at least his family, what there was left of it, would be safe from this bastard. And from everyone else who might be on their trail.


It had been decades since his training but he remembered the instructions well, like it had been yesterday. Make your mind free of anything but the task before you. Don’t think, don’t feel, don’t hesitate. Be quick and keep it clean. Leave no trace. It had been a very long time since he’d had to use his training, since the war in fact. But these words had been hammered into him, were always in the back of his mind, ready for when he needed them. Like now. It shouldn’t be too difficult anyway. He’d already managed to get to him once, a lifetime ago it seemed to him, and then it had been more of a challenge. Sadly he sighed. It really was a shame he hadn’t rid the world of this manipulating cold-hearted bastard then, when he’d had the chance to do it.





After a quick glance at his watch, the assassin left his hide out to move quickly to the house. No one would see him. He was nothing more than a shadow. There was that smile again. He had been trained to be invisible, to use the surroundings to his advantage. Not to make a single sound. And he had always been one of the best.


Within minutes he had disabled the security and was inside of the house. The first guard in the kitchen hadn’t suspected a thing before his hand suddenly clamped a wet tissue on the guard’s mouth and nose while an iron grip hindered the trained man from making so much as one little move. Seconds later the bulky man went limp in his attacker’s arms who lowered the unconscious bodyguard to the floor. He quickly tied his hands and feet and emptied his guns.


Silently he moved on in the direction of the room he knew his target was in. Stopping just before a corner, he carefully used a little mirror to view the next corridor. There was the second bodyguard, protecting the only entry to the bedroom suite. This time he would have to move faster or the guard would raise the alarm. His body tensed in preparation. Taking a deep breath, he was but a blur as he rounded the corner and in two big steps stood in front the guard, twisting the hand that the surprised man had been moving to the gun in his holster hard behind his back. At the same time he pressed the chloroform soaked rag to his mouth and nose, hindering him from alerting the man behind that door. After a short struggle he felt the resistance of the other man weakening and soon he too was safely trussed up on the floor.


Slowly he stood up and stepped to the door and tried the knob. Locked. How typical. Shaking his head he pulled out a small lock pick set. It wasn’t his. It had belonged to ‘him’. But ‘he’ wouldn’t need it anymore so the assassin had taken it with him. Thirty seconds later he silently opened the door and stepped into the dark room, and stopped, letting his eyes adjust to the dim light.


There was no one in it. But the light coming from the adjoining room told him where he had to look for his man. The assassin walked through the room and slowly entered the next one. And there he was sitting behind a little desk and reading some reports. The man he had been searching for these past two months. The man wasn’t yet aware of his presence, as he was too involved in his reports. Not alerting him the assassin drew the gun and pointed it at the head of the man before he flicked off the safety.


The faint clicking sound rang through the silent room like thunder making his victim jerk up his head in surprise and shock. With deep satisfaction the assassin looked on as the man recognized him and naked fear filled his eyes. He smiled, and said in an amused tone, “You seem surprised. Did you really think you could escape from me so easily?”


His target swallowed a few times before he got himself more or less under control after the shock. But the fear didn’t leave his eyes. Good. He should be afraid.


Finally the man found his voice again and leaned back a little, his eyes never leaving those of his assassin. “In fact yes. I was sure you wouldn’t be able to find this place. At least not so quickly.”


And I was fairly disappointed you took so much time to come here from the Florida Keys.” The assassin laughed.


This surprised the other, making him to pale. “So you always knew where to find me? Why didn’t you come earlier?”


“The time wasn’t right. And I needed a bit time to arrange some things, find and meet a few people, make some deals. Besides, it was too much fun watching you run all over the world, trying to hide from me like a scared rabbit.” The assassin clearly enjoyed the offended expression appearing on his victim’s face at these words.


“I see. It looks like I underestimated you yet again. I really should have given you more credit.” The man was getting more confident. What would the point in denying the truth anymore? He would die in the next few minutes. That was certain. And there would be no sense in begging for his life. The assassin wouldn’t listen to his pleas’. Nor would he, were he in the same position as his enemy.


The assassin felt the acceptance of his prey’s unavoidable fate. And although he hated this man with his entire being, he had to give him credit for his bravery in the face of death. He nodded. “Yeah you should. But your arrogant self-confidence always worked to my advantage. Or you would have had me killed much earlier, getting rid of the high risk I represent.”


At this the man cocked his head to the side in contemplation. It was true. He had learned to respect the danger this man presented too late. And he had read his excellent file after all. Had seen the evidence of what this man was capable of doing. He really should have known better. But he had been blinded by his latest achievements as well as the harmless behavior of this man. And dismissed this man as no threat despite the warnings. He shook his head in amusement. He really deserved to pay for this foolish oversight. Had it been one of his men he would have made sure that such a mistake could never happen again. “There you are right. Letting you live was the only mistake I ever made. Believe me, I deeply regret it. I wouldn’t make this mistake a second time.”


But the assassin shook his head. “No. The only mistake you made was messing with the lives of my family. When you forced them to serve you, I warned you. You hurt them and you’ll pay. Now”


Before he could continue, footsteps were heard, coming nearer, entering the adjoining room. Quickly, the assassin moved to the right, placing his back to the wall, protecting it. He kept his eyes and the hand with the gun steady on his target, while he drew a second gun with his left hand, aiming it at head level at the entry, waiting for the arrival of the new player in this deadly game.


The man at the desk couldn’t help but marvel at the smooth way his assassin moved. This truly was a highly skilled man. Why hadn’t he seen this before? He could have had such good use for an expert like this well trained agent.


Already the intruder was rushing through the door. But he ignored the man at the desk and turned around, searching, and found the assassin to his right side, aiming a gun at him. The assassin gasped surprised and lowered the gun. “Colonel. What are you doing here? And how did you find me?”


“I have my ways too Captain. Thank God I’m not too late. Murdock, please, don’t do this. Be reasonable.  Face wouldn’t want this. And neither would BA.” Hannibal pleaded.


At the mention of Face and BA, Murdock had to close his eyes as the memories of the tragedy from two months ago flooded his mind.




Stockwell had sent them on a mission to bring down a mafia boss. Some preliminary meetings to establish a drug deal. They should have known something wasn’t right with this new mission when Stockwell had allowed Frankie to visit his father. After all, he wouldn’t be needed for the deal. But they had been too happy for their young friend, who really missed his father. They should have known the general had had a reason to not want Frankie on the mission.


 It turned out that Stockwell had sent them right into a deadly trap. Knowingly. It had turned out the mafia boss was the son of one of the men the Team had put behind bars. And he had sensitive information about some very highly placed people. Blackmail material. The price for the information had been the A-Team.


As soon as they had gotten off the plane the shooting had begun. BA was the first to be hit. A bullet right in his back as he ran for cover. Face had been next. He had found cover right beside him. They had watched as Hannibal had run to the fallen BA to bring him to safety too and gave him as much cover as they could. To get a better aim at one of the snipers Face had moved a little more into the open. He had gotten the sniper, but not before that one managed to shoot him in the chest. It had missed the heart so when Murdock rushed to him he was still alive. He dragged him back behind their cover and tried desperately to stop the flow of the blood from the wound.


There had been so much blood. But he wouldn’t give up. Not until a weak hand covered his and stopped him. Looking up he met Face’s pain filled eyes. And he could see the light dying in their blue depths. Horrified he shook his head, refusing to accept what they both knew would happen. He couldn’t loose him! But Face gave him a faint smile, then pleaded with his eyes to take him into his arms. Tears raining down his face, Murdock pulled him into his arms, holding him tight to his chest while somehow managed not to loose the contact with Face’s eyes.


 Face couldn’t help but groan as the fiery pain, caused by the movement, surged through his entire body. With his last strength he lifted his hand and laid it on Murdock’s left cheek and faintly whispered. “Thank you.” Two simple words to express what was in his heart. Murdock could see that these two meaningless and overused words didn’t seem enough to Face, but the dying man hadn’t had the strength for more. Nor the words.


But Murdock nodded, instantly understanding what he meant. He chocked out a “Thank you” back, with as much heartfelt feeling as he could, knowing instinctively that they shared the same meaning behind them. Thanking the soulmate for their time together, for the friendship, for always being there for each other. Making sure the other was never alone since the first second they had met.


Face closed his eyes, but struggled to open them again. There was something else he had to say to Murdock. “Always.” Murdock’s eyes filled with emotion. He longed to bury his head in Face’s neck but he knew Face needed to know he understood. So he held his last eye contact with his soulmate and told him with his eyes what he couldn’t find the words to voice. That he knew Face would forever be with him. Waiting for him. Seeing the relief in Face’s eyes he tried to smile. But the smile instantly vanished as the beautiful blue eyes fluttered again and glazed over. Suddenly his body shuddered and then stilled.


He was dead.


Face had died.


His soulmate was gone.


Unable to think straight Murdock checked the time. 01:17 am. This time burned itself into his brain. Never would he be able to forget it. He’d held Face close to his chest, crying over his body. Time stood still. There was nothing other than the two of them.


Suddenly, an anguished cry brought Murdock back to the hell they were in. Looking up, he saw Hannibal staring wide-eyed at his devastated Captain who was cradling his dead Lieutenant in his arms. A rage he had never known surged through the Colonel, and with a roar he turned around, shooting a wide arc in the direction the fire came from.


Murdock slowly lowered Face to the ground and closed his eyes with a trembling hand. He kept it over his eyes as he leaned in and whispered. “Always Temp. But you won’t have to wait long.” Then he stood up with grim determination and joined Hannibal in his determined killing.


When they’d shot the last bullet there was deadly silence. Wordlessly they moved further and further until they came to the bodies of nine men. Somehow they had managed to kill all of them without getting hurt themselves. Hannibal had crouched down by the body of the mafia boss, checking for a pulse. Finding nothing he stood up and looked to Murdock, a cold, unemotional mask in place. “BA’s still alive. But we need to get him to an hospital ASAP.” Murdock nodded, turned around and went back to where Hannibal had left BA.


Together they heaved him and Face’s body into the plane and flew to the nearest hospital. After hours of silent waiting the doctor had come out of surgery and told them that BA was alive but wouldn’t be able to walk again for the rest of his life.


At this point, Murdock had left and gone to do what he could to ensure the safety of Hannibal and BA. And one threat was Stockwell. At first, the search for Stockwell went without any luck. The General had left his usual locations. Murdock wasn’t surprised. Stockwell had never been a fool. He would have known that if Murdock survived the slaughter of his team, he would come after him. After all, he had promised to do so. As he left Stockwell’s office he looked up at the dark sky and smiled.


Stockwell could run but he would find him. He always kept a promise.




Coming back to the present Murdock looked over to Stockwell. The General met his eyes dead on. Murdock frowned, becoming aware of a slight change in Stockwell’s posture. “Don’t even think about it General.” He warned in an icy tone, promising the General that he would regret it deeply, should he keep on trying to reach his own gun, hidden under the desk.


Unmoved, but not really surprised, Stockwell put his right hand back onto the desk. Murdock was too good and too well trained to allow himself to be distracted enough   to not notice his attempt. But he’d had to try it anyway. After all, this was about his death. Leaning back in his seat he scrutinized the Captain. Then, suddenly he smiled. At this Murdock raised an eyebrow, silently asking him what was so funny. The General was amused. “This isn’t just about revenge, is it Captain. “ It wasn’t a question; it was more a statement of fact.


Hannibal looked confusedly from Stockwell to Murdock. He had no idea what they were talking about, but his gut told him it was something very important.


Murdock finally inclined his head in agreement. Not really surprised that the general had guessed right about the deal Murdock had made. And the man had a right to know. After all, it was all about his death.


Stockwell nodded then and silently said to himself. “It looks like I kept at least one of my promises. Too bad it has to be this way.”


Murdock had heard him and silently agreed with him, but nothing in his emotionless face would have given this away. He checked the time and looked back at Stockwell. “Paytime General.” And fired.


Horrified, Hannibal watched as Stockwell’s body slumped over the desk. He looked back to Murdock who was looking calmly back at the clock and smiling. Even more confused his colonel looked there too. 01:17. What on earth did that mean? Then it dawned to him. Of course. Murdock had mentioned it at Face’s funeral. It was the exact time Face had died. Two months ago. And today would have been his birthday. He sighed.


But there was something else behind this – assassination. Yes, this hadn’t been a simple murder, but a well planned operation. He could tell this now with certainty. This strange conversation between the General and Murdock had made this perfectly clear. And, if he was right, and he knew he was, there must have been some other reason for Murdock killing Stockwell. Even if the main reason still was revenge. There was no doubt about it in Hannibal’s mind. But he knew his Captain. And as emotional and vengeful as he could get, he would never give in to his urge for revenge alone. Not even for Face. So what else was there to know?


Right after he had pleaded with Murdock not to kill Stockwell there had been a moment when he’d thought he’d convinced him. Then he had seen the memory of Stockwell’s final triumph over the team come back to him. In that moment, as he watched Murdock’s eyes go cold, he had known there was nothing he could do or say that would stop Murdock; Nothing except to shoot him himself. And that was one thing he would never be able to do.


He didn’t even know why he didn’t want Murdock to do this. Only a few days ago he had wanted nothing more than to avenge his men. But when he had found Murdock’s packet to him, containing his will, his medals and his beloved jacket, he had known what Murdock was up to. And he’d desperately wanted to stop him. Because he knew, if Murdock were to go through with it he would lose him too. He wasn’t able to take the loss of another of his men.


But despite everything, he had come too late. He looked again at the dead man. “What did you do Murdock?” His heart already heavy with the knowledge that another son was lost.


Murdock looked at him. “What had to be done. What I promised. What Face would have done if it had been me. I’m sorry you had to see this Colonel, but frankly, it was by your own choice.” Then he saluted him. “Colonel. It always had been an honor to serve with you. And you’ve always been a great commander, friend, and father to me, and the others. Thank you for this. And please say goodbye to BA. He’s strong, the big guy will get through this with his head up, but he’ll need you Hannibal. And he’ll need his mama.” Murdock paused for a moment, then whispered almost inaudibly. “I did what I could for him.” Suddenly he straightened himself. “If you would excuse me now, it’s time I keep a promise to Face.”


Before Hannibal had a chance to say anything, Murdock had turned around and quickly left the scene. Leaving Hannibal to stare after him with a broken heart. Everything in him screamed for him to follow Murdock and do whatever was necessary to stop him from what he thought he was about to do. Also he hoped with all his being that he was wrong about what Murdock was going to do next to keep his promise to Face. But he knew there was no going back now. And he had no right to differ with Murdock’s decision. Or his sacrifice. So he ignored his deepest desire and stayed behind. Let him go. It was the hardest thing he ever had to do in his life. With tears in his eyes he whispered his farewell.


“Goodbye Murdock. The honor has been truly mine.”


Feeling numb, he looked again at the body of the man who had caused his team to suffer so much. Did he regret his death? No. But he mourned the way this had come to an end. Wordlessly, he turned around and left the house.


He slowly walked through the rain to the street when his senses warned him. Looking up he saw a car slowly driving towards, him and then stopping before him. Alert and prepared to act if it became necessary Hannibal watched as a man in a suite and open dark rain coat stepped out of the car, opened an umbrella and then came to him. The stranger greeted him politely.


“Good evening Sir. You are Colonel John Smith?”


Hannibal wasn’t sure what this was all about but this man didn’t seem a threat so he nodded slowly. This seemed to please the other. “Right. Here, I have the pleasure to give you this.” He was holding out a big envelope.


Slowly, Hannibal took it and opened it. The deliveryman stepped closer to him, causing Hannibal to tense. But he just held the umbrella over them to give them both cover from the rain. To the sound of the soft patter from the rain Hannibal drew three papers out of the envelope. For a long time he just stared at them, not really able to believe it. Their pardons! With the signature of the president. For him and BA and even one post hum for Face. They were free. Their names were cleared. After all these years, after all they went through. After all they lost. Why now? So suddenly?


Unless… No, it couldn’t be.


His head jerked up to look at the man, demanding an explanation. But the idiot just smiled.  He looked back at the house he had left only a few minutes before. Then he looked back down at the pardons in his hand.


‘This isn’t just about revenge, isn’t it Captain.’


‘What had to be done. What I promised.’


‘I did what I could for him.’


Tears came to Hannibal’s eyes again and he careful stroked the papers in his hand. So this had been the final reason for what Murdock had done in the house behind him. His heart clenched painfully.


‘Oh Murdock.’




When the sun broke out for the first time in a long time the next morning, there was a body found at a private little bay near LA. A priest had found it while walking his dog. He first thought that the man was just sleeping. It wasn’t until he came nearer that he had seen the deadly wound. A gunshot to the head. And the gun was still in his cold hand. Saying a prayer he knelt down to close the man’s eyes, staring at the sky. There was a content smile on his face. And suddenly he recognized the man. A few weeks ago there had been a little ceremony he had been asked to attend. It had been for a funeral. A man with white hair and this young man here had set free the ashes of a friend. They explained to him that their friend would have wanted the presence of the church at this moment. The priest had accepted, touched by the deep love he had felt these men had for each other and their dead friend. Slowly he stood up and looked down at the smiling man. And sighed. It looked like a soul had finally found peace. And despite the fact that this man had committed suicide he wished with all his heart that he was now joined again with his friend, happy and finally at peace.



The End

The Assassin by Mooncat



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