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TITLE: Voyeur

by: Viskey Utsadanas

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the A-Team and I don't make any profit with my writing. If you want to sue me, go ahead and have fun wasting your time.
NOTES: Thanks to Monte for betaing. :)
I know, Face is probably not such a bad host, but... I needed an excuse for Murdock and a female being at the same place like Face in a relatively relaxed situation.
Also, I want to add, that I didn't start this out with the line from The Who in mind. I struck me only after I've finished how perfectly it really fits. That's why I put that line at the beginning, and why I've put the tape into my stereo... J

WARNINGS: sex, f/m and implied m/m
SUMMARY: You want a summary? Now, really! Face has sex, that's the summary. Ok, so I threw in some emotional turmoil as well.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"See me, feel me, touch me, heal me." Tommy, The Who
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Part 1

He hadn't gone there on purpose. Oh no, he'd never have done that on purpose. It was only by chance, lucky or unlucky, that he was here now, seeing what he saw.

No, he definitely would never have done that on purpose, way too private for that. Murdock did have decency.

But here he was, accidental witness of Face's lovemaking.

It was intriguing, how he moved, so graceful. Nothing else, really, Murdock had expected. He had always been sure that Face was a graceful, attentive, considerate and gentle lover. But the amount of grace and gentleness took even him by surprise.

Face lay there, in the bedroom, making love to that red-head he'd been flirting with all evening. Now he had one arm wrapped around her waist, lifting her up towards him. With his free hand he caressed her face, hair, neck, her shoulders, her sides.

He moved slowly.

He bent down to kiss her.

Murdock could hear soft moans coming from her. Face kept totally silent. Only his breathing gave away his arousal.

"Faster, baby..." the red-head pleaded in a whimper. Face complied instantly. Her moans became louder and more urgent. Murdock had had enough girls in his own bed over the years to tell that she'd come any second now. Evidently Face could tell too, because he cupped his hand over her mouth in precaution, muffling the sounds of her orgasm.

She lay under him, shaking and spent. Face had stopped moving. Murdock admired that self-control. He suspected, were he in Face's position, he couldn't stop moving, too eager to come himself. But not so Face. He just lay there, between her legs, still inside her, not moving at all. He just stroked her face and hair. He planted little kisses on her face. Slow, sincere, considerate.

"Oh, baby, I'm sorry, you didn't come..." she apologised, but Murdock could tell from the sound of her voice, that she wasn't sorry a bit. It was just a phrase.

"That's alright, dear. You did, that's what counts," Face murmured back. "If you feel good, I feel good."

The chick probably thought it was just a line.

Murdock, though, knew by Face's tone that he was being honest, and his stomach crumpled up with sadness. 'Oh, Face...' he thought. 'Why do you waste yourself on women like her? She's not worth it... Why spend all that affection?'

She started wiggling under Face. He understood and immediately slipped out of her, cuddling close to her back. "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking," he apologised.

Murdock's stomach crumpled up some more. 'Don't make yourself so small, Face,' he thought.

Face resumed his stroking and kissing. The red-head probably thought he was doing this to persuade her into a second round, so he'd get his chance to come, too. But to Murdock it looked different. After a moment of consideration he thought he knew what it was: Face was just trying to make her touch him in return, caress him. Face was a very physical guy. He always sought body contact. He liked touching and liked being touched.

But she just didn't understand. She lay there, obviously enjoying what he did, but not responding. She opened her eyes, let them wander around the room.

"Hey," she said.

Face looked up, thinking she was talking to him. But when he saw that she wasn't looking in his direction, he turned to find out what she was looking at. Or rather who.

He went pale first, then deep red. He cuddled even closer to her body, trying to hide behind her. "Hey... Murdock..." His voice was hoarse with humiliation.

"Come in," she invited.

Murdock never knew what drove him that moment, but he accepted her invitation. He knew Face would rather have him bugger off, but... He stepped into the room, and closed the door behind him. He didn't want anyone else detecting them in here. After all, there was a party going on literally just around the corner.

Face cleared his throat. Murdock ignored him.

"And who are you?" she asked seductively.



Part 2

"I'm his friend," Murdock answered, somewhat cold.

"Come to have some fun too, or is this the way you two do it? One watching the other?" she asked.

'God, Face,' Murdock thought, 'what kind of a chick have you gotten yourself this time??' "I came to look for him," he answered aloud, pointing at Face. "I didn't expect him to be this far this soon."

"Murdock, would you mind..." Face interrupted, shame and humiliation just beyond the surface of his irritation.

Murdock did mind, but didn't act accordingly. He really wished his damn body would turn around and leave the room. What it did instead was walking further into the room, stopping just before the bed the couple was lying on.

"Whatever you say, darling," the red-head said. "But I wouldn't mind..." She grinned stupidly.

"Ah, so you fuck him, and before he's even finished, you go and fuck the next one?" Murdock asked coldly.

She withdrew at that, leaned back on Face. "Who do you think you are, talking to me like that?" she snapped.

Who I think I am? I'm his friend, I told you."

"Murdock..." Face sneaked an arm around her, he glared at Murdock, he wanted him to stop. Didn't he see that he was just being ridiculous?

"You don't let him finish, but jump to fuck the next guy. Cheap if you ask me." Murdock stared down at her. "You don't give him even a bit of what he wants."

"Murdock!" Face sat up at that, careful to not expose his groin though. He was torn apart between anger at Murdock and humiliation now. He didn't want this. He'd come here for a little sex, just to have a good time. Now Murdock had to come along and ruin it all. She would have stayed for a little while longer. That he hadn't finished didn't bother him. Half the time he didn't come, he had learned to live with it. He was quickly aroused but then needed quite a long time until he came. Most girls couldn't or didn't want to wait for him. He was fine with satisfying and not coming himself.

"No!" Murdock shot at him. "Why are you doing this, Face? You're much too good for this!"

"Oh, great, *thank you*!" The chick snapped and got up picking up her slip as she did so.

"Yeah, whatever," Murdock replied, keeping his eyes trained on Face.

Face quickly pulled the sheet over his groin, before he retorted, "Murdock, you're gonna apologise to Heather."

"Sorry, Heather." But Murdock meant it just as much as she had meant her apology to Face before.

Heather was meanwhile fighting with her dress, which was all twisted.

"Heather, please..." Face wanted to get up off the bed to soothe her, maybe even get her back to bed, but didn't want to do so with Murdock in the room. He was still erect, not much, but enough to find it embarrassing.

"No, thanks, but insult was not on my to-do-list for tonight." She had her dress straightened out and slipped into it.

"Murdock, would you please be so kind and just bug off?!" Face shot a pillow at him. "What did you have to do here in the first place?"

"I'm sorry, Face. I didn't mean to spy, but I'm glad I did. Told me a great deal about you."

Oh, great. He's shrinking me again," Face spat out to no one in particular.

"Have a nice evening," Heather spat sarcastically, picked up her shoes, and left the room, leaving the door wide open.

Murdock closed it again.

"Murdock, would you mind leaving me alone?" Face asked defeated. His evening was ruined anyway, he just wanted to get into his clothes in decent loneliness.

Murdock wanted to leave, he understood Face's feelings. He *really* wanted to leave. Except, he didn't. He sat down on the bed beside Face and put his hand on his shoulder. "Why are you throwing yourself away like this?" he asked sadly.

"I'm not!" Face protested, turning away from Murdock.

"She didn't even *touch* you, for god's sake. You've been so sweet with her..." Face pulled away a little further. "... and she didn't even touch you. She demanded you touching her, but..."

"Thank you, Murdock, but I noticed."

"Then why didn't you..." Murdock fell silent. "You deserve better than that.

"Like what?" Face asked bitterly. "A loving wife?"

"For instance."

Well, I got news for you there: I'm a fugitive, it's a little hard for me to marry and raise a little family."

Murdock bent forward on a whim and pressed his lips to Face's shoulder. "I know."

Face froze on the spot. Had Murdock just *kissed* him?

"You still can make a better deal than Heather." Murdock tried another kiss, on the other shoulder.

Face was still frozen. Well, most of him was. His penis though was quite active. He could feel Murdock's breath on his bare skin. Warmth emanating from him. God, he wished to be touched. Wished? He *needed* to be touched. By somebody, just somebody, anybody, and be it Murdock. He needed to be felt, somebody else touching and feeling him, assuring him of his existence.

Whatever whim had caught Murdock, it caught Face now, too. He leaned back against Murdock. He was like in a rush, his head spinning, his heart racing, reality molten away. "Feel me," he pleaded unvoiced, "feel me, oh please..."

"I'm feeling you, Face," Murdock quickly assured. He had not missed the urgency in Face's words.

"No, no, *feel* me, Murdock!" Face turned around and looked up into Murdock's eyes.

Murdock looked back at him for a few seconds, before he slowly raised his hands and laid them down on Face's shoulders. From there he let them glide down the arms and up again. Face closed his eyes, let his head drop back a little. Murdock shot a worried glance over to the door. "I'll be right back, muchacho, don't worry," he hissed, rushed to lock the door and was back within ten seconds. The magic was still there.

Thank God.

Murdock carefully sat down. Face looked at him. Murdock laid his hands back on Face's shoulders. Only this time he didn't run them down his arms, but down his chest. Face drew in a sharp breath, when Murdock disturbed his pubic hair. He felt himself harden some more.

"Murdock..." Face just murmured it. There was no request included, no plead, no protest, just emotion.

Murdock smiled warmly. He loved Face when he was authentic. He gently pushed Face back on the bed. Face looked at him with his eyes wide open, his hands hesitantly reaching out. Murdock caught them, squeezed them, and finally pressed them to his heart.

"I feel you, Face," he said softly.

Face's eyes started to shine.

"I feel you."

The rest of the night was a blur of touches, kisses, moans and heat.


Part 3

Face woke up in somebody else's bed. No wait, it was his bed. Just a new home, he remembered. His new neighbours had more or less forced him to throw a house warming party.

Face realised that there was someone in bed with him. Nothing new, really. After a quick check with his hands Face realised that this someone was male. Now *that* was new. Face pulled back his hands and opened his eyes in mild shock. The person beside him turned out to be Murdock.


A naked Murdock.

Very interesting.

Murdock moved in his sleep. Face tentatively reached out for him. Yes, this was Murdock. He was for real, and he was beside him. Naked. It hadn't been a dream last night. Murdock had felt him, stroked him, had kissed him in places no woman had ever kissed him before. Murdock had touched him so gently, had rubbed his body against his. Murdock had waited for him. Face remembered the flash of heat shooting up his spine, directly into his heart.

Oh, Murdock.

He was fast asleep now.

Face didn't want to disturb him, so he got up carefully. He didn't want Murdock awake. God knew what Murdock was thinking now, what he expected after this night.

Face quickly dressed in jogging pants and a t-shirt. He planned to run a few miles. Hopefully by then Murdock would be fed up with waiting for him to return, and would be gone. After a moment of hesitation Face scribbled a note. Whatever for, he had no idea. It just seemed too harsh if he disappeared just like that.

"I'm down on the beach, running," he wrote. Then added, "Get yourself some breakfast, and don't wait, I may be late."

He came home five hours later. He walked through the house. No Murdock. Part of him was disappointed, a greater part of him was relieved. He hit the shower, changed, rubbed his hair dry and decided to clean up. He started with the living room. One complete mess. Next was the kitchen, not such a big mess, but enough work to keep him busy till it was dark outside. The phone rang once, but he let the machine answer it. He didn't even listen to who it was. It might have been Murdock, after all. Would be just like him to do such a thing, call him.

He entered the bedroom. Almost nothing to clean up in there. Crumpled bed sheets, two wine glasses. Face picked up the glasses, and carried them over to the kitchen, rinsed them, dried them, put them back into the cupboard.

He returned to the bedroom. He straightened out the sheets. A piece of paper caught under his fingers. It was the note he'd written in the morning. Face was about to throw it away, when he noticed some added lines on it.

"Running?" Murdock had written. "Where to, what from? Next time you feel like running, come running to me. I'll be glad to feel you. Cause, baby, you feel GOOD."

Face smashed the paper into a ball, held it tightly in his hand.

He wished Murdock were here.


Voyeur by Viskey



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