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Paper Angels

Paper Angels
by Monte

Rating: G
Copyright: December 15, 2003
Summary: Murdock sees an Angel Tree while doing a little shopping.
Warnings: None, just a little Christmas time sap is all. Not Beta Read. Just a little plot bunny that bit and had to be dealt with.
Disclaimer: I do not own the A-Team, Stephen J. Cannell owns all rights to the characters. Any resemblance to persons or situations real or otherwise is purely coincidence. I make no money from this work of fanfiction.
Note: Angel Tree is a charity that helps children at Christmas. The parents write the name and age of the child on a paper angel and some small gift the child would like. These angels are hung on trees in malls, department stores, etc. It is one of my favorite charities. Quite often, there would be no Christmas for those children if not for Angel Tree.

Comments: Pretty please

He paused as he saw the tree in the center of the aisle. He knew he was pushing it, time was running out. The guys were expecting him in twenty minutes. One finger reached out to gently touch a paper angel. A name, an age, a Christmas wish. There was no way he'd be able to make it on time now, the guys would just have to wait. Little nine year old Jimmy wanted to have a toy air plane.

No one else was stopping, they were all too busy. Rushing around, just like ants, never stopping to think about those less fortunate than themselves. His mind was made up. He quickly snatched the remaining dozen or so paper angels off the tree and turned back into the store.

He grabbed a cart and began searching for the gifts the children had requested. Up one aisle and down the next, toys and games, books and clothing began to pile high. He knew the others would be upset at him for making them wait but he couldn't turn away from the cry his heart made at the sight of those youngsters' names. The guys would understand when he explained it to them.

It took more than an hour, but finally he was able to find everything he was looking for. He began to pile his purchases up at the front counter and waited, eyes shining, as the cashier rang in the items. It cost him well over $200 by the time it was all added up but he didn't care. He just wanted to make the kids happy.

The cashier noticed the stack of paper angels by the man's hand. "You're buying for the angel tree? It's really nice of you, those kids are really going to be happy when they open these gifts on Christmas."

Murdock just smiled. "Me and my buddies have had a few Christmases when times were tough. Kids deserve something to look forward to on Christmas morning. I just wish I could help more of them."

The young woman handed Murdock his change. Just before he walked out, she said, "Merry Christmas, sir. God bless you."

He glanced at the woman then at the bare angel tree just outside the door, "He already has, I'm just passing it along."

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