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Everybody's got a right for his own stupidity

Everybody's got a right to his own stupidity

by Mooncat


Rating: G

Status: Complete

Summary: A team member needs help to get out. An answer to a challenge from Viskey on the Story Board 2 list.

Warnings: It’s quite short. And <gasp> there’s some teasing in it.

Comments: The more the better

Disclaimer: I don’t own The A-Team.

Copyright: Sarah Diaz 2003



Everybody’s got a right to his own stupidity



He groaned. It just wasn't possible! How could he have been so stupid? So careless!?


Here he was, sitting in a cell, waiting for Decker to turn up and bring him in. And this time, he had no possible way to get out on his own. He sure had tried. Everything he could think of! So here he sat, on this hard excuse for a bed, with his head leaning on the cold stonewall behind him.


Thinking of this embarrassing capture. ‘Really, the others will have a field day over this!’


Especially after all the sermons he had given Face! After all the warnings he had dished out to his men! And what did he go and do? Got caught with one of the oldest tricks in the world!


He, John 'Hannibal' Smith, master of plans, deceptions, disguise and fooling MP's, fell for a pair of blue eyes!


But really, it could have happen to anyone! After all, he had just wanted to help the poor woman! That she was beautiful and just the right age for him had absolutely nothing to do with his offer to help. He had seen how that man had harassed her, right in front of the film studio he was currently working in. She had asked the man to leave her alone but the scumbag hadn't listened. So he had helped her to convince the goon that it would be better for his health to leave the lady alone.


After all, no real gentleman could ignore a lady in distress. And to take her home when she asked him to was natural as well. After all, she must have felt much safer with having someone accompany her to make sure the idiot wasn’t waiting for her there. He probably would have followed her anyway; just to make sure she got home safely.


They had chatted politely on the short trip to her apartment. She was quite an intelligent woman. And Constance, which was her name, or so she’d said, had seen some of his movies! She could actually remember and recite some of his scenes as the Aquamaniac!


Then, when she had asked him to come up for a cup of coffee as a gesture of her gratitude, who was he to deny such a nice offer? Sure, he should have noticed something wasn't right, when she had addressed him as Hannibal. But he had ignored the warning bells going off then, telling himself that he must have slipped his nickname into the conversation. And this stupidity was exactly why he was so furious with himself now. He really should have known better! But no, he’d agreed and gone up with her.




They had been waiting for him, hidden in her bedroom. As soon as he sat down, six MP's surrounded him, guns drawn. The best of all was that Constance had apologized very sincerely to him for deceiving him. It had been so nice of him to help her and she was truly sorry it had ended this way. Hannibal had just smiled at her when the MP's had led him away. If it weren’t so risky, and to be honest, very stupid, he would even have considered asking her out. She really was one hell of a lady.


Now he sat here, waiting for Decker to arrive. He had been very surprised that his old nemesis hadn't been there for the take down. One would think that a man as intent on capturing the A-Team would not miss the great final showdown for anything in the world. But as he’d learned, he hadn’t had much of a choice there. One of the officers had been kind enough to inform him that Colonel Decker and Captain Crane had been called to an emergency and that they were to imprison him in the closest facility to await the Colonel's arrival.


Hannibal just shook his head. If he had been in Decker's place, he would have wanted the prisoner to be immediately transported to the next base. Not risk a further escape by holding him somewhere else. Especially with the record for breaking out the A-Team had. Hannibal couldn’t help but grin smugly at this thought.


But Decker of course wanted the glory of a big capture. And letting the leader of the famous A-Team be brought in without the great and smart Colonel Decker would not be very glorious. Hannibal had to smile again. Decker really was a fool.


On the other hand, he had been smart enough to trick him. And so far the chances for escape were pretty much non-existent.


Suddenly, the door to the cell room was pushed open with determination. In strolled a tall man in a Colonel's uniform. Dancing after him was the captain, who had been in charge of his capture.


"But Sir, you just can't"


The Colonel turned around and looked at him incredulously. "You are in absolutely no position to tell me what I can and what I can't Captain. In fact, for this I could bring you up on charges for insubordination!"


At these words the Captain paled. "I'm sorry Sir, but Colonel Decker gave very specific orders to not release this man to anyone else than him or Captain Crane. So you really can't"


"Enough now Captain!", bellowed the Colonel. "You will open this door immediately and release this man to my custody. My orders are to bring Colonel Smith here to the base immediately. With his history we can't risk him being in such a poor excuse for a cell with almost no security any longer. He's highly dangerous and needs to be put away more securely."


But the captain was still reluctant. Hannibal had to give him credit for this. A lesser man wouldn't have dared to argue this colonel's words.


"What are you waiting for Captain?! I gave you an order! Or do you want a court martial for not following orders too?", asked the impatient officer with raised eyebrows.


After a further moment of hesitation the Captain nodded and opened the door to Hannibal's cell. He went in and put cuffs around his hands and even around his feet while the Colonel impatiently waited, the disapproval for this entire handling clear on his face. Finally the Captain gave Hannibal a push to make him leave the cell.


The colonel turned on his heels and barked a curt "Follow me!".


He led them through the station and out the back door. There a military prison transport waited with it’s engine idling, the driver already behind the wheel, ready to drive off as soon as the prisoner was secured inside. The Team of MP's were guarding the short path from the door to the car. One man stood right beside the open backdoor of the transport, silently waiting for the prisoner to get in. As soon as Hannibal was safe inside, the man followed him, his gun aimed steadily at him. The door was closed and latched. He could hear the Colonel dismissing the other soldiers before he, himself got into the cab. And the transport began to move immediately.


They drove silently for a good fifteen minutes before he felt the car stopping. The door was flung open and revealed the grinning faces of BA and Murdock.


Hannibal stood up and jumped out of the transport. Face had freed him of his chains almost immediatedly after they had started to move. Grinning, Face followed his Colonel out.


They were at a parking lot above the beach, their van right beside the military transport. After a quick glance around, Hannibal turned to his men and nodded. "Good work guys. Murdock, I'm impressed. You gave a wonderful performance back there."


But his Captain just shrugged while he took off the fake mustache and the wig. "I learned from the best."


Hannibal nodded shortly and glanced at his Lieutenant. He didn't like the expression on Face's face at all. Sure enough the amused man was already opening his mouth. "Now Hannibal. How often have you warned me to not fall for a pretty face? And now, just what did you do? I’m really disappointed Hannibal." And he didn’t like this mocking tone either.


"Yeah Hannibal. What was all that about always being alert? Ta expect traps and MP'S behind every corner? Ta always being aware of your surroundings?" BA usually didn't tease. But this was just too good an opportunity to pass up. It was the first time since he’d met Hannibal that he’d gone blindly into a trap. And knowing his Colonel he assumed it would also be the last one too. Or at least a few decades would pass before the next one occurred.


Hannibal just glared icily at them and told them in his lowest and most dangerous voice. "If you don't want to spend the next two month on the training field you’d better knock off with all these comments right now. And let it be a warning to you. Decker's not giving up and he keeps getting better. So watch out even more careful in the future."


Countless ruthless criminals had almost wet their pants in the face of such a threatening adversary. Face just laughed but he at least turned around and headed to the van without another comment.


BA grinned. "We'll just follow your example then Colonel."


Before Hannibal had a chance to reply to this one BA had turned around and followed Face to their van, getting behind the wheel.


Frowning he turned to Murdock who was still at his side. He raised his eyebrows questioningly. "What? No smart comment from you?"


Again, Murdock just shrugged and smiled. "Everybody's got a right to his own stupidity. Even the famous leader of the A-Team." And he too left him standing there, to join his friends in the van.


For a moment Hannibal just stood there and stared after his Captain. Then a big smile broke out on his face. 'Yeah really, why not? At least with such a team always  watching my back.'


Still grinning and feeling much better he slowly walked to the van and got in his seat.


BA pulled out of the parking lot while Hannibal leaned back in his seat. After a moment he held his hand out. Immediatedly, a cigar materialized in his hand. He put it in his mouth and Face gave him a light.


Leaning back again he smiled contently, imaging Decker's rage when he discovered he had yet again lost a member of the A-Team. Yep, he loves it when a plan comes together - even if it wasn’t his own.



The end


Everybody's Got A Right To His Own Stupidity by Mooncat



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