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And now for something a little different…

An A-Team Christmas Advent –Christmas Through The Years
by Hayley May

You probably all know the tradition of advent and the advent calendar. That for the twenty four days running up to Christmas you get to open a little window on your advent calendar to reveal a picture, or a chocolate. Well, this time, as my present to you all, you get your very own A-Team advent calendar, but instead of a chocolate, you get a story. Yes, twenty-five stories in all, the last one on Christmas Day (hopefully – fingers crossed). And the stories all have a theme through them. Each day is a Christmas in the lives of the team, spanning from Christmas 1969 to Christmas 1993, all in order. Each story will be posted sometime during the day. I would say midnight GMT, but I'm making no promises. :) The stories will also be available on my web page so it will be possible to catch up if you fall behind.

As a note I would like to add that I am working on the principle that they robbed the bank during the Tet New Year, 27th January 1971, as stated in the Court Martial episodes. So, the first Christmas, 1969, is just over a year before the bank robbery, and the second, 1970, is literally a month before the mission.

I would like to give a huge thank you to Closetfan for agreeing to beta these stories despite the fact the first ones were written a little out of season, that is if you consider June/July/August to be 'out of season', and the later ones are still being written.

Hope you enjoy them. Comments of course will be very gladly welcomed. The stories all vary in length but they are all rated G and are all non-slash.

Have fun.

Hayley May


An A-Team Christmas Advent by Hayley May



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