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The A-Team: The Final Epic. The A-Team: The Final Epic.  (Written in 1992)
by Hannurdock (Georgina Ann Price, Aged 13)

Rating:  G

Disclaimer: I knew nothing about copyright back then, I just loved the team. No profit was gained from this or any other A-Team story wrote, only satisfaction.

Comments: If you want, but go easy - I was only 13. I was into hurting Face even back then.


An old man stepped out of the huge corporation building in the centre of town. He hobbled off just before two police squad cars drew up.

"We've got him now" Said a policeman to another man who's name was Colonel Roderick Decker.

Decker smiled to himself and muttered under his breath "Now Smith, I finally have you!"

The police searched the corporation building and found no trace of Smith.  Decker now had stopped smiling and was grimacing.

"How could he have done it?" Wondered the policeman to Decker.

"He's Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith, that's how he does it !" Decker replied, his voice not even quavering a bit.

The old man smiled and looked back. "Heads up Decker" He murmured before continuing on.

"The Faceman was waiting patiently for his girlfriend Ronda, to finish her exercises. She wasn't really concentrating and her eyes fixed on him.  Finally she finished and Face walked up toward her.

"Hi Temp" She said in a voice full of passion.

"Hi Ronda" Face said.

Ronda walked to the door of the exercise gym "Temp, where did you go this time?" She asked him gently.

"Well ...." He began. " I ... I... went to Furventura"

"Lucky you" She sneered. "Listen Temp, I've been thinking.  We shouldn't see each other anymore" And, without another word she stalked off, leaving Face surprised and hurt.

Face opened the door and was about to run after her when Decker came out from hiding with four officers.

"Hello Tempelton Peck" He announced grimly, pushing the barrel of a gun in Face's forehead. Face gulped, but did his best not to look petrified.

"Hi Decker" He said. At that moment an old man pushed Colonel Decker away from Face and asked him for the time.

"Beat it, old man" Answered Colonel Decker, pushing the old man aside.  Colonel Decker pointed the fun at Face's heart.

"Say goodbye, Lieutenant" He said. Before Decker could pull the trigger, the old man rolled forward and kicked the gun out of Decker's hand.  Decker looked in surprise as the gun fired, shooting Face in the arm instead of his heart.

Face fell to the ground. Hannibal, his identity now revealed, lifted Face up gently and ran to an open car, knocking the occupants away as he put Face in and drove off.

Decker smiled, knowing that now they had an injured man with them, they would not be as powerful as a whole team.

Hannibal immediately drove off to BA's residence and asked if he could fetch Murdock while he attended to Face. As BA drove off to the ‘Veterans Hospital', Hannibal got the bullet out of Face's arm.

"Your gonna be OK!" He said placing a bandage over the open wound so it would not get infected.

BA returned later with Murdock. They saw that Face was going to be OK.  Still, now Decker, they knew, would not hesitate to kill. They must be on their guard!!



The Final Epic by Hannurdock



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