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Life in the VA

Life in the VA
by Monte

Rated: G

Summary: An original poem about the VA
Warnings: this may be used as proof of my insanity
Comments: please
Dedicated to all my friends in the VA


Welcome to the Virtual Asylum, do come in

We are all here for one reason alone

We are addicted to four special men

You may be confused, understanding isn't the key

Because here weird is normal and insanity is king

It's a place where we let our imaginations run free

The role play is great, the stories are too

Whether it's comedy or action, slash or not

I still don't know exactly who's who

Let's see, Val is a chicken, all rainbow-hued

Franne is the purple gimp, MM the pun master

Starbuck's in love with Babycakes, but he's Face too

Face is part vampire, Murdy is part fairy

They are expecting a baby, hopefully after the wedding

Over all we are all quite merry

Beaky loves Val, feathers are their common bond

Zippy is blue, Rave is related to Val

But beware of the goldfishes out in the pond

We have food fights, sometimes it's goo

Chocolate syrup, jello, koolaid squirt and splat

We throw anything messy but sticky is good too

Some of us love Face, with his smooth con man grin

Others choose Murdock, howling as he does

Half and halfers sit on the fence taking both the boys in

DUCKS, Hannipeeps, even a BA fan some place

Factions galore, still we love them all

We love to see the Team in a car chase

MPs never win, Lynch and Decker both failed

They wouldn't catch us either, as if they could

The jeeps crash and through the air bad guys sailed

In the VA, nothing is real, nothing makes sense

An online group of lunatics just having fun

Even if you think our psyches have dents

So many more I could mention, but I'm learning still

Who's human, who's animal, who's related to who

I can only imagine our psychiatric bill

The A-Team is our vice, our favorite show

Though we are scattered across the world

The emails come in at a steady flow

We battle the real life beastie, we try not to get eaten

In here sane is a "four letter word" better left unsaid

We rant and rave about life when it has us beaten

Faceless names become friends over time

We grow together through jesting and games

Unfortunately, I'm running out of words that rhyme

We are all a little nuts, but we like it this way

So if you need a bit of insanity in your life

I say go join the VA today

Life In The VA - Poem by Monte



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