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Unexpected Song

Unexpected Song

Rating: NC-17
Pairings: F/M
Category: PWP
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys. If I did, they would spend a lot more time in bed with big smiles on their faces.
Notes: This is a PWP I wrote some time ago. It's already been posted at the a-slash, so it might sound familiar to some of you.
Warnings (if needed): SLASH! Involves explicit, consensual M/M sexual activity
Summary: Face is tense, Murdock helps him relax.

Templeton Peck dropped his head into his hands as soon as he closed the door to his apartment. The last mission had very nearly turned into a fiasco, largely because he'd had trouble scamming some of the things Hannibal had asked him for. His head throbbed and he rubbed it, mussing up his normally perfectly coiffed blond hair.

He sighed as he heard a knock on the door. He debated for a second about pretending he wasn't home, then got up to open it anyway. More than likely it was some salesman here to earn his living. He'd soon find out that Templeton Peck was a salesman's worst nightmare.

He opened the door with a scowl on his face, calculated to frighten the imagined salesman.

"What is it?" he snarled as the door opened wide enough to see the knocker.

"Just forgot to get my bag out of your car, Faceman," Murdock said as he bounded into the room.

Face sighed. Where did the man get all that energy? Just coming off a week long, stressful mission and he was still as energetic as a kid.

"Come on in, Murdock," Face said sarcastically as he observed his friend heading for the kitchen looking for junk food. "Make yourself at home."

"Thanks, Facey. Got anything to eat?"

"Murdock, I've been gone for a week. There might be some moldy bread in the breadbox but not much else."

"No chips? No dip? Where's the fun stuff?"

"I haven't *been* here for a week! Remind me next time we go on a long mission to lay in a stock of your favorite foods before we leave," he snapped.

"Thanks, Facey, that'd be great. Hey, you have some Oreos!"

Sighing, Peck waved okay to the other man who munched on the cookies happily.

"So what's bothering you, Facey?" Murdock asked unexpectedly.

"Huh? Oh, nothing," Face answered untruthfully.

"You look awful tense, muchacho. Why don't you let me give you a quick massage?" Murdock moved in behind his friend and gently began to rub his neck.

"I'm fine, Murdock! I'm just tired after a long mission, that's all!" Peck snapped. He turned around as Murdock moved away, and looked at his friend... then wished he hadn't. The hurt in the other man's brown eyes was like a slap in the face. "Murdock, I'm sorry, I..."

"No problem, Face." Murdock hung his head as he spoke.

"I guess I could use a backrub. I *am* a little tense," he said apologetically.

"Anything you need, muchacho, and you got it." Murdock's mood seemed to rebound instantly. "Why don't you go lie down? I can get to your whole back that way."

"Sure." They moved into the living room and Face stretched out on the sofa.

"Let me take your shirt off, Facey." Murdock stripped his friend's shirt off quickly, repressing a smile at the sight of the trim body. "Now you just lie down and I'll get rid of that tension, okay?"

"Mmm-hmm," Face muttered, relaxing into the feel of Murdock's hands on his back.

Murdock started with the shoulders and rubbed them gently, concentrating his efforts on the knots he found there. He gradually moved down his friend's back, rubbing in slow, lazy circles that soon had Face purring.

As Murdock massaged his back, Face felt a stirring in his groin. He groaned and shifted to a slightly more comfortable position. **What is this?** he thought to himself. **I can't let him know how much this turns me on! What would he think?**

"You okay, Facey? Did I hit a sore spot?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess that spot's a little tender."

"Must need special attention." He started to concentrate on one particular spot on Face's back.

**Special attention... yeah, that's all I need... but that seems to be the wrong spot,** the blond thought to himself, squirming a bit more.

Murdock grinned at his best friend. Someday soon he hoped that Face would be more than just a *friend*, someday real, real soon. "You sure are tight, muchacho. Good thing for you I showed back up here tonight, ain't it?"

Face put on a smile to cover his discomfiture. "Yeah, I guess it is."

Murdock's hands kept up their rhythm, moving lower and lower on Face's back, until they reached the waistband of his pants. By this time the younger man's breathing was a little heavier than usual and he'd given up any pretense of rational conversation.

Face turned and looked into his best friend's eyes. He smiled as he saw his own desire reflected there. It was the smile that proved to be his undoing. Murdock was looking at him with so much love that he couldn't resist. He reached up and kissed Murdock gently on the lips. The pilot grinned and returned the kiss with fervor. He let Face set the tempo, slow and gentle at first, then building to the point where need took over. Peck started tugging at Murdock's leather jacket, pulling it off and tossing it to the floor. The pilot's t-shirt followed swiftly, then his Converse tennis shoes and finally his khaki pants.

When Murdock sat naked on the sofa before him, Peck suddenly gulped and realized what he was doing. He pulled away and looked in dismay at the mess on the floor.

"Murdock, I'm sorry, I don't know what to say. This is not like me at all. I've... never done... anything like this before and..."

Murdock silenced him gently with a finger across his lips. "You aren't doing anything that I haven't wanted you to do for a long time, Facey." While Peck was still stunned, the pilot pushed him back onto the couch and covered the slender body with his own, kissing him all the while. It was his turn to undress the other man, an activity that he pursued eagerly. He had to move away from his friend briefly to remove shoes and pants, but as soon as they were gone, he returned to his position.

His hands were active, seeming to be everywhere at one time. He had been looking forward to it so much, never daring to believe he might fulfill this dream, that he couldn't restrain his enthusiasm now that it was being realized. He stroked Face's groin with both hands as he kissed him on the lips.

"Oh God! Murdock!" Face cried as Murdock brought him close to the edge with his hands.

"Shh, you can't come yet, Facey." He pulled back, teasing his new lover's cock gently. "I want to make love to you. I want to make love inside you, muchacho."

To Face's own amazement, he found himself nodding and meaning it. He was panting too hard to put the feeling into words but Murdock read the desire in his expressive eyes.

Murdock gleefully turned his attention back to his lover's erection. Face didn't think he could get any harder, but somehow once Murdock started licking at his crotch, he managed. It was all he could do not to thrust up into that wonderful mouth when Murdock started sucking on the tip of his penis. When Murdock judged the time to be right, he swapped his mouth for a hand and gently pushed Face's legs up to his chest. He nuzzled the other man's buttocks with his face for a moment then licked along the crevice between those firm globes. He finally pulled his hand away from his lover's erection and pulled his buttocks apart. With a smile of anticipation, he began to lick the small pucker he found between them, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, as far as he was concerned.

Face gave a slight start at the sensation of Murdock's tongue on his anus, then moaned loudly. He couldn't believe how sensitive that area was. He had never imagined having sex with another man before but suddenly it was all he could think about. As the virgin pucker started to loosen up some, Murdock began to thrust his tongue inside slowly, rhythmically. His own pleasure multiplied when Face started thrusting back, desperate to get more inside him. Murdock had to stop for a moment to calm himself down.

When Face whimpered at the loss, he smiled and said, "Gotta slow down or I'm never gonna make it, Facey."

"Are we really doing this?" Face asked breathlessly.

"Yeah, looks like it. You're okay with it, aren't you?" Murdock asked anxiously.

The blond man just nodded.

Murdock stretched out to cover his best friend's body with his own once again. The two men kissed deeply, passionately then Murdock reached for something in his pants pocket. He resumed his place between Face's thighs. After rimming Face for another minute or so, he took the tube he'd found in his pocket and squeezed a bit onto a finger, then gently thrust the finger into the now-relaxed pucker.

Face stiffened slightly as he felt something enter his most private part. He looked down at Murdock who smiled back.

"I'm going to stretch you just a little bit so it won't hurt, Facey," the pilot said softly. "Just relax, it'll be okay."

Face nodded again and tried to relax. Murdock added a second finger and then a third and found Face's prostate. The blond moaned loudly as the fingers caressed him internally.

Finally, Murdock pulled back. "Okay, Facey, I think you're ready."

All the blond man could do was nod desperately. The stimulation felt so good he could barely hold himself together.

Murdock just looked at his new lover for a second, savoring the moment. He'd wanted this for so long that it almost didn't seem real. Then he settled himself between Face's legs and positioned his own weeping erection at the stretched opening.

"This might hurt a bit at first, but the pain'll pass, muchacho," he said reassuringly. He kissed Face again for good measure as he started to thrust slowly into the tight hole. He went slowly, trying to minimize the discomfort he knew his lover would feel. Within a few minutes, he was pressed up against and between his lover's buttocks, panting softly.

"Shh, that's all there is, Facey. Just relax," he whispered soothingly into that sexy mouth. "Let me know when you're ready; you set the pace, lover."

Face smiled and reveled in the feeling of fullness that he was getting, something he'd never known could be so pleasurable. The look in Murdock's eyes didn't hurt either, like this was Christmas, birthday, Easter and the Fourth of July all rolled into one. He reached up to kiss Murdock again. The pilot looked delighted that he was taking the initiative for the first time since they'd begun. Determined to please as much as he was being pleased, he thrust his hips up to take Murdock deeper into himself.

The two men started working together in a mutually satisfying rhythm, both of them moaning their pleasure out loud. They kissed deeply as they were making love, letting their tongues mimic their other actions. Murdock slipped a hand in between them and caressed Face's diamond hard erection. The blond man reacted with a loud moan as he thrust into Murdock's hand. He felt his balls tighten up in anticipation of his climax and squeezed his lover's erection with his sphincter as he came forcefully into the milking hand. The pilot moaned into his lover's mouth again as he shot his own release into his lover, pushed over the edge by the squeeze.

Murdock rested his weight on his elbows as he panted from the exertion, watching as Face regained his own composure, checking for any signs of embarrassment or discomfort.

"Murdock, I... that was incredible," the blond panted as he looked up shyly at his new lover.

The pilot grinned broadly. "Glad you enjoyed it, Facey."

"Enjoyed is not quite the word." He beamed, a real smile, not the trademark "Faceman" conman smile, but a genuinely happy smile.

"Aw, Face, this is like a dream come true for me. I've wanted to make love to you as long as I can remember."


Uh-huh. You know all those times I just sit there and smile? That's because I was thinking about you, maybe being with you someday."

"Well, how does the reality compare to the dream?" Face asked shyly.

"The dream can't compare with the reality. Now when you see me smiling, you'll know that I'm remembering this moment."

"That's probably the nicest thing anybody's ever said to me, Murdock."

Blushing, Murdock changed the subject quickly. "Now aren't you glad I left my bag in your car?"

"Very," he sighed, "and even more glad that you gave me a massage. I feel much more relaxed now."

Murdock kissed the blond hair tenderly as he finally slid out of his new lover. "Good. Maybe I can help you relax again sometime?" he asked hopefully.

"Of course. I love you, Murdock."

"I love you too, Facey."



Unexpected Song by Val



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