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Every Woman's Dream

Every Woman's Dream

by Monte


Rating: G

Copyright: August 28, 2003

Type: challenge response

Fantasy Challenge from Captain Marina
Based on a suggestion from Kim I have decided to issue a challenge to the list...something I like to call the "Fantasy Challenge." Here is what anyone brave enough to try it has to do....write a story we'll say no more then 1000 you someone room to play. Has to involve you and TAT member or members (if you are feeling exceptionally Kinky) playing out one of your deepest, sexist fantasies. (If you truly don't have any fantasies, then make one up.) Ok everyone get to work...I know I will be thinking about answering this challenge myself!

Status: Complete

Warnings: None, just having a little fun with the guys. UNBETAED

Disclaimer: I do not own the A-Team, I make no money from this work of fanfiction.

Comments: Please




I looked around at the men seated in my living room. I smiled sweetly as I sat down on a black leather recliner. "I want to thank you, gentlemen for coming today. Our last meeting was... disastrous. Hannibal kindly offered to repay me for the damages the army inflicted on my business. In the envelopes I'm holding, you will find a card stating what I want from each of you as payment."


Face and Murdock exchanged glances, wondering what I had in mind. They knew I was the owner of a chain of adult oriented stores. One of which they had helped me save from an arsonist.


"You will find appropriate clothing for each of you upstairs. Jarrod will show you where to change. I'll be waiting here for you." As the four men ascended the wide marble staircase, I smile to myself. I dealt with people's fantasies all the time. It was my business, but this time my fantasy was going to be played out with four very attractive men.


A short time later, I watched excitedly as Murdock, Face, BA and Hannibal descended the staircase. All four were wearing form fitting leather pants and black bow ties. Bare chested and bare foot, they approached me. I stood and slowly walked around them, pleased with my eye candy.


I ran my hands over Face's smooth abdomen, Murdock's hair covered chest, BA's muscular arms and Hannibal's leather encased butt. I smile again and handed each man the card with his name on it. "Please read your duty aloud. Hannibal, would you start?"


"Sweep kitchen and dining room floors, mop kitchen floors and wax dining room floor."


Face was next. "Dust in the living room and polish wood work."


BA read his, "Wash all living room and dining room windows."


With a smile, I turned to Murdock. "And last but definitely not least, Murdock."


"Bake a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and clean up kitchen afterwards."


I sat down on the sofa and sighed at the sight of the four half naked men before me. "The sooner you get started, gentlemen, the sooner you'll be finished."


They stared at the cards, then at me, then at each other. Hannibal shrugged, "We might as well get to work, guys."


For the next ninety minutes, I watched the men work. I had always hated doing housework. If I could get someone else to clean for me, it was a bonus. And if it just happened to be four good looking men who were only half clothed doing the work, even better.


"You all did a wonderful job," I said as I sat with the men in the living room after they had finished and changed back into their regular clothing. We enjoyed coffee and Murdock's freshly baked cookies as the sun sank slowly behind the hills.


Just before we said our goodbyes, I gave the leather pants to the men. "You never know when you might need them," I said with a sly wink. I gave each of them a friendly kiss. "Many of the men I sell to fantasize about having two women. They forget that we women like to fantasize as well." I chuckled before continuing. "Although, most of the time, the fantasies don't include housework."



Every Woman's Dream by Monte



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