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New Poem/Fic: One Red Rose 1/1

One Red Rose
by Lieutenant Templeton Peck

Rating: PG for implied slash (Face to Murdock, Or Murdock to Face, it all depends on how it's interpreted) Mush
Summary: Love poem. Can be taken from the perspective of Face or Murdock. Implied slash-like moments in the words. Mush.
Warnings: None really nothing bad is here
Disclaimers: I don't own The A-Team or the words to the poem
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One Red Rose

One red rose for you tonight
A symbol of love for some, passion for others, but not me...
The rose for you is symbolic of fire,
For I have this fire deep within me that only you can

It will take a lifetime of kissing,
deep passionate kisses....
Touching, light, but intense touches,
and many nights of holding you, And you holding me,
Deep within you before the flames begin to subside...

And then, smile at me once more...
Watch the fire rage rampant again
from the smoldering look within my eyes...
For I will never tire of the love for you...

Never tire of the intimacy you give me...
Never tire of the long nights with your arms
tightly around me as we sleep..

And never tire of you saying my name,
watching the wind carry it around the world,
Then back to my ears again..


One Red Rose - Poem by Lieutenant Templeton Peck



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