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Plot Bunny Peril

Plot Bunny Peril
by Monte

Rated: G
Copyright: July 29, 2003
Status: Complete
Summary: Just a goofy little story
Warnings: Beware late night snacks and stories with strange titles. UNBETA'ED
Disclaimer: I do not own the A-Team, I make no money from this work of fanfiction.
Comments: Please
Thanks to Franne who encouraged me to write this one.
Dedicated to all the writers in the VA who know the perils of plot bunnies.

Plot Bunny Peril

Face looked over at Murdock who was eating a sandwich of unknown origins. "I may regret this, but what exactly did you put on your sandwich?"

"It's a jam sandwich. It's got liverwurst, bananas, dill pickles, peanut butter and sauerkraut. It's delicious, wanna bite?"

"Gross. No thank you. Why did you call it a jam sandwich if it doesn't have jam on it?"

"Cause you load it up then you have to jam it together to eat it. Least that's what my grandpa always used to say."

"Murdock, you'd put a pregnant woman to shame. How do you eat all that stuff?"

"Well, I was hungry and this is all there was to eat."

Face simply shook his head. "You're hopeless, Murdock. I'm going to bed."

"Night, Facey. Sweet dreams."

Murdock gazed out over the grassy meadow. He could hear birds chirping and bees buzzing. There were patches of blue and purple flowers in the tall, waving grass. Murdock began to stroll through the grass, enjoying the warm sunshine.

He could hear a voice off to his left. Deciding to investigate, Murdock called out, "Hello, where are you?"

"Down here."

Murdock was mildly surprised to see a small grey rabbit near his feet. "Did you just talk to me?" he asked.

"Yes, I did. I want to show you something. Will you come see? It's very nice." The rabbit began to hop away. Murdock followed the animal to a grove of birch trees. There were bunnies everywhere. White bunnies, brown bunnies, grey bunnies, black bunnies. Murdock sat down and petted the bunnies near him. There was a sweet looking tan bunny watching every move he made. With a wiggle of his nose, the bunny began to transform.

Murdock stared in awe as the fur turned bright pink and the eyes took on an orange glow. He glanced around nervously to discover all the cute bunnies were becoming abnormally colorful. He stood and began to back out of the trees when the mass of small furry animals simultaneously charged in his direction.

Murdock gave a strangled cry as the bunnies launched themselves at his body. He was quickly knocked to the ground. He fought to get away but his attempts at freedom were futile. He was being buried alive by hundreds of multicolored cottontails.

Face was jarred from a deep, peaceful sleep by the sound of Murdock thrashing in the bed across the room. "Great, I knew that sandwich would give him nightmares," Face complained. Shaking his head, he walked over to Murdock's bed and woke his friend. "Murdock, you're fine. It was just a dream. OK?"

Murdock's eyes were wide as he stared at Face, "Oh, Facey. It was terrible. There were all these cute little bunnies, and one talked to me, and then they all turned different colors, and then they all attacked me."

Face groaned, "No more weird late night snacks for you. Got it?" He returned to his own bed and pulled the blanket up over his shoulders. "Go back to sleep, Murdock."

"Night, Facey," Murdock said as he settled back in his bed. In a matter of minutes, Face was sleeping soundly once again. Murdock quietly grabbed the flashlight from the nightstand and turned it on. He eased over to the edge of the bed and aimed the beam of light toward the floor. He carefully peeked under the bed to see if anything was hiding below him. Of course, there was nothing to be found so he placed the flashlight back on the nightstand.

He snuggled deeper under the covers and drifted off to sleep, totally unaware of the pair of glowing pink eyes under Face's bed.


Plot Bunny Peril by Monte



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