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A Weekend to Remember

A Weekend to Remember

by Monte


Rating: G

Copyright: July 9, 2003

Type: Response to Black Fireís "Rotten Weekend" Challenge

Status: Complete

Warnings: UNBETA-ED and really weird

Disclaimer: I do not own the A-Team characters, I make no money from this fiction(like anyone would pay for this)

Comments: Please

Notes: Another One Bites The Dust written by John Deacon and performed by Queen

Summary: Rotten Weekend Challenge from Black Fire


O.K. here is the challenge: write a story containing the following situations and items:


The complete A-Team (Frankie or no Frankie, I don't care), Amy AND Tawnia, two fights (in different locations), Face getting knocked out because of something Amy and/or Tawnia says or does, three helicopter crashes, a scheme to get BA drugged and into a plane, a raft, a tin of peaches, a bomb, 7 pineapples, a homing device hidden in a jar of strawberry jam, chocolate, a new personality or pet (or something like that) for Murdock, the Corvette, Decker, Bad guys, a kid-napping, nail-varnish (purple), one white rat, lyrics from one song (pref. Queen or the Doors), a nursery rhyme, custard pie(s), the sentence "You'd better believe it, baby."

It can be silly, sad, bizarre, serious...whatever you want. Make it as long as you want it

to be, as long as it's longer than 333 words. Please DO try, I'd love to see if it's possible to make anything out of this mixture.




Hannibal, BA, Amy and Murdock climbed out of the van. Face and Tawnia were standing beside the Corvette. The girls glared at each other. It had been a rotten weekend. It all started when Decker got a tip from Bobby Richards. Bobby had kidnapped Tawnia after finding out BA had slipped a homing device into a jar of strawberry jam he had bought at a farmerís market.


The guys used a front door approach to rescue her and a fight broke out in Bobbyís cafe. Custard pies flew like missiles. They escaped to the river where a raft waited. Murdock distracted BA by nearly falling out of the raft so Hannibal could slip BA a shot of Novocaine as they neared the chopper. They got a few miles before running out of fuel and crashing. A nearby store offered protection from the MPs. One guy tried crawling in the window but Hannibal threw a tin of peaches at him. Amy and Tawnia chucked seven pineapples and a large chocolate bunny at him.


Murdock found another chopper but it contained a bomb. Everyone bailed out into the lake just before it crashed. Later, Tawnia accused Amy of stealing her purple nail polish and fists started flying. Tawnia swung at Amy with all her strength. Unfortunately for him, Face picked that very moment to break up the fight. He regained consciousness a few minutes later.


Murdock found a third chopper. He was reciting Mary had a little lamb to his latest invisible pet, a pink hippo, when a white rat ran up his pant leg. Murdock was so concerned with the rat in his pants he didnít notice he was headed straight for a barn which he ended up crashing into.


Finally, they managed to elude both Bobby and Decker. Amy and Tawnia were still fighting. BA was ready to pound Murdock into the ground after hearing him sing "Are you happy, are you satisfied? How long can you stand the heat? Out of the doorway the bullets rip to the sound of the beat. Another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust..." and making helicopter noises all day.


"Piece of cake, right, Hannibal?" Amy asked sarcastically.


"You better believe it, baby," Hannibal grinned as he lit his cigar.


A Weekend To Remember by Monte



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