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The Definitive Guide To Action Replay

How To Plan Your Trip To Action Repay 2003 or In The Front Door

By Col. John "Hannibal" Smith



So you're thinking about going to Action Replay for the A Team's 20th anniversary? Let me explain how to come up with a fool proof plan, a plan that will take you in right through the front door.


Pour your favorite beverage into a glass.

Place it near your favorite chair.

Be sure your cigar cutter, lighter, and ashtray are handy.

Be sure a notebook and pen are close to hand.

Take off your shoes.

Sit back in your chair.

Chose a nice large cigar, cut, light it, relax, and decide if you really want to go to the A-Team's 20th birthday party.

Once you have decided that going to the party is the one thing in whole world that you want most, decide how many days you can stay away from home.

You must decide if you are going for the con only, or if you also want to see some of England.

Decide if you want to find a room mate. If so ask at the Action Replay list if anyone wants to share a room with you.

There is often a single supplement payment if you want to be alone. Sharing saves. Up to you.

If you are going for the weekend only, you will need a hotel for at least 2 nights. Ask your travel agent or look on the net. Most of the hotels have sites where you can see the hotel, rates and other important information. When you find one you like and can afford, reserve a room. This is the time to tell the hotel about any special needs you might have (waves cigar vaguely).

Now you must decide how to get there. Some East Wingers can just hop on a train, others have to fly into Heathrow or Gatwick.

There is a very inexpensive bus that goes to the train stations. Waterloo seems to be the best and fastest departure point for Bournemouth. It will probably be packed with fellow con travelers.

Getting from the station to the hotel in Bournemouth is still an open question, but should be fairly simple.

The con is over, you've met the Team, had fun, gotten photos and autographs. What next? If you are going straight home, go. If you are staying for a while, put Tourist plan into effect. You will have decided how long you want to stay, what you want to see, how you are traveling,

alone or with a friend. Tourist sights are easily found on the www. As above, decide what you want and reserve.

After making all your reservations, sit back and savor the joy of A PLAN COMING TOGETHER.



Very important things to keep in mind:


1) There are very cheap (under $400) transatlantic airfares

2) It is often less expensive to book thru the net than an agent

3) Don't forget to budget for tips and incidentals

4) Loose comfy clothes and shoes are a must for comfort on long trips.

5) If you order a special meal on a flight, you will be served first

6) If you have trouble walking or standing, ask for a courtesy wheelchair at the airport when reserving the flight. You will be checked in and boarded first. NO LINES.

7) Leave your inhibitions at home. This is The A-Team.

8) If you have any questions ask the Purplegimp for ideas or the TML team

9) Isn't it nice when a plan comes together (cigar smoke wafts upward)



Face's Helpful Hints for Packing


The very first thing to do is be sure your valet or butler polishes and shines your brand new leather matched set of suitcases.

Then, you will want to make yourself comfortable on the chaise lounge while your gorgeous maid carefully takes your clothes out of the closet and makes sure that each garment is clean, pressed and has all it's buttons, and hangs them carefully on the rack.

Between sips of vintage champagne, you will supervise the folding, with color coordinated tissue paper of your mix and match outfits. Your lingerie must be carefully folded and delicately placed in separate silk undergarment bags.

Be sure the suitcases are left open while you move on to the next stage: Toiletries and incidentals.

The best way to do this is to get into a nice hot scented bath and tell the maid which articles to wrap in tissue paper, and which to put in plastic bags. Be sure to include any medicines you might need, and don't forget your toothbrush and paste.

When all your toiletries are ready to be placed in your makeup case, have the maid hold a nice large warm fluffy towel for you. Wrap your hair in the towel turban style and put on your terry cloth robe.

Get your passport, tickets, detailed itinerary, credit card, some cash, and put them all in your travel wallet.

You are now ready to get dressed for traveling. You will want to wear something comfortable, yet stylish.

While you are doing you hair and makeup, check that your blow dryer, cell phone and battery charger are packed. If so, your suitcases are ready to be closed and you may leave for the airport!




Howling Mad's Guide to Flying

By H.M. Murdock


Well, now, Muchachas, you've read Hannibal's planning hints and Face's packing instructions, so now it's time to discuss airlines and airplanes and flying.

The absolute best, fastest and safest way to go anyplace is by air. It's truly the best way to go anywhere.




The Complete Guide To Fly By Night Or Even Day Airlines

By Cap't H.M. Murdock


Well, then, Muchachas, You have read Hannibal's "How to Plan" instructions. Now it's time to choose an airline. I am exceptionally qualified to help with this.

Go on over to your electronic pencil and make the little mousey go clicky on Flights to England. Tell the little form that you want to go to Heathrow or Gatwick on the date you want. You will then get a list of flights and fares.

If you are flying from the West Wing, you must decide which airport you want to fly from. Kennedy, Newark, Miami, Orlando, Chicago and L.A. are just a few of those you have to choose from. If you are flying from the East Wing, you probably know which airport is best for you. Be sure to figure out how to get to the airport in time for your flight. You must leave at least four (4) hours between flights. Before you reserve a seat, try to find out what type of plane will be used. You want a new one, flown by a reputable company, whose pilots are certified sane and safe. You might also want to check which movie will be shown in flight. Not all airlines show Woody Woodpecker or Range Rider. It's a good idea to find out first. Do not choose an airline that advertises a parachute under every seat. They probably have a worse crash record than I. When you have found the flight you want, either reserve on line or go to your travel agent. If you need special services, be sure to make them known when making reservations. You will have to confirm your flight 72 hours beforehand.

Do not forget to do this. If you are very wealthy, first class is the nicest way to go. Tourist class will get you there just fine.

If your pilot howls on take off, you are encouraged to join in, unless you are sitting next to an ugly mudsucka. If this is the case, be as quiet as possible.


Welcome to TML Airlines where H.M. Murdock is your captain and Lady Luck is the copilot




Travel By Land or Sea

by B.A. Baracus


So, you want to go to the Action Replay party, but don't want to fly with no fool pilot on no fool plane? All you gotta do is look at the map to see if you can get there by land or by sea. If you can, figure out if you wanna go by train or car. I'm coming with the van. Got all my stuff in it and no fool nut flying it. Train is good too. You can sit and look out the window at everything 'S a real nice way to go. Boats are nice too, but there are not many that go to England from America.

You can find everything you need to know on the wwww. It's a lil bit slow, but no fool pilot can drop you outta the sky and bust you up.

There's lots of trains in Europe and they go pretty often and fast 'course not as good as my van, butÍ. Can see more stuff too. I'm not going on no fool airplane an don't you either. (glares in every direction) If you do want to be a fool and fly, there is a bus from the airports to the train stations. Only costs a pound and it has a wheel chair lift. The best way to get to Bournemouth from London is by train from Waterloo Station. There are trains about every hour and a couchette only costs $28. Nice way to relax after a long trip on a fool airplane, and the rush to get out of the airport. The train station in Bournemouth is in a transportation complex. Getting to your hotel should be easy, even if you don't follow Hannibal's plan. His plans never work right.

Remember, when reserving tickets, someone gonna pay, and that someone is YOU.



The Definitive Guide To Action Replay 2003 by Franne Golan



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