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Music In The Park

Music in the Park

By: Tee

Rating: G

Response to a Challenge: Show us something that is a favorite of a character. Like a book or music or drink.

Spoilers: None

Time Frame — set in the early period of the Team — after the war and before the show.


Music in the Park


The deep, bass notes of John Lee Hooker could be heard long before he got to the van. The rumbling music could be felt in his chest and teeth. In the pause between songs, he almost yelled out to turn it down, but then changed his mind. He didn’t dislike the blues, although it could, at times, get on his nerves. Singing about your troubles didn’t seem to him to be the most productive thing to do.

Familiar guitar notes filled the air and he dropped two bags from the local deli on the picnic table, his chance at having the volume lowered gone for another two and a half to three minutes.

Hannibal spread out their feast across the top of the battered picnic table. Four sandwiches, chips, a bag of animal crackers, and drinks. He loved these down times just after a mission.

Lynch was so far behind them, Hannibal would have to send up flares to be found. The mission had gone off well. Not without a hitch, to be sure, but he was confident that as they got the hang of this Robin Hood business, things would go better. They were still on a learning curve.

The song ended with a reverberating guitar strum, and then the tape deck began to click and whirl as it moved to the other side. Hannibal took advantage of the lull to shout out. "Hey, turn that thing down, will you?"

Murdock popped his head out the side door and grinned before leaning between the two front seats.

"Pick something a little more…or a little less, would you?"

He could see Murdock digging under the seat in a small box of their musical selections. A half a minute later, Murdock bounded back out of the van and came over to the picnic table and looked over their banquet.

"What happened to the selection?"

Hannibal laughed as he sorted through the sandwiches, setting one in front of Murdock and one for himself. "Few months ago, we were on a job. Face was at the van, but had run out of ammo. He took up throwing 8-tracks at the bad guys."

Murdock chuckled while he opened a bag of Ruffles potato chips.

"Of course, BA wasn’t too happy that all the Motown tunes went out the window, and not a single Beach Boys."

Murdock laughed out loud at that. "Poor BA."

"Poor BA? Poor me. I’ve had to listen to this running argument for three months now."

"Poor Colonel," Murdock commiserated. The soft tunes of classical music began to fill the air.

Hannibal couldn’t identify it. Face and Murdock played "name that tune" with the classics, but he wasn’t that good. He was much more of a big band era man himself. "Where are BA and Face any way?"

"Face asked BA to help him fix a broken down ol’ swing set over there." Murdock jerked his thumb over his shoulder. "They said they’d be back in a sec."

Hannibal nodded, the do-gooder vibes were still strong after a mission that went well. He popped the top on a can of soda and let the music wash over him. "What is this?"

"Handel’s Water Music," Face and Murdock said at the same time.

Hannibal turned on his bench to see BA put his tool kit down at the end of the table and reach for the bigger of the two remaining sandwiches.

"This is my favorite piece of music," Murdock said softly.

"Mine, too," Face replied reaching for another can of soda. "I was going to walk down the aisle to this."

They were all silent for a minute.

"Face," Hannibal eased his words with a small smile. "We don’t want to hear about Leslie again."

Face grinned, not letting the sting of his past hurt much.

"Or Tina, or Rochelle, or Pam, or Wendy," Murdock added, just before biting into his sandwich.

BA swallowed his big bite of Italian Meatball and grinned, "But if you wanna tell us about that little Cajun number again, I’ll listen to that. What was her name again?"

Face blushed, or came as close to blushing as he did anymore.

"Francoise," Murdock assisted.

Francoise had been a pretty little thing with dark hair and dark eyes, and a quick wit and a fast patter that had left the conman standing in a puddle of his own muddled thoughts.

"Leave it be," Face said with a sigh, knowing good and well that he’d never hear the end of this.

"Someday, Face. Someday you’ll walk down the aisle to this." Hannibal’s words were softly spoken, meant only for the man sitting next to him.

Face looked up and met the man’s gaze, flashing him a look of gratitude.

"So, Face," Hannibal deftly changed the subject. "How much did we make on this little venture?"

Face pushed away his, as yet, uneaten sandwich and reached into his shirt pocket for a tiny spiral-bound pad. "Let see." He quickly calculated as he flipped the pages. "Well, we didn’t loose money."

"Think we can afford a few new tunes?" Hannibal prompted with a sly grin.

"Yeah!" BA took up the gauntlet. "What about some Temptations, huh, Face? Ain’t heard any Smokey Robinson lately, have I?"

Face groaned and reached for his sandwich.

"How about the Four Tops, huh, Face?"

Hannibal grinned and didn’t miss the "I’ll get you" glare aimed his way. It was always best to keep his team from getting too complacent. He had a few requests to add to the list. His favorite, Ella Fitzgerald, had gone out the window, too. But BA was still on his tear.

"I don’t remember seeing my Marvin Gaye lately, do you? But we still got Elvis, don’t we?"

"Murdock, go change the tape, would you?" Hannibal nodded in the direction of the van. Somehow, Handel wasn’t soothing the savage beast.

With a quick nod, Murdock was on his feet and in the van. A few seconds later, the soft sounds of Lennon sisters filled the air.

It was neutral tape they all liked.

"I love it when a plan comes together."


The End

Music in the Park

By Tee Fischer

March 2003

Music In The Park by Tee



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