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Decker is Coming! Decker is Coming!  
Decker is coming!! Decker is coming!!
By Nikki


Face spotted him first, in fact, he wasn't hard to spot at all. He quickly turned to Hannibal and nudged his arm. He discretely pointed to the MP on the other side of the road who was talking to a guy on a newspaper stand. Hannibal got the message, Decker was close...again, only this time he was too close. Hannibal bent down and started to pack up the remains of his sandwich Murdock had knocked out of his hands only a moment ago. Today, he thought, is not going to be a good day. Hannibal motioned to Face to get BA's van. BA wouldn't be happy but then of course, BA was in the process of making Murdock apologize for spilling his carton of milk. Face slipped off and Hannibal stepped in to rescue Murdock from the golden clutches of BA. In BA's opinion, Face couldn't drive and had warned the guys many times not to let Face drive his van, Hannibal thought he wouldn't mind...just this one time.

" Murdock, there's an MP across the street and if I'm not mistaken Decker's not to far behind. The government don't think that you're part of the Team so you can stay here and buy us some time." Said Hannibal after placing a gloved hand on Murdock's shoulder.

" Gotcha, colonel," and Murdock ran across the street. At the same time, B.A's van appeared around the corner. Hannibal looked across the street and he could see the MP trying to get to the van but Murdock had the man in a corner. The MP pushed passed Murdock and Hannibal could see him leap in front of the MP and grab him by the ankles. Hannibal couldn't help but laugh a little and climbed into the van beside Face. What a great end to our nice quiet lunch, thought Hannibal.


Face conned his way into the VA, again.  He looked in through he window of Murdock's room before going in. His best friend was sitting on the floor watching his favourite Woody Woodpecker cartoon. Face softly tapped the door and, looking through the window, he could see Murdock turning off the tape before answering the door.

" Faceman, what are you going here? I thought this place was for the insane guys not the Faceguy!  You want to watch Woody?" said Murdock as he went over towards the TV

" No, thanks Murdock. I just stopped by to thank you for yesterday and to see how you got on with the MP," said Face with a smile, knowing only too well that that particular MP wouldn't forget Murdock in a hurry.

" Face, that guy is now my newest best friend but not as good a best friend as you are. I suppose I kept him occupied long enough for you then did I," said Murdock with a smile, " I'd offer you some coffee but I'm not allowed, they think that because I'm insane I'd be stupid enough to pour hot coffee all over myself to get a free trip to the medical section of this place. If I've told them once, I've told then thousands of times that I make nice coffee."

" Look, Murdock. There is another reason why I stopped by. Do you want to take a walk outside? I know you're allowed out so you can't use that excuse."

" Sure Faceman, wait and I'll get my jacket. Why don't you go on out" and he went to the closet to get his jacket and baseball cap.

Face started to walk slowly down the hallway of the hospital and he pulled a small walkie-talkie from his pocket. He found a vacant room and making sure HM wasn't behind him he went inside.
" Hannibal, this is Face. He's on his way. Face out" and he quickly put the walkie-talkie into his pocket and, making sure HM was nowhere in sight, Face carried on down the hallway and out to the hospital garden.

He had only managed to find a bench and sit down when Murdock arrived.  Face quickly glanced over to an oak tree just a few metres away where Hannibal and B.A. were hiding.
" Murdock, do you know what day it is?" asked Face cautiously as he stole another glance to the tree.

" Sure Face, it's my birthday but I guess you were too busy to remember. I don't mind, actually, because I know how busy you guys are, running from Decker and everything." Murdock looked at the ground, he was upset about his friends not remembering his birthday but he didn't want it to show.

" Look, Murdock. It may seem like we forgot but...HANNIBAL!!  B.A.!!!"

Hannibal and B.A. came out from behind the oak, each carrying a brightly wrapped package.
" Happy birthday, Murdock. Hope you like it," said Face as he handed Murdock a small package he had in his pocket. Murdock tore the paper to reveal a blue collar and leash with the name ‘Billy' on the dog tag and a small model airplane.  Murdock couldn't help but laugh as he saw the dog tag. He knew his best friend had set him up.

B.A. handed Murdock his gift and Hannibal did the same.  " This is for saving our hides yesterday"as he handed Murdock the license plate off Decker's car. Murdock laughed again, apart from Face's gift, this had to be the best birthday present yet, the enemy's licence plate. Hannibal took a step back from the bench, took out a cigar from his pocket and smiled. " I love it when a plan comes together" he said.

Decker is Coming!! Decker is Coming!! by Nikki