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Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I Wonder
by Lieutenant Templeton Peck

Rating: PG-13 for Angst, Musings ( Face)
Summary: Face P.O.V. Musing about his life in general.
Warnings: Watch out for Angst and musing. Some swearing nothing too serious
Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team. Dur..
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~ Sometimes I Wonder~

Sometimes I wonder why I stay with the Team,
After all they put me through.
All the pain, Suffering and misery I've had to deal with over
the years.
With only a pat on the back and a "Good work Lieutenant"
or "Nice work Kid" from Hannibal.

I'm the bait because of my good looks, Charm, charisma and
ability to con anything out of anybody and leave them smiling in my
wake. Drive a flashy car and dress in fancy clothing, Mere facades
to keep people out and make them think I'm rich, Sophisticated. Right
down to my tanned skin, Golden hair and blue eyes. Playboy type.

I know what people think of me and I don't show it. Keep in
place the perfect mask, Never show my feelings. You only see what I
want you to.

Sometimes I wonder if I hadn't joined with the Team in
Vietnam, Would my life be different. Would have Leslie stayed and not
become a nun. Never having to look over my shoulder for Decker or bad
guys we put away. I would have married, raised a family and died a
free man.

Sometimes I wonder when this madness will end. No more
dealing with the pain, mental and physical scars inflicted upon me.

And, sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just left. I
bet I wouldn't be missed. I can be replaced. Murdock has shown he can
con just as good as I can. Let him be the team conman for a change.
I'll go crazy and have to be locked up in the V.A. hospital.


Sometimes I Wonder - Poem by Lieutenant Templeton Peck



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