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The Revelation

The Revelation
by Monte

Rating: PG/PG13
Copyright: June 2003 Monte
Type: Light Slash
Pairing: Hannibal/BA
Status: Complete
Summary: An expansion of a 500-word challenge from The A-Slash yahoo group.
Warnings: A mention of nakedness, no other warnings.
Disclaimer: I don't own Hannibal or BA. The other characters are my own.
Neither makes me any money.
Comments: Yes, Please
Thanks: To Casper and Howlin' T-Bird for being the best Betas.



Hannibal glanced at his watch, then returned to staring out the window of his trailer. "Someone from makeup should be here any time," he thought, leaning back into the corner of the couch. He reached over to the box of cigars on the table, selected one and sighed as he savoured the flavor of the expensive cigar. They had been a birthday gift from Face.

A knock on the door pulled him from his musing. He smiled when he saw Sarah enter, raising his hand in casual greeting as she walked toward him.

"Morning, John," Sarah said as she placed her makeup kit on the table.

"Good morning, Sarah. You seem bright-eyed and cheerful this morning. Have a hot date tonight or something?"

"Something better, actually. Tonight I get to meet the infamous Erik." Her eyes sparkled with excitement.

Hannibal nodded as he listened. "So Donny's finally going to introduce you two? How are your parents taking it?"

Sarah groaned and shook her head. "Mom's still kinda freaked out. Dad's about disowned him. But it's only been a week since they found out their only son is gay." Sarah said, as she began to transform Hannibal for his role. "They don't like the idea, but in time, hopefully they'll accept it as Donny's right to choose. I mean, for crying out loud, he's almost twenty-seven."

"Give it time, Sarah. Donny's a good kid, but he can always use your support." Hannibal advised. "It's not easy being on the outside," he said.

Sarah paused to gaze into the pale blue eyes so like her brother's. There was a twinkle of understanding as Hannibal returned the gaze. "Why do I get the feeling you're not telling me something? What secret are you hiding from me, John?"

Hannibal chuckled. He pulled his wallet out of his pocket and held up a picture for Sarah to see.

"It's you and BA," she said, stating the obvious. A moment of silence passed between them. Then as his meaning became clear, Sarah stuttered, "You mean he's... You and he are... together? I knew you were... but BA? I never would have guessed."

"That's right. We're a couple. Oh, don't look so shocked," Hannibal said as he returned the photo to its resting place.

Sarah silently processed the information she'd been given. She slowly continued to work with the theatrical makeup as a smile crept over her features. "Tell me about him, John."

Over a period of nearly an hour, Hannibal spoke. He told her about meeting BA in Vietnam and the years they had spent on the run from the military. They laughed together when he described how Murdock loved to torment BA and the different ways they had tricked him into getting onto planes.

Sarah watched the array of emotions play out in Hannibal's eyes. The animation in his voice showed the deep passion in his soul. It was clear to her he was a man deeply in love. When she finished the makeup work, she asked, "John, do you believe we all have one special someone out there? Does fate bring us together, or do we just hope for the best?"

Hannibal stood and looked down at Sarah. Placing his hand on her shoulder, he assured her, "Whether it's fate, or luck, you will find your special someone. I know I found mine. Be patient and keep on hoping and dreaming." The pair stepped out of the trailer and went their separate ways.

Throughout the day, the conversation they had shared stayed in their memories. Hours later, they met up in the parking lot. They chatted about work, people they had seen, and their plans for the evening.

Hannibal waved goodbye as Sarah jumped into Donny's jeep and drove away. Minutes later, he was picked up by BA.

That night after supper, Hannibal stood in front of the sink washing dishes as BA dried and put them away. He smiled, thinking about Sarah, Donny and Erik. He hoped everything would work out for them. When they were finished, he stepped outside to have a cigar while BA checked the sports scores.

The night air was crisp and clear, the stars were twinkling merrily above, and all was peaceful. Hannibal heard the screen door creak as BA joined him. He turned to look into those dark brown eyes he loved so much. They smiled, not having to say anything between them. Hannibal crushed out the end of the cigar and followed his lover back into the house.

When they reached the bedroom, Hannibal's pulse elevated. He loved to watch BA prepare for bed. Perhaps if he were lucky, he'd let him help tonight. He waited patiently as BA turned down the sheets and fluffed up the pillows before turning to face him. Hannibal's smile widened when he saw the slight nod of his partner's head. Ever so gently and lovingly, he began to remove the many chains and rings from his lover's body, carefully laying them out on the dresser where they wouldn't get bumped.

After BA was stripped of all his jewelry, he in turn began to undress the older man. He removed the coat and tossed it onto the floor, then methodically unbuttoned the shirt, slowly making his way downward. His eyes never left Hannibal's. BA let the shirt fall to the floor as he tenderly kissed his way down the Colonel's chest, then knelt to slip the shoes off Hannibal's feet, placing them out of the way. His socks were next, then BA rose to stand before Hannibal again. With a grin, BA undid the belt and the zipper. Soon Hannibal stood naked before him.

Hannibal was quick to return the favor. He hated the color pink, but somehow pink and black zebra stripes actually looked good to him when BA wore them. In short order, they were lying in bed together. Hannibal gazed over into the brown eyes, which were so full of love. He raised his hand to caress his lover's cheek and sighed. "I love you so much, BA. I really do."

BA smiled and pulled Hannibal close to his chest. He kissed the top of his head and replied, "I know, John. An' you my world. I'd do anythin for you."

Hearing BA call him by his given name, as he only did when they were alone and safe, Hannibal wondered again how he had managed to find someone so very special. Chalk it up to fate or luck, he didn't care. He only knew that he would love this giant black teddy bear for the rest of his life.



The Revelation by Monte



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