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Doing Crazy

Doing Crazy

By  Susie Owens


Rated: G

Summary: Murdock and Face get in trouble

Warning: Stay away from a pool

Copyright 2003

Author Notes : This is a challenge posted from Pam. A dry challenge.




"It was hot, it was dry and I knew it was going to be a long day. You know what I mean? Well I guess that's not the point. Right? Any way, I'd managed to scam a yard with a pool. Yeah I know get on with it. Well, Murdock was sitting by the pool tanning himself in the sun. He sure looked... uh… well... never mind. I'm kind of going off the subject.


"He's always doing crazy things. Spur of the moment stuff. Why not me? I mean, why can't I do something crazy or silly? I watched him and thought to myself that he could use some cooling off. So, without even thinking any more about it, I made this strange war-like cry and charged."




"I was sitting by the pool just trying to enjoy the sun. I don't always get the chance and I wanted to make the best of it. Suddenly I heard this strange noise, like some kind of animal being hurt. Funny noises always make me nervous. I guess you'd think that just because I live in the VA I'd be used to funny noises.


"I jumped up just in time to see Face charging towards me. I tried to get out of his way but Face was too quick and I landed full force in the pool. I sputtered as I returned to the surface. Some how he managed to keep his balance and didn't fall in. I could feel my anger as I directed my question at him.


"'Faceman! What's the big idea?'"




"I stood and laughed. I 'm sorry but he did look funny with hair all plastered against his head.


"I reached for a pole to help Murdock out. I didn't want him to pull me in too. I then replied to him, very nicely I might add, 'I thought you needed cooling off, and beside you were making me hot. And it's hot enough around here.'


"Uh don't look at me like that. That's not what I meant.


"Murdock then pushed the pole away and climbed out himself. He stood there dripping wet, beads of water slowly running down his muscular body. Uh is it hot in here or is it me? Well, any way, I decided to sit in the chair since Murdock was no longer occupying it. I watched as he took a towel and dried himself, then he walked over to the bar and poured himself a drink."




"I poured myself a drink then looked at Face.


"'Would you like a drink?'


"Face said that he would enjoy one so I fix him a special drink and took it over to him. I stood there and casually said, 'Your drink, Face.' And then I poured it on top of his head."




"Well, let me tell you I screamed as that cold, cold drink ran down my face and it was grape juice. Do you know how bad that stuff can stain?


"I stared at Murdock and yelled at him, 'What's the big idea?'"




"I gave Face my best BA stare, and standing firm said, 'Well, Face, now we're both wet.'


"I then took my drink and walked towards the door. I turned around and said, "see you at dinner.'


"I didn't get very far before Face came after me."




I watched as Murdock headed for the house with his hands in his pocket. Then I ran after him and we started fighting. That's when you came out. And that's the whole story."




I stand looking at both of them. I'm not seeing them as my men but rather as two children. It's hard for me to keep a straight face. And the LT didn't help by saying Murdock made him hot. But I'm managing to stay in control as I stare at both of them.


"I see, and what did you gain from this? Murdock, you first."


I watch as Murdock rubs his shoulder, something he does when he's nervous. "Not to tan so close to the pool."


Face has reached for a pencil and started fiddling with it. I wish he'd stop that, it's getting on my nerves.


"Face, do you mind?"


"Uh, sorry Hannibal."


"Fine, Face. Now, what did you learn?"


"I've learned not to do crazy on the spur things. I'll leave that to Murdock from now on."


Murdock smiles at him. "Pushing a person into a pool isn't really crazy, Faceman."


Face's eyebrows furrow. "Then what is?"


"I'll tell you later when we're alone."


I notice the look in both their eyes and still wonder again about Face's earlier statement. But all I say is, "I see. Anything else?"


They both look at me then at each other, then back at me and say together, "Not to be caught fighting in front of you."






Doing Crazy by Susie Owens



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