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Title: Deadly Hunt (1/

Deadly Hunt
by Mooncat

Rated: NC-17
Summary: Murdock must face an old enemy.
Warnings: Drama, angst, violence, cursing. Torture. Death of a supporting character.
Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own the A-Team.
Copyright: Sarah Diaz 2003

Comments: Oh yes please. Let them roll!



Part 1

Murdock was tired. Hell, he was beyond tired. He actually lacked the energy to have his usual bantering conversation with BA! Leaning his head back he closed his eyes and tried to shut out the uneasy feeling heĎd had for a few days now.

The Team had sprung him three weeks ago out of the VA for a "quick" job. Just find a kidnapped kid, rescue her, and bag the bad guys. In and out in three to five days, Hannibal said. Unfortunately, theyĎd met up with the ever-so-charming Decker who actually managed to capture BA and Face. He and Hannibal had gotten them out, but in the meantime, the kidnappers had caught wind of them and disappeared into the underground. It took them a full week to find their new hiding place. But hey, the little girl was now safe home with their parents and they were on their way back to LA. So why did he have the feeling, that something really bad was headed their way?




He looked over at Face as his soft voice drifted through his troubled mind. Answering the unasked question in FaceĎs blue eyes he gave him a quick, reassuring smile and took in his surroundings. They were parked in front of a 24 hr. diner. BA and Hannibal were already at the front door, waiting for them to join them. Thankful for the stop he quickly followed Face out of the van, and stretched like a cat, once on the outside. Noticing that it was nearly dawn he suddenly felt very hungry. Not surprising, it was nearly 18 hours since they had last eaten a little of the few rations they had had left in the van.


The diner was not very different from others. It had the same cheap tables, chairs and decoration, same type of grumpy manager. Nonetheless the welcoming smile of the serving girl was refreshing. Hannibal asked for the menu and ordered something to drink for all of them. They were silent while waiting for their food. All of them felt the strain and stress of the last three weeks and neither felt much like talking. In īNam theyíd learned to find comfort and strength in their silence and now was no different. The silence was only disturbed by their rumbling stomachs when their plates finally appeared in front of them. Without hesitating they began eating. As always, Murdock was finished first and contentedly pushed the clean plate away from him and looked around a little. There weren't a lot of people in the place. Just a few truck drivers, a businessman, and two homeless in a dark corner.


And a man he couldn't quite figure out. Something about him made Murdock uneasy. Not that he looked out of place. Jeans, Pullover, Jacket. About his height, light brown hair. Normally he wouldn't stand out of a group, but there was just something in his posture, the atmosphere around him, that was off. After observing the man a little longer he stood up and excused himself from the others. He needed to get air, to move. And he wanted to take a look at the surrounding area. The bad feeling was back with full force. Twenty years of military service had taught him to trust his instincts. And now, they were telling him that they should leave the area immediately. But before alerting his comrades he needed to make sure all of this wasn't some wild ride of his imagination.


He never noticed the concerned eyes that followed his retreating back outside. "What's up with the fool? I don't like it when he is so - so silent." At the incredible looks shot his way, BA shrugged his shoulders. "Don't like his crazy talk, but something's always up when he is in this mood. And it normally ain't good." Face's smile died at these last words. Sighing he looked out from the doorway Murdock had disappeared through, then to his CO who, with a speaking glance, silently asked him, if he knew what was up with Murdock. "I don't know Hannibal. He has been on edge the past few days. Something's troubling him, but he won't talk about it."


That hurt him. He and Murdock were very close. There was a special bond between him and the crazy pilot that had been there since the very beginning. After all these years he trusted him with his heart and soul, which was very difficult for an abandoned orphan who had learned early to trust nothing and no one. It was easy to talk to Murdock. He was an excellent listener and would never betray the trust placed in him, and Face liked to think, that this worked both ways. But either, Murdock didn't think so too, or he just wasn't ready yet. Yeah, that was probably it. Hopefully....


Hannibal considered what he had heard for a while. Silently observing his second in command. It was obvious that Face was feeling hurt by Murdock's refusal to share whatever troubled him, but Murdock had always had his own ways to deal with situations and emotions. And he always had been very secretive and protective of his whole person. It hit him again, like so many times before, how very little he knew about his pilot. Born in Texas, youngest pilot to join the Thunderbirds ever, involved with the CIA, a genius mind, a dangerous and very well trained soldier who was focused on his mission, a master actor and the best pilot who ever raced the sky. And many would say insane. But he wasn't sure. It always was difficult to tell if Murdock really had lost touch with reality or if he just chose to blend it out for a while. All Hannibal knew, was that if necessary, Murdock was always ready for action and danger. If he were needed, he would be there. Otherwise they would never have come out of īNam alive, or evaded capture for this long for that matter. Shaking his head slightly, he finally returned to the present topic. "We'll have to wait until he is ready. Just keep an eye on him." The last order directed towards Face, who nodded his agreement. "The Fool's coming back". BA's quiet warning brought their attention to the door and their friend.


Immediately after stepping out Murdock headed to the Van, making sure he wasn't observed, he got his gun, pushing it into the waistband on his back, it was barely covered by his beloved jacket. Then he casually surveyed the surroundings while pretending to stretch his legs a little. Nothing seemed out of order. There were a few trucks, an expensive black BMW and a normal green VW that surely belonged to the mysterious man. There were only a few houses around, all still quiet. He couldn't find anyone observing the diner or spying on them. In fact, the street was deserted. Still he lingered a few more moments near the van, trying to calm his growing apprehension. Everything in him screamed danger. Finally he made his way back inside the diner. Opening the door with a last wary look back, as he entered. And bumped right into the last person he wanted to see. Mr. Mystery himself. Cursing himself for his lack of attention he began to apologize. But the words died on his lips when he met the cold grey eyes of his opponent. Eyes, that he well knew, he would recognize in every disguise, because they had followed him in his nightmares for the past twenty years.




Looking up into the grey eyes of his enemy he saw nothing other than evil and enjoyment at seeing the tortured men kneeing before him. Then his voice, smooth and without a touch of humanity in it softly ordered: "Kill the blonde. I never liked them much."


Within seconds the sound of a knife cutting a throat was heard.




Murdock saw the same recognition flare for a second in his eyes before they shut down. Like his own had. They measured each other silently for a moment, before he calmly said: "Sorry, wasnít paying attention." "No problem," was the reply in a similar calm tone. And he left. Murdock stood there for a moment before making his way back to his friends.


They had watched the entire strange encounter between the two men, and they didn't like at all how it had affected their already disturbed pilot. His face, which was usually easily read, was now a blank mask. No emotion showed in his eyes. His whole body language had changed to that of a full combat soldier on high alert. Shocked they noticed also that he was now armed. But before they could ask him what the hell was wrong with him he cut them off.


"We need to leave. ASAP. There's a gasoline station down the road. Meet me there in 15 minutes. I'll take care of the bill." With that he sauntered over to the counter, leaving a very baffled group behind. They were well trained soldiers, so they pushed their questions aside and followed his instructions and hurriedly left the diner. Hannibal may have been their Commander, but when one of them gave such a direct order it was best to follow it. All the more so if this order came from Murdock, the one member of the team who normally avoided all semblance of pulling rank, or authority. While waiting at the indicated station they wondered silently who this person who so scared Murdock could be.


Hearing the sound of the van leaving, Murdock cautiously stepped outside again. The green VW wasn't there anymore, confirming his suspicion that it belonged to this bastard. He could feel that the man was still around, out of site, spying on him. Falling back on his training he made his way unnoticed to BA's baby. Oh, he knew very well that this would not fool his hunter, as it was pretty obvious he had to belong to the black and red van, but hey, where was the fun in this?


Once safe inside the car he was met with three inquiring stares. "Care to enlighten us?" "Just thought something was off about this place. Gave me the creeps. Don't worry Hannibal, it was probably nothing." "Oh. And you probably didn't know the man you bumped into either?" "Nah, Face, thought for a moment IĎd met him before but that wasn't the case after all. Hey, after all that delicious food, I'm kind of tired. Just wake me up when we're home, yeah?" And with that he let his head fall down on his chest and closed his eyes. He hated lying to them, but he couldn't tell them the truth. Not for the moment. He was sworn to secrecy and he wouldnít break the oath he had once sworn. Not even for the only souls he trusted in this universe. Forcing his guilt away he thought about what had just happened.


So Lamonte was alive. He wasn't as surprised as one would think. After all, if he had survived the big explosion, why not Lamonte too? Like himself he was well trained to survive. But what was he doing here? What danger would come from him? Well, they both had an old account to settle with each other. And Lamonte, who loved the hunt, would never ignore the recent events. He would come after him, his hatred for him far too great to let his prey get away. Now he had a new trail to follow. And Murdock would be prepared for him, he would turn the hunt around, so Lamonte himself would be the hunted. Just like before, except this time, only one of them would win this deadly game.



Part 2


"Wake up fool! Weíre here! Will you and that non existent dog of yours leave my van already?"


"Jeez BA, donít you remember? Billy didnít want to come. You know, I think he has a nice little lady dogsomewhere. Perhaps I can convince him to introduce her properly to the family. What do you think Faceman? A nice little barbeque party at the beach where they can romp in the sand and water and eat lots of burgers and hotdogs? And then"


"Ahrg! Shut up! Thereís no Billy, no lady dogand thereís sure as hell not going to be no beach party!"


"Temper, temper, my big old mudsucker friend."




"Guys, please, have some mercy on us and stop bickering like an old married couple!"


Before BA could say anything in return to Faceís unbelievable insinuation Hannibal interrupted them. "Face is right. I for one would like to go home now. Murdock, it will probably be three or four weeks until our next job, so"


"Nah, thatís ok. Richter has me enlisted as a study subject for one of his projects with his students, along with a few of my other crazy neighbors. Iíll be somewhere up in the hills for about two weeks. Once Iím back Iíll let you know."


"Ok, enjoy the rest."


"Yeah, bye guys!"


With that Murdock left his friends and made his way to the window of his room, that as always had been left open and he silently slipped inside, where he promptly let his bag fall to the floor, kicked it under his bed. He picked up his phone and dialed the familiar number. Confirming the request for identification he typed in his code. Finally he heard the signal tone, inviting him to leave his message.


"Mac, itís Midnight. I just met the Easter Bunny. Are you up to searching his nest for Easter eggs?"


Checking the time he assumed he would have about three hours until his session with the doc. After taking a quick shower and changing into black pants and shirt he let himself fall onto his bed. Closing his eyes in a futile attempt to finally get some sleep. The memories he had so far successfully pushed aside invaded his head.




They were in the conference room in Langley where they usually got the intel on new assignments. Still hungry and exhausted from the last mission Midnight and Hamlet were seated at the big table, they were scanning the files in front of them, when their boss, Sam Ritter, came in.


"Midnight, Hamlet, excellent work in St. Petersburg. Intel is evaluating the information you brought home right now. I know you deserve a break, but unfortunately, a matter of the most urgency has came up. This is the facility of a company called Erocyte, ever heard of them?"


"Donít they produce technology for NASA?"


"Thatís right Midnight, and they are working together with the Air Force on the Space shuttle. But we suspect that these two men are in fact working for the enemy. This is Ray Whiteman, 43 years old, married, one son, 17 years old. He is the head of the company and holds the reins in his hands. We discovered a bank account in his sonís name in Switzerland. Lately there have beenlarge amounts of money paid in. Then we have Allan Lyfro, 33 years old, single, no family. Heís the technical director and has access to everything, and like Whiteman he too has a hidden account in Switzerland. As far as we can figure, they plan to sabotage the Apollo program."




"Weíre not sure. ItĎs your job to find that out. We need to know for whom they work and what exactly they are planning. Your mission is to infiltrate Erocyteís headquarters near Houston. Midnight, youíre the pilot assigned from the Air Force to the project. Hamlet, youíre to join the security team. Macbeth, who is already on site, will handle the mission. Youíll leave in 36 hours. Dismissed."


As they made their way out of Langley they talked a little about the new mission.


" NASA Hamlet! Can you imagine that? The N * A * S * A!!!! Who knows, perhaps Iíll land on the moon in the end!"


"Yeah you wish. Calm down a little Midnight. Better concentrate on the bad guys and what they have in mind for our astronauts."


"Youíre no fun Hamlet. Just because we have to bag a few Russians or whatever doesnít mean I canít enjoy myself a little with the Shuttle."


"Oh, Iím a lot of fun. In fact, IĎm going home now and then call up a nice hot babe to have a little fun with. You just go home and indulge in your abnormal obsession with aircraft."


"Ahrg, youíre sick. Could you please wipe that disgusting cocky grin off your face? Before I have to gag, if you donít mind?"


Hamlet laughed out loud. "Oh, and who is no fun, now? See you later partner. Sweet dreams with your ladies."


"That I will surely have. Donít be too disappointed when the hot babes turn you down because of your dumbness."


"Me and my glorious looks? Dream on! Bye!" Called Hamlet walking away, the sun shining on his blond hair.




A knock was heard before an orderly came in, shaking Murdock out of his memories. Surprised he noticed, that only an hour had passed. "Richter wants to see you. Come on, Iíll take you to his office."


"Thanks Todd, but thatís really not necessary. After all I have Billy here with me to escort and lead me to the wise man. Heíll protect me from the evil baddies on the way."


"Iím sure of that Murdock, but you know the procedure. And this way, I can protect Billy, hmm, what do you think old boy?"


"Youíre sure? Ok, Billy is all right with that. Well, then letís go."


Once outside Richterís office, Murdock kneeled down to pat Billyís head. "Now boy, why donít you go with Todd here. And if youíre a good dog Iím sure he has a nice juicy bone for you, havenít you?"


"Sure. Come on Billy. Iíll see you later to take you back to your room."


Murdock just nodded and entered the docís inner sanctuary.


"Murdock, how are you?"


"Oh, you know, like always. Peachy and fine."


"And the A-Team?"


Murdock sighed a little and shook his head, "You know, this obsession with those guys is starting to worry me. Are you sure youíre really the psychiatrist here and not the patient? I hardly think itís sane to fantasize about some superheroes, saving the world."


"Oh I know theyíre very real. Donít worry about me. Back to business: this order just came through. A car is waiting. He will take you to your meeting point with Macbeth as soon as possible."


"Ok thanks. I must say, Iím really looking forward to this little project of yours. It just makes my existence worthwhile to play lab rat for your studies. And two weeks up in the hills! Thatís like a vacation. Iím sure the other lunatics can barely wait for it too."


"Well yes Murdock. Iím glad you like it so much. Youíre really a big help for them. Now I suggest you go back to your room and pack for the vacation. Weíll see you there."


"All right. Later then."


Stepping out of the office, he was greeted by Todd.


"So, was Billy a brave little dog?"


"Sorry Murdock, I think he escaped me Ė again."


"Donít worry. Heís already pulled this with me too many times to count. I think he has a little lady somewhere, but so far he hasnít told me anything about her. He probably wants to make sure itís really serious, before he introduces her to me. Have you seen him around nice looking dog?"


"Sorry no. Here we are. Have a nice time up the hills."


"That I will. Oh and Todd, could you watch after Billy a little when he showís up?"


"Donít worry. Bye




Once back in his room he headed over to his closet and retrieved his black bag. He shouldered it and slipped out the window. Keeping in the shadows he made his way to the waiting silver Sedan and slid gracefully into the backseat.


"Sir. Nice to see you. Where to?"


"Holŗ Charlie. The airport please."





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