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Breaking The Habit

Breaking The Habit
by  Lieutenant Templeton Peck

Rating: NC-17 for Slash. F/M paring. Angst, swearing, Drug use. Some thoughts of suicide.
Summary: Face is wounded badly during a routine mission and is given prescription pain killers. He becomes addicted to them after his wounds heal. Suddenly, he isn't his usual " Faceman" self. Up late at night, change in mood, ect. Will he be able to break his habit? Can Murdock and the Team help him?
Warnings: Be prepared for Slash, angst, swearing, Drug use. Some thoughts of suicide. Flashback scenes.
Disclaimers: I don't own The A-Team. I'd like to own the 'Vette though. <g> This is just to mess with their minds further and to make my evil pink plot bunnies stop pestering me..
Comments: Please. Good, Bad, Indiffrent.
Side notes: Lyrics to
Linkin Park's "Breaking The Habit" will be in use here. ( From their new CD Meteora). Oh and Maggie Sullivan makes an appearance. ( * Crosses fingers*)



Part 1

Memories consume
Like opening the wound
I'm picking me apart again
You all assume
I'm safe here in my room
Unless I try to start again

Face lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling of the newest place he'd scammed. A nice house right on the beach in Long Beach, California. Perfect view of the blue ocean. One story, five bedrooms. Huge walk-around deck, steps leading onto white sands. A great place to rest and unwind. That's what it should have been anyway. Three days before he got this place, The Team had gotten a call. Money was stolen and so was the daughter of a rich tycoon. So, they packed up and headed into Downtown L.A. to get all the details. B.A. had pulled up into the driveway of a two-story manor while Face had parked his 'Vette out on the street. As a group they walked up to the front door and Hannibal knocked. Pretty soon a young maid answered the door and showed them inside. An old man sat in a recliner, dabbing at his eyes with a silk handkerchief. Seeing the Team, he stood slowly with the help of a cane. Smiling at them softly.

The man's name was Nigel Bennette, his daughter Natalie Bennette. Nigel told the Team that his daughter had been out with her friends the day she'd been kidnapped. Money was also stolen from one of the many banks he owned in downtown Los Angeles, and the kidnappers demand more for the ransom of his daughter, Or else. After talking and negotiations, the Team agreed to rescue Mr. Bennette's daughter and recover the stolen money. Or so they had all thought...

< Three days ago, An abandoned farm in the Valley, San Gabriel Valley.>

I don't want to be the one
The battles always choose
'Cause inside I realize
That I'm the one confused

Face and Murdock were on the east side of an unused barn not too far from a run down and shabby-looking farm house. The yard was overrun with weeds, uncut grass, dead plants. Abandoned wasn't the word for it. Shitty was more like it. No wonder the kidnappers chose this place. Perfect cover and nobody would have believed anyone would want the place because of the condition it was in. Murdock looked to Face, " Is this the place? It looks like an atom bomb landed here." Face chuckled and nodded. " Yup. This is the place. The map the old guy gave us pointed in the direction of the farm. Of course things can change over the years." Murdock nodded, " Yeah." Shaking his head, Face took out a walkie-talkie. "Apple Two to Apple Three, over." B.A. was hidden behind a rusted green tractor. " Apple Three, G'head Face." " It looks quiet so far on this end. How 'bout where you are? See any goons yet?"

B.A. shook his head, " Not yet. Hey wait a second. I see one. Carrying an Uzi." Face groaned. " Oh just perfect..All we have is our Ruger Mini fourteen's. And all I'm carrying is my .357 Smith and Wesson." He keyed in the code for Hannibal's walkie-talkie. " Apple Two to Apple One, Over." Hannibal had climbed up into one of the large oak trees and had his Browning Hi Power hand gun. Shifting, he unclipped the walkie-talkie from his belt. " Apple One. Go ahead Lieutenant." " B.A. spotted one goon with an Uzi. Headed in his direction. What should we do?" Hannibal brought a pair of binoculars up to his eyes, searching for the Uzi-packing goon. Spotting him. "You and Murdock head for the house, Me and B.A. will take out any other baddies along the way." Face nodded and tugged at Murdock's jacket sleeve. "Apple Two acknowledges, Over and out."

Face and Murdock began running for the house, Ruger Mini 14's held up and ready. Murdock went left and Face went right, taking down goons as they did. Face reached the front porch of the house and crouched low immediately, The tight blue jeans he wore caressed his backside, giving Murdock a nice view as he ran towards the back of the house. Inside, a young girl about 16 started to cry as a harsh voice told her to shut up or he'd hit her again. Face frowned as he crashed shoulder first through the flimsy front door. Shooting off a round into the air, " Alright! Untie the young lady and nobody gets  hurt. Understood?" The leader of the group swiveled towards Face with a broken sneer. From the right side of the guy's face was a thick scar that ended up through his lips. " Pretty boy thinks he's so smart. Come and get her if you dare pretty boy." Face's hands clutched around the barrel of the Ruger, glaring. He hated being called "Pretty boy." Face slowly began walking towards the goon, rifle poised to shoot, just as Murdock crashed through the back door. Face mouthed an " Oh shit.." as bullets began flying left and right. All Hell had broken loose.

Hannibal and B.A. started running for the house when they heard the shots. Murdock had gotten the young girl untied, But Face was the unfortunate one to get shot in the back by Uzi fire. Just before Murdock got to the girl, An unseen thug came out of the bathroom adjacent to the ramshackle living room, shooting Face in the back with an Uzi. Time had seemed to slow down after he'd gotten shot. Three bullets ripped through the expensive black silk shirt Face wore, tearing it and his back to ribbons. He let out a garbled cry as he hit the floor. Murdock's eyes went wide, " FACE!" Hannibal came into the room, shooting the thug who'd shot Face, in the leg, kicking him as he went down. B.A. took the girl from Murdock and ran out of the house while Hannibal quickly tied up the goons and their leader, pointing the barrel of his Browning in the leader's face, clicking back the hammer. " I should shoot you myself for harming my Lieutenant, But that's not my style. We're leaving you for the local police." The leader simply lifted his chin, saying nothing. Murdock knelt down and picked Face up gently in his arms, " Oh Face..It was my fault.." Face opened his eyes and tried focusing on his love's face, but couldn't. " N, No Murdock. It wasn't your..Fault. I was the one.." A coughing fit cut of the rest of Face's sentence before passing out from the loss of blood. Hannibal helped Murdock carry Face out to the van and Murdock held Face gently in his lap, brushing away that darned lock of hair out of Face's blue eyes. Hannibal got into his seat " Go B.A.!"

B.A. peeled away from the abandoned farm, doing nearly over 100 miles per hour. " Where we takin' Face?" Hannibal turned his seat so it faced the back of the van, looking to Murdock who was rocking Face gently in his arms, crying softly. " To Maggie in Bad Rock." B.A. nodded, " Right." Turning down a road, B.A. headed for Black Rock California. Soon they reached the familiar town and he parked around back of Maggie's house. Murdock walked slowly around to the front door, clutching an unconscious Face to his chest, not caring that blood had gotten onto his jacket or t-shirt that read ' You Are Here'. Hannibal bounded up the steps and knocked on the door. " Maggie? You in? It's John."

Maggie Sullivan looked up from a cup of coffee hearing Hannibal's voice. " Be right there." Coming to the door, she opened it to watch Murdock rush past her carrying Face in his arms. Her eyes went wide. "What happened to Face?" Hannibal took her shoulders gently. " He's been shot with an Uzi. Botched mission. We weren't paying attention today. And should have been." Maggie sighed and shook her head slowly. " Don't go blaming yourself John. You can't always know what's going to happen on a mission. Now let me tend to Face." Hannibal nodded as he sat down slowly into an easy chair. Maggie walked into her office, getting ready to work on Face. Murdock was pacing the floor, " Hurry up Doc. He's loosing a lot of blood and gone into shock." Maggie pulled on a pair of gloves, turned on the overhead light and gently pushed back what was left of Face's shirt. " You're gonna have to help me then Murdock. Hand me that tray over there." Quietly, Murdock helped Maggie as she extracted the bullets from Face's back, stitched up the wounds and pumped blood into him. With a sigh, she pulled off her blood stained gloves and looked to Murdock.

" When he wakes up in a few hours, I'm going to give him morphine for the pain he's gonna feel. He needs plenty of rest, And it looks like you need some as well. You can all stay here in the spare room. I'll fix it up." Murdock nodded slowly. " Thanks Doc." She smiled softly and patted his shoulder. " Face will be fine. It's a darn good thing that those bullets didn't touch his heart, Or I wouldn't have been able to remove them with what I have here." Murdock nodded again and walked over to the table where Face lay. His skin was pale, and eyes closed, For which Murdock was thankful. He knew he wouldn't have been able to handle the far away look in his lover's eyes. Hannibal looked up as Maggie walked out into the living room. " Is he gonna be alright Maggie?" She smiled softly and nodded, " Yes. Those bullets came shy of his heart. Missed it by inches. It was darn lucky you got him here as soon, And as fast as you did. I removed the bullets, stitched him up and gave him a blood transfusion. When he wakes up, which will be some time from now, I'll give him morphine to ease the pain he will feel. And he's very lucky also that those bullets didn't get his spinal chord." Hannibal let out the breath he didn't know he was holding and pulled Maggie into a warm embrace, Whispering softly. " Thanks Maggie. Really."

I don't know what's worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
I don't know why I instigate
And say what I don't mean
I don't know how I got this way
I know it's not alright
So I'm
Breaking the habit
I'm breaking the habit

Two days later, Face woke up in a strange bed, hurting all over and groggy feeling. " Where am I?" he asked softly. Murdock let out a soft cry when Face woke up and took his hand, " Welcome back love. You're in Bad Rock. We took ya to Doc Sullivan's place." Face's eyes narrowed as he processed this information. Then it all came back to him. The farm. Being shot in the back. He groaned. " Am I okay? No damage done?" Murdock laughed softly, Face was back. " Except for some scars on your back, You're A-O.K. Maggie said she'll give you some morphine for the pain." Face tried to move in bed, but was answered with a direct stab to his lower back. Sighing he laid back down and snuggled into the pillows. Maggie knocked softly on the bedroom door as she came in with a bottle of morphine tablets and a glass of ice water. " So, how's my patient?" Face looked up to Maggie and smiled softly. " Hey there Doc. I feel like I've been ran over by a truck." She chuckled quietly and Murdock grinned. " I've got something for the pain Face. I want you to take two tablets as needed. Then cut down to one whenever you feel pain."

Face tried to sit up again, but now he could feel the bandages wrapped around his chest and back. Grunting he settled for half leaning against the pillows. Maggie handed him two white pills and the glass of water. He smiled up to her gratefully and took the pills, popping them into his mouth washing them down with half of the water. After a few moments his eyelids began to droop and he let out a soft sigh, laying back down into the pillows. Murdock looked to him then up at Maggie. " Will he be alright?" She nodded, " Sleepiness is one of the many side effects of morphine. It will also make him a bit high, so everyone must keep a close eye on him. He may loose sleep, become nauseated, Have a loss of appetite. I'll write down a prescription for the pills and include what to look for in him. He may also become addicted to them."

Hannibal and B.A. came into the spare bedroom looking towards Face and Murdock. Hannibal walked over to Maggie's side. " How's Face?" She turned to him, taking his hand. " Better than he was. He's resting now from the morphine I gave him for his pain. I'm going to write out a prescription for the pills and information. You've got to keep a close eye on him and make sure he doesn't become addicted." Hannibal nodded slowly. He'd seen plenty of drug addiction in Vietnam. " Understood Maggie. Thanks for helping him. We'll leave in the morning."

<end flashback>



Part 2


Clutching my cure
I tightly lock the door
I try to catch my breath again
I hurt much more
Than anytime before
I had no options left again

After they left Maggie's place in Bad Rock, California, Face had climbed into the back of their van with help from Murdock so that he could lay down. Once sprawled out across the bench, he pulled a blanket around him and tried to get some more rest. Yeah right. His back felt like it had been used as a race track. At least the morphine Maggie gave him took some of the edge away. He propped himself up on one elbow and looked up towards the front of the van, " Hey B.A. Head to Long Beach will ya?" B.A. glanced at their blond, blue-eyed conman with a raised brow. " What for?" Face flashed his 'hundred seventy-five watt, halogen conman's smile' at the Sergeant, " I had a line on a great house that was right on the beach. It has five bedrooms, A huge walk-around deck with steps leading down onto the sands. One story. Perfect getaway." Hannibal chuckled. " I bet you did Face. What did you tell the owners of this 'great house'?"

Face shifted on the bench, " Aww c'mon Hannibal. I only said I'd watch their place for a few months. Tole'em their house was in safe hands. Now, C'mon B.A. Please?" B.A. growled his response and headed down the Long Beach Freeway. Pretty soon they reached the beach and Face told B.A. were to go. Sitting on the white sands was a white and red one story beach house, With a large wrap-around deck, Steps off to one side of the deck led down into the sand. On the back of the deck was a jacuzzi and a small barbecue pit. B.A. parked on the paved driveway and cut the van's engine. Murdock hopped out of the van, stretching his legs. " Wow Facey, some place. Musta cost a pretty penny." Face smiled as he got out of the van slowly, trying not to show he was in pain again, reaching out for Murdock's hand. " Yeah, ain't it? Nice place to unwind.. Relax.." pulling Murdock towards him, wrapping that arm around his love's waist.

B R E A K I N G   T H E   H A B I T

It was a week now since Face had gotten hurt on that mission. He was recovering from the bullet wounds to his back, taking the morphine Maggie had prescribed for him more than he should. The Team were still "living" in the beach house in Long Beach, taking in the sun and what rest and relaxation they could. Face was lounging on a leather couch in the living room, his midsection still wrapped up in bandages and boy did they itch like crazy. Another spasm shot through Face's body and he winced, hoping the emotion wasn't seen flashing in his eyes. He didn't want any of them to see the pain he was in, Especially Murdock. He didn't want them to know he was becoming more dependent on the morphine.

Pushing himself up from the couch, Face headed into one of the three bathrooms, which he shared with Murdock and opened up the medicine cabinet. " Okay..Where is that fucking bottle.." He muttered to himself. Finally finding the bottle, Face clutched it in his hand and left the bathroom. Murdock came inside from taking a walk along the shoreline, just in time to see Face heading into their bedroom. "Hey Facey, whatcha' doin'?" Face spun on one heel looking to Murdock. " Nothing. I'm just..Going to lay down is all." Murdock watched Face for a second, seeing how he held himself. " You're in pain aren't you Face?" Ocean-blue eyes locked onto chocolate brown ones for a spilt second before looking away. " No, I'm just tired." Murdock shrugged his shoulders, " Okay Face. I worry about you, You know." Face nodded and smiled softly, " I know H.M."

Face let out a sigh as Murdock turned and headed into the living room to watch TV. Looking down he noticed that the hand which held the morphine bottle was shaking. " Aww shit.." Moving into the bedroom, He stumbled forward before steadying himself on the dresser. Unscrewing the bottle cap, Face shook four white pills out into his hand and tossed them back dry, swallowing them quickly. What he needed was a drink to chase them down, but unfortunately the small bar was out in the other room. Sighing, he flopped down onto the king size bed, crawling underneath dark red silk sheets. Pretty soon the morphine's effects crashed down onto Face and he was out like a light. Murdock sat down on the floor of the living room, flipping through channels trying to find cartoons. No such luck. Giving up, Murdock headed down the hallway towards the bedroom he shared with Face. Peering inside, he saw Face sleeping peacefully underneath the covers. " Beautiful angel." Murdock said quietly.

Hours had passed since Face took the morphine and went to bed. Hannibal and B.A. had come back from shopping, Carrying bags of groceries. Murdock helped carry them in, looking to Hannibal. " Hey Colonel?" " Yeah Murdock?" " Face went to bed a few hours ago and hasn't woken up. He looked to be in pain but brushed it off saying he was just tired." Hannibal frowned softly. " He hasn't gotten up at all?" Murdock shook his head. " Nope. I checked on him after he went to bed and he looked alright." Hannibal headed down the hallway with Murdock in tow and walked inside the bedroom were Face was at. "Face? Lieutenant!" Face let out a loud groan as he rolled over onto his stomach. " G'way! I was sleepin' ya know.." Murdock flipped on a light switch, noticing the bed covers were drenched in sweat. " Face..Are you alright?" A low grunt came from the con man as he eyed Murdock. " Yeah. Why?" " Because the sheets are soaked in your sweat." Face glanced down to the bed, swallowing but found his mouth was dry. " It's hot. And I forgot to ah, change out of my clothing. Nothing to worry about." Hannibal frowned and moved over to sit on the edge of the bed. " Face, if you're not telling us something.." " Aww jeeze Hannibal. I'm fine. Would'ja quit mothering me? 'Sides, these bandages I'm wearing are not great sweat repellents. You'd sweat too if you had to wear 'em." The Colonel sighed quietly. " Okay Face, just making sure. We know you're in pain from what happened. Maggie said you could take one pill whenever you needed to." Face nodded, " I know. I've got that paper she wrote somewhere. I didn't need one tonight, only rest."

Hannibal patted Face's shoulder and left the bedroom, leaving Murdock alone with Face. Face looked to his lover and smiled softly. " Sleep with me tonight?" Murdock shook his head and grinned, " Yeah but only if we change these sheets." A brow raised, " You mean to tell me you don't like my sweat?" Murdock laughed, " 'Course I do, but that's only after we make love Tem. Sleeping in it is another story." Face grunted and slid out of the bed, pulling the sheets with him. His movements calculated as he walked to the closet and pulled down a single sheet, laying it over the mattress. " There. That better?" The pilot chuckled as he took off his shirt that said ' Almost Fini', tossing it to the floor. Face smiled, sitting back down onto the bed. " Mmm..C'mere." Murdock walked back over to the bed and knelt between Face's knees, resting his hands on Face's upper thighs. Face leaned forward placing his hands on Murdock's shoulders, Kissing him slowly. Murdock sighed and opened his mouth, returning the kiss. Face pulled him onto the bed, pushing him down against the pillows. Murdock got comfortable as Face slowly took off the dark blue silk shirt he was wearing, just to tease his lover. " Aww Facey.." Face chuckled, then winced. Murdock noticed the wince from Face. " Let's just cuddle tonight, Okay? You're still hurting." Face sighed, gave up and nodded. " Yeah.." Murdock opened his arms out to Face and Face crawled into them, snuggling against Murdock's chest. " Love you H.M." " Love you too Tem."



Part 3


I don't want to be the one
The battles always choose
'cause inside I realize
That I'm the one confused

After a few moments, Face slowly untangled himself from Murdock's warm embrace as he started to tremble. He needed more morphine..and badly. He didn't want Murdock to know this need he had. Face stopped a moment when Murdock mumbled in his sleep rolling over onto his stomach. Letting out a relieved sigh, Face crept over to the dresser where he'd put the bottle of morphine and picked it up, clutching it tightly in his hand. Tiptoeing across the floor and to the door he opened it slowly and walked out of their bedroom and down the hallway into the living room. Pausing to listen for any signs of movement or sound. Breathing another sigh of relief Face walked into the living room and over to the small bar cabinet. Setting the bottle of morphine down he took the cabinet key off it's hook and unlocked the cabinet. Inside was an array of liquor bottles, ranging from the very expensive to your average alcohol.

Flipping on a switch inside of the cabinet, Face glanced around to make sure he wasn't being heard, then again he could be very silent when need be. He wasn't an ex Green Beret for nothing. Looking back inside the cabinet he reached for a bottle of cognac, stood up and took down a snifter glass from the rack atop the bar counter. Grasping the morphine bottle, Face opened it with effort now that his hands were shaking like crazy. " Damn it.." Finally getting it open he uncorked the cognac bottle and poured almost a full glass of the amber liquid. Popping four pills into his mouth, Face chased them with the liquor. After several seconds the effects of both crashed down on him like a ton of bricks. Face swooned to one side and slid down to the carpet, His breathing coming in rapid intervals, beads of sweat breaking out on his skin.

B R E A K I N G  T H E   H A B I T

Murdock woke up slowly the next morning, and stretched out. Frowning because he couldn't feel the comfortable weight of Face next to him in bed. " Hey Face you in the bathroom?" Murdock called out. Getting no response he climbed out of bed and pulled on his slacks, picking up his t-shirt and put it back on. Running one hand through his thinning hair, Murdock left the room and headed to the bathroom that he and Face shared. Seeing the door closed he knocked on it softly, " Hey Facey? You in here?" Trying the handle Murdock found it to be unlocked and pushed the door open. No Face. His brow creased in worry and he headed into the living room.

Face lay on the carpet, Nose buried into the thick material. Skin pale, jeans soaked with sweat, Barely breathing. Murdock let out a surprised cry, " Face!" Rushing over to his lover's side. "Hannibal, B.A.! Come here quick!" Hannibal walked out of his bathroom, toothbrush in hand as he walked into the living room, almost dropping the toothbrush. " Lieutenant! Damn it..What happened to him?" B.A. came running into the living room at hearing the worry in Hannibal's and Murdock's voice, seeing Face laying on the carpet. " What 'appened to Face?" Murdock rolled Face over gently onto his back checking for a pulse, Finding it but it was extremely weak. " Christ..He took morphine.." Hannibal's eyes widened, then narrowed. " Maggie said this was going to happen and we were all blind to it. Overdose?" Murdock nodded slowly. " Yeah, gotta be. And he..Drank alcohol along with it. I can smell it on his lips."

Hannibal sank into a near by chair with a heavy sigh. " Lay him on the couch Murdock." The Captain picked Face up from the floor gently, cradling him in his arms and carried Face over to the couch. He lay Face down gently onto the plush cushions, kneeling beside him. Hannibal came over and stood over Face. Slapping his cheeks lightly, " Face wake up. C'mon Lieutenant, wake up damnit!" Slowly Face's skin turned from pale to blue as his heart and circulation stopped. Murdock cried out and prepared Face for C.P.R. Murdock clasped his hands together and began pressing on Face's breastbone, breathing into his mouth after five compressions getting no response. Murdock looked up to Hannibal, " He won't..." Breaking off as he choked back tears.

Hannibal picked up the phone and dialed Maggie's home phone number. " Come on Maggie, Please be home.." He prayed silently, watching out of the corner of his eye to see Murdock try to revive Face. Time seemed to slow down and grew maddening as Hannibal waited for Maggie to answer her phone. Finally Maggie picked up, ( "Hello, Dr. Sullivan speaking.") Hannibal let out a relieved sigh. "Thank goodness you where home Maggs. How fast can you pack supplies and get over to Long Beach?" Maggie raised a brow on the other end, ( " John, what happened?") " Face overdosed on the morphine you gave him and drank alcohol along with it." ( " I'll be over as soon as I can.") " Hurry." They both hung up and Hannibal watched the clock.



Part 4


I don't know what's fighting for
Or why I have to scream
I don't know why I instigate
And say what I don't mean
I don't know how I got this way
I'll never be alright
So I'm
Breaking the habit
I'm breaking the habit

Around 8am, Maggie Sullivan arrived in Long Beach following directions that Hannibal gave her. She pulled up to the Team's beach house, took out her medical bag and a portable set of resuscitation paddles. Hannibal ran down the steps to greet Maggie and show her inside the house. Murdock was still giving Face C.P.R. to try and revive him, though it seemed as if this wasn't going to be enough. Tears fell from Murdock's eyes as he tried to bring Face around, looking up as Maggie gently pushed him away to work on Face.

She checked for a pulse, taking out her stethoscope to listen for any sign of a heartbeat. Maggie looked over to Murdock, who was standing next to B.A., arms wrapped around his shoulders, head hung low, crying quietly. " Murdock, how long has Face been down?" she asked quietly. Murdock looked up and over to Maggie, " I, I don't know. I woke up about six thirty this morning. When I couldn't find him in our bathroom, I came out into the living room. That's when I found him. Lying face down on the carpet drenched in sweat and his skin was pale. He'd...He'd taken the morphine you gave him and drank alcohol along with the pills. I could smell it on his lips when I began C.P.R." Maggie sighed as she prepared the defibrillator machine, picking up the paddles and put gel on them, rubbing them together. As the machine registered 200, Maggie said; " Clear", placing the paddles on Face's chest pressing the buttons. Face's body jumped when the electrical current jolted him, but there was no change in the monitor rhythm. Maggie checked for a pulse, but there was still no sign of one and time was of the essence if she was going to save Face.

B R E A K I N G   T H E   H A B I T

Minutes passed as Maggie worked on Face. She turned the dial on the defib machine to 300 and jolted him again. Face's body jumped up off the couch cushions then laid back down. " Damn..Come on Face, work with me here!" Maggie yelled. " I'll be damned if I let you die like this!" Tossing the paddles down, she climbed up onto the couch, knelt above Face with her knees pressing into his upper thighs. She tilted Face's chin up, pinched his nose between two fingers, took a deep breath and placed her mouth over his, filling his lungs with air. Seconds ticked away and Maggie glared down at Face," Come on Lieutenant!" Placing her hands on the lower part of his sternum, she began compressing his chest counting out fifteen seconds giving him two full breaths. Suddenly a loud gasping cough erupted from Face and Maggie whooped with joy. Hannibal, Murdock and B.A. looked over as Face's eyes slowly opened.



Part 5


I'll paint it on the walls
'cause I'm the one at fault
I'll never fight again
And this is how it ends

Face groaned quietly, coughing again. His head felt like somebody had used it for soccer practice and his chest felt a hundred pounds heavier. " Ohh...What happened?" he asked quietly trying to swallow but his mouth and throat were dry. Dryer than the Sahara Desert for crying out loud, He needed another drink. Maggie now knelt beside the couch. She gently rested her hands over both of his, saying;" That's for you to answer Face." Face turned to look at her, then over at Murdock, B.A. and Hannibal. " Ah...I'm...I'm sorry.." he said softly, closing his eyes when the realization of what happened hit him.

Murdock walked over to the couch followed by Hannibal. "Face..Why?" He asked softly, sitting down beside Face. Face sat up slowly and instantly regretted doing it, Settling for leaning up against the couch cushions. " I don't know why! Damnit I needed them okay!? I was in a lot of pain last night! You think this is easy for me to admit? No! Fuck it all anyway.." Hannibal stood before the Lieutenant, arms folded across his chest, smoking a cigar slowly. " Face you don't need to get angry with us. We are worried about you, And want to know why you took the morphine with alcohol." Face glared up at his Commander, eyes narrowing into pools of dangerous blue daggers, " Yuh huh. Sure. Worried he says. You've certainly got a bunch of fucking nerve asking me why. I've -already- told you why! I couldn't stand the pain. Getting shot by an Uzi isn't my idea of fun. I needed to take them Hannibal. So, okay I mixed them with alcohol. And that was only a glass of cognac for Christ sakes."

He stood up from the couch ignoring the pounding in his head, Shoving his hands deeply into the front pockets of his tight blue jeans, pacing the floor. Maggie rose from the floor and went over to Face gently laying a hand on his bare shoulder. "Face... You nearly died. If Hannibal hadn't called me when he did, It would have been too late for me to do anything. And..You need to go to a hospital." Face turned slightly and looked at Maggie. " You cannot be serious. You -are- still aware that we're wanted men? I'm wanted more than the others. Decker's always waiting for that chance to snatch me up in his claws. I'm a catch to that twisted bastard. Good looking, Blond hair blue-eyed. I will not go to a hospital and be bait."

Maggie sighed softly and went to stand next to Hannibal, Gently wrapping one arm around the Colonel's waist and rubbed his back gently. " John.." she said quietly. Hannibal leaned into her touch looking over at Face. " She's right Lieutenant. You need further care. By now you should know I won't let Decker get to you. We'll be right outside the hospital and pull you out of there at the first sign of MPs. You've still got the morphine and alcohol in your system. Maggie only saved you from dying. God Kid, you could've had brain damage if she didn't! You remember 'Nam don't you? All those men overdosing on drugs?" Face spun around to look at Hannibal, glaring darkly. " Taking sides are we Colonel? Don't you -dare- remind me about 'Nam! I lost friends in that war, One's that I trusted anyway. And trust is something I don't do all that well." Hannibal sighed quietly. " Face..Nobody's taking sides."

Murdock moved over to Face and gently wrapped his arms around his love's waist, Pulling him into a gentle embrace. Face looked up to Murdock, " I'm sorry I'm such a fuck up.." Murdock hugged Face and Face slowly slid his arms around the pilot's waist. " Tem..You are not a fuck up, Okay? Don't think that about yourself." He reached up to gently brush away that lock of hair out of Face's eyes, " Baby..I love you and don't want anything happening to you..For me..Please go to a hospital. And, If you want...I'll go in with you and be there for you." Face smiled softly when Murdock brushed away his hair, leaning against Murdock's chest. " Okay..I'll go." The Lieutenant looked over to Hannibal and sighed quietly. "Hannibal..I..I'm sorry.." Hannibal shook his head slowly with a small smile. " Face..Stop apologizing."





Breaking The Habit 1-5 by Lieutenant Templeton Peck



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