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Transcript of a Nightmare

Transcript of a Nightmare

By Kamikaze


Rating: R

Disclaimer: The A-Team owned by Stephen J Cannell Productions. Davis Webster owned by me.

Summary: Dr. Richter transcribes the event of Davis' fifteenth birthday.

Warning: Okay, this story contains ambiguous reference to non-consensual sex. However, the guys are wrong. Also contains emotional instability and hardship.

Note: This story is dedicated to the Hannibal fans.

Feedback: Please. I have written this story in quite a different format than usual, and would like your opinion on it. Questions, comments and suggestions greatly appreciated.



Part 1



Dr. AM Richter, psychiatrist.

The Case of Davis Webster, minor.

Date: April 10, 1985.


The following transcripts were compiled from sessions with the patient, and her self-described family. Col. John Smith, Capt. HM Murdock, Lt. Templeton Peck, and Serg. BA Baracus.


The sessions were conducted in a chronological order leading up to the present. Hence, Ms. Webster's sessions being limited to the beginning and end of the transcript. Due to chemically induced, and speculated trauma induced, amnesia.


The first day of sessions were restricted to each family members' thought and feelings towards the patient. In turn, Ms. Webster was asked for her reactions to them.





Col. John Smith:


Davis? I dunno, Doc. She's a great kid. I love her a lot. That's probably what scared me the most about what happened. That we wouldn't get her back.


(Please refrain from mentioning the events, Colonel. This is strictly to get to know how you feel about her.)


Right. Sorry, Doc.


From the moment I met her, there was just this feistiness to her. Reminded me a lot of her father. She still does. So brilliant, and so bored. It's like you can't teach her fast enough. Ya know? I feel sorry for her school teachers. With all that intelligence, she gets cocky sometimes. She also gets into a lot of trouble.


It's like when I started to teach her how to drive. I'd tell her one thing, and she was already three steps ahead of me. When we took Face's 'vette for a spin, she nearly totalled it. Too much knowledge, and no actual practice. Boy, was Face angry that day. He never said a word to her, but I sure heard about it.


(You said you loved her. Tell me more about that.)


I dunno. How do you describe love, Doc? It's nothing sexual, if you're trying to pull that one on me. She's every parent's dream child. Overly bright, and extremely generous. She's had some rough spots, and mostly not her fault. Some are mine, I'm afraid. The life we lead isn't really a place to grow up. There's no stability, but there is a lot of love.


I guess what I'm trying to say is that if Father Magill wasn't on our side, she would have been adopted a long time ago.


(How would you feel if someone did adopt her?)


Dead, Doc. I love her like my own. It would be like someone stole her from me.



Capt. HM Murdock:


Davy's great, Doc! She's the best. She gets me.


(Note: Capt. Murdock resides in the Westwood Veteran's Administration Hospital, psych ward.)


I mean she's kinda like Faceman, Doc. I betcha she can even see Billy. I'm sure of it.


(Murdock, how well do you know Davis?)


Okay, Doc. I admit it. Not as well as the other guys. Definitely not as well as Faceguy. Aw, Doc, you oughtta see 'em together.


It's not my fault. I wanna know her better, but I'm stuck in here with you. No offense, Doc. It's just the guys always talk about her. What new foreign swear word she learned. What chemical mix she used to blow up the chemistry class, so she didn't have to take gym. In the past eight years, I've barely spent one with her. She's grown up with the guys, and I've missed everything.


Spending that weekend with her, was the best time I've had in a long time . . . Then I had to ruin it, looking at her binder. It's all my fault, Doc. If I hadn't a been so nosy, none of this woulda happened. Oh God, Doc. What have I done?


(Note: Capt. Murdock needed to be sedated at this point, ending the session.)



Lt. Templeton Peck:


(Note: It is my opinion that Lt. Peck has a justifiable aversion to the psychiatric profession.)


I dunno what you want, Doc.


(Just explain your relationship with Davis.)


That's just it, I can't. Sometimes we're like best buddies, other times we're like siblings. Occasionally she's been like a mother, helping me through some pretty rough times. That seems to weird, I mean she only just turned fifteen.


It's weird. She seems to understand me. When the guys are mad at me for a sc . . . for something I did, all I gotta do is look at Davis. When everything seems to be going wrong, I just hafta turn to her. Davis gives me a smile and a hug, and I know everything's going to be okay.


I feel stupid sometimes, like I'm putting too much pressure on her. Like I'm expecting too much from her.


(Has she ever said anything to you?)


No. It's like I said, she's just a kid. She's got her own problems, and I seem to dump mine on her too. I keep promising myself this is the last time, but it never is. She's just there, and she always knows when I need her. I dunno how.


(You never tell her?)


No. That's what's so weird. It's like she can read my thoughts, or something.


(Are you there for her?)


When she needs me, I try to be. I want to repay her. I owe her so much. It's just that she never comes to me. It's like she figures I can't handle it, or something. I just wish she'd ask me to help.


She's just so strong. I'd like to be able to help her. I guess she figures I'm too fragile. I dunno. Maybe she's right.



Part 2


Serg. BA Baracus:


(Note: Serg. Baracus is known for his volatile temperament, and physical aggression.)


Davis' a good kid, Doc. Nothin' else to say. She sweet, generous, and real smart. She'll do sompthin big one day.


(So you like her?)


Course I do, sucka. You ain't tryin' to shrink ma head, like you do crazyman, are ya?


(No, Sergeant. Of course not.)


Good. There nothin' wrong with me. Davis' a good kid.


(Note: This is where Serg. Baracus ended the session, by leaving the office.)



Davis Webster:


(Note: Ms. Webster appears to be nervous. This is undoubtedly her first visit to a psychiatrist.)




(Tell me about your family.)


They're not really my family. They're what I got. Why am I here?


(How about we start with Col. Smith.)


He likes to be called Hannibal. It has something to do with a General back in history, not the cannibal guy. I guess he kinda thinks like him. He's a great guy, but you already know that. You met him. He's a normal guy, compared to the others. Kinda sane, ya know? Well, I guess you would.


(Just relax, Davis. How do you feel about him?)


He's kinda like a dad. Not a father, that was Steve. A father's the guy who helps conceive you. A dad's the guy who loves you, and raises you. Someone who's there all the time, whenever you need 'em.


(Do you love him?)


Yeah. I mean he gets mad at me sometimes. That's just part of the dad thing, though. Right?


He's never hit me. Don't go thinkin' that. He'd never do that. I dunno. Can we talk about someone else?


(How about Serg. Baracus?)


BA, that's what we call him. It's supposed to stand for Bad Attitude, but I'm pretty sure his middle name starts with an A. Anthony, or something like that. He's a teddy bear, but don't let him know you think that. He grew up in a rough area, so he prefers people to be scared of him.


It's kinda hard to tell. I mean, I love him and all, but it's just hard. He doesn't make it easy sometimes. I think he wants to turn me into a mechanic, and when I don't get something, he's disappointed. Are you gonna tell them what I said?


(Not unless you want me to, Davis.)


Better not. The binder fiasco was bad enough. It's just that I understand everything BA is trying to teach me, a lot more than he knows. I just don't wanna be a mechanic. I don't know what I want, but that's not it.


(Let's talk about Capt. Murdock.)


What's this "let's"? I'm doing all the talking. You'd know more about Murdock than me, Doc. He is your patient. He's a weird guy. I mean, not strange exactly, just different. With Billy and everything, ya know? The few hours, or days here and there, I spend with him are great. I think he's got some real problems, Doc. I love him like a brother, but I can't seem to do anything for him. Some of his insanity trip is real, the war and everything. A bit of it I think is just to alleviate the pressure. And bug BA, of course.


(Okay, now for Lt. Peck.)


Um . . . I dunno.


(It's okay, Davis. He won't hear any of this.)


I guess, it's just kinda hard. He's the coolest guy I know, but he won't let you get close. Face is always afraid you'll hurt him.


(Do you love him?)


Whadya mean, Doc?


(Davis, are you in love with Lt. Peck?)


Come on, I'm only fifteen. If I had my birthday already.


(Alright. If you were ten years older, and it was okay, would you love him?)


Mmmmm. Yeah. Please don't tell him. He can't handle something like that. He's been hurt too many times, to allow it. But, yeah, I love him.


When I was little he was like a big brother. Really cool, ya know? A guy who doesn't mind a little kid following him everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. He used to pick me up at the orphanage, and do whatever I wanted to do. We'd see movies, eat out, play video games. I had to teach him how, he's a bit too adult sometimes.


I guess Hannibal would say the change in my feelings are because of my adolescence. I'm sexually aware now, and Face is the guy I've targetted.


(Do you think that? Is it only because he's there?)


I doubt it. I mean, it's not like he's interested in me. Thank God. That would be a problem. He's just really nice, really kind, and *really* good looking.





I've asked each person to tell their version of the events that led up to Ms. Webster's disappearance.


Col. John Smith:


We arrived at Crystal Lake, the morning of the second. Luckily there were no armored car robbers there this time. After we unpacked the van, Davis and Face took off exploring. They usually did that. They'd run out and play tag, or just walk around.


Davis had left her binder on the coffee table, which was strange. She never left it anywhere.


(She mentioned this binder yesterday. Any idea on what's in it, Colonel?)


Well, we had thought it was stories she was writing. For Christmas I gave her a set of pens, and by last week she had one left. She always had it open, and was writing in it.


(It wasn't stories?)


Not the kind we thought. Murdock claims he bumped the table. I don't know, I was in the kitchen with BA.


(You don't think it fell?)


Like I said, I don't know.


Murdock came running into the kitchen, with the binder open in his arms. He said, "Hannibal, you gotta see this".


(Did you?)


At first I told him to put it back where he found it, but he became adamant that I had to read it.


I read about six pages, and my jaw dropped. It was more like a journal than stories. Only everything was screwed up. The way Davis had written it, it was a diary of a family.


I had take the role of her father. Murdock was her distant brother, BA was her uncle.


(And Lt. Peck?)


That was the strangest of all. It was as if she couldn't decide if he was her brother, friend, or lover.


I mean, Doc. She's only fifteen, and yet she thinks she's in love with Face.


(What happened next?)


Face and Davis came back. Aw, Doc, you should have seen the look on her face. We betrayed her trust. The only time she felt safe leaving it behind, and we read it. She turned to Face for answers, but I think he was just as confused.


I tried to explain it to her. As soon as I opened my mouth, she ran out the door. Face tried to go after her, but I told him to let her go. Maybe if he had . . .


(After she left?)


Face blew up. I mean, he really lost it. Telling me I had no right to read her book. Murdock told him it was his fault. That was a mistake. I've never seen Face that angry before. I don't know, let him tell you.



Part 3


Capt. HM Murdock:


(Murdock, did the binder fall open?)


Well . . .




Geez, Doc. Okay, no. I was really curious. I mean, Davy's real creative, and I wanted to read her stories.


(Did you ever ask her if you could?)


Once, but she said maybe someday.


I couldn't stand it. I figured I'd read part of one, and put it back before she came in.


(What changed?)


The stories, Doc. They were real things that had happened, but her telling of them was all wrong. Like instead of coming here to get me, or drop me off, it was LAX. I was still a pilot, but I was flying for VA Airlines. It was weird.


(Why do you think she wrote it that way?)


I dunno. Maybe she's ashamed of me, Doc. Instead of the lunatic, I'm a respected pilot. A guy with a real life.


(Murdock, could this instead be how she sees you? A way for her to justify your leaving?)


Hey, Doc, I never thought of it like that. I guess. Yeah. She's not rejecting me, just writing me the way she wishes I was. The way she figures things would be, if I wasn't in here.


(What made you show Col. Smith the stories?)


I guess I was worried about her. Thought maybe she was flying off the handle, if this was how she really remembered it.


Doc, what did I do? I jumped to conclusions, and look what happened.


(What happened to Davis wasn't your fault, Murdock.)


No, I know. But I kinda caused it. She wouldn't of run off, if I had left the binder alone.



Lt. Templeton Peck:


I hadn't seen Davis that happy in months. She was like she used to be. We were taking a break, and she was on vacation. When I told her Hannibal said she could come with us, she nearly hugged my insides out.


We finished unloading the van. She slapped me on the arm, and said, "You're it." I chased her out of the house, and down to the lake. I would have thrown her in too, if she hadn't of disappeared.




Yeah, she hid behind a bush. When I ran past, she tackled me. We went down, laughing. Aw, Doc, you should hear her laugh. I wish she'd do it again. If it weren't for those bastards, maybe she would.


(Col. Smith and Capt. Murdock?)


No. The guys that got a hold of her. The ones that did this to her. They're in prison now. If she doesn't get better, I swear I want a few minutes alone with them. Each of them.


(What happened when you got back to the cabin?)


We came in the back door. Now, I wish we'd come in the front, or made noise, or something. Hannibal was holding Davis' binder open. Doc, the look on her face. He might as well have been holding a dead kitten, he just killed.


Then she turned to me. Davis has these brown eyes, I swear she can see your soul. I think she got that from Steve, her father. She looked at me, to explain. I couldn't say anything. What was I supposed to say? "Sorry, honey. I guess you've found out what kind of a slime he really is."


Hannibal tried to say something, but she wouldn't listen. She just bolted out the door. When I tried to go after her, he stopped me. Told me to let her go. She'd cool off, and come back.


I exploded. Told him what a bastard he was. I guess I didn't mean it, but he'd hurt her. It's like I said yesterday, when I get the chance to help her, defend her, I take it. She's done so much for me, and I hate it when she's hurt.


When Murdock said he was the one who'd brought the binder to Hannibal . . . I wanted to kick the shit out of both of them. I've never hated anyone before, Doc, and I'm pretty sure that's the closest I wanna get.


(Did you read the stories?)


I didn't want to have anything to do with it. It's like her diary, or something. Ya know? Later BA brought it to me, and said I should. I guess the other two were scared to come near me, or something.


I read most of it. I couldn't read after a certain point. Everyone else seemed to have a set character in the stories. As I read, my character seemed to change. I started out as her friend, then her brother, then . . .


(Something more?)


Much more. I had no idea, Doc. None. I've been told I'm self-centered, and oblivious to the feelings of others. I guess it's true. I mean I can understand the first two, but the stuff in the later stories . . .


(Was it erotic?)


Yeah, some of it. Like stuff I had no idea she even knew about. God, Doc, she's just a kid.


(Not really, Lieutenant. Girls, her age, often have thoughts of a sexual nature.)


I guess, but still. This is Davis. I helped raise her. Why me?



Serg. BA Baracus:


I shoulda stopped the crazy fool. Ripped the binder out of his hand, and put it back. I didn't. I didn't read none of it, neither. Told Face he should, but I didn't.


(Why not, Sergeant?)


Saw the look on her face. Didn't want to be a part o' what caused it. Don't care what she writes about me. Just her thoughts.


(Would it help you to know that she has nothing bad to say about you?)


You read it?


(No, but I've heard what she thinks and feels.)


Don't matter none. She's a good kid, that's what matters. I don't wanna talk no more, Doc.



Part 4


Davis Webster:


Face was making a big deal about my birthday. I have no idea why. Sometimes he gets these things. Like premonitions, ya know? That kinda worries me. It's like he knows something about my sixteenth birthday. Like he knows he won't be there for it, or something. I dunno.


(Did you know you talk like him?)


You mean, the "or something"? Yeah, he used to use it all the time. Doesn't anymore. It's like it's beneath him, or something . . . There it is again.


(How did you feel when you walked into the kitchen?)


Boy, you really are a shrink. Like I'd been kicked in the gut. Like all of a sudden I couldn't trust them anymore. Except for Face. He probably read it too. At least I know BA didn't.




He would have told me. He's a way honest guy, Doc.


Anyway, I don't know why, but I looked at Face. Like he could tell me why. He couldn't, he didn't know.


(You ran.)


Yeah. Hannibal looked at me, and I dunno, I just suddenly hated him. I heard him speak my name, but it was like a foreign language. I knew he was gonna try and explain it. I didn't want to hear his excuses. I didn't even want to hear his voice. I booked it out the door, and into the woods.


(What happened next, Davis?)


I'm not quite sure. I know the sun started going down. I guess I must have blacked out, because the stuff in the cabin happened before lunch.


I hadn't eaten since breakfast, and I was starving. That must have been what brought me around. I don't know what time it was, my watch had stopped two days before. I wore it anyway, because Murdock was around, and he has this thing about watches.


It got dark, and I got lost. That was weird. I never get lost. I guess it was because I hadn't been paying attention.


This ranger guy found me. He was worried about me, because I was out there alone. He was going to take me to the station, because I couldn't remember the cabin number.


The last thing I remember was getting stung by some kinda bug. That's it. That's all.


(What's the next thing you remember?)


Do I gotta, Doc?


(It would help.)


I was standing in front of the guys. I was holding an M-16 on them . . . Doc, if I hadn't of snapped out of it . . . I mean, I woulda . . . I mean, I coulda . . . I mean, they'd be . . .


(But they aren't. You did "snap out of it". Davis, I'd like your permission to hypnotize you for our next session.)


I dunno. Some guy tried that, and it didn't work.


(I'll make it work. Because you're under age, I need an adult's consent. It can be anyone you like.)


Face. Ask Face. Tell him I said it was okay.


(I will. One more thing, Davis. It won't be for a couple of days. I'd like the others to be present, when I hypnotize you. It's not mandatory, but it might speed things along. It's up to you.)


They'll hear what I say. They'll know what happened. Everything.


(That's what I want. Everything you say will be restricted to this room.)


Okay, Doc, but don't make 'em. Ask 'em. If they don't want to, it's okay.





Ms. Webster will be absent from the transcripts until day five. This is strictly the team's statements of her disappearance, and the event.


Col. John Smith:


By sundown I was beginning to panic. Davis had gone off on her own before, but never for this long. The team was becoming unglued. Face was spitting accusations at Murdock and I. Threatening that if something happened to Davis, he would kill us both. I think he was relieved when we found her, and too ready to tear the slimeballs' heads off.


(Colonel, please. Today is only for the disappearance. We'll discuss the event tomorrow.)


Okay, Doc. Well, Murdock was just sitting in a chair, rocking. He didn't even argue when Face attacked him. Not physically, but I was sure that was coming.


I finally couldn't stand it anymore. We went looking for her. We split up, and sectioned the area into quarters. As it got darker, I got more scared. Concocting the worst with every step. Started imagining I'd find her dead. Or worse, Face would.


Awful pictures kept running through my head, of bears, drunken hunters, and Davis caught in the middle. As dawn approached I hoped and prayed she was safe. I'm not a religious man, Doc, but I was that night.



Capt. HM Murdock:


It was horrible, Doc. I couldn't take it. She'd run off, and it was getting dark. Davy's a city kid. She's real smart, but she doesn't know what to do if a bear comes. Short of hollering for BA, that is.


Face just wouldn't let up. When the sun went down, he went berserk. Like a werewolf, only it wasn't a full moon. I couldn't handle it. He started hollering at me. At me, Doc. Tellin' me stuff, like he'd never forgive me if something happened to her.


(He was just scared, Murdock.)


I guess, Doc. Face never gets that angry. Not at me, anyway. Annoyed yeah, but not completely ballistic.


(What happened next?)


We went looking for her. We split up, and took different directions. I was out of it, Doc. I kept thinkin' all these bad things. Like what if I didn't notice, and walked right past her? What if she was really hurt, and I didn't notice? Stuff like that.


As dawn came, I met up with Face. He looked like he wanted to pound me into the dirt. I thought maybe being by himself would calm him down. I hadn't even thought that that would only work if he'd found her.


He stared at me, real cold like. All he said was, "We better go back." He wouldn't talk to me, not even to holler, anymore. Not even when I suggested that maybe Hannibal or BA had found her. He didn't even shrug, or nothin'.



Part 5


Lt. Templeton Peck:


She didn't come back. Sometimes she goes off on her own, but only for a coupla hours. It was getting dark. She was out there alone, in the middle of nowhere.


(Why did you holler at Murdock?)


He told you that? I dunno. I've apologized to him a hundred times since, but he just shrugs it off. Tells me, it's not my fault.


I was just so terrified. Davis' pretty good, usually. Watches where she's going, and is really careful. I just knew that, in the state she was in, anything coulda happened.


I just blew up, again. I'm not good with emotions. When they come, sometimes I can't control them. I guess the guys know that, but I just feel so bad now.


We went looking for her when it got dark. At first I ran as far as I could, as fast as I could. I needed to get it all outta me. Ya know, Doc? I doubled back later, figuring she'd just hid by the cabin, or something. When Davis gets scared, she likes to climb. The first time I met her, she had been hiding on the roof of the orphanage. Never did find out why.


I wandered through the woods. For the first few hours, I called out her name every hundred yards. My throat got raw, so I stopped doing that. I don't even want to think about what was running through my head.


(You thought you'd find her in a less than satisfactory state?)


Yeah, something like that.


(Did you want to take a break, Lieutenant?)


No, I'm okay. Better get this over with.


At dawn, I met up with Murdock. I guess I was praying he'd found her. He must feel awful after the way I treated him. I didn't mean any of it, Doc. I was just so scared.


We headed back to the cabin. I didn't know what to say to him. I knew that if I started, I'd just accuse him again. That, or tell him how scared I was, or something. He was already feeling bad enough, he didn't need to know how I felt too.


(I've asked Davis' permission to hypnotize her, the day after tomorrow.)


Doc, isn't that a little extreme?


(It's the only way to truly find out what happened to her. She's said yes.)


That's hard to believe. She doesn't believe in stuff like that.


(She wanted you to know she's agreed.)




(Because Davis is a minor, I need an adult to sign the consent form. She's requested that you be the one to do it.)


Me? She still trusts me enough? Sure, Doc. If she's said yes, I'll sign the form.



Serg. BA Baracus:


Faceman was real mad. Thought he was gonna beat up Murdock and Hannibal. Colonel finally decided we should go look for her. I didn't find her. Not until we got back.


(What were you thinking when you were looking for her?)


Lotsa bad stuff, Doc. Didn't want to, just kept comin'. Stuff I don't wanna talk about. Just mad I didn't find her, before those other guys did. What they done to her, Doc?


(I don't know yet, Sergeant.)


Bad stuff though. Better notta been too bad.





Col. John Smith:


Where should I start?


(What happened when you got back to the cabin?)


We arrived back, and stood outside, discussing what to do next. Davis came out of the cabin, and stood in front of the door.


Two things happened to me at once. I wanted to hug her, and make sure she was okay. I also wanted to grab her, shake her, and holler at her. Then I looked at her.


(Something stopped you?)


Yeah. It was mostly the look in her eyes, like she didn't see us. Also partly because she was holding a loaded M-16.


(Did you think she was going to use it?)


She knows how. Face taught her five years ago. I'm not sure why. I know she didn't ask him to. I guess with the look in her eyes . . . It wasn't Davis, Doc. She was definitely being controlled.


(Did she say anything?)


Not at first. She was concentrating on something. When she did start talking, it wasn't her voice. It was almost mechanical. She was fighting with somebody. Kept saying she didn't want to do it. That she couldn't. Whoever she was talking to was very adamant.


(How did Davis come out of it?)


We started talking to her. Telling her everything was going to be okay. All she had to do was put the gun down.


She told us to shut up, screamed it. Davis didn't know who we were, Doc. No idea. I introduced myself to her, and the others did the same. She told us we were lying.


Face stepped forward. I wanted to run over, and pull him back. I thought she was going to kill him.


(But you didn't?)


No. If anyone could get through to Davis, Doc, it's Face. He started telling her stuff only he would know. Things I didn't even know about her. Moments they'd shared, things they'd done. He was pleading with her, Doc.


Davis started shaking her head, violently. She just kept screaming, "NO!!" I think whoever she was talking to realized he was losing his hold on her.


She screamed one last time, and then stood perfectly still. She looked around at us, dropped the gun, and collapsed to the ground.


(Colonel, I'd like you to be present for Davis' session tomorrow.)


I dunno, Doc. Isn't that against the rules.


(Davis had given her permission. I'm going to hypnotize her, to get her to remember the event. Hopefully to find out what happened to her.)


If you think my being there will help. Are you sure she wants me there?


(She agreed. Her only condition was that I ask you. If you decline, I am not to try and pressure you.)


I'll be there, Doc.



Part 6


Capt. HM Murdock:


Can't we do this later, Doc? I don't mind letting Face and BA go first.


(It's important that you take your sessions in turn, Murdock. Now, what happened when you got back to the cabin?)


BA and Hannibal had no luck either. Face was still real quiet. I think he was hoping they'd found her. I know I was. We were going to call the ranger's station from the van, when she came out.


(What did she look like?)


Real different, Doc. Like the night in the woods had aged her ten years. I didn't even see the gun at first. I tried to run up to her, but Face grabbed me. I wanted to push him away, and go to her. That's when I saw it.


Doc, she was pointing it right at us. I couldn't help it, I thought Davy was gonna kill us. You shoulda seen the look in her eyes. They were all glazed, and I bet she didn't even see us.


(What was she doing?)


I've seen it so many times in here. There was a war going on inside her. She's just a kid, Doc. Too young for anything like that. Like there were voice, in her head, she was trying to fight. When she talked it was like a robot. She was arguing with someone. She didn't want to shoot us, but the voice was telling her to.


We started trying to calm her down. At least get her to put the gun down. When she said to shut up, I don't know if she was talking to us, but we did. Hannibal was the first to realize she had no idea who we were. When we introduced ourselves to her, she told us we were lying.


(What happened next, Murdock?)


Face walked right in front of her. I tried to grab him, but he wriggled away. He smiled at her, like he always does. He started talking to her softly, like he used to when she was little. He told Davy about times they'd had together, stuff they'd done. About the video games she'd taught him how to play. Private jokes about her trying to wreck his precious 'vette.


She started screaming. I don't know if she was trying to get him to stop, or if the voice was trying to make her make him stop. Then he told her everything was going to be okay, that he'd help her. Get her through this, like she'd gotten him through so many things. I don't know what he was talking about, Doc. I guess I wouldn't.


Davy started shaking her head, like she was trying to fight it. Fight everything that was happening to her. Then she screamed really loud, and just stopped. She'd done it. She was back.


(Murdock, Davis wants you to be there for her session tomorrow.)


Aw, Doc. Do I gotta?


(I'm going to hypnotize her, and she needs you, Murdock.)


Hypnotize Davy? Don't do it, Doc. It's better she doesn't remember.


(I'm going to do it, whether you're there or not. Davis would like you to be, but she said it's up to you.)


Okay, Doc. If you're gonna do it anyway, I should be there.



Lt. Templeton Peck:


I talked to Davis last night, Doc. Before you fly off the handle, I just told her I signed the form. We didn't talk about the sessions.


(That's fine, Lieutenant.)


How's she doing? I mean in here, with you.


(I can't really answer that. What I can tell you, is that she's okay. Now, let's talk about that morning.)


Well, Murdock and I got back to the cabin. Hannibal and BA were already there. I had been praying, all the way back, that they'd found her. When she wasn't with them, I nearly lost it again.


We had just decided to call the ranger, when she came out. The first thing I saw was the machine gun she was holding. It was loaded, cocked, and aimed at us. I wish I'd never taught her how to use it. Those bastards would have never used her.


Davis didn't know who we were. I saw it in her eyes. We were some enemy. I was sure she was going to kill us.


The next thing, I noticed, was that she was talking to herself, only not. She was arguing with someone I couldn't hear. I was terrified, Doc. I didn't know what was going on. It was liked she'd snapped. Just completely lost it.


(Did she say anything to you?)


We tried to get her to put the gun down, but she told us to shut up. Hannibal introduced himself to her. I didn't know why, I just followed along. Davis shouted at us, told us we were lying.


I didn't know what to do. I had to get through to her. I walked up to her.


(Weren't you afraid she would shoot you?)


Terrified, but I risked it. I'd rather be dead, than see her suffer.


I told her it was going to be okay, that no one was mad at her. I told Davis how sorry I was about the binder. About everything. She started screaming at me to stop. I didn't, I had to help her.


I knew she didn't think it was me. Why didn't she recognize me, Doc?


(I don't know yet, Lieutenant.)


I tried a whole bunch of stuff. Things we'd done together, that only I know about. I would never admit to anyone else that I didn't have a clue how to play video games.


(What happened?)


She started shaking her head, like she was trying to rip it off. She screamed again, blinked, and then just stared at me. The look in her eyes, Doc, she was so confused. It was horrible. She dropped the gun, and fell to the ground.


I ran over to her, and kicked the gun away. I knelt beside her, and put my arms around her. Davis was just shaking. She started apologizing. I hushed her, told her it was going to be okay. She was just shaking so bad. I started singing to her.


(What did you sing?)


You Are My Sunshine. I sing it to her all the time. It always calms her down, and it worked this time. Thank God.


(Lieutenant, Davis has asked that you be there for her session tomorrow. She has made it very clear to me, that she will understand if you say no.)


If she wants me there, I'm there.



Serg. BA Baracus:


When Davis came out of the cabin, she was aiming a M-16 at us. I was sure she was gonna kill us all. Maybe even herself.


We started talkin' to her. Tryin' to get her to drop the gun. She told us to shut up. She does that sometimes, but just kiddin' around. Davis wasn't kiddin' this time, Doc.


When Hannibal told her who he was, I thought he'd lost it. I did it too, when he nodded. She told us we was lyin', she didn't reco'nize us.


When Face walked up to her, I was ready to tackle him. I kept watchin' her, waiting for a sign she was gonna shoot. Faceman talked to her, and she snapped out of it.


Davis looked so scared. I think she realized what she was doin'. Gonna do.


(Sergeant, Davis wants me to ask you, if you'll come to her session tomorrow.)


Davis want me to listen to her talkin' to you?


(Yes. I believe she's going to need your help to get her through this. Davis wants you to know that it is okay, if you don't want to.)


I be there, Doc.



Part 7




I have asked the team to be there for Ms. Webster's hypnosis session. I fear, though, that whatever she has to say, while under, will have a serious effect on each of the men.


Today's sessions will be held out of order. I will do Ms. Webster's session first, and then get each of the men's reactions to it.



Davis Webster:


(Davis, do you understand why they are here?)


Not really, Doc. You just said they should be.


(I believe it will help you, if your family is present today.


I ask that each of you remain silent during the hypnosis. You must also, under no circumstances, touch Davis. No matter what happens, it is mandatory that you make no physical contact with her.)


Let's do this, Doc.


(Alright, Davis. Close your eyes, and relax. You are walking through a field. You are the only one there. There are beautiful clouds in the sky. You begin to float up to them. As you reach the clouds they become numbers. You float through the ten . . . the nine . . . the eight . . . seven . . . six . . . five . . . four . . . three . . . two . . . one . . .


Davis can you hear me?)


Loud and clear, Doc.


(Where are you?)


I'm in the cabin, at Crystal Lake. It's morning, it's my birthday. The guys aren't here. Face probably dragged them out to buy presents. I raided the van when we arrived yesterday, and didn't find anything.


(How old are you?)


Fifteen. One more year and I can drive. I already do, but don't tell anybody. I stole Face's 'vette once, joy rided for two hours. Poor Hannibal. Face thought he had done it. Hannibal knew it was me, but he didn't say anything. He's real cool sometimes.


(Davis, what's happening?)


I can hear voices outside. I'm in here alone, and the guys aren't back yet. There are four men outside, and I'm scared. BA would be real mad if they stole his van.


There's an M-16 leaning by the door. I grab it. I'm just gonna scare 'em off. Don't worry, Doc. Face taught me how to use it. I won't shoot myself in the foot. I open the door, and go outside.


(What do you see?)


Four Vietnamese Police, soldier guys.


(How do you know who they are?)


I've seen pictures in books. Doc, these aren't just any cops, these are the guys from the bank robbery.


(How do you know?)


There's another guy with 'em. It's a ghost, Doc, it has to be.


(Who is it, Davis?)


Steve, my father. It can't be, he died when I was two. It is though, the guys have pictures of him. It's him.


(What is he doing?)


He's telling me these are the guys who killed him. He wants me to avenge his death. Just soak 'em all, where they stand. I don't want to. I don't want to kill anyone. He tells me that if I don't, when the guys come back, they'll be killed too. What am I supposed to do? I don't want the guys hurt, but I don't want to kill anyone.


The Vietnamese guys are talking. They're trying to get me to put the gun down. Who do I believe? Steve tells me to kill them, before they get the gun away from me.


I can't take it. I just holler at all of them. I want everyone to shut up. I can't think. Then the police guys start introducing themselves. They're pretending to be the team. That makes a lot of sense. What? Do they think I'm stupid? Four Vietnamese guys telling me they're the A-Team. HA!


Steve keeps telling me things. Like if I ever loved him, I'd kill these guys. I didn't know him, I never met him. He says if I love the team, I'll do it.


One of the Vietnamese guys steps up to me. He's not armed, which is weird. He tells me everything is going to be okay. He tells me, he's not mad. Steve just keeps telling me to shoot them all. He wants me to start with this one.


Then the guy starts telling me things he wouldn't know about. Stuff only Face knows. There's no way Face would tell anyone, especially not this guy. I start staring at him, like maybe this really is Face. But why can't I see him? Why do I see this other guy?


Steve gets really mad. Tells me I'm a useless, good-for-nothing. Tells me the team's gonna die, and it's gonna be my fault.


I scream at him. Tell him no, he's wrong. There's only four of them, no problem for my guys. I've seen twelve men come at them, and the team comes out of it, barely touched.




(Davis, what is it?)


Steve's gone, the ghost disappeared. So did the Vietnamese guys. Doc, it's the guys. Oh God. I'm aiming a gun at him. I'm gonna shoot him . . . FACE!!!


(Davis? Davis, listen to me. I'm going to count to three, and you will be safe in my office. You will remember everything that happened. One . . . two . . . three.)


(Note: Ms. Webster came out of the hypnosis, and needed to be sedated.)



Part 8


Col. John Smith:


God, Doc. How could they do that to her? She's just a kid. If I knew this was what happened, I would have killed them. I know I will, if I ever see them again.


It's gonna take a long time, *if* she gets over this. I'm just grateful we were able to get to her in time. What do we do now, Doc?


(Just be there for her. Davis is going to need you. Don't let her brush you off. Make Davis talk about it.)



Capt. HM Murdock:


Why, Doc? Why'd they do that to Davy?


(I don't know, Murdock.)


What she's going through. I can't even imagine it. Aw, Doc. Whatta we do now?


(Talk to her. Get Davis to understand it's not her fault.)


I'll try, Doc, but I can't do much for her in here.


(Don't run away again, Murdock.)


Gotcha, Doc.



Lt. Templeton Peck:


(What are you thinking, Lieutenant?)


Just wondering, Doc. How easy is it to break *in* to a prison?




I want these bastards. I don't care what it takes.


(Are you going to shoot them?)


No. That's too quick. I want to pound them until they die. They aren't going to live, not after what they've done.


(And what of the consequences, Lieutenant?)


It doesn't matter. I don't care what happens to me. They put Davis through hell. God, what she must be going through.


(Just think about that. If something were to happen to you, what would that do to her?)


I get it, Doc. I just can't help it, ya know. How am I supposed to help her?


(Just be there for her. She will need you. Don't let her not talk about it. If she doesn't, there could be more problems.)


I understand. I'll help her as much as I can.



Serg. BA Baracus:


Don't wanna talk about it.


(Will you talk to Davis?)


Course I will, sucka. If that what Davis need, I'll do it.



Part 9




Today's session is strictly to find out how Ms. Webster is coming along. I gave her twenty-four hours to sort out, and get some kind of grasp on, her new memories.


Davis Webster:


(How are you, Davis?)


I just found out I tried to kill the guys. How would you be?


(But you didn't kill them.)


I know, thanks to Face. Poor Face, Doc. What he must be going through. I'm surprised he doesn't hate me. I'm surprised none of them do.


(What happened was not your fault, Davis.)


I know. It was the scuz that used me. I can't help it. It would have been me who did it. Did they say anything, Doc? Never mind, you can't answer that.


(I can tell you, they don't blame you. They all love you.)


I know that. It's kinda hard not to. How did these guys even know about Steve?


(I'm not sure they did. They drugged you with an hallucinogen, Davis. What you saw, came from your own mind.)


That makes me feel a lot better, Doc. Thanks.


(The scenario was of their making. Not yours. The only parts you contributed were the images. You were brainwashed, Davis.)


You mean, there was nothing I could do about it. I just keep thinking about what might have happened. If Face hadn't of done what he did . . .


(I can't make you understand anymore than you do. I can tell you not to think that way, but I can't make you. You have to try and put this behind you.)


It's a helluva way to spend your birthday. How do I get through this? How do I forget again? I don't want to remember Crystal Lake at all. Can you do that, Doc? Can you make me forget?


(No, Davis. This experience is a part of you now. You have to try and get past it. The team is there for you. All you have to do is trust them. Trust in them.)


How, Doc? I mean, I do trust them. I trust them with my life. How do I talk about this with them?


Hannibal, maybe. He won't approach the subject though, I'll have to go to him. BA, I dunno. He doesn't talk about his feelings. How am I supposed to talk to him about *mine*?


Doc, I don't think Murdock can handle it. You'd know better than me. He's just got too many of his own demons. I think I'll wait until he says something. That way I'll know he wants to talk.


(And Lt. Peck?)


Aw, Doc. I can't. I just can't. With Murdock, I'm not sure. But Face . . . I know he can't handle it. Don't ask me to talk to him about this. Where Murdock has demons, Face has problems. Real problems. Problems with his feelings, with expressing himself.


I can't, Doc. I just can't. He doesn't need this on top of what he's got going. I told you, I love him. When you love somebody, you don't hurt them.


(Would it make a difference, if you knew they wanted to help? Davis, they want you to talk to them about this.)


I can only promise to try, Doc. I'll see how it goes, see what happens. If they start flinching, I'll clam up. I know it's not good to take this on all by myself, but what else can I do?





After letting the men be present for Ms. Webster's hypnosis session, I've left the next steps up to them. Ms. Webster's recovery will depend on their treatment of her.


I believe, with time, Ms. Webster will make a full recovery. There is still a long way to go before that, I'm afraid. I have scheduled her for one session each month, for the next six months.


A side note:


Capt. Murdock escaped the Westwood Veteran's Administration Hospital late last night. It is believed he will return on his own, within a few weeks.



Dr. AM Richter MD PhD.


Transcript Of A Nightmare by Kamikaze



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