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Title: Birthday Presence

Birthday Presence

by Kamikaze


Rating: PG

Disclaimer: The A-Team owned by Stephen J Cannell Productions. Davis Webster owned by me. The Murdock/Ellen idea credited to Terri Spencer.

Summary: Face gets a surprise and a half on his birthday.

Warning: Violence, and descriptive kissing.

Feedback: Yeah, please. This is very important, so that I know how to proceed after this story. Comments, questions, and suggestions muchly appreciated.



Part 1


A week after saving the Santana family, the team was sitting around the back patio of their newly *acquired* house. Face could not take his eyes off of Davis, she was too quiet. Even during the case, they finished yesterday, she had only done what was absolutely necessary. Their relationship seemed to be on a slow decline. It was almost worse than the time after last Christmas. Anytime he tried to mention it, she just dismissed his worries. They were heading nowhere fast, and there was nothing he could do about it.


Davis got up, from the picnic table, and went into the kitchen. She opened the fridge, and perused the contents. Face came in, and stood behind her. He reached under her arm, and pulled out two beers. Before he could take the caps off, Davis grabbed one of the bottles from him. She put it back, and took out an iced tea. Peck looked at his wife, quizzically. "But you always drink beer when it's hot out."


Davis shrugged, and took a sip of iced tea. "I didn't feel like it."


She tried to walk past him, but Face clasped a hand on her arm. She turned back, and looked into his eyes. His blue eyes showed his concern. "What's wrong, hon? You've been moping around for the past week. BA even said you weren't sure you wanted them to disappear for the weekend."


Davis thought for a moment. "It's just that I got to thinking that this would be your first birthday without them in twenty-seven years."


Peck smiled at his beautiful bride. "It's also my first birthday being married. Besides forty-seven isn't that big a deal."


Davis leaned against him, and he put his arms around her. "What is it, really?"


She leaned her head against his chest, and sighed. "I'd rather wait until we're alone, to discuss it. Anyway, forty-seven is a big deal. You're only three years away from *fifty*."


Davis jumped back, and ran into the living room. Face slammed his bottle on the counter. "Oh, you're gonna get it."


He ran into the room, wrapped his arms around her waist, and lifted her. When she twisted her body, he was caught off balance. They landed on the carpet in a fit of hysterical laughter. Peck was glad to hear the happy sound from her.


He did not get to relax for long. Davis pounced on him, and began tickling him. Face retaliated, getting her in the ribs and stomach. While she was in a bout of giggles, Peck rolled so she was now under him. He grabbed Davis' feet, and began, mercilessly, tickling them.


"Mercy! Uncle! Surrender! I give up!" she squealed.


Face stopped, and lay on top of her. "You started it," he gasped. Looking down into her brown eyes, he combed his fingers through her hair. Closing his eyes, he leaned down, and kissed her. Peck felt Davis' arms wrapping around him.


The couple was oblivious to the Captain and Sergeant standing in the doorway. Murdock smiled. "Now, that's more like it," he whispered.


BA motioned him into the kitchen. HM wrote a note, and left it on the table, with the cards and presents. The quietly sneaked out the back door.


Face reached between them, and slowly pulled Davis' shirt over her head. Quickly returning to the kiss, he gently parted her lips with his tongue. Face stretched his tongue in as far as it would go, and engaged hers in a passionate struggle.




They laid in each other's arms on the carpet, half an hour later. Davis was nuzzling her cheek against her husband's chest. She sighed. "I love you."


Face kissed the top of her head, and squeezed her shoulder. When she shivered, he rubbed his hand up and down her arm. "Are you cold?"


Davis nodded. "Mm hm."


Peck reached up, and pulled the blanket off the couch. He draped it over them, and held her tight. "I think BA and Murdock left."


Davis smiled, and looked up at him. "I think you're right. I didn't hear Murdock giggling."


They laughed at this. Almost every time they were affectionate around the pilot, he would giggle or whine. Face reached up, and stroked Davis' cheek. Running a fingertip along the bone. "We're alone."


"Unless Billy's still here," she replied, with a grin.


He tousled her hair. "You know what I mean. Do you want to talk now?"


Davis half moaned half sighed, heavily. She sat up, and looked down into his blue eyes. She was unconcerned with her lack of clothing, since the curtains were drawn. "Did you mean what you said to Sara last week?"


Face was puzzled. He had said a lot of things to Frankie's wife. "Refresh my memory."


Davis frowned. "About us having children."


He was shocked. He had thought she was outside. Face sat up, and looked into her brown eyes. "I just think it's a bad idea, right now. Eventually, I would love to have a hundred kids with you. But raising a family, in our current situation, is too dangerous. It's no way for a child to grow up."


Davis could not stop the tears from welling in her eyes. She stared at her knees. "You don't want to hear this, but . . . What if you never get those pardons? It's been nearly thirty years, Tem. I don't want to wait another thirty."


Peck was angered by her pessimistic attitude. He softened immediately, as the reality of what she was saying sank in. He wrapped his arms around her, and she melted into him. "It won't be that long. Besides it's not like you're pregnant."


Davis stiffened. Face's eyes widened, as he lifted her head up. There were tears streaming down her face. She gave him a weak smile. "Happy Birthday."



Part 2


He pulled her into a fierce embrace. Face's own eyes were becoming misty. "Honey . . . How long have you known? Why didn't you tell me?"


When she felt strong enough, Davis sat up, and looked into his eyes. "I'm two months along. I was waiting for your birthday, it was going to be a surprise. I guess I surprised you."


Face kissed her, deeply. "So, when I said I didn't want kids yet, I hurt you. I'm sorry, honey. We'll work this out. This kid is going to be the most loved in the world." A thought crossed his mind. "It is only one, right?"


Davis laughed. "Unless there's another one hiding in my colon." She smiled warmly at him. "When you said not now, I thought you were going to try and talk me into giving it up."


Face was horrified. He shook his head. "No kid of ours is ever going to grow up the way we did."


Davis frowned. "But, baby . . . If we're still taking cases, they will grow up the way I did. Well, except for being dropped off every few days. What are we going to do with them then?"


Face put his arms around his expectant wife, and kissed her. "We'll work it out. No harm's going to come to this child. I promise you that." A shocked expression came over his face. "Wait a minute. You've been pregnant for two months. . . We've done eleven cases in that time. Shouldn't you be resting? I'm pulling you off active duty, right now."


Davis reached around her, and grabbed his arms. Bringing them around her, she put a vice-like grip around his wrists. "You do that, and I will hurt you. I'm perfectly healthy, and there's no reason for it."


Face tried to pull his hands away, but she would not let go. "Women have been known to go into labor, while working. I'm not going to do that, but don't stop me. I'll continue until it gets too tiring and strenuous, then I'll do behind the scenes stuff."


Davis let go of his wrists, and he slid back against the couch. Face smiled at her, stroking her cheek. "Just promise me, you won't over exert yourself. You're basically holding our kid hostage, ya know," he quipped.


Face put his hands up to protect his hair. Davis wrapped her arms around his neck, and pushed him over onto his side. He grabbed her around the waist, and they began rolling back and forth on the carpet.


Davis got the upper hand, and sat on his stomach. She shot out both hands, and tried to mess up his hair. Not that it was not already messed up, after the past hours endeavers.


Face grabbed both of her arms, and yanked her to the left. She fell off him, shrieking. He straddled her legs, and tickled her. When a fit of giggles ran through her, she dropped her arms to block her ribs. He took both her wrists in one hand, and tousled her hair with the other.


"HA!!!" he shouted, triumphantly. He climber off her, stood up, and helped her up. They kissed, gathered their clothes, and went upstairs.




After making love, taking a shower, and getting dressed, Face returned downstairs. He was standing in the doorway of the living room, when he was tackled from behind. At first he thought it was Davis again, not over her energetic, playful mood. Then he realized that the body lying on him was much heavier than his wife. He struggled with his, still unseen, opponent. Flipping himself over, he dislodged the assailant. The man was back on him in an instant. Peck saw him now. It was an MP in green fatigues. He also saw the MP's partner leaning against the wall, with an evil grin.


The MP rabbit punched his mid-section. The Lieutenant punched his kidney and then his face, repeatedly. Thrusting, Face launched the guy off of him, and onto the coffee table. The table broke from the weight and force.


"Face!" Davis ran into the living room. She was greeted with the back of the standing MP's fist, as it connected squarely with her mouth.


Davis reeled back, but caught herself before she fell. Wiping her lip, her hand was stained with blood. She lunged forward, and right crossed the MP in the jaw. When he fell back, she jumped on him. Repeatedly sending her fists into his face, even after he was unconscious.


Peck grabbed her from behind, and pulled her off the man. Davis struggled, and Face gripped her arms. The other MP jumped up, ran over, and punched Davis, hard, in the stomach. She screamed, and crumpled to the carpet.


"NO!!!" the Lieutenant cried, and lunged for the MP. He froze when a shot was fired.


"THAT'S ENOUGH!!" Col. Roderick Decker roared. Face ignored him, and punched out the MP. As the man went down, Peck pulled the gun out of his holster. He cocked it, aimed, and was about to shoot the MP in the head.


"Drop it, Peck!" Decker ordered. Face continued to ignore him. "Now!"


"Tem," Davis coughed. "Don't."


Peck threw the gun to the ground, and fell to his knees beside her. He pulled her head into his lap. "Davis?"


"Oh, God!" she screamed, the pain excruciating.


Decker came up behind him. He looked down at the couple. "How is she?"


Face glared up at him. "Get help," he seethed.



Part 3


When Ellen received the call from her half brother, she knew something was wrong. He had said, "Ellen, your sister Danielle is in the hospital."


First he had called her Ellen's sister, which meant someone was with him. Secondly, he had called Davis, Danielle, which meant it was probably Decker. She went into the kitchen, where Murdock was talking to a turnip. BA was advancing on the pilot, and had just gotten his hands on the man's collar.


"Shut up, fool. It's a vegetable."


"BA," HM choked out. "A turnip is not just a vegetable . . ."


Ellen stood behind Baracus. "Stop it, both of you. Something's happened to Davis."


Both men went pale. They turned to her. "What?" they asked, in unison.


Ellen shook her head. "I don't know. Face just said she was in Cedar Sinai." As they ran for the door, Ellen added, "And he called her Danielle."


"Decker," BA growled.




Face sat in the hospital waiting room. He was silently thanking all that is holy for Decker letting him wait, without being handcuffed. It had been two hours since Davis had been brought in, and all the nurses would tell him was that the doctor would be by soon.


He looked up, as Capt. Crane stood in front of him. "Coffee?"


Peck nodded, and took the cup from him. He glanced at Decker, who was sitting across from him. "If those two are so hard to control, why are they working for you?"


The Colonel glared at him. "They get the job done. They caught you."


Face threw his coffee cup to the floor. He jumped up, and blazed his eyes at his nemesis. "Yeah, but look at the expense. Danielle was seriously injured. If she . . ."


Decker stood up, and stiffened. "Come off it, Peck. The least you could do is call her Davis. That is her name."


The Lieutenant was enraged. *How the hell did he find out?* he wondered. He took a step towards the Colonel. "Fine. If Davis is seriously hurt, I'm gonna -"


"You're gonna what?" Decker taunted. He could hardly control himself. All he wanted to do was wipe the floor with the insolent fugitive.


Face raised his fists, and made to punch the older man in the jaw. Ellen ran in at that moment. "Face."


He turned to his sister, as she flung herself at him, and hugged him fiercely. She turned to Crane. "Why don't you post a guard outside the door, and take the Colonel for some fresh air?"


The Captain nodded, realizing that the two men would surely fight if he did not. As the MPs left, Ellen sat her brother down. "How is she?"


Peck was glaring out the door, after Decker. He wanted to run down the hall, and make his enemy the hospital's next critical patient. He turned to Ellen. "I don't know. No one will tell me anything."


Murdock and BA walked into the room. Face stared up at them. "Decker's still here." He looked back at Ellen. "Didn't you tell them?"


HM put a hand on his best friend's shoulder. "She told us. Davy's family. We're here, no matter what happens."


"Any word yet?" BA asked.


Face shook his head. "The doctor hasn't been by yet."


As if on cue, the doctor entered. Peck jumped up. "How is she, Doc?"


The doctor smiled. "Mild bruising. That's one tough lady, you've got."


Face sighed with relief. "She sure is." Fear suddenly came over him. "What about . . ."


The doctor raised his hand. "The baby's fine. A few inches lower, and there might have been problems. She'll be out in a few minutes."


Peck hugged his sister, as the doctor left. The pilot grabbed him by the shoulder, and spun him around. "Baby?"


The Lieutenant grinned. "Yeah. What a birthday present, hunh?"


As Murdock playfully shoved his friend, Davis walked in. Face went to her, and wrapped his arms around her. "Do you have any idea how scared I was? Don't do that to me."


Davis grinned. "Okay, next time I'll let them take you."


Peck laughed, and kissed his wife. Davis pulled away, and took his hand. "We better go."


Face looked at her, quizzically. "Decker's coming around."


Davis nodded, indignantly. "Yeah. That's why we gotta go now. I've only bought us, maybe, a few minutes."


They left the hospital, and drove off in the van. No one came after them.



Part 4


They all had a good laugh, when Davis explained what she had done at the hospital. While she walked into the waiting room, the doctor distracted the guard. The team sneaked out, and the doctor walked away. The doctor ran up to Decker, being the good samaritan, and told him the team had escaped.


When Decker and Crane ran into the room, Davis and Ellen looked confused. They explained that Ellen had gone to get Davis, and when they returned the guys were gone. As Decker frantically searched the hospital, Ellen and Davis left the building, and jumped in the van.


They arrived at Ellen's cabin, and Face and Davis disappeared into the woods. After BA went inside, Ellen came up behind Murdock. She wrapped her arms around him, and rested her head on his back. "I haven't known her for very long. Shouldn't she take some time off until the baby's born?"


HM turned around, and put his hands on her waist. "Face probably suggested it, but Davy would never go for it. She'll continue working until she can't."


Ellen kissed her lover. "What do you think my brother will do, when he finds out about us?"


The pilot laughed, and kissed her. "Well, if he knows the whole story . . ."




Davis and Face walked down to the lake, and sat on the jetty. He wrapped an arm around her waist, and kissed her temple. "How ya feelin'?"


She rolled her eyes. This was the fifth time he had asked that question, since leaving the hospital. "I'm fine, Face."


Peck shrank a little. Since they had gotten involved, she had only called him Face when she was annoyed. It was usually Tem or baby, Templeton Peck if she was really pissed off. "I know, hon. It's just with that punch you took . . . It just scared me, that's all."


Davis turned to him. "I'm not made of porcelain, Tem. I can take it."


Face pulled her up, and kissed her. "Yeah, but you will be soon."


She reached up, and stroked his face. "I know how much you want this. It's just one more step towards your white picket dream. I'm not going to jeopardize this baby."


He loved her so much, and everyday he realized just how much she loved him. Sometimes he wondered why he had never noticed it sooner. It had taken him from May until November to realize his love for her, and her feelings for him. Now that he thought about it, Davis had probably loved him all her life. Face had dismissed her constant admiration for him, when she was growing up. He had thought it was only a crush or infatuation. God knew how many girls had felt like that for him. Now, in retrospect, he knew it to be a lot more. He could picture her, when she was ten. Fantasizing about the fit of "Davis Peck", and a little girl's dreams of marriage.


It had always been hard for Face to believe that anyone could possibly love him. He had had too much pain and rejection in his life, too much of the wrong kind of love. The older boys at the orphanage, a couple of the priests, some of the other guys in basic, the guards at the POW camp, and, of course, a few dozen women in his past. Now, here was this woman who had given her heart and soul to him. It still amazed him, how long the realization had taken.


Face smiled down at Davis. "Well, just as long as you don't get any funny ideas, in the next seven months."


An evil glint came into her eyes. "Funny ideas?"


Davis wriggled out of his embrace, and playfully shoved him backwards. At the last possible second, when he lost his balance, he reached out, and reached out and hooked his fingers in her waistband. They landed in the lake. A mixture of laughter, shrieks, and splashes.



Part 5


Face and Davis walked into the cabin. The sight that met their eyes, shocked them both. Davis grinned broadly, and thought *it's about time*. Peck scowled, and thought *anything but this*. Murdock and Ellen were making out on the couch.


The couple was too engrossed in their inventory of each other's bodies, to notice the two people staring at them. BA came in from the kitchen, and giggled at the expressions on the couple's faces. "Been doin' that for a hour."


This brought HM and Ellen back to the present. They nervously straightened their clothes, and grinned. "Didn't hear ya come in," the pilot said.


"Obviously," Face replied, sarcastically.


Davis bounced on the couch, next to Murdock. "Do I hear bells?"


Peck gave her a death's glare, but she just grinned at him. Ellen smiled at her sister-in-law. "It would be a good idea, sometime in the next year."


The Lieutenant's jaw dropped. "What?"


HM stood up, and went over to his best friend. "Whadya think, brother?"


Davis, knowing what her husband wanted to do, tossed him a pillow. Face smacked the Captain in the head with it. Murdock put an arm around Peck's shoulders, and the other around his waist. Jumping up, he sent them both to the carpet. They playfully rolled around, while Ellen and Davis sat on the couch, giggling. Baracus gave up on the lot of them, and retreated to the kitchen.


The pilot and conman continued wrestling. Face a little more seriously than Murdock. He could not believe it, his best friend and his sister. HM jabbed him in the ribs, and then they laid there, laughing.


When Davis recovered, she turned to Ellen. "How long have you two been going out?"


Peck sat up, and nodded. That was the same question he was going to ask, only his version was harder. Ellen grinned wickedly. "Oh, at least a month now."


The confused the Lieutenant. How could you not know how long you had been seeing someone? He turned to Murdock for the answer.


The Captain turned to Ellen, who nodded her okay. He grinned at his leader. "How would you like an extra birthday present?"


Face was becoming more than a little annoyed. He grabbed HM's collar with both hands. "Explain, Murdock."


A fit of giggles took over the pilot, and he could not speak. Peck looked up at his sister, she was in the same state. When he looked to Davis, she could only shrug.


Face pushed Murdock onto his back, not letting go, and straddled his mid-section. "Stop it, right now. Tell me. That's an order."


This almost started Murdock off again. Considering a Captain outranked a Lieutenant. Looking into Peck's eyes, he realized this would be a mistake.


Murdock looked seriously at Face. "What would be better for your little son, or daughter, than a cousin their own age?"





Birthday Presence by Kamikaze



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