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Stick With Your Unit

Stick With Your Unit

By Soulseeker


Rating NC 17 for language and suggestions of torture and slash.
This is a stand alone story unless people want it to be continued. Or maybe even if they don't want it continued. I'm the author so, naa naa naa! :D 
Summary: One of my versions of  the guys escape form Choa's P.O.W camp. Hope everyone likes it. Send Comments!!!
Don't own them but I  know what I'd to with them if I did :D 


    Hannibal and Ray weren't sure what they'd expected but it sure wasn't this. Murdock was huddled in the small bamboo cage, refusing to leave. They hadn't seen the Captain for over a month. Choa had put him in an isolation cage and no one had seen him since. They knew he was still alive... they could hear his tortured screams across the compound during his interrogation sessions. Now was the perfect time to escape. Choa took Lin Duc Coo and several of the guards with him to do business in Loas. Lin was on a food shopping spree and they took that fucking traitor Tommy Angel with them.   

  As soon as the remaining guards were sure the General was gone they relaxed security. Most went to town to whore around and the rest didn't really pay that much attention to the prisoners. Oh, they kept an eye on them but the guards were convinced that the p.o.w.'s no longer had any spirit left in them. Which was exactly what Hannibal wanted them to think. He had observed almost the exact same behavior from the guards the last two times that Choa had left the camp. But then the guards were on their toes, sure that the prisoners still had some spunk left in them; which is why he spread the word that when it came time for another little trip for Choa, everyone was to appear broken, hoping that the guards would relax even more. He was right.

    It only took Face five minutes to pick the lock on their cage with a stolen wire when the guard wasn't looking. It only took B.A. a half a minute to break said guard's neck without any alarm being sounded. Three more guards went to their just rewards the same way, courtesy of B.A., Ray and a Marine they called Big Mic for obvious reasons. They distributed the guns around to the look outs while Hannibal and Face used the stolen keys to liberate the rest of the prisoners. Not wanting to sound an alarm they worked quietly and quickly. B.A., Ray and Big Mic managed to take out the rest of the guards with no fuss added.

  Hannibal gathered everyone together near the center of the compound. He sent some to keep watch at the gates in case any of the missing guards decided to come home a little early from the party. He sent B.A., Face and a few others to gather as much food, medicine and ammo as they could carry from the other buildings. He told the ones who could walk that they were to help the ones who couldn't. Out of over fifty prisoners, less then twenty was leaving the camp alive. Hannibal and Ray were going for Murdock and the other pilots. Face protested at first; he wanted to be one of the ones getting Murdock out. Ray pointed out that out of all of them, Face spent most of his work detail cleaning the doctor's office. He would know better then most about what they would need of the medical supplies. With the exception of B.A, Ray, Big Mic and a few others, most of them were injured or hurting in some way. Months of captivity and torture took their toll on all of them ...  some more than others. They all lost a lot of weight and only the ones who had a lot of muscles to begin with were the most physically able of them.

     Hannibal and Ray made their way toward the isolation cages in the back of the pilots interrogation hut. As soon as they caught sight of the cages they could  tell that Murdock was the only one left ; five other cages stood empty. His thin legs was drawn up to his chest, one arm cradled against his shoulder and his head buried between his knees, huddled in the far corner of his cage. The closer they got, the worse Murdock looked. At least they could tell that he was still breathing. They weren't sure that he would be left alive after Choa was gone. Sometimes the guards forgot to feed the prisoners for days at a time or injured some of them so badly that death was a welcomed out from the hell they were living in. Hannibal called out softly to Murdock, hoping  not to spook him as he tried to steady his suddenly shaking hands enough to unlock the cage. Ray kept one eye on them and one eye out for any potential unfriendlies that they might have missed. Murdock still showed no sign of hearing him even as Hannibal open the door and entered the cage. Still speaking softly he lightly touched Murdock on the leg. Well, he got a reaction alright. Murdock went from complete and utter stillness into a flurry of motion. Shoving Hannibal's hand away, Murdock bolted for the opposite corner. He curled himself into an impossibly tighter ball, rocking and shaking. Shocked, Hannibal and Ray could only stare at him. Hannibal tried to get though to him again.

  "Murdock? Murdock! It's Colonel John Smith. It's Hannibal. Ray's right here too. We need you to talk to us.  Let us know if you're alright. Do you understand what I'm saying? Answer me, damn it !" Nothing from the captain except that he rocked faster. He tried using a military voice and language.

  "Answer me Captain! That's a direct order from your commanding officer!"

    At the word order Murdock instantly stilled. He recognized that word. Order. His constantly confused mind latched onto that word. Order. His head lifted slightly as he remembered that word. Order. He remembered what that word meant. Order. People in Charge gave an order. People Not in Charge followed an order from People in Charge. Murdock knew that he wasn't a People in Charge. People in Charge didn't end up in constant pain in fucking cage like an animal. He was clearly a People Not in Charge. He looked Hannibal right  in the eye, opened his mouth and . . . and nothing came out. It had been so long since he had truly spoken that he wasn't sure that he remembered how. He figured that mindless screaming just wasn't going to cut it. Just as quickly as his mind had cleared, that's how fast it clouded back up. Hannibal watched as his expressive face became confused again and he buried his face back into his knees and began to rock again.

   Damn it! He was sure that Murdock, the old Murdock, was back . But just as quickly they lost him again. He told Ray to fetch Face. If anyone could get through to Murdock it was him. Ray took off in a run as Hannibal backed out of the cage. He took a long look at Murdock. If the rest of them were thin, Murdock was a living skeleton. Paper-thin skin was stretched tightly over fragile looking bones. His face was a mass of bruises and most of it was crusted in old dried blood. One eye was only able to open half way, the other was swollen  shut. Hannibal was finally able to tell what was wrong with his left arm. The inside forearm was covered in cigarette burns, some of them already infected. The bone was clearly broken. Both wrists and ankles were covered in rope burns. What ever torture he'd endured; it was clear that he fought them. He was sure that he suffered from other injures that they weren't able to see yet. It looked like he hadn't eaten in days. Knowing Murdock like he did it was a pretty safe bet that he hadn't even if food had been offered. It had been a chore to get him to eat the last few weeks that he had been with the team. Even then Face had to beg, bribe, threaten, and con what little they could get down him.

  Ray found Face coming out of the medical building with a sack bulging with supplies. He only had to say "Murdock needs you", and Face shoved the sack into another man's hands and took off after Ray as fast as he could. B.A. told Big Mic to keep the others back and followed them. As they ran, Ray filled in the two men on what had happened with Murdock. It seem like forever before they got to the cages.  Even with the information the other two men weren't prepared for the sight that greeted them. He was still rocking. Hannibal had a stricken look upon his face as he told the others that Murdock still wasn't responding. 


   Face cautiously entered the cage. Ray softly warned him to be careful. He nodded his head at Ray to acknowledge him but kept silent. He knelt carefully beside Murdock, not touching him yet; just letting his presence be felt. Murdock sensed someone beside him and instantly froze. He felt someone softly touch his shoulder in a soothing manner. He couldn't move anywhere! He was blocked in ... trapped ! He began to panic. Face heard Murdock's breathing increase until he was near hyperventilation. Moving slowly, carefully he leaned close to him and began talking.


   "Murdock it's me, Face. I'm here baby." Murdock felt an instant calm descend upon him. He knew that voice! That voice was inside his head sometimes, helping him through some of the worse torture. That voice lulled him to sleep when he was sure that the pain was too great to get any rest at all. That voice was with him when he was all alone. That voice was the only thing clear in his confusing and constantly fracturing mind. That voice was the only thing keeping him from diving head first into complete insanity. He listened to that voice.


    Encouraged by the sudden relaxation of Murdock's body , Face continued the soft monologue that only he could hear. " Murdock, baby, I'm right here. I'm right here with you. We'll get through this together. Just you and me, sweet baby. The both of us. " Face began to rub soothing circles on Murdock's back. Murdock cocked his head, trying to understand what the voice wanted. What the voice was trying to say. He had stopped understanding words long ago; but occasionally they would filter through the inner screams of his mind and made some sense. He hoped that he could make sense of what the voice wanted him to do. It had been so long since he heard the voice. He had been sure that the voice had abandoned him . Murdock looked Face square in the eye and waited for the voice to continue talking.


     Hannibal, Ray, and B.A. watched in apparent fascination a few feet away. It seemed that Face was getting though to Murdock after all. The three men never questioned the bond that was between the conman and the pilot; they were just grateful that whatever it was it was going to bring the captain out of the cage. Looking up and noting the position of the sun, B.A. softly whispered to the others, " Faceman better hurry up. No telling when the other guards'll be back. We need to be long gone." Just as careful to keep his voice low, so he wouldn't disturb Face and Murdock, Ray told him "Easy B.A. Face knows what he's doing. We need to get him out of there without a lot of fuss. No telling what kind of damage he's suffering from."


    Face heard the whispers but could tell that Murdock didn't. He was still staring at him, waiting for... something. Murdock suddenly frowned. He remembered something. Something important. Something finally filtered through the maze of madness in his mind. He opened his mouth and tried to get that something out. Face held his breath as Murdock tried to form words; to finally say anything at all. Sweat poured down his brow , his face turned an ugly shade of red and his whole body shook from the effort of concentration as he struggled with the words. His thin chest heaved, fighting to draw in enough air to form the only thought that his mind could stick to for more then a few minutes. Words that kept him safe in his mind. Words that were more precious to him then his very life. "G-g-g-got-got-gotta s-s-s-sstick w-w-w-with your-your-your u-u-unit. G-g-got-gotta s-s-stick with -with your unit. G-gotta s-stick with your unit. Gotta stick with your unit." Murdock's voice was raw from screaming and the words were rusty from disuse. He only stuttered when he was severely stressed, but he did speak. Face felt like shouting for joy but he quickly restrained himself. He didn't want Murdock to suddenly retreat from them again. A start was a start however and Face wasn't going to let a good thing go. Murdock responded to him. Now he just had to get him out of the cage.


    "That's right, Murdock. Ya gotta stick with your unit. We're your unit, remember? Ya gotta stick with us. We have to go and you gotta come with us, understand? Ya gotta stick with your unit." Still speaking softly but with an urgent undertone, Face began to gently move Murdock; scooting them both toward the door of the cage. Murdock let him ; still staring at Face and silently mouthing the phase back at him.


     They were almost to the door when Murdock became aware of where they were headed. They were going outside. No! No!! They couldn't go outside! Outside was dangerous! Outside was wrong! Outside was bad! Outside hurt! The voice lied to him! The voice wasn't a friend! Suddenly he began to panic again. He let out a wounded animalist howl and lashed out with his feet . He knock Face away from him and scrambled for the corner again.  Murdock  grabbed onto the closest bamboo bar he could with his right hand. He curled his body as tightly around it as he could to protect his only life line. To stay in the safety of the cage. He focused all of his energy into holding on to that bar.


    Face heard the others move toward them and he quickly shouted out, "Stay right there! I've got everything under control. Just stay back." The three men back off ; trusting Face to handle this matter. If the truth be told, none of them wanted to hurt Murdock by forcefully removing him from the cage. If Face thought that he can handle this then they'll give him his space. But time was running out.


     Face gently moved himself until he was curled as close to Murdock's shivering body as he could. With his arms he reached around Murdock's middle, careful of the injured arm, and half-way pulled him into his lap. Face tugged backwards as hard as he dared but only managed to pull Murdock as far as his right arm would allow. Damn it! He still hung on with a single minded determination. Face reached up with his right arm and surrounded the hand that had a death's grip on the bar of the cage. Murdock's gaze was locked on their hands, willing himself to hang on as tightly as he could. He knew that if he went outside, back to the interrogation hut, that he'll never walk out alive. If they wanted him out, they'll have to break his other arm to do it. So, he just had to hang on. Tucking his head as close to Murdock's ear and neck as he could Face began to softly talk to him; trying to reach him again. As he began to talk, Face gently ran his thumb over the back of the clinched fist ;  desperately trying to massage the hand open.


    "Come on baby, ya gotta let go. We have to get you out of here. We gotta get you somewhere safe. We can get you safe. We can. Oh, God , you're  too damn skinny, we gotta help you sweetheart. Come on, let go. We got you, we won't let anything bad happen to you , but you gotta let go baby. You gotta stick with your unit. We're going and we're not gonna leave you behind. We're not gonna leave you. We're not. We can't stay and you have to come with us. If you stay you're gonna die and we can't...I can't let that happen. I love you too much to let that happen. I can't let you die baby. You die and I'll die too. It's just that simple. Please baby, let go. You gotta let go I love you you gotta come with us I love you stick with your unit I love you come on come on come oncomeoncomeon !" Dimly Face was aware that he was rambling on ; words and sentences running together, but he didn't care. He continued to repeat the same sentences over and over, continued to gently massage the clinched hand and tugging it at the same time. Murdock stared at the hands, not really hearing the words, just trying to hold on. Murdock watched in shock as his hand began to betray him. At first , the hand stopped it's ridged trembling, allowing a firm tug from Face to loosen his grip a fraction of an inch. Then ,ever so slowly, the traitorous hand began to relax under the soothing assault of the massage. Face kept up the rhythm of massage and tug. Massage and tug, all the while keeping up the steady stream of talk. Murdock  looked on with absolute horror as his fingers gave up the fight. The sudden release sent both of them backwards in heap. Not one to let an advantage go to waste, Face pulled them both out of the cage. Murdock gave no resistance whatsoever.


     Face waited for a moment ; and seeing no further rebellion from him, he stood up and dragged Murdock to a standing position. Once he was standing upright, Murdock came to an important decision. 'Fuck it!' he told himself, ' If I'm gonna die I'm going out like a man! On my own two feet and not dragged like a mangy cur on the way to the pound!' And with that little pep talk to himself he shrugged out of Face's grip to stand swaying on his own. Face removed his hands and worried about the change in his demeanor. He didn't have to worry for long; none of the team would. They all watched as Murdock brought his body under complete control.


     He drew himself up straight and tall. His head was raised and not bowed in submissive defeat. Fighting raising nausea and a sudden buzzing in his ears Murdock looked Hannibal right in the eyes, turned around and made his way to the interrogation hut. The rest of the team could only watch in stunned silence as Murdock made his shaky and unsteady legs carry him back to a place they knew terrified him.


     Murdock fought down the raising panic that threatened to overwhelm him. He ignored the nausea and was strangely detached to the continuing buzzing in his ears, like a thousand bees were trapped in his head. He was vaguely aware that his feet hurt like he was walking on a road of broken glass instead of the well worn dirt path to death. He couldn't remember what had happened to his prisoner-issued sandals; and he really didn't give a rat's ass if he never found them.


     He finally made it to the locked door and waited for someone the unlock it. He was resigned to the fact that the Grim Reaper had  come for him after all. The rest of the team stood in shocked silence as Murdock continued to stand there; swaying ever so slightly, staring directly at the scared wooden door. It took a good two minutes for anyone to move. As one they approached the painfully thin man staring at the door with no emotion whatsoever in his face.


     Murdock continued to wait for death; fighting the pain, the fear, the nausea and the constant buzzing in his ears. Face reached out to him; turning Murdock to face him he softly whispered, "Never again." Murdock stared back at him, slightly wondering why everything was becoming gray. The gray was becoming larger, blocking everything out and the buzzing got louder and louder. All of a sudden everything became black. 


      Face barely caught Murdock as his one good eye rolled completely into the back of his head and he just collapsed, like a puppet whose strings had just been cut. Face gently lowered him to the ground and  tried to wake him. Murdock didn't even flinch as Face repeatedly stroked his face trying to get him to respond to his simple pats. Face checked his pulse and found his heart beat too fast and too shallow to be any comfort whatsoever. B.A moved him to the side and with a fast mumble of "I got 'em man", picked Murdock up and held him like a child; one arm under his knees and the other supporting his shoulders and back. Murdock's head lolled limply against B.A.'s strong neck; barely making any sort of impression of weight at all compared to B.A.'s sturdy bull-like shoulders. Ray noticed how swollen the bottom of his feet looked and swiftly examined them. Despite the dirt covering them he could tell the taletell marks of a cane that had been applied to them. The flesh had been torn open into bloody strips where a bamboo cane had been repeatedly and viciously struck against the tender part of the sole. All of them had experience in this painful torture. It would take many days before the feet will begin to heal. Pointing out the injury to the others he asked, "How the fuck did he walk all the way over here? We had to be dragged back to the cages after something like this. How the hell could he even stand up, let alone walk?"


      "I don't know Ray but we'll figure that out later. Right now we have to get as much distance as possible between us and this place. We'll attend to his injuries later, when we have more time." At the furious look from his lieutenant Hannibal tried to soften his words to lessen the blow. "Face, he's gone this long without any medical attention, he can go a bit longer. If we get caught by them they'll kill us and bring Murdock back here alone. He'll die slowly and painfully. None of us wants that." With one last look at Murdock , Face slowly nodded. The best thing they could do for him right now was to get the hell out of this place. Any longer and it would get riskier to get everyone out safely.


    All during the speech, Ray stared intently at the scarred wooden door. He got an uncomfortable feeling looking at it and he suddenly had to know what was behind that door. He had to know what was done to Murdock and the others. "Colonel? Do ya think, maybe they left someone in there? Ya know, tied up to be tortured later? We gotta check it out, just in case. We can't leave anyone behind." Hannibal knew that no one was left in there. Choa liked to interrogate the pilots personally, that's why they were separated from the rest of them for so long. When Choa went on his trips the pilots were left  alone for a short time. It was the only rest they got between sessions. They all knew that the General liked to watch the pilots suffer. But, he knew that Ray needed to see the inside of the hut and in a way, they all did.


     With a nod from Hannibal, Ray kicked the door open. The smell hit them first, almost making them gag. It was a combination of blood and death; it had an underlying smell of vomit , piss and shit. They ignored the smell and looked inside. A lone bare bulb hung from the ceiling, throwing light on a room of horror. The walls looked like they had been painted in blood. The only furniture was a long wooden table in the middle of the room, restraining straps hung from all four corners. They all repressed a shudder at the thought of what the straps were there for. A truck battery sat in the corner along with a bucket of slimey water and a set of jumper cables. They knew it was for electroshock treatments. There were shelves lining the walls of the hut, holding various instruments of pain. Some they had experience with, others they didn't. Different lengths of bamboo canes lined one shelf. Knives of various sharpness graced another shelf, some still covered in blood. Ropes were piled on the third and candles, branding irons and needles covered the fourth.


     Looking around Hannibal had enough. "Lets go guys. We have to get outta here, now while the gettin's good." They all turned and made there way back to the rest of the survivors. They were still grouped together in the center of the compound where Face, Hannibal and the others left them. They all stared silently at the group as they approached them. One of them, a major Hannibal thinks, walked over to him and looked behind them, asking with desperate hope in his voice, "Sir, are the others coming soon? The other pilots I mean. Captain Lang was taken with Captain Murdock. Is he coming soon?"


     Placing a hand on the young man's shoulders he softly told the others, "Captain Murdock was the only survivor left. I'm sorry." A quiet so thick settled over the rest of the men. One man got a good look at Murdock and asked with shocked wonder, "My God, what the fuck did they do to 'em. How the hell is he still alive?" Taking control of the situation, Hannibal replied, "The fact is, he is alive. We all are and we're going to stay that way. They took the truck so we're gonna haveta walk outta here. Everyone that can hold a weapon and stand on their own will take turns walking point, scout, and rear guard. We'll all take turns, everyone. We will not, I repeat, will not engage the enemy unless it's absolutely necessary. " Ignoring the shocked looks from the men, he continued, "We don't have alot of ammo. We have too many wounded among us and a firefight can take some of us out. Who wants to sacrifice a friend for revenge? No contact unless it's absolutely impossible to avoid. Now, lets get the hell out of here!"


     Hannibal quickly organized the men into a loose line; the weakest in the middle, protected by the others. Carrying what they could the entire group left the camp, Hannibal took point and Face took rear guard. Opening the gate they walked silently into the green jungle.




Stick With Your Unit by Soulseeker



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