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M.I.A. - Missing in America

M.I.A. -  Missing in America

By  Kamikaze


Rated:  PG

Summary:  Tells the story of what happened to Hannibal and how Davis joined the team.

Warnings:  A bit of violence.

Disclaimer:  The A-Team owned by Stephen J Cannell Productions. Davis Webster owned by me.




Templeton Peck was late. He drove his new Dodge Viper well over the speed limit through the streets of Ventura. What is so important that Hannibal needs to meet me now, he wondered. They had all decided to take a well-earned weeks vacation from the Soldier of Fortune industry.


In the past month they had saved the family of a now so wealthy businessman from being terrorized by his rival for a promotion. Saved an orphanage from being closed by a large corporation wanting to build a new office building. And there was even the militia group takeover of Murdock's old home, the Westwood Veteran's Administration Hospital.


Not only was it strange for Hannibal to contact Face on a joint vacation, Smith had also ordered him to meet at his house. For obvious reasons, the team never went to each other's houses, for fear that Decker would be following.


Peck pulled the $60,000 sports car into the driveway, took one last look at his watch, then got out of the car. As he walked up to the door, he thought about the different reasons Smith could have for bringing him here. Maybe someone they knew needed help. If that was true, then why was BA's van not parked out front? He lived closer to Hannibal than Face did, and would have been able to get there sooner.


He got to the door and rang the bell . . . twenty seconds, no answer. He rang again . . . again no answer. Something was definitely not right. He knocked on the door. "Hannibal!" No answer. He tried turning the knob, but the door was locked.


Not even a split second went by as he contemplated his next move. He pulled his set of lock picks out of his back pocket, and began working. Click! Barely five seconds later, the door was open. Face stepped inside to find the place in shambles. It was as if an F-5 tornado and an earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale had hit at the same time.


Chairs were turned over and cushions were ripped open. The stuffing covered a twenty-foot radius around the couch. The desk drawers were pulled out and thrown across the floor. The PC on Hannibal's now-demolished desk had been broken open, circuit boards were strewn all over the desk and the floor. Floppy disks were everywhere, as if they had just been flung in frustration. As Peck walked around the room, he observed that all the disks had been smashed.


He immediately went over to the bookshelves. The floor next to the shelves was covered with books. Pages were torn and bindings ripped open. The shelves had been knocked down and lay stacked along the bottom of the case. Between what had been the third and fourth shelves was a book. It seemed to be glued to the shelf. Face pulled the shelves off the book and realized it was a hardcover copy of "Gone With The Wind".


"Clever, Colonel." Peck smiled. He opened the book to find the pages had been hollowed out and a computer disk was wedged inside.


He grabbed the disk and ran out the door. He jumped into his car, thrusting the disk into the inside pocket of his leather jacket. Face threw the car in reverse and backed down the driveway. Once on the road, he headed for the closest place he could think of: BA's.


On the way, he called Murdock and told him as much of the story as he dared over the phone. HM said he would meet him at the Sergeant's house in ten minutes.


Peck pulled the car up to the curb in front of BA's house. If he had not had so much on his mind, he would have noticed what a nice place Baracus had bought. It was a split level with bay windows, a porch that stretched the entire width of the house. The window on the front door was a stained glass picture depicting a gargoyle. The old black van definitely looked out of place in the driveway beside the house.


As he got out of the Viper, he saw the long-legged form of the pilot rounding the corner at high speeds, and he began running towards the house as well. Just as they came to a skidding stop in front of the newly-cut lawn, BA threw open the front door.


"What're you fools doin' comin' up to mah house like that?" Baracus hollered as he flung his arm in a motion for them to quickly get inside.


The interior of the house was just as impressive as the exterior. The living room was decorated with black leather couches and two armchairs. The oak coffee table had a mirror glass top. If Face had been in a good mood, he would have made a remark to the effect that BA had robbed some insurance salesman of his home.


They made themselves comfortable on the couch, and Face started into the story. He didn't leave out a single detail from the anxious phone call he received from Hannibal to the destruction of the house.


"So, what's on the disk?" HM asked, when he had finished his story.


Peck looked at him blankly for a moment. "Ya know, I never even thought to check. I'll be back in a minute."


Face got up from the couch and went to the front door. When the door closed behind him, HM turned to the big Sergeant. "BA, what's your van been up to lately?"


He scowled at Murdock. "Whatchu talkin' about, sucker?"


The pilot leaned in close to his friend. "I mean, what does he think of that new 4x4 across the road? Has he even noticed her yet?"


"Shut up, fool. Or you ain't never leavin' that chair." Baracus got up to move closer to Murdock.


The Captain thought fast. "Now, big guy. How do you expect your van to even consider telling you anything with an attitude like that?"


Just as the big man got his hands on the material of HM's shirt, the door opened and Peck came back in. "Murdock!"


Murdock turned his fear-struck eyes on Face. "What?" He shrugged innocently.


The Lieutenant placed his laptop on the coffee table and opened it. He sat back and waited for it to boot up. "Now, we know it wasn't Decker that took Hannibal," he reasoned.


"That fool woulda never trashed the place that bad." Baracus was following his train of thought. "But who?"


Murdock studied the window and icons forming on the screen. He watched Peck slide the disk into the side of the machine. "If it's someone else, we have a real problem. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people we've put away over the years. If it's not one of them, then we're stumped."


The Sergeant at HM angrily for his defeatist observation. Murdock noticed the look and decided to move. He got off the couch and went to the window. Staring at the van, he smiled as he watched the large black vehicle eyeing the Viper.


"Oh, great!" Face exclaimed. Murdock turned around to look at him. "There's a password lock on this disk and I can't break it. I've tried all our names, birthdays, ranks and serial numbers. I can't think of anything I haven't tried."


He slapped the laptop closed, and the disk flew out of the drive and landed on the floor.


"Hey, man. Be careful with that, it's the only lead we got." BA picked the disk up and wiped it off.


"Great lead. How are we supposed to use it if we can't even look at it?" Peck was frustrated. He leaned back in his chair and ran his hands through his hair.


"I know someone who could break the password." Face and BA stared at Murdock. He was not paying attention, his eyes were fixed on something out the window. He straightened himself to his full 6'2" height, then spun around. "But now we have to go."


The others jumped up and ran to the window. They were just in time to see the last of the four black sedans with government plates rounding the corner.


"Decker," Face seethed through his teeth. They ran up the stairs and out the back door.


Two of the sedans pulled up in front of the house, blocking Face's car in the driveway. The other two cars drove to the end of the block and parked across the intersection, blocking traffic.


As Decker got out of one of the cars parked in front of the house, he heard the sound of a motor. He arrived at the end of the driveway in time to see the A-Team van back up. Just before the van drove through the back fence, Murdock leaned out of the window and waved at their nemesis.


The Colonel reeled around and hammered the hood of the Viper with his fists. Suddenly the car alarm went off and he jumped back. "Smith!"


BA turned the van onto the highway, and mingled with the midday traffic. Murdock smiled and patted the van's dashboard. "Good boy."


"Shut up, fool." Baracus would have grabbed HM by the jacket and flung him out the window, but he was driving.


"Now BA. If you were only a little nicer to Hampton, he would talk to you." Murdock looked at the dashboard. "Wouldn't you?"


"Hampton? Face, this crazy fool's named mah van Hampton!"


Murdock looked at the Sergeant puzzled. "I didn't name him, he told me he liked the name."


Peck leaned toward the front seat. "Murdock, quit it! Where are we going?"


Murdock turned to him and said plainly. "Stan's Video in the Valley."


Murdock led the way through the door into 'Stan's Video'. It was a typical corner video store with maybe a few hundred titles. Customers walked in, grabbed the film they wanted and headed for the checkout. A couple stood in front of the new-release wall. The girl wanted the latest Jane Austen flick, and the guy was after an action movie.


Without even stopping, Murdock went directly to the checkout counter and waited. Face and BA eyed each other, then stared at HM. Peck looked questionable. "I hope we're not here in search of the latest Spielberg."


The pilot put his hand up as if to stay their annoyance. "Just wait."


"Well, how was I supposed to know you wanted the system left broken!" a female voice cried out from the back room. A woman, about 5'4" tall and in her late twenties came storming out of the office. A middle-aged man with a balding head followed her.


"You know you're not allowed to use the computer in the back. Not only is it broken, but now I don't know what the hell you did to it!" The man's entire head seemed to be turning crimson.


The woman whirled around and stared into the man's eyes. "Right. You have a crash, and I'm loading a virus? That makes a lot of sense."


She spun around again and stormed for the door. Just before she put her hand on the door, the man called out, "Davis!" She stopped, but did not turn. "If you walk out that door, don't bother coming back."


Without a second thought, she shoved the door open and walked out.


Face took a few steps forward and stared at the closing door. "Davis?"


They almost ran out of the video store, stopping outside the door to look up and down the street. BA pointed to the left end of the street. "There!"


Baracus ran toward her with the others trailing. Davis was straddling her Sportster 880, and was about to put the helmet on. The big man came to a skidding halt beside her bike. "Davis?"


She looked up into his brown eyes blankly. "I don't need this," she said angrily. She held the helmet just above her head.


Peck grabbed her arm and she hung the helmet back on the handlebar. "Davis, we need you."


She stared at him, and then at the others. There was hate in her eyes. "You never needed me before. Remember?"


Face's eyes closed with pain as he flashed back to the past . . .


It was 1977 and the team was outside of Peck's old orphanage. Hannibal looked at the one story building with the broken window frames, graffiti covered walls and broken plaster. "This place could use a little work."


Father Magill came running out of the building, frantically searching the trees and under the cars. He came up beside Smith. "Have you seen a seven-year-old girl?"


They shrugged and started looking. Suddenly there was a sound from the roof. The guys looked up in time to see a girl jump off the roof and land on Face, knocking him down. Before she could get away, Hannibal grabbed her by the arm and hauled her off the Lieutenant. She kicked Smith in the shin to get away, but he continued to hold on.


Father Magill leaned down so he was almost her height. "Now, Davis, you have to stop running away like that."


Hannibal turned the girl around to face him. "Davis Webster? This is Steve's daughter?"




1972, Hanoi. Four men ran from the National Bank of Hanoi. Face, BA and Steven Webster were almost neck and neck as they raced down the street. When he was sure all of his men were out, Hannibal brought up the rear. They all jumped into the jeep Peck had waiting.


They heard the sirens of the Vietnamese Soldiers' cars all around them. Warning shots fired into the air. None of the men seemed to notice and Smith kept driving.


Out of the corner of his eye, Face saw Steven slump in his seat. Peck leaned and covered the chest wound with his hand.


Steven rested a hand on his friend's arm. "I can't . . . I'm down . . . Don't stop . . . they'll get you."


Hannibal stopped the jeep. Face was trying to hold onto Steven, but he was using his weining strength to resist. "I'm not leaving you here!"


Smith and Baracus were turned in their seats now. "Come on, fool. Do what he says and let's go. Those suckers aren't gonna wait for us to start drivin' again."


Steven grabbed Face's collar with a bloodied fist and pulled him close. "Tem, promise . . . me sompthin."


Face looked fearfully into his friend's eyes. "No time. Ask me on the way."


Face turned to Hannibal to start moving again, but the Colonel just sat there. Steven coughed. "When . . . you get back . . . watch over . . . Davis for . . . me. You're . . . all she's . . . got."


With that, Steven closed his eyes and his body went limp.


"No!" Face screamed. The Vietnamese Soldiers were right on top of them with automatic weapons. Face did not care. He jumped out of the jeep and punched out the nearest officer.


Before the other officers could shoot him, BA grabbed Face and hugged him. Instead of fighting it, Face fell into his friend and cried.




It is now 1986 and Davis brought the Corvette to a screeching halt. "What a ride."


Peck peeled his fingers from the sides of the seat and patted her on the shoulder. "Next time we'll let BA bring you back. See what he thinks of the way you learned to drive."


Davis grabbed her bag from the back seat. She turned to Face. "You know, I'm outta here in a few months. Faceman, do you think Hannibal would let me stay with you guys all the time?" She grinned at him with a charming con artist smile. "I mean, I know what you guys do. I can drive getaway, con the unwanteds and maybe see Murdock for more than a few hours each time."


Face smiled at the kid. They had been taking her out of the orphanage everytime they finished a mission for the past nine years. Like clockwork, they would pick her up and drop off HM. Pick up Murdock and drop her off. Occasionally, she had even helped at the Westwood Vet's Hospital, pretending to be the pilot's relative or an aspiring med student.


"I don't know what he'll say, kid, but I'll ask him." Peck knew exactly what the Colonel would say, but he did not want to tell Davis. He looked into the brown eyes of the soon-to-be sixteen year old. He could picture Hannibal's reaction. "She's still too young. Maybe in a few years."


Amy and Tawnia had come and gone, but both had been in their twenties. Everyone loved Davis, and did not want to see her mixed up in their little war anymore than she had to be. So far, they had managed to keep her existance unknown to Decker, but if she was with them full time . . .


Davis hugged him and got out of the car. She waved behind her as she walked into the orphanage. "See ya in a few days, Face!"


He never returned to pick her up. Sometimes before he was supposed to, Stockwell located them. Before they knew it, the team was on it's way to Virginia, and Davis was left behind.




Murdock hugged Davis, who shrank away from him. "That was twelve years ago, honey. We would have contacted you if we could."


Davis looked up at him and got off her bike. She looked at each of them in turn. "You think that mini-apology makes up for it? Why are you here?" She looked around. "Where's Hannibal?"


Peck frowned. "He's missing." He looked soulfully into her eyes. "His place was trashed, and all that was left was a disk."


BA handed the disk to Davis. She turned it over in her hand. Sudden realization hit. "You don't need me, you need a hacker. I'm the only one you know. This thing is either encrypted or password-locked, and you need what's on it. As soon as I do that, you'll drop me."


HM put a hand on her shoulder. "Davy, we need you. If you figure this out, you can help us find Hannibal. That's what you've always wanted." The others nodded.


"Please, kid. We can't do it withoutcha." It was the first time BA had spoken since seeing her, and it was now evident why. He was so close to tears, that he feared speaking would bring them on.


Davis grinned. Murdock was right, this was all she had wanted since she met them. She thought about the first time she had met them, and how Peck had talked Father Magill into letting them take her when they were not on a case. "If you promise I can help you rescue Hannibal, I'll help."


They nodded and began walking back to BA's van. She left her bike and joined them.


They stood in front of the computer at Davis' apartment. It was a small, one-room place. None of the furniture pieces matched. There was a love seat, an arm chair, a straight back chair, and an old wooden coffee table with chunks missing, like it had been dropped too many times. The waterbed looked like it would burst at the seams any minute, and the desk was missing a drawer. The Aptiva looked out of place with its dual disk drives, CD Rom, speakers, microphone and 56K modem.


Davis clapped her hands together. "I'm in." In the top drive was Hannibal's disk, and in the bottom was her homemade encryption breaker. It looked like a disk, but there was a section board attached that stuck out of the drive.


"What was the password?" Peck asked, since it had taken her less than a minute to figure it out.


"Davis," she said. "Obviously, the only word no one would think of trying." Sarcasm dripped from her words.


There was only one file on the disk, titled Tommy Tillis. Davis opened it. Inside was a list of recent dates, times and names.


Murdock stared at the screen. "I don't get it. Crazy Tommy T was put away fifteen years ago. How could these dates be right?"


"The guy's been out for six months." They stared at Davis as she continued. "Something about early release for good behavior. The cops have been worried that he's started up again, but can't watch him without proof."


Murdock went to the fridge and removed a beer. He pulled the tab and took a sip before returning to his place behind Davis.


She rolled her eyes at him. "Oh please, help yourself. There's some milk in their too, BA."


Baracus got up and poured himself a glass. Face leaned into the computer and read the names. He pulled a cigar from his jacket and was about to light it.


Davis turned to him. "Outside with that." Peck shrugged and went out on the balcony. Davis copied the disk, then joined him.


She leaned on the railing next to him, and it creaked slightly. She took her weight off it, and shook her head. Face smiled. "Nice place."


"It's all right for cheap rent." She turned to him. "What happened to you guys?"


He had been dreading this question for the past twelve years. "We were caught by Stockwell a couple of days after I dropped you off . . ."


"I know all that. Father Magill told me about Stockwell. I mean, why didn't you contact me? Did you forget?"


Face chucked his cigar off the balcony and turned to face her. "No, never think that. Stockwell had us doing missions for him all over the world. He kept promising that after so many successful *suicide* missions, he would give us our pardons. We were waiting for that."


Davis stared at him, and then turned and looked out over the street. "But you guys quit working for Stockwell nine years ago. What about after that?"


Face put a hand on her shoulder and turned her back to face him. "We finally figured out that the missions were never going to end, and we were probably never gonna get out pardons anyway, so we took off one day. We got back to LA and Decker was after us again." He closed his eyes for a moment. "Hannibal thought it was too dangerous for you to be around us. We didn't know that Murdock knew where you were until a few hours ago."


She looked at him in disbelief. "Murdock knew?"


Before he could answer, BA's voice trailed out to the balcony. "If I hear one more thing about Hampton, I'm gonna throw you off that balcony. And you won't need no plane to fly, fool!"


Davis rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Same ol', same ol'."


They went back into the apartment before the Sergeant could carry out his threat. Davis went to the fridge and got herself, and Peck, a beer. She tossed one can to him and pulled the tab on hers. After taking a sip, she went over to Murdock. "Will you ever learn? One of these days he really will beat you senseless."


"Nah." HM shook his head and grinned. Until he caught the warning look he was getting from BA.


Face brought them all back on topic. "Well, what're we gonna do?"


Baracus looked at the database on the computer. "When's the next meeting?"


Davis slammed her beer can on the table, then sat in front of the computer. She raced the cursor around the screen and pressed a few keys. All of the entries, except one, disappeared from the screen. "Tomorrow at two."


"So?" The beer must have dulled Murdock's senses slightly, because he was usually pretty sharp.


She stared at him. "So, we just happen to be there to meet Mr Tillis and Mr . . ." She turned to the screen for a moment. "Sampson."


Murdock nodded, and Face grinned. He placed his hands on her shoulders from behind. "The kid is back."




At 2 p.m., Lloyd Sampson looked at his watch for the third time in ten minutes, as he stood at the front entrance of Santa Monica Pier. He looked up to see Tommy Tillis approaching him. "Nervous, Lloyd?"


Sampson's eyes darted around like squirrels, but he tried to sound calm. "N-n-no, sir. Why would I be?"


"I don't know, you tell me." Tommy stuck a cigarette in his mouth and used Sampson's jaw to light the match. The man cringed. "Ya know, this must be a nice place when it's open. Fun for the whole family. You have a family, dontcha, Lloyd?"


Sampson looked terrified. "Oh please, Tommy. Not my family. I'll get the business done."


Tommy grabbed Sampson by the throat. "Did I say you could call me Tommy? I don't remember doing so."


No, sir. You didn't," Sampson choked out.


At that moment, Davis jumped up from behind the ticket booth, waving her camcorder. "Beautiful. Got every single bit of it, even the bit about the family."


Tommy let go of Sampson and turned to his driver. "Get her, you fool!"


The driver made a few steps towards Davis, but was slammed to the ground. He turned to see that Face had tackled him. Not giving up that easily, he punched the Lieutenant in the chest.


Peck lost his breath and rolled off the driver, only to be replaced by Murdock. The pilot grabbed the driver by the arm, spun him around and punched him out.


Sampson, not wanting to get involved, took off down the strip. Tommy took a Beretta G out of his suit coat and shot at Davis. She ducked, but did not come back up.


BA ran at Tillis full on, but not before he could take another shot at the ticket booth. The gun was knocked out of his hand when Tommy hit the pavement.


Baracus grabbed Tillis by the collar and jerked his body to a sitting position. "Where did you take Hannibal, sucker?"


Murdock ran around the ticket booth, and brought the uninjured Davis back to BA and Face. They all gathered around Tommy.


Davis kicked him in the ribs. "Talk!"


Peck grabbed her and held her back. Tommy laughed. "Spunky."


"Yeah, and if you don't talk we'll sick her on you." Murdock was uncharacteristically furious.


Tommy coughed and laughed at the same time. "It doesn't matter if I tell you. It doesn't matter how much you know now."


Face was close to letting go of Davis, and letting her do what she wanted while BA held Tommy. "Where is he?"


Tillis grinned. "I spent fifteen years behind bars because of your boss. I had a nice operation going, and now I've had to build it up again. No thanks to cowards like Sampson."


Baracus had had enough. He released Tommy with his right hand, and backhanded the gangster across the face. "Where?"


Tommy shook his head. "In an empty warehouse, half a mile outside of the town in Death Valley."


The Sergeant let go of Tommy, and the man fell on his side in a heap. They began to walk away and Face let go of Davis. She spun around and kicked Tommy in the gut with all her strength. "That's for shooting at me."


BA put his arm across her shoulders and led her to the van.


The drive out to Death Valley took an hour. By the time they were in the desert, Davis was so anxious that her heels were tapping out the beat to a silent tune.


As they drove down the long desert strip, Face turned in his seat at the front. He looked at Davis, who stared at him with big glassy eyes. He doubted she was actually focussing on him. "Do you remember how to use an M16?"


Murdock looked at the nervous young woman sitting next to him, and then turned to Peck. "You can't be serious. She's in no condition to handle a firearm."


BA glared at HM in the rearview mirror. "She wanted in, and in means all the way, fool."


Murdock opened his mouth to protest, but Davis laid a hand on his arm. "It's okay." She turned to the Lieutenant and smiled. "I was taught by the best.


Face smiled back at her and nodded his appreciation. Murdock reached behind him and handed Davis the automatic rifle. She took it, checked the clip and slapped the stock. "I'm ready."


The pilot was still not happy about it, but smiled at her anyway. Peck looked out the front window and called back to Davis. "You're back-up only. We go in first and you stay outside. If everything is okay, you can come in after three minutes."


She nodded and laid the rifle by her feet. Staring out the front window, all Davis saw were the miles and miles of desert. She looked out the back window, and saw exactly the same sight behind them. "It can't be that far now."


Murdock grinned and saw his chance. "When will we get there? When will we get there? . . ."


BA slammed on the brakes and spun around in his seat. He faced HM with blazing eyes. "If you ever start that, fool, I'll throw you out here and you can walk."


The Captain stared glumly at his feet. "Sorry."


Davis just grinned. Even though she had not spent much time with Murdock when she was younger, she still knew all his tricks. She had heard from Hannibal and Face about Range Rider and the Golf Ball Liberation Army. She had even had first-hand contact with Billy, the amazing invisible dog. Davis always knew that if she were allowed to be a member of the A-Team, she definitely wanted to hang out with HM a lot more.


She always dreamed, or at least hoped, that one day Murdock would teach her how to fly. She could just see BA's reaction to that. "Aaw, Hannibal. Now we got two crazy fools."


All her thoughts about the pilot brought Davis back to the day when he finally told her about Steven. Murdock had not been quite ready to go back to the VA Hospital when they had picked up Davis, and Face had dropped them both off at Burger World.




Davis sat across from Murdock in the rerun of all fast-food joints. The place had flourescent lights that hurt the eyes, and tables that were glued together by unwanted gum from the last patrons. Murdock set the plastic tray on the table, and Davis grabbed her paper-wrapped burger. "You didn't have to buy. I have money, you know."


HM grinned at the twelve-year-old, female replica of Face. She had the same hair color, which had been lightened by the summer sun, and the same leather jacket. It was plainly obvious who was her favorite. "That's okay, Davy. I can't take it with me."


She bit into her burger, then rolled her eyes at the pilot. "Why is it, you're the only one that calls me that?"


He shrugged. "That's what your dad used to always call you."


Davis set her burger down on the paper and tooka sip of her pop. "What happened to him? How did it happen?"


He had always wondered why they never told her. He realized now that it was because no one wanted to be the one to do it. "I wasn't there. It was during the bank robbery. They were driving away and Steve was shot by the soldiers."


She just stared at her half eaten burger. "But . . ."


He reached over and tilted her head up, so she could see him. "You can't blame the guys for this. They tried to save him, but he was hurt too bad. Things like that happened."




"Big guy, Hampton would appreciate it if you didn't slam on his brakes that hard. How would you like it if someone stomped on your foot?" Murdock was at it again. Davis realized that they were driving down the highway again, and she had not been paying attention.


"How would you like it if I stomped on your head?" BA growled.


Peck was completely fed up with the two of them. "Murdock, stop antagonizing BA. And, BA, quit threatening Murdock. I just need some quiet concentration for a few minutes!"


Murdock and Davis stared at each other in disbelief. For as long as either of them had known the Lieutenant he had never barked orders. She leaned forward in her seat. "We're gonna find him, Face."


He sighed heavily and did his best to smile at her. "I know, kid. I'll just be glad when he's back in charge of this nut bar."


HM sat bolt upright in his seat, "Face!" Face spun around, as best he could with his seatbelt on, and glared at his friend. "I'm sorry. But I said quiet."


Murdock thrust his arm straight out and pointed out the front window. "There!"


They all turned to where Murdock was pointing. In the middle of the vast, flat desert was a warehouse.


BA yanked the warehouse door open. There was a mist of dust in the place, but nothing else. The building had been completely gutted. The three team members entered carrying AK-47's and AR-15's. They were ready.


Murdock traced the left wall, BA went along the right and Face took the centre. HM could not hold it in any longer and coughed. Peck turned to him and thrust a finger to his lips. The Captain shrugged.


The place was empty. They had almost made it to the back wall when Baracus called out. "Over here!"


They raced over to where the Sergeant stood. On the floor was a body with a canvas sack covering the head. Murdock shuddered as BA knelt down and removed the sack.


They stared in horror at Hannibal's pale face. Marks around his neck indicated that he had been strangled. Baracus put two shaky fingers against the Colonel's neck, then stood slowly. "He's dead."


HM gagged and bent over, putting his hands on his knees. The big Sergeant went over and put an arm around his friend. Murdock's body started shaking and BA helped him to the ground. Face was about to sit when he heard running feet coming towards them.


BA and Face whirled around and cocked their guns. Peck realized that it was Davis and jumped up and ran to her, turning her around so she would not see.


It was too late. She had read the look in his eyes. No matter how good a con artist he was, he could not hide his feelings. "No. It's not possible. It can't be true."


Face put his arms around her, and tried to hold her close. She wiggled away from him and went over to Hannibal. She knelt down next to his body and hugged him as hard as she could. As if she could keep his soul from escaping. The Lieutenant came up behind her. "There's nothing we can do."


Davis stood up, pulled the disk out of her pocket and threw it with all of her might. The disk hit the wall and smashed into several pieces. "First dad and now . . ."


She could not even finish her sentence. She fell to her knees. Face sat next to her, and she crumpled into his embrace.


They all wept.




Father Magill shook their hands in turn, then headed back into the church. It was a small yard, for a small church. The caretaker had been there recently, and the grass inside the low, stone fence was evenly cut. The oak tree in the back corner was leaning towards the fence, and the branches were turned down. The lone headstone in the centre of the yard was lit by the sun, and the inscription was easy to read:


"I love it when a plan comes together"


There was nothing else marked on the granite slab, no name or date depicting the owner.


Murdock placed flowers in front of the stone, then went back to stand beside Davis. "This isn't right," she sniffed. "He deserves better than this."


HM put an arm around her. "He'll get it. As soon as we're cleared, he'll be moved to Arlington where he belongs."


Peck wiped his eyes and started for the front road, the rest followed. He stopped in front of the church and turned to face them. "I think we should continue to do what we've been doing. It's the best idea, and that's what the Colonel would want."


They nodded. "At least we don't have to worry about Tillis anymore," Davis shrugged.


Face looked at her. "What happened to him anyway?"


She smiled. "When you guys dropped me off at my place, I sent an anonymous e-mail to the County Sheriff. I sent them a copy of everything that was on Hannibal's disk. They picked him up and put him away."


BA grinned at the woman, and pulled a small black pager out of his pocket. "Faceman had a good idea then."


She took the pager from BA. "What's this?"


HM smirked. "It's a pager."


Davis elbowed him gently in the ribs. "I can see that."


"We've been talking, and think it's a good idea if you're on the team. Who knows when we'll need someone with your talents. We're the only ones with the number." Face put a hand on her shoulder. "Did you take care of that number we talked about?"


Davis looked at each of them. "The military knows nothing of what happened the last few days. As far as Decker knows, Hannibal's still . . . in charge."


Face wrapped his arms around her and squeezed. HM tapped him on the shoulder. "He might not know what happened, but someone told laughing boy where we were."


Peck looked up the highway. A few miles away, three MP cars were heading in their direction. "Terrific." He let go of Davis. "We have to go now, kid."


She hugged the others, then turned to walk to her bike. A few paces away she stopped and turned around. "What?" she asked.


The guys looked at each other and shrugged. Davis knelt down and put her arms around the neck of the invisible dog. "Sorry, Billy."


Murdock grinned and whooped. She grinned at him, then walked to her bike. She climbed on, and gave a wave to the van. "Later, Hampton."


Baracus growled. "Another one corrupted by the crazy fool."


BA's scowl turned into a grin when Davis waved to the Viper. "See ya, Clara."


The Lieutenant's mouth dropped open. "Clara?"


As she rode down the highway in the direction of the oncoming MP cars, Face turned to the others. "Let's go."


They gave one last look at Hannibal's grave, then headed for their vehicles. BA got into his van, and Face and Murdock jumped into the sports car. They were long gone by the time the MP cars passed the church.





M.I.A. - Missing in America by Kamikaze



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