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The Case of the Misplaced Heart

The Case of the Misplaced Heart

By Kamikaze


Rating: R

Disclaimer: A-Team owned by Stephen J Cannell Productions. Davis Webster owned by me.

Summary: Will the case the team is on endanger Face and Davis' relationship?

Warning: This is the third installment to the, what seems to be building into, Davis included season for the series. The first two, in order, are "MIA: Missing In America" and "A Question of Relationship". This story contains passionate kissing and suggested sex. Do not fear, none of it is graphic or described in detail. However, there is some detailed violence. Reader beware.

Feedback: Please. As always, I'm trying to gradually answer everyone's questions, and work their suggestions into the stories. Your comments, questions and suggestions are much appreciated, and keep me writing these stories.




Part 1




Templeton Peck rolled over, and groped around the nightstand for the torturous device that had woken him up. He picked up the receiver, and groaned, "Hello?"


"Face?" His eyes popped open. He tried to sit up, realizing his arm was pinned. BA Baracus was the last person he expected to be calling him here. It dawned on him that the Sergeant had not actually been phoning him. Face looked down at the woman beside him, and smiled.


"Uh, yeah, BA. Davis' still asleep. I'll get her to call you when she gets up."


He heard the familiar growl on the other end. "Make sure she does." With that BA hung up.


Peck replaced the receiver and rolled over, putting his arms around the sleeping Davis. It was just two weeks ago that they had professed their love on the beach. The time since then had been spent holding hands, talking, having intimate dinners, dancing, loving embraces and chaste kisses.




Last night had started out like their usual dates. Dinner and dancing at Andre's, one of the classier establishments in Ventura. Face drove Davis home, and they did their good night ritual. Hugging and kissing until someone pulled away, a little too excited and afraid of what might happen.


She surprised him when she looked into his eyes, and asked, "Want to come up?"


He smiled at her. "Are you sure?" he asked. She nodded, and they went up to her apartment.


Peck found himself uncharacteristically nervous. *Relax,* he chided himself. *Whatever happens, happens.* He took off his sport jacket, and sat on the couch. Looking around he shook his head, it always amazed him that Davis could stand to live in a place like this.


She smiled at him. "I know. I keep meaning to clean, but it never gets done." She went into the kitchen area. "Want some coffee?"


"Sure, please." He watched her fill the kettle and spoon the coffee into the cups. *I must still be in shock,* he thought. It seemed like every time he looked at her, she was more attractive.


Davis brought the coffee over, handed Face his, and sat down beside him. "Black, two sugars." She shook her head. "Can't understand how you can drink it like that. I can't take anything less than four sugars and two creams."


"That wouldn't even taste like coffee."


She grinned. "I know, but you're talking to someone who can't even stand the stuff."


Face smiled at this, he knew. Every time they went out, or she came over to where he was staying, she would either have tea, - made the same way for the same reason - or soda, or wine. Even when she was younger, Davis had hated the hot drinks. "Then why drink it at all?" he asked.


She shrugged. "I get sick of Coke and Gatorade after a while." She put her mug on the coffee table. "I didn't bring you up here to talk about beverages."


"I should hope not." Face also put his mug down. He thought for a minute. "I have to ask. What took you so long to, um, tell me?"


Davis broke eye contact, and watched her legs cross on the couch cushions, as she sat completely facing him. She knew he would eventually ask this question, and also dreaded it. "The best explanation is probably what happened on Christmas Eve." She looked into his blue eyes. "Do you remember?"


How could he forget?




Murdock had over decorated, as usual. His excuse this time, was that it was Davis' first Christmas back. There was a Christmas tree in the corner, which seemed to take up half the living room. Holly and wreathes hung from every nail the Captain had put in the wall, before BA grabbed the hammer and threatened to use it on the *crazy fool*. Lastly, there was mistletoe hanging in all the doorways, including the front and back entrances.


The Lieutenant had put himself in charge of groceries. He feared that either Murdock would buy nothing but pumpkin pie, or BA would buy too much egg nog. Taking Davis to help carry, they went to the grocery store.


Returning thirty minutes later, with arms filled to overflowing. They entered the house to find the Sergeant trying to choke Murdock with a wreath. Instead of interrupting, or trying to break it up, they headed straight for the kitchen. Much to the horror of the poor strangled pilot.


Peck pulled various purchases out of the paper bags and handed them to Davis, who put them in the refrigerator or cupboards. They heard the door slam, and saw Murdock zip past the kitchen window closely pursued by a *big, angry guy*. They stared at each other, shrugged, and went back to the task at hand.


About forty items had been passed to her, when Davis reached behind herself to be passed the next item. Instead Face grabbed her hand, and pulled her gently into the kitchen doorway. She looked up into his eyes, which were now very dark blue. He smiled warmly at her, and pointed above their heads at the mistletoe. Without saying a word, Face wrapped his arms around her, bent down, and kissed her. Davis closed her eyes, and returned the kiss. It was the most passionate gesture either of them had ever felt.




Peck looked at her now. She was leaning her back against the arm rest, and her legs were crossed. "That pushed you away?" he asked, unable to comprehend.


Davis looked into his eyes, noting the confusion. "I had finally convinced myself, that kisses like that, and a relationship with you, were out of the question. That I was happy just being friends."


He slid down the couch towards her. "So, I messed up your entire image of us. You got confused, and ran, scared."


She nodded. "I guess the reason you never mentioned anything was because of the reaction I gave you. I'm sorry."


Face put his arms around her. "Ssssh. That's behind us. Let's just think about what we have now." He looked into her dark brown eyes. God, he loved her. Lowering his head, he kissed her. They kissed with a passion that rivaled, and surpassed, that of the Christmas Eve kiss.




Peck was pulled out of his reverie, as he felt Davis roll over in his arms. He smiled at her as she opened her eyes. "Good morning, sleepy head."


"Morning, baby." She yawned, and snuggled into him. "Oh, good. Last night wasn't a dream."


Face's smile widened as he thought of how they had made love the night before. It had been very gentle and intimate.


"Why don't you jump in the shower, while I make breakfast," he suggested.


He kissed her, and got out of bed. "Tem?" He turned back. "Love ya, baby."


Face smiled at her. "Hurry up, hon. I gotta get in there too." With that he went out to the kitchen.



Part 2


Davis came out of the bedroom, silently. She walked slowly up behind Face. She was startled when he spun around, grabbed her by the hips, and kissed her. He smiled at her. "You'll never do it, ya know."


Davis slapped his arm. "That's the trouble with having a Green Beret for a boyfriend. They take all the fun out of things."


Peck frowned in mock shame. "Not all things, I hope."


She grinned at him. "Not all."


Face picked up the plates of bacon and eggs. Bringing them over to the table where she was sitting, he remembered. "Oh, yeah. BA phoned earlier. He wants you to call when you get up."


Davis grinned at the thought of the Sergeant's phoning her, and getting Peck instead. "That must have been interesting."


She got up and started hunting for the cordless phone. After watching her pick up magazines and cushions - looking behind the computer, couch, and under the coffee table - Face whistled. She looked up and saw that he was holding the phone. "Looking for this, hon?"


Davis grabbed the device from his hand, and poked him in the ribs with the antenna. She dialed the number and waited. "Hey, BA . . . Um, yeah, he stayed . . ." Face grinned. ". . . No, I don't have a paper..." She looked at Peck, but he shook his head. ". . . A possible case? . . . 555-7583? . . . Okay, we'll be there."


She hung up and stared at the phone. "Carter?"


The Lieutenant looked up. "What is it?"


Davis turned and met his eyes. "He said there's an ad in the classifieds, looking for the team. It's legit, because I recognize the number. I just don't know if you're gonna want to take the case."


Face was concerned. They always took personal cases. "You know this guy?"


Davis nodded. "Jay Carter. He's an Englishman I met about six years ago. He's a good hacker." Seeing the question in his eyes. "No, we weren't involved. If he's in trouble though, you can be sure it's something big."


Peck took her hand, and pulled her into the seat beside him. "Well, then, hurry up. We'll head for the house as soon as we're finished."




The A-Team sat around the living room, discussing the new case. For the past five minutes, Murdock had been staring at Davis. Finally she could not stand it, and turned to him. "What, Murdock? Is my hair on backwards? What?"


The pilot grabbed her chin, tilting her head to study her features from different angles. "I thought so!" he beamed. "You got lucky last night."


Both Davis and Face turned red. When Peck recovered, he said, "Okay. We know this guy's a hacker, and he's in a lot of trouble. Davis, has he been in trouble before?"


She shook her head. "Not like this. He's no amateur, he knows the rules. He doesn't hack over state lines, and I sold him an anti-spike I built. I don't think this is because he hacked somebody's computer, and pissed them off."


The Lieutenant thought for a minute. "Right. Let's meet this Carter guy, and answer some questions." He picked up the phone and dialed.




"Davis?" Jay Carter could not believe his eyes. He had tried to call her earlier, but only got her voice mail. Now, he knew why. Davis a member of the A-Team? He shook his head.


Leaving Face's side, she crossed the deserted dock and hugged him. "How ya bin, English? Nice hair cut."


Carter grinned at her. "Yeah, I got sick of always having to tie it back." He let go of her, when he caught the look in Peck's eyes.


Murdock extended a hand to Carter. In his best upper class English accent, "Good to meet a fellow Brit."


Jay smiled. Before he could shake HM's hand, BA grabbed the back of the Captain's jacket and yanked. "You ain't English, fool. You don't even speak English half t' time."


Murdock stared at Baracus, indignantly. "Par la vous Francais?"


Before the Sergeant could get his hands around HM's throat, Face stepped between them. "What's the story, Carter?"


Jay nodded, and started in. "Well, everything began about a week ago. A friend asked me to check out a program he got from these guys. He had thought he was buying a game, and ended up with a database for an expense account. Anyway, I don't have to tell you these guys what the disk back."


"Who is it?" Davis asked, nervousness in her voice.


Jay smiled at her. "It's Jim."


Face noticed the emotions playing across her face, at Jay's mention of his friend's name. He was going to ask her about it, but decided to wait. "Where's the disk now?"


Carter looked around the dock, and then pulled a CD Rom from inside his jacket. "I thought you might want to take a look at it. But let me warn you, everyone who's seen this is now on their hit list."


The Lieutenant took the disk and handed it to Davis, who stuck it in her jacket. "That's okay. It's nice to be wanted."




They got back to the house, leaving Jay, and telling him they would meet him tomorrow morning. They had stopped off at Davis' to grab her computer and equipment. Now, she was setting it up on the kitchen table.


Murdock and BA left to get the Chinese food. After locking the door, Face returned to the kitchen to help Davis. She turned the machine on, and sat down in front of it. Peck grabbed two Coke's from the fridge, and sat down beside her. "What are you trying to do? Rival Speedy Gonzales?"


She smiled at him, and took a sip of Coke. "If there was an Olympic event for setting up electronics, I could easily place."


Sliding the disk into the drive, she waited for it to load. The con man stared at her for a second. "Who is this other guy Carter mentioned? Jim?"


The same emotions showed on Davis' face again. She looked over at him. "Just somebody I used to know."


He nodded, but he was not about to let her off that easy. "Did you know him well?"


Anger was in her eyes. "You could say that." Davis hit the return key a few times, in frustration. "Just drop it, okay?"


Face was becoming annoyed at her evasiveness. "Don't you think we have a right to know everything we can about these guys? Is he an okay guy? How well did you know him?"


Davis slammed her fists down on the table, jostling the cans. "I was married to him, alright. I thought I knew him well enough to be with him." Shock played over the Lieutenant's eyes, but she did not seem to notice. "I was wrong. It lasted less than a month. Anything else you want to know? How many times we had sex?"


"Davis, I-"


"Just forget it!" She jumped up, and ran up the stairs.



Part 3


Murdock and BA came back with the take out, to find Face in front of the computer. HM dropped his bag on the counter. "Where's Davis?"

Peck looked at him. "Upstairs. Unless she left."

The Captain and Sergeant exchanged a glance. *What happened,* they wondered. BA stared down at Face. "She okay?"

Peck met his eyes in anger. "I don't know. She's not talking to me."

The pilot stood beside the con man. "What happened, Muchacho?"

Face jumped up, and glared at him. "Do you really want to start this?"

Murdock stepped back, he shook his head. Rubbing his stomach, he remembered the last time he and his best friend had started a conversation about Davis. Peck had apologized profusely for pounding on him. He would not stand for it, he had gotten a couple of good shots in himself. Everything had been back to normal between them by the next day. Well, as *normal* as it was before.

Deciding space was the best thing for Peck, the Captain went upstairs in search of Davis.


HM found Davis lying on the bed, in Face's room. She was lying on her back, with a pillow over her head. Bouncing on the bed, Murdock shouted, "You're gonna suffocate, little one!"

Davis reached up, and flung the pillow against the wall. She sat up, and pulled at the collars of her shirts to prevent choking.

Her fashion for this week was a T-shirt worn over a long sleeved shirt, sporting khaki pants. The pilot smiled, noting that they were miniature versions of his own pants. Since she had returned her styles had changed, and gradually she had started copying his sense of fashion. He laughed when he pictured her rummaging through his suitcase, and finally pulling out an Underdog T-shirt. *She could wear it as a dress,* he thought.

Davis stretched, and looked at HM sitting beside her. "What's Face doin'?"

Murdock smiled. At least it was not as bad as he thought, she was asking about him. "Sitting in front of the computer, moping. What happened while we were out?"

She lay out on her stomach, her left elbow almost touching his leg. "He bugged me, until I told him I was married to Jim. The guy Carter was talking about."

The Captain's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Married?"

Davis rolled her eyes, and rolled onto her back away from him. "Not you too," she groaned. "It was two years ago, and I'd rather forget about it."

Murdock put his hand on her hip, and slid her over to him. A task made easier by the silk sheets. "Okay, but how did you tell Faceguy? Did you just blurt it out?"

She looked into his eyes, brown meeting brown. It surprised her whenever HM showed his wisdom. It just never seemed to fit his image. "I was angry." She waved her hands around. "I know, I know. Go apologize."

The pilot smiled at her. "Shall we go down and eat?"

Davis rolled on her stomach again. Putting her head in her hands, she whined, "Aw, Murdock, I don't wanna. I think I'll stay up here and starve. Call me when you're ready to check the disk."

Without warning, HM wrapped an arm around her waist, and stood up. He proceeded to carry a giggling Davis down the stairs, folded over his arm like a blanket.


They ate their Chinese take out in silence. The tension was thick enough to cut with chopsticks. Davis helped Murdock clear the table, and then disappeared out the back door. Murdock noticed Face watching her out the window above the sink. The pilot grabbed two beers out of the fridge, and handed them to Peck, tilting his head in the direction of the door.

The Lieutenant nodded, took the beers off him, and headed out the door. He tried to sneak up behind her, but was disappointed when she said, "Either you're slipping, or I'm getting better at this."

Davis met his eyes as he handed her a beer, and sat down next to her on the step. "I'm sorry, hon. I shouldn't of pried before."

She took a swallow of the cold brew. "You know, we might as well kiss this whole relationship good-bye, if all we end up doing it apologizing every five minutes." She looked into his eyes, and squeezed his arm. "How about we make a pact to only apologize when it's absolutely necessary?"

Face leaned over and kissed her. They heard Murdock giggling as he closed the door. Peck tried to get up, but Davis pulled him back down. "Leave him."

He looked into her eyes. "Did you want to talk about it?"

She shook her head. "Not really."

The con man put an arm around her, and poked her ribs to make her smile. She leaned into him, and they sat like that finishing their beers.


Everyone was huddled in front of the computer, as Davis did her magic and got the password. Carter was right, it was an expense database file. "Holy crap!" Davis said, as she realized exactly what it was.

"Am I looking at what I think I'm looking at?" Murdock asked.

"If you think you're looking at a series of drug deal transactions, then yes," Peck replied. "Any idea who owns them, h . . . Davis?"

This sent another fit of giggles through the Captain. For which he got a shot in the ribs, by Davis. Face grinned sarcastically at her. "Leave him alone."

"Yeah," chimed the pilot.

Davis played around with the keyboard and mouse for a few seconds. "Damn."

BA growled, "Hey."

She looked up. "Sorry. You guys aren't gonna like this. This database is of the expense records for one Richard Bergini."

Murdock pointed at the screen. "Isn't that the guy who owns . . ."

". . . Los Angeles," the Lieutenant finished for him, frowning. "he's the biggest Don this country's seen since Capone." He did not like this one bit. He could almost feel this case swallowing them whole. "Who's he partnering with?"

Davis hit a few more keys, and her own frown deepened. "Gary Dordano . . . the Nightcrawler of New York."

Baracus punched his fist into the back of an empty chair. "East meets West, and your friend's caught in da middle."

Part 4


They met a very agitated Carter on the dock. He was pacing back and forth as they drove up.


Murdock jumped out of the van. "What's up, bloke?"


Jay jumped. He stared at each of them. "Where were you? I thought they got you too."


Face stared at him. "What do you mean too?"


Carter glared at Peck, there was accusation in his eyes. "They got Jim. They're coming after me. What the bloody hell are you going to do?"


The Lieutenant stepped up to him. Calmly, but sternly he said, "Whatever it takes."


The other three noticed that the two men were standing a little too close. BA went up to them. "Any idea where they took him?"


The Englishman addressed Baracus, without taking his eyes off of Peck. "They work out of a warehouse in Van Nuys."


"Okay, then," Davis said, pulling Face's arm. "We go check it out."




The van was parked outside the warehouse. When the last of the cars pulled out of the driveway, the team, armed with machine guns, got out of the van. Slowly, and cautiously, they made their way to the building. They tried the door, but it was locked. Murdock stood watch at one corner of the building, BA stood watch at the other corner. Face and Davis went to the centre of the wall. Peck jumped up on the garbage bin, while Davis stayed beside it, guarding him.


He looked in the window and winced. Crouching down, he tapped Davis on the shoulder. Motioning for her, she climbed up onto the bin. Face shouldered her gun, put his hands on her hips, and lifted her up to the window. She nodded, and he put her down. "Now what, boss?"


Peck whistled, and Baracus and Murdock came to the bin. They jumped up, and looked inside.


Everyone turned to the Lieutenant, and he said, "Okay, here's the plan . . ."




The inside of the warehouse was filled with wooden crates, presumably carrying drugs and weapons. Davis handed her gun to Face, and everyone fanned out. Davis walked straight down the middle aisle. She stopped in front of the guards.


She was glad they had stopped at the house before coming here. Davis had changed into tight jeans and a huggy boustier. When she said "Hello", the three guards were very distracted. Pretending not to notice their weapons, she continued in a sultry voice. "Um, my car broke down outside your gate. I was wondering if one of you big, strong men would be able to help me."


Face smiled from his hiding place. This was a side of Davis he only saw during scams. Not that he would mind seeing it other times, but he also knew this was a fake persona he was watching. He started wondering if she would ever wear an outfit like that for him. *Snap out of it. You're supposed to be working here,* he chided himself.


All three guards jumped up at once, eager to help. They glanced at each other with a look that read, *She's small. What's she going to do against the three of us?*


"Oh, you're all so kind. And *so* big," she said, in the same sexy voice. It was all Davis could do to stop herself from laughing hysterically. *Big, tough gangsters, and you're following me like sheep,* she thought, as she flashed them a seductive smile.


They followed Davis into the centre of the warehouse. Their guns were forgotten, as their minds were being ruled by other body parts. She stopped, and turned around.


"Oh, by the way." Her voice had returned to normal. "I'm not alone."


Face, Murdock and BA came out of hiding at that point. "Honey, is this slime bothering you?" Peck asked, as he tossed Davis her weapon.


She smiled at the gangsters. "Oh, no. Scuz never bothers me."


"Okay, first we release the prisoners," Murdock said. He was pointing his gun at one of the mobsters. "Then you climb in the cage. Three chumps in a cage . . . Oh, I meant chimps."


The guy HM seemed to be addressing walked right up to the Captain. "I don't think so. I think we'll put you in there."


BA scoffed. "You and what army, sucker?"


The other two guards stepped in front of Baracus and Peck. The one in front of the Sergeant nodded. "Them."


The team turned in time to see three news guys, one behind each of them. Everyone was silent, until Murdock winked at the guy in front of him. Then all hell broke loose.


The man swung at HM, who ducked, causing the punch to connect with the face of the guy behind him. The guy in front of BA punched him in the stomach. When BA just stood there, the guy got scared. He had no time to react before the big man grabbed him, and threw him into a pile of crates. Face was trading punches with one gangster, when another came up behind him and pinned his arms back. After the guy in front of Peck got in a few good punches, Davis jumped on his back, sending them both to the ground. The con man got himself loose, turned around, and punched out the other thug. Davis and Face grinned at each other, before going after some more guys.


Murdock came running up, and body-checked a guy into a crate. "Two minutes for smuggling," he called before heading for someone else.


Suddenly a voice boomed, "Stop, or she's dead!"


Murdock, Baracus and Peck all turned. Richard Bergini stood in the centre of the melee, holding an automatic pistol to Davis' head.


Face pulled his gun from his waist, in a reflex action. The arm Bergini had around Davis' shoulders tightened, and he cocked his gun. "Go ahead, Sport. Are you fast enough?"


Davis looked into Peck's eyes. "Do it. Soak him."


Murdock stared at the Lieutenant. "Face?" He was relieved when the younger man dropped his weapon.


Davis buried Peck with her gaze. He could feel her disappointment, but he would never risk her life. His own gaze dropped to her waist. Davis was carefully pulling something from her pocket, without Bergini noticing.


She got the switchblade in her hand. Face pleaded, "Davis, no."


Bergini looked down, over her shoulder, in time to see the blade flick out. he reached down with the hand that was around her shoulders, and squeezed her wrist. She dropped the knife. He turned her around. "Oh, I don't think so, sweetheart."


In one swift move, Bergini smashed the handle of his gun across her face. She fell unconscious on the floor.


All three members of the team tried to lunge at him, but were pulled back by two henchmen each. Bergini walked up to Face. "Where's the disk?" The Lieutenant spit in his face, and got back-handed for his troubles.


"What should we do with 'em?" one henchman asked.


Bergini thought for a second. "Throw them in with the other one. If they don't remember in an hour . . . kill them all."



Part 5


The A-Team was locked in the 10x10 foot cell, with Jim. Davis was laid out on the cot, against the wall. Face was sitting on the edge of the cot, stroking Davis' hair. "Come on, Davis," he whispered. "Wake up, hon."


Davis did not stir, so Peck leaned down close to her ear. "Come on, he didn't hit you that hard," he taunted. "What are you? A wuss?"


Her hand shot out and grabbed him by the collar, as she opened her eyes. She smiled at him. "Whatever happened to that rule that states, 'Lovers can't call each other wusses'?"


BA and Murdock grinned at each other. "Lovers?" they asked in unison. Face blushed, and smiled at her. Davis sat up, and grabbed her head when the pain shot through it.


Jim, who had been quiet since the botched rescue attempt, was leaning against the wall. He sneered at his new cell-mate. "You poor guy."


Peck spun around, and glared at him. "What?"


Jim's smug expression deepened. "The famous A-Team brought to their knees by a slut."


The Lieutenant jumped up, lunged at Jim, and pinned him to the wall. Face's eyes were blazing, icy blue. "You've got five seconds to apologize," he threatened.


Jim sneered at him. "So, got you wrapped around her finger, eh? What? Has she got a leash tied to your dick?"


Peck punched the man in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. "Funny," he seethed. "That didn't sound like an apology."


Recovering quickly, Jim stared into the Lieutenant's glare. The smaller man seemed to be daring him to do something. Not wanting to disappoint his new fellow prisoner, Jim punched him in the kidney.


In a second, the men went at it. Punching, kicking, and head-butting each other, neither one gave an inch to the other. They were rolling around on the floor in seconds. Even though Face had just been fighting with the gangsters, he was still able to give Jim everything he had.


Murdock and BA watched the fight, not getting involved. Davis was not about to stop Peck from pounding the hell out of Jim. The other man deserved every shot he suffered. Besides, they all knew the Lieutenant was having too much fun.


Jim howled, as his opponent connected a fist with his nose. Blood streamed from the bridge, it was evidently broken. Jim suddenly stopped attacking, but Face was too wired to notice.


No one had heard the guards shouting. When they opened the cell door to break up the fight, the Captain and Sergeant overtook them. Davis jumped up, forgetting her pain, and pulled on Peck's shoulder.


"Come on, let's go."


The Lieutenant punched Jim out, and got up. BA slung the unconscious man over his shoulder. They left the warehouse, and got in the van.




Everyone was sitting in Carter's house, discussing what to do next. Every time Jim opened his mouth, he got a warning glance from Face, and shut it again. Davis smiled at this, finally someone who intimidated Jim enough to shut him up. She looked around her. "So, our element of surprise is gone. They know who we are."


BA nodded. "A plan," Murdock stated.


"Yeah?" Face asked, enthusiastically.


Murdock nodded. "That's what we need. A plan."


Davis grabbed a couch cushion from behind her head, and smacked HM in the face with it. "What about the good old, fool proof plan?" she suggested.


Baracus snickered. "Guess that means we hafta leave crazyman home."


Peck frowned. "You're talking front door, right?" Davis nodded. "I hate front door."


Davis looked at him. "I know, but it's the best idea."


Jim could not stay quiet any longer. "You might want to leave her home. She just might get you all killed this time."


Three sets of eyes glared at him, menacingly. The other two stayed quiet, allowing the Lieutenant to comment. "You want the rest of your face to match your nose?" he threatened.


"You couldn't do it last time," Jim said, daring Peck. Both men stood up, and eyed each other. The tension, and impending violence, could be felt by the other four.


Carter stood up. "Outside, if you're going to brawl. I kinda like my decore the way it is."


Face nodded towards the door, never taking his eyes off of Jim. The other nodded, and they headed outside. Davis jumped up. "Tem."


Murdock put a hand on her arm. "Davy, let him go."


"Yeah, but . . ."


The Captain wrapped his fingers around her arm, and pulled her onto the couch. "Faceguy needs to do this."


Jay looked at her. "Are you worried about your friend Face? Or Jim?"


Davis turned a blazing glare on Carter. He realized he had said the wrong thing. She was about to retaliate, but HM spoke first. "Don't ask stupid questions," he seethed.




Face and Jim stood a few feet apart, in the backyard. They were both in defensive crouches, and circling each other. The blaze of their blue eyes dared the other to make the first move.


Peck decided to try talking with him. "What's your problem, anyway?"


Jim glared at him. "That little bitch left me. She'll get sick of you, ya know."


"Oh, I dunno," the Lieutenant said. "We've been together for ten years."


"So," Jim said. "You're the reason she left. I knew there was someone else, but I didn't realize he was old enough to be her father."


Face leaped forward, and tackled Jim. They landed on the ground, with Peck on top. He took advantage of his position, and rabbit punched Jim's gut. The other man threw a right cross at Face's jaw, and lifted his hips at the same time. The smaller man was thrown off, but his legs were wrapped around Jim's legs. There was a soft crack, and Jim swore. Whatever made the sound was not too bad. He immediately jumped on the Lieutenant, and sent a series of blows into the con man's face.


Peck grabbed Jim's arms, thrusting his lower body, he flung the man over his head. He rolled over and jumped up. Jim was already on his feet. They were about to charge at each other, when they heard, "STOP!!!"


They looked up at the back door. Murdock and Carter were running towards them. "She's gone!" they shouted, in unison.


"What?" Face asked, heading for the house.


Jay ran up to him. "We were watching the two of you, and she slipped out the front door."


HM entered the house with them. "Where would she go, Face?"


Peck shook his head. "There are too many places, Murdock. You and BA take the van. Carter, you and Jim take your car. I'll take mine. We meet back here in two hours."




Each of the three parties combed different areas of the city. Checking the beaches, bars, and even the arcades. They called friends, who had not seen or heard from her. They searched coffee shops, parks, and abandoned lots. Face broke into Davis' apartment, and even checked her email and voice mail.


He was the last to arrive back at the house. Peck met four very grave expressions. They knew he had not found her. "Anything?" he asked, already knowing the answer.


Everyone turned to Jay, and he pressed play on his answering machine. As Face heard the message, he slumped down in a chair. It was all he could do to hold himself together.


Richard Bergini spoke slowly, and deliberately. "We have the girl. Bring the disk to the warehouse at 3 a.m. Or we kill her. If we haven't already."



Part 6


The warehouse was dark, except for a few overhead flourescents. Face, Murdock and BA entered the building. They had left Carter and Jim back at the house. Peck was grateful there had been no argument, from *either* of them.


They walked down the centre aisle. As they came to the clearing, they were sickened by what they saw. Davis was hanging a few inches off the ground, by her wrists. There were bruises, cuts, and gashes all over her body. She seemed to be mercifully unconscious at the moment. The Lieutenant noticed the limp way one of her legs was hanging, her hip had been wrenched from its socket.


Richard Bergini stepped in front of them, he was holding an Uzi. Face had to control himself, he wanted to break every bone in the slimeball's body before killing him. A glance at Baracus and Murdock told him they were thinking the same thing.


Bergini grinned maliciously at them. "I thought you'd enjoy my artistic talent."


All three men lunged forward, but stopped when they heard several automatic weapons being cocked. They were no good to her dead. Each man was frisked, and the Don was tossed the disk Peck had in his jacket.


"You have what you want. Let her go." The Lieutenant was barely controlling himself.


Bergini nodded. "Cut her down, Tony."


Tony cut the rope over Davis' head, and she fell to the ground. Bergini and his men left the warehouse.


Face ran to Davis, and checked her out. She was just unconscious. He picked her up, and carried her out the back way.



Part 7


Two Months Later

Carter had phoned the police twenty minutes after the team left. When Bergini and his henchmen walked out of the building, they were picked up. The Don was charged with smuggling of narcotics and illegal firearms, with intent to sell. As well as two counts of kidnapping. He was also charged with the attempted murder of Davis Webster.

Davis was lying on the couch, flipping through channels. She had spent the better part of the time, since her rescue, in the hospital. She turned the television off, and rolled over to fall asleep.

She felt a gentle touch turning her back around. Opening her eyes, Davis saw Face sitting beside her. He smiled. "How ya feelin'?"

She returned the smile. "Not bad. Just tired."

Peck thought for a minute. *How do I tell her, without pissing her off?* he wondered. He decided anywhere was a good place to start. "Davis, we've been talking a lot since . . . you know, and we think it might be a good idea if you take off for a while."

Davis sat bolt upright. Had she heard him right? Were they sending her away again? "You can't be serious, Face. Why?"

Face stared at her. *I can't let her get hurt again,* he thought. He took both her hands in his. "It's too dangerous. I wasn't thinking about that, when I let you join us."

Anger blazed in Davis' eyes. She wrenched her hands from his. "I knew the stakes when I took the pager. Just because you can't handle it, doesn't mean you can push me away. I'm stronger than Amy or Tawnia. They couldn't hack it. I'll be case worthy in a few days."

Peck saw the tears in her eyes, and wrapped his arms around her. Pulling her close, he rocked back and forth. "I know. I just . . . I nearly went out of my mind, when I saw you hanging there. If I hadn't of been a prick, and hadn't of been knocking Jim's head off . . ."

Davis' grip on Face tightened. "Ssssh. No. It's not your fault," she consoled. "And if defending me, and caring, makes you a prick, then you damn well better be a prick all the time."

Peck smiled at this. He let go of her body, only to cup his hands around her face. "That's one way of putting it," he said, and kissed her.

They held each other. All thoughts of two months ago, and her leaving, were forgotten.


The Case Of The Misplaced Heart by Kamikaze



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