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A Question of Relationship

A Question of Relationship

By Kamikaze


Rating: PG

Disclaimer: A-Team owned by Stephen J Cannell Productions. Davis Webster owned by me.

Summary: Davis confronts her feelings for the members of the team. One in particular.

Warning: Well, more like a suggestion. Since this is the requested sequel to MIA: Missing In America, it is suggested that you read the other story first. You can follow this one without having done so, but MIA tells what happened to Hannibal and where Davis came from.





Part 1


Davis Webster rode her Sportster 880 down Sunset Blvd. She had gotten a phone call from a flustered Murdock, saying she should come to their current place of residence.


The newest member of the A-Team was a little anxious, she did not know what to expect. She had been back with her family since last May. It still felt funny being back. Even though it was now mid January, she was still getting used to being a full member of the team.


A lot had happened in the past seven and a half months. Her place on the team was still a question mark for her, she did not seem to have a set job. Face was the con man and appointed leader, Murdock was the pilot and self appointed cheerleader, and BA was the muscle and mechanic. Davis, on the other hand, seemed to jump positions. She would help Peck out with his scams when they called for him to have a sister, girlfriend of wife. Occasionally she had been the team's first contact with possible new clients, because, according to the Lieutenant, she *looked* innocent and unsuspecting. The Captain had even started teaching her how to fly, without her asking. Stating that it was just a precaution in case he was not able to pilot some time.


Davis parked her bike in the driveway behind the van, which was parked behind the Viper. *That's strange,* she thought. The Viper was usually parked behind the van, because Face went out more and BA had better access to the engine of his vehicle without sitting on the sports car.


She entered through the side door, and walked up the stairs. She found herself staring face to face with the muzzle of a revolver. Murdock lowered the gun and grinned at her. "Thought you were somebody else."


"I hope so," she replied.


The pilot put an arm around her shoulders and led her into the living room, where a very tired BA looked up from his paper. Davis looked around, and then asked, "Where's Face?"


The Sergeant rubbed his eyes. "He's upstairs. Asleep."


She looked at her watch. It was one in the afternoon. Very unusual, since the Lieutenant only ever slept in until eight.


"What's wrong?" she asked, trepidation in her voice.


Murdock motioned for her to have a seat on the couch, she did not like this. Bad news always followed when someone asked you to sit down. The Captain sat down beside her, and looked into her worried eyes. "He's sick, Davy. Maggie says it's some kind of flu or something. He's been sleeping for the better part of three days."


Davis jumped up off the couch, and ran for the stairs. "Wait!" BA hollered. She stopped and turned back around. "He's bin wakin' up wit' nightmares. He might scream and holler, but don' be scared."


She turned back to the stairs and ascended them, two at a time.



Part 2


Davis entered Face's bedroom, and her heart sank. He had the sheets over him to his neck, and he looked pale. Even though he was covered Davis could tell Peck had lost some weight.


She moved over to the side of the bed, and sat gingerly on the edge. Reaching out a hand she swept the bangs off his face, and felt his fever through her palm. Slowly, gently she continuously ran her fingers through his hair. She leaned down and began to whisper to him. "It's okay, Tem. I'm here. You just rest. Everything's going to be okay."


The Lieutenant's eyes flew open and he sat bolt upright. Davis jumped up with a start, lost her balance, and backpedaled into the wall. She recovered, only to be startled again when Face screamed. She walked to the side of the bed, remembering not to touch him until he knew she was there. The memory of when she was eleven, was still fresh in her mind.


Davis had been staying with the Lieutenant on one of her visits. He had been having one of his many war related nightmares, and woke up screaming. She ran into his room and tried to hold him, being rewarded by the back of his hand against her jaw. He had apologized profusely, but she knew it was not his fault.


"Face." She called to him now as his screams subsided. He looked up at her, but she knew he did not see her. Davis sat on the side of the bed and wrapped her arms around him. This time she was rewarded more fiercely, but gently. As the terrified con man wrapped his arms around her, and buried his face in her shoulder.


The door flew open then as BA and Murdock entered the room. Davis turned to look at them, and mouthed "it's okay".


"Face?" she said, as she lifted his chin with two fingers. She was glad to see recognition in his eyes, as he looked at her. Then it dawned on his exactly what position he was sitting in. He quickly let her go, and sat back against the headboard.


Davis reached out a hand to check his forehead, and he shrank away. "I'm alright, Davis."


She tried desperately not to show the hurt, and realized that she had succeeded when he gave no reaction.


Murdock came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. "How ya doin', Faceguy?"


Face rolled his eyes, and combed his fingers through his hair. "I said I'm fine, Murdock."


"No. You said you were alright."


Peck shook his head. "What time is it?"


The Sergeant smiled slightly. "One-fifteen, man."


The Lieutenant looked at him in disbelief, and jumped out of bed. "Why the hell did you let me sleep in so late?"


The pilot let go of Davis and readied himself, thinking Peck was going to fall over after jumping up so fast; he did not. "Now, you're supposed to ask what day it is."


Face looked annoyed at Murdock. "What are you talking about? It's Tuesday."


Murdock grinned and shook his head. "No, it's Thursday."


"WHAT?!?" He could not believe it. "You mean I've been asleep for two days?"


BA nodded. "You was sick, man."


Peck was still shocked. "Well, get out, and let me get dressed."


They all went downstairs, and he headed for the shower.



Part 3


When they got into the living room, Murdock and Davis made themselves comfortable. BA, without uttering a word, grabbed his tool box off the kitchen counter, and stormed out to the driveway. Davis and Murdock just looked at each other and shrugged.


She picked up the controller for the television and started flipping through the channels. She knew the Captain would not mind, but it drove Face nuts. After passing every channel, she turned it off and tossed the controller onto the coffee table.


Murdock looked up at her. "He didn't mean anything by it, Davy."


"What?" Davis said, trying to sound confused. She had thought she covered her hurt well, but now remembered that the pilot tended to notice things other people did not.


"When he cringed and backed away from you. It wasn't meant to hurt you, he was just embarrassed." Murdock realized he had used the wrong word when Davis looked down, and stared at her knees. "Why haven't you told him yet?"


She looked up at him. This was another testament to the Captain's powers of observation, but one she was not going to admit. "Murdock, what are you babbling about? You're making no sense."


He smiled at her defensive posture. "Come off it, kid. You know exactly what I'm talking about. You want me to spell it out for you? Okay." He continued slowly. "Why haven't you told Face you're in love with him?"


Davis was about to argue and deny everything, when she caught a warning glance from the pilot. She slumped down in her chair. "Yeah right, Murdock. Just look at me. I'm not exactly his type."


The Captain too a long look at Davis. True, she was a good four inches shorter than Peck's usual women. She was also slender, muscled and had a gorgeous, heart-shaped face. It was unfair what she was doing to herself, making comparisons with the models and starlets his best friend seemed to always be surrounded by. Murdock nodded. "Yeah, and look at his track record. Those women, you're comparing yourself to, mean nothing to him. Oh, sure, he makes them feel special, but, on average, since you've known him, how long have any of those relationships lasted?"


Davis knew he was right, of course, but she still could not help but feel inadequate. "Okay, just say you're right. How do I know he'll react positively? I'm just afraid he'll laugh in my face."


HM got up off the couch and went over to her, sitting on the arm of the chair he put an arm around her. "Rejection is a big part of life, little one. If you don't play the game, because you're afraid to lose. Then you never win anything."


Davis grinned at him. "That's better than what I thought you were going to say." Doing her best impression of a cheery Murdock. "You don't know until you try."


The Captain looked insulted by the actually-nothing-like-him impersonation, he withdrew his arm from around her. Then suddenly shot his hand out and messed up her shoulder length hair.


"Oh, that's it. I told you the next time you did that, you were going to get it." Davis jumped up off the chair and tackled HM. He yelped in mock terror as the collision knocked him onto his back on the carpet.


As Face came out of his room he could not figure out what was going on. He could hear laughter and the occasional "stop it". He stood at the top of the stairs, running down when he heard various thuds and a crash.


Peck stopped dead at the entrance to the living room. The sight before him almost popped his eyes out of their sockets. Murdock and Davis were rolling around on the floor together. At first it looked like they were *fooling around*, but after a few seconds he realized they were just play fighting.


He looked around the room. The couch had been knocked on its back, and a potted plant lay smashed and leaking onto the carpet. "What the hell is going on here?" he bellowed, a little louder and more forcefully than he intended.


The two culprits instantly stopped, and jumped to their feet. By now they were used to being in trouble with Face or BA for something or other. They always joked that it was the other two's fault for leaving them alone. They bowed their heads in mock shame.


This irritated the Lieutenant no end, which was, of course, the point. He waved his arms indicating the whole room. "Look at this mess! This might be fine at your house, Davis, or even outside. How am I supposed to explain this to the owners?"


The conspirators looked at each other, unable to stop grinning. They both knew that Face would not have to explain it to the owners, because the team would be leaving a good week before they returned. Murdock turned to Peck. "Aw, come on, Face. We were only messin' around."


Davis choked down a laugh, but not in time. The con man glared at her. "I suppose you think this is all fine and good. You know, sometimes I wonder if you've grown up at all since we met."


The young woman's eyes filled up at this, and she ran from the living room. The two men heard the side door slam shut.


HM walked up to Face and slapped his shoulder, hard. "What the hell is wrong with you?"


Peck rubbed his shoulder, and did a double take when his friend swore. "What are you talking about?"


Murdock looked into the Lieutenant's eyes, he saw the anger that was there before. Now there was also genuine confusion. The pilot could feel his own anger build. *What should I do,* he wondered. HM decided to tell Face what he knew. Knowing, that after what the con man had said to her, Davis was never going to tell him.


Remembering just how well not telling his best friend about his father had gone over. The problem was where to start. "Ripping into Davy like that. I had her ready to tell you, and now you scared her off again."


Face was thoroughly confused. "Ready to tell me what?" Sometimes the pilot's cryptic way of talking annoyed him.


Murdock was almost ready to scream. He had not realized just how unaware the Lieutenant was. "Davy cares about you, man."


"I know that, Murdock." The Captain was really beginning to frustrate him. Chewing him out for hollering at Davis. *Doesn't Murdock know I already feel bad enough?* he wondered. Peck could feel his hands involuntarily clenching into fists, he had to will them to relax. If he was not careful he had a feeling he would hurt HM as well.


The pilot noticed Face's hands, and had to watch what he said or this whole idea was a lost cause. Directness became the best approach. "Okay, you know she cares about you. But do you know how much?" The con man blinked but did not answer. Murdock continued. "Davy loves you, Faceguy. I mean, really loves you."


Peck was speechless for several seconds. *Could it be possible? No, she doesn't love me,* he thought. He glared at HM. "You're lying."


The Captain could not believe his ears. In all the time he had known Face, the Lieutenant had never blatantly accused him of anything before. "Don't tell me you haven't noticed it. Come on, man, you notice every woman."


The con man leered at him. "Oh, I've noticed something alright. I've noticed how close the two of *you* are. I mean, what was that I saw when I came downstairs?" HM was completely dumbstruck, as Face continued. "If she's in love with anyone here, Murdock, it's you."


The pilot shook his head. "Face, Davy and I are buddies. She's like having a kid sister. There's nothing going on."


Peck could not help but roll his eyes. *Yeah right, there's nothing going on. You're always laughing and singing together. Not to mention play fighting,* he thought. The Lieutenant could feel his anger rising with every thought, he was utterly helpless to control it.


"Yeah, right," Face seethed.


HM was furious. *Who the hell is this guy? Has Face been abducted by aliens? Is this his insensitive, rude, scuzball of a replacement?* he wondered. His eyes blazed as he glared at his friend. "Do you hear yourself? You're sounding like an insensitive jerk!" His voice was getting louder with every word. "What? Are you afraid she's going to want a commitment? Oh yeah, I forgot who I was talking to. You couldn't commit if -"


Murdock never got to finish, as Peck's fist connected with his mouth.



Part 4


Davis came out the door and leaned against the house, closing her eyes to stop the tears from coming. BA looked up from his tinkering when he heard the door slam. He saw Davis leaning against the wall. "You okay, li'l mama?"


She opened her eyes, and looked into the brown's of the Sergeant. She had always found it a mystery to figure out what emotion was stirring Baracus at any given time, but she thought she could see genuine concern there now. He had the hood up on the Viper and seemed to be fiddling with the engine. Davis smiled. "He's going to kill you."


A small smiled cross BA's lips, but Davis blinked and it was gone. He looked back down at the engine. "Machine don' work right."


She shook her head. The big man's solution to everything, if things aren't going right in life go fix something mechanical. When she was younger she never understood his fascination with cars and electronics. Since Davis had been back she was sure she had figured it out. Machines never complained or talked back to him, and he was always able to make them work and do what he wanted.


The small woman came around beside BA, and stared at the engine. She knew that Murdock was right, she had to say something to Face before she lost her mind. "BA? What was Face like in DC?"


The Sergeant looked at her, there was a sparkle in his eye. *So, she's finally getting around to it,* he thought. For a reason he could not quite grasp, Davis had never asked them about their time with Stockwell. "Faceman was real quiet. We all was diff'rent there, but he changed da most. He didn't have to scam nothin' no more. Acted like he's bored all t' time."


Davis always enjoyed talking with BA. When she was little he had intimidated her at first, but she relaxed when she found out how gentle he was. He was also the one who was the most honest with her. Not that the others out and out lied, but she always knew she could ask him anything.


Davis thought about what he said about all of them changing. She saddened when she thought about how she had not gotten to see Hannibal when she came back. She knew, by the way the others reminisced, that he had changed. Something about his fire had died, he was not as jazzed as she remembered him. He had also lost some of his sarcastic humor.


She thought about Murdock now. Her *big brother* was still a crazyman, but not like before. He still had his delusions of the week, but they were calmer, less fantasy-based. Oh, sure, he still bugged the big guy every chance he got, and he was still game for a laugh and some rough-housing. But he was quieter now, more grounded and realistic.


Davis' thought finally settled on her con man, the, if her dreams came true, man in her life. When she was young, he was the coolest guy she had ever met. He could get his hands on anything, anytime, anywhere. As she got older, she developed a crush on him. Realizing how adorable and sexy he was. Now, he could still charm the scales off of a reptile, but it was more out of a need to do so, rather than for fun. Davis had realized she loved Face, and wanted to be with him, just two months after her return.


The two of them had tried desperately to go back to the way their relationship was before. Serious at times, but mostly having fun, and always scamming someone out of something. As her feelings grew stronger she tried to repress them, telling herself that an intimate relationship with Peck was out of the question. Then the incident on Christmas Eve happened, and they had steadily grown apart. It was as if she was scared by it, but could not figure out why.


Davis was pulled out of her reverie, by a series of loud crashes and thuds emanating from inside the house. BA met her eyes for only a second before they ran for the door.



Part 5


BA and Davis ran into the living room, and froze. The sight horrified them both. At first it looked like the same scenario Face had walked in on earlier, but after a few seconds this scene was obviously more intense and brutal.


Peck and Murdock were rolling around on the floor, trading blows. Alternating between guts, kidneys and faces, the punches and kicks were hard and fast. Varying who had the upper hand, the Lieutenant was now sitting on the pilot's hips, sending vicious blows into his face and abdomen. HM was not just lying there, for his part he was making contact between his fists and Peck's face. He was also driving his knees into the younger man's kidneys.


Finally, not able to stand it, Davis ran and tackled Face. They both hit the wall, with her lying on top of him. "Get off me!" he hollered, as he struggled to get back to the brawl.


Baracus hit the floor, and lay a strong arm across the Captain's chest. "Let go!" Murdock screamed, struggling to get within arms length of his opponent.


Peck made eye contact with Davis, blazing blue meeting terrified brown. She looked him over. He had a split lip, bleeding nose, torn clothes, and the beginnings of a black eye. The con man stared menacingly at her. "Get off, or I'll throw you off."


"Sit on him!" BA ordered.


Davis pushed the Lieutenant onto his back, roughly, and sat on his already bruised stomach.


Face groaned as the hundred and five pound woman put her entire body weight on a small area of his body. He bucked wildly, trying to throw her off. She turned so she was parallel with him. Leaning back, she rested her hands on his chest and placed her legs over his own. He relented with no way of getting up.


Murdock still struggled. "Let me up! I'm gonna kill him!" The Sergeant put more weight on the arm laying across HM's chest, and the pilot stopped struggling.


Davis and the big man stared at each other. *What had happened here,* they wondered. BA looked from ace to Murdock. "Everybody calm?" he asked. They both knew what would happen if someone said no, so hey nodded.


With a nod from Baracus, Davis got off of Face and knelt beside him. She looked at him accusingly. What the hell's going on?"


The Lieutenant averted his eyes, embarrassed. When she looked at HM, he looked down, shamefully. Forget it," the Captain replied, with a swollen lip.


"Forget it?" the big man cried. He grabbed Murdock by the collar. "You was about to kill each other, and now you say forget it!"


Davis crawled over and put a hand on BA's shoulder. "It's okay. If then want to beat each other senseless, then let 'em." She got up and collapsed on the chair. Sprawled out with her legs hanging over one arm of the furniture, she resigned even trying to help either of them.


The pilot jumped up. He looked at Peck, who turned away. He knelt beside Davis, and stroked her hair. "It's not your fault, Davy."


She sat up, trying to get away from Murdock's hand. His knuckles were bleeding, and she tried to make it look like she did not want him to stain her hair. "Yeah? Well, it sure as hell feels like it."


Face got up and stared at her. Davis looked like she was about to cry. He could not handle what he had done to her before, and it seemed that he had hurt her again. He glared at the Captain, but HM was too busy consoling Davis. Jealousy infused another cold fury in him. *Stupid, you should be the one with your arms wrapped around her,* he thought. Unable to take the scene of the two of them any longer, he stormed out of the house.


Davis watched the Lieutenant leave, and tears streamed down her face. She felt hands wiping them away, and looked at Murdock. He smiled softly at her, a gesture made utterly ridiculous by his swollen lip, bleeding nose, black eye, and the cut on his cheek.


"Go to him, Davy. He needs you."


She stared at HM. He had just been brawling with the man, and now he was telling her to console him. "But . . ."


The pilot put a finger to her lips. "He's hurting. Go after him. Let him know that you care."


Davis nodded, weakly. She got up off the chair, and left the house.



Part 6


Face sat on the beach, staring out at the ocean. *What have I done?* he wondered. *In one day, I've alienated my best friend and the woman I love.* He shook his head. Had he really just thought that? *Well, of course you did, dummy. She is, isn't she?* He thought about it for a minute, and realized that, yes, she was.


An unbidden picture of a seven-year-old Davis came into his mind. "AUURRGGH!" he cried. The two surfers, he shared the beach with, turned and stared at him. He smiled at them, embarrassed. That seemed to be his third favorite emotion today. They shook their heads and walked down the beach, away from him. *That's right. Run while you still can,* he thought. *With my record for the day, I'm liable to jump up and pound you both.*


Face's thoughts returned to Davis. Why was this so hard for him? Murdock was right, he could sweet talk and love any woman. Why not Davis? If Murdock was right about one thing, could he not be right about another? Maybe he was afraid to commit. Only God, and Murdock, knew that he had been.


Since May, there had been a lot of time when Face wished the Colonel was there. Mostly it was when Murdock was in full swing, and BA was ready to throttle him. Face always felt inferior to Hannibal as the referee between those two. He felt even more inferior the few times the Captain and Sergeant looked to him, as their leader, to come up with the plans, when Decker had caught them.


Right now, most of all, he needed to talk to Smith. Face had always considered Hannibal to be his father, even after he found out about AJ Bancroft. He could picture the Colonel standing there with him. First he would get a punch in the jaw for fighting with Murdock. Then he would get another one for the way he had treated Davis. Finally, the two of them would sit down and talk, maybe have a couple of beers.


Face closed his eyes, and pictured Hannibal sitting there with him. He had a concerned look in his bright blue eyes, as he glanced as his Second. "What's happening to me, Hannibal?"


The Colonel smiled at him. "You're in love, kid. That's the scariest thing there is."


"But why Davis? I mean, I helped raise her. Shouldn't I feel like her uncle or father . . . or something?"


Smith lay a hand on his shoulder. "You were always more to her than that. She loves ya, Face. Now, all you gotta do is tell her how you feel."


Hannibal's wisdom had always overwhelmed him. "Is it because we sort of share the same past? The orphanage, I mean."


The older man nodded. "Partly. In that, you are very much alike. But there is so much more to both of you than your childhood. Don't try and explain it, son. Just grab a hold of her, and run with it."


Face frowned. "I just feel like she deserves better. I mean, with my past . . . I just think she should have someone who's more stable, preferably not a wanted fugitive. Davis deserves the life I've always dreamed of. The two story house with the two car garage, a spouse to wake up with every morning. Maybe a few kids and a dog."


Hannibal laid his hand on Face's shoulder again. "You will have that some day, Lieutenant. But no matter where you are - a house with a mortgage and screaming kids, or living out of a van and a suitcase Davy wants whatever life she can have with you."


Face smiled as he realized he could finally admit it out loud. "And I love her, Hannibal. I love Davis."




His eyes popped open, and he looked up. Davis was standing behind him with a soft smile, and tear filled eyes. His heart sank again as he thought she was still hurt about what he had done to her. He jumped up, and wrapped his arms around her. "Davis. I'm sorry . . . I'm sorry for what I said. I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm just sorry for everything I've done."


Davis wrapped her arms around the slim man. "I hope you're not sorry for what you just said," she replied.


Face pulled away, but only enough to look down into her deep, brown eyes. "What?"


Concern flashed across Davis' eyes. She knew she had heard him right. "You said . . ."


"I know." He smiled, and pulled her close. Face had not realized that he had been talking out loud before. *Just how much had she heard?* he wondered. "I do . . ." His voice trembled. "I love you, Davis."


She squeezed him, and then pulled away. Passing him, she stared out at the ocean. Face turned, and saw her shoulders quivering as she sat down on the sand. He sat behind her, and pulled her back into his embrace. Wrapping his arms around Davis' middle, he held her as if he would never let go.


Leaning her back against his chest, Davis sank her head into his shoulder. *A lot has happened today,* she thought. Violence, fear, love, and heart ache all wrapped into a few hours. Resting her arms on his knees, she was comfortable.


They sat like that for nearly an hour. Felling each others warmth. The closeness felt right, they felt safe.





A Question Of Relationship by Kamikaze



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