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By Kamikaze


Rating: R

Warning: This story contains violence, emotional situations and consensual sex (not too descriptive).

Summary: When Face is wounded, Davis gets a couple of surprises. Murdock makes a horrible mistake.

Feedback: Questions, comments and suggestions please. Mild flaming acceptable due to content of story. Sorry, Maddy, I had to put it.

This is the fourth installment of the Davis included season for the show. The first three in order are: MIA, A Question of Relationship, The Case of the Misplaced Heart.




Part 1


Templeton Peck entered the bank, followed by Davis Webster and HM Murdock. He was boiling over with excitement. The plans were all made, and he only needed money for one final detail. *The biggest detail,* he thought.


Davis knew, that if Face did not talk soon, she was going to end up in Murdock's old room. She took his hand in hers, as they walked. "Come on, baby. What's the big secret? Why won't you tell me?"


Peck grinned, and kissed her forehead. "You'll find out soon enough."


Murdock walked behind them, giggling. He thought he knew what the Lieutenant was planning. Davis' one year anniversary with them was next week. HM figured Face was planning a big surprise party for her.


The Lieutenant had been pretty quiet all week, and kept interrogating Davis. He had asked her questions like: What was her favorite color? Would she wear a dress? And, did she prefer gold or silver? The last question was the hardest to ask, because he could never find a place to slip it into a conversation.


As they neared the teller's counter, Face asked Murdock and Davis to wait by the doors. They sat down in front of the window, and Davis turned to HM. "Do you have any idea what's going on?"


The pilot grinned at her. "Speculation, yes. Ideas, no."


"Well, enlighten me, Murdock." The fact that he could even suspect something irritated her. Davis and Face had been intimate for four months now. She understood that he and HM were best friends, but it annoyed her that the Captain knew something she did not. Davis brightened as she realized there were things *she* knew about Face, that he did not.


"Think about it for a sec, little one. What happened almost exactly one year ago?" She looked at him, there was sadness in her eyes. Davis still could not bring herself to mention it. Sometimes when the guys were talking about Hannibal, she had to leave the room if the conversation was too long.


Murdock put an arm around her, he knew what she was thinking. "No, not that. You came back. I betcha Faceguy's got big plans for the anniversary."


Davis was about to ask what kind of plans, when the doors flew open. Three men in ski masks and black jumpsuits stormed into the bank. The tallest man fired his Beretta into the air. "Everyone on the floor, now! Or you're dead!"


HM tightened his grip on Davis, and brought her to the floor, next to him. He decided to comply, instead of saving the bank. Murdock knew that he and Face could make short order of these guys, but not after hearing the man's voice. Beretta, and his friends too most likely, were stoned.


Everyone was on the ground, except Peck. He realized that this was a mistake, when he looked into the man's eyes. "Oh. Hey, fellas, we've got a tough guy here," Beretta exclaimed.


"Look, guys, you really don't want to do this," the Lieutenant said. His voice was calm, even though he kept glancing at a woman with two small children.


Davis looked up, when she heard Face's voice. She stared at Murdock. "What's he doing?"


Before HM could answer, one of the men came over. "Shut up, bitch!" he said, as he kicked her in the gut.


The pilot clenched his fists. This did not go unnoticed by the guy. "You want a piece of this, man? Go for it."


Beretta turned around. "Shut up, Kelly, and get to the counter."


As Kelly turned, he saw Peck coming at his cohort. "Jesse! Behind you!"


Jesse spun back around, and Face skidded to a halt still ten feet away. The Lieutenant started to step backwards. "Okay, okay."


Jesse was blind to his retreat, raised the Beretta, and fired. Peck stared at him for a few seconds, before collapsing on the floor.


Kelly grabbed the gun. "You shot him!"


Jesse stared at Face, lying on the floor. "I thought you said it wasn't loaded."


"It was! Let's get outta here!" The three masked burglars ran out of the bank.


Murdock jumped up, and ran to Face. The Lieutenant was barely conscious. As HM knelt beside him, he tried to keep the fear from his expression. Peck had a hole in his gut, and was bleeding profusely.


"Davis?" Face coughed. "Is she . . ."


The Captain touched a hand to his friend's shoulder. "She's okay. Don't talk. We'll get you to the hospital."



Part 2


Neither of them was allowed to ride with Face, in the ambulance. Murdock put in a quick call to BA, who met them at Cider Sinai.


Face was sent directly to surgery, upon arrival. All they could do was sit and wait. The Captain and Sergeant kept glancing at Davis, as they sat in the emergency waiting room. She had not spoken, or hardly blinked, since the accident. She was not even receptive to touch.


Davis' mind would not let her see anything, except the sight of Peck on the floor. Even when she tried to think of other things. *Why didn't he just lie down like everyone else? Why did he have to play the hero?* she asked herself. She should never have spoken, he would be alright. Davis knew it was not her fault, but she could not help but feel responsible. If she had kept her mouth shut, Jesse would have never turned around, and Face would never have tried to rush him.


A sweet, young nurse, who was an old friend of HM's, came over to them. She nodded in Davis' direction, and the men shrugged. She leaned in close. "I thought I better warn you. The police are on their way."


Murdock and BA nodded, and she walked away. Baracus turned, "We gotta get outta here. Come back for Faceman later."


HM agreed, and they stood up. Guiding the catatonic Davis, they went out to the van.




Deciding they had better keep an eye on her, they brought Davis back to the house. She walked up to the door, almost robotically, and stood in front of it. HM checked the mailbox, and extracted a small package addressed to Davis.


They walked into the house, and Davis sat on the couch. She still had not spoken, but she seemed to be a little receptive to slight suggestion. Her mind was still showing her an injured Face, and the same thoughts were running rampant.


The pilot sat beside her. "Davis?" She turned and stared at, and through, him. "There's a package here for you. Do you want me to open it?"


Davis' gaze lowered to the envelope in Murdock's hand. She took it from him, and opened it. Inside was a video, with no label. She passed it to HM, and he put it in the VCR.


An image of Face, sitting on the same couch they now sat, came onto the television screen. He was smiling, warmly. As he began to talk, Davis jerked her head towards the screen.


"Honey, if you're watching this, then everything worked out today." Davis began to cry, uncontrollably. "You've asked me a hundred times this week, what was going on. You don't know how hard it was not to just blurt everything out. But I had a plan, and I had to stick to it." She curled up, and listened to the video. "I've loved you forever, Davis. I know I only told you four months ago, but I should have told you sooner.


"I meant to do this on your birthday, hon, but I chickened out." Murdock got up off the couch, and decided to wait in the kitchen. "As I'm sitting beside you now, I know I'll want to fast forward this. Stop torturing myself, take you in my arms, and kiss you like I've never kissed you before. There's so much I want to say to you, so much I want to experience with you. The words are starting to escape me, I've never been good at expressing my feelings. You, of all people, know that.


"The reason I taped this, instead of telling you in person, is because I know I couldn't. I also know you're going to want to keep this, and make me watch it in five years, when we have a fight. I can almost hear you now. 'You made this tape, and you told me all this stuff.' I mean everything I'm saying to you.


"I love you, Davis. I know I say it everyday, but it never feels like enough. You see the little box, on top of the TV? Take it, and open it . . . You did say you liked silver better.


"Davis, I thought I was in love a long time ago, but I was wrong. I realize that every time I look at you. You're everything to me. Everything I strive to be, and everything I want. You are the only woman I want to be with for the rest of my life. You and me forever, Davis. It was always meant to be, and now it can." Face paused here, and took a deep breath.


"Davis Webster . . . Will you marry me?"


His smiling image faded a few seconds later. Davis stared at the blue screen, for what seemed like an eternity.


Murdock and BA ran into the living room, when they heard an ear piercing wail. HM got there first, and sat beside Davis. She was rocking back and forth, and weeping. He wrapped his arms around her, and she melted into him.


It is a few minutes later, when Davis is finally able to speak. "We have to go back. We can't leave him there."


Murdock pulls her upright, looking into her eyes. He does not know what was on the video, and decides to wait until later to ask. "Face'll be in surgery for at least another hour. Then two hours in the recovery. Whadya say we go eat, and visit him later?"


Davis' eyes widened, and bore into the pilot's. "WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!" she screamed.


HM moved to put his arms around her again, but she jumped up. She was running for the door, when Baracus shot out his arm, and grabbed her around the waist. Davis struggled, but he did not relent. She swung around, and glared into his eyes, menacingly. "Let me go."


The big man pulled her close, and hugged her. Davis' knees gave out, BA picked her up and carried her into Face's room.



Part 3


When BA came back downstairs, Murdock had just finished watching the tape. There were tears in the pilot's eyes, as Baracus sat down. HM wiped his face. "How is she?"


"Sleepin' now." He looked at his friend. "What's he sayin'?"


The Captain tried to speak, but his voice failed him. Taking in a deep breath, he sighed. "Well, it's not what I thought it was."


*Not at all what I thought. How could I have not seen this coming?* he thought, as he drove his fist into the couch cushion. BA was startled by the sudden act of aggression, he turned to Murdock. "What we gonna do?"


HM got a hold of his emotions. "We do what she said. We go back to the hospital."




An hour later, Murdock entered the bedroom. Davis was stirring, and slowly waking up. He sat on the end of the bed, and waited until she focused on him. "Hi there. Have a good sleep?"


She smiled bleakly at him. "If you count three nightmares as good, yeah."


A look of concern crossed the pilot's face. "Why didn't you call us?"


Davis shrugged. She sat up, and stretched. "What time is it?"


"7:15. Tracey called," Murdock said, referring to his nurse friend. "Face's out of surgery. He's in recovery now. She said we can come and see him in about an hour."


Davis looked at him, a question in her eyes. "He's fine, Davy. Tracey figures a week, or two tops, and he'll be home."


She slid beside him. Even thought HM had just told her Face was going to be okay, she could not help but think, *He better be. I can't lose him. Now now that we've found each other, and happiness.*


The Captain eased an arm around her, and hugged her. His two best friends were going to get married, if Decker and the cosmos allowed it. He leaned down, and kissed her forehead.


Davis jumped back from the gesture. "What'd you do that for?"


Murdock had to think fast. "Sorry, I just thought . . ." The words escaped him. "Sorry."


She stood up. "Well, you thought wrong," she said, as she left the room.


HM sat on the bed for a minute. *Why did I do that?* he wondered.




As they sat in the waiting room at the hospital, Murdock could not stop staring at Davis. Why had he kissed her? What was he thinking? Was he thinking?


She looked up at him, and smiled. "I'm okay, Murdock."


HM shook his head, as he realized she was talking to him. How long had he been staring at her? HM returned the smile. "Of course you are, little one. Like I was worried."


Davis suddenly jumped out of her seat. "Decker!"


The other two followed suit, and spun around, expecting to see their nemesis. When they turned back to her, Davis shook her head. "No, no, not here. Why isn't he? I mean, shouldn't he be? I mean, didn't the cops . . ."


The Captain shook his head, and waited for his heart to go back down to his chest. "Tracey admitted Face as Richard Bancroft. They didn't even bat an eyelash."


They all sat down, and waited. At some point, Murdock fell asleep.




Murdock was in bed, with the most beautiful woman he had ever met. All he knew was that he had wanted this for a long time, and it was finally happening.


The gorgeous woman was moaning and purring with every touch. HM smiled to himself, as he realized that it was him, who was giving her so much pleasure. She was finally with him, and tonight he would pleasure her until she begged for mercy.


The pilot began kissing his way down her body, lingering whenever he elicited a gasp. He was enjoying this, mildly torturing her. Teasing her whenever the fancy took him.


Murdock soon realized he was also torturing himself. He lifted himself off her, closed his eyes, and lay beside her. He did not open his eyes, even when he heard her sigh with regret that he had stopped.


HM reached over, and rolled her on top of him. She wrapped her arms around him, and began kissing him, deeply and passionately. When their lips parted, he raised his hand and ran his fingers through her hair. She moaned suggestively to him. "Ohhh, HM. You're never going to forget this," she said, in a husky, sultry voice.


Murdock's eyes popped open, and almost jumped out of his head. He was staring into the eyes of a very sexy, very excited Davis.




Murdock nearly leaped out of the chair, as he woke up. BA and Davis both jumped at his sudden movement. Davis stood up, and went over to him. "Murdock, are you alright?"


He looked down at her, but all he saw was the way she had looked in his dream. "I have to go. I'll be back later," he said, and stormed out of the waiting room.




Murdock left the hospital, crossed the parking lot, and walked into the garden. No matter what he did, he could not stop thinking about the dream. "What's going on? Davis is Face's girl. She always has been. Even when she was little, she used to follow him around, imitating him. Why now of all times? God, he's asked her to marry him. He's my best friend, and I'm hurting him."


HM sank down onto a bench, in front of a stream. He stared at the water. Sure, he loved her, she was a great kid. But he did not *love* her. Or did he?


The pilot slapped himself across the face. "Quit it! Stop thinking about her. She's not yours, she's his. She doesn't even love you. She'd be horrified if she found out. You'd scare the poor girl."


He picked up a nearby stick, and threw it as hard as he could. "It was just a dream. You have dreams all the time."


Murdock thought back. Had he ever had an erotic dream about Davis before? He could not remember.


"Aha! I've figured it out. She's the only girl around." He thought for a minute. "Yeah, you had crushes on Amy and Tawnia. That's gotta be it."


HM knew he was lying to himself. He had never had any feelings for either of them. "DAMN IT!!" he shouted.



Part 4


When Tracey came into the waiting room, and told them they could see Face one at a time, Davis looked at BA. He nodded, and she was up and down the hall, before he could change his mind.


As she entered the room, her heart sank. Face was hooked up to half a dozen machines, and the silence was broken by electronic beeps. He was unconscious.


Davis sat in the chair beside the bed, and took his hand. Even though he was sleeping, she tried to stop the tears from coming. Face hated to see her cry.


"Baby? . . . Tem?" He was definitely out. "You're going to be okay. The doctors did a great job. Now it's all up to you. All you gotta do is wake up."


Davis relented, and the tears fell. "I'm sorry, baby. I know. It's not my fault. It's that other son of a bitch's fault. I can't help it, you were trying to protect me . . . Okay, I admit it. Maybe there are times when being a prick is a bad idea. But you're the older one here, you're supposed to know that."


She wiped her face, and kissed his hand. "Tem . . . I watched the video, baby. I guess you meant for us to watch it together, but you know me. No patience what-so-ever. You better produce that ring, too.


"Boy, was Murdock wrong. He thought you were planning a surprise party for me. HA! Well, he got the surprise part right, anyway."


Fear suddenly crept up on Davis. She became angry with Face. "Templeton Peck. You better as hell wake up soon, pal. You promised me forever, and I'm holding you to it. You're a God damned Green Beret, for God's sake. You don't go out like this. YOU HEAR ME! You're not checking out. Just because it's the anniversary, doesn't mean it's your turn!"


Davis' sobs took over, and she could not speak. She stood up, and kissed him. "I'll send BA in now," she said, when her voice came back.


She wiped her eyes, composed herself, and left the room.




Murdock entered the waiting room, to find Davis staring out the window. BA was nowhere to be found. He steeled himself, expecting to get blasted. "Where's BA?"


Davis turned around. HM saw that her face was flushed, and she had been crying. His legs nearly gave out, as his mind concocted the worst. "He's in with Face."


The pilot collapsed into a chair, relief coming over him in waves. Thank God. Davis walked over, and stood in front of him. He looked up at her, she was staring at him. "What happened to you, Murdock?"


Why did she have to ask *that* question? "I just went for a walk. Hospitals, ya know?"


She was starting to cry again. Half from rage, and half from shame. "I went in to see him, Murdock. I don't know what happened. I just got so mad at him. I screamed at him, Murdock. He saved my life, and I hollered at him."


Without thinking, HM opened his arms to her. Davis crawled onto his lap, and sank into him. Murdock held her for a long time, not saying anything. She lifted her head, and looked searchingly into his eyes. HM pulled her to him, closed his eyes, and kissed her. He was rewarded in kind, as Davis wrapped her arms around him. She returned his kiss, passionately.


They pulled away, and stared at one another. There were no accusations and no apologies. They held each other close.


BA came into the room, and was glad to see that Murdock was back. He was also saddened to see his friends clinging to one another. They were worried about Face, and needed each other.


When HM saw Baracus, he nudged Davis. She looked at him, and then at the Sergeant. She had to stop herself from leaping up, in embarrassment. She got up slowly, went over to him, and hugged him.


BA looked at the pilot. "Your turn, man."


A wave of fear and shame came over Murdock. He shook his head. "I think I'll wait."



Part 5


Face had come home exactly one week later, just as Tracey had said. Since then things had been very strange. Davis had been overly affectionate, which he loved. In the past week, she had spent every night in his room. They had made love for the past three nights, finally letting sleep take them when they were exhausted.


Peck bought the ring, and presented it to Davis as they watched the tape. She had accepted, and they set the date for the first of the month. If it were not for everything else, he would have found himself floating on air.


BA seemed to be doing okay, usual BA. Murdock, however, was a mystery. As far as Face knew, HM had not visited him once in the hospital. And now that he was home, his best friend was very quiet. Never looking at him, and always asking how he was doing.


The most disconcerting of events, was when the Lieutenant would watch Murdock and Davis. They never spoke to each other, only out of the most absolute necessity. Giving one another wide space, if it was not possible to ignore each other completely.


Face woke up this morning with a mission. Careful not to wake Davis, he got ready and went downstairs. Murdock was sitting alone in the living room, watching cartoons.


Peck stepped in front of the television. "Alright, Murdock. Talk."


HM glanced up at him, and then bowed his head. He picked up the remote, and turned off the television. "What about?"


The Lieutenant went over, and pulled his friend off the couch. "Jesus, Murdock. Look at me. You make me feel like I've done something wrong, and I don't even know what it is."


The pilot shook his head, ferociously. "No. No, Face. Not you. You haven't done anything."


"Then what? Murdock, why won't you look me in the eye anymore?"


HM slipped out of his grasp, and took a few steps back. "I've done something terrible, and you're going to hate me. You have every right to hate me."


Face was concerned. Murdock was his best friend, and brother. "I could never hate you. What is it? You can tell me."


Murdock wished he did not have to tell him. It was eating away at his insides, but he rathered that to hurting the con man. He shook his head. "Please, Face. Don't make me."


Peck took a step towards him, to console him. When HM stepped away from him, he was confused. "Murdock, it can't be that bad. Nothing would make me despise you."


Murdock took a deep breath. "Okay, here goes." He sighed, and closed his eyes. "I kissed Davis."


HM squinted his eyes open, expecting to see an enraged Lieutenant. Instead, Face was nodding at him. "Yeah? That's it? God, Murdock, so what? She was probably half out of her mind last week. You kissed her on the forehead to console her."


The pilot sighed again. Peck had not understood him. He was being forced to actually explain it. "No, Face. I kissed her on the lips. Whole-heartedly and passionately."


Murdock wished he could take it back, when he saw his friend's reaction. Face was stunned. That was definitely the last thing he expected to hear. "You what?"


HM knew he was being tortured for what he had done, if only Peck would stop asking him to repeat it. "I said, I -"


"I heard what you said," Face bit out. He could not believe his ears. He was beyond furious. "When?"


"BA went in to see you, after you came out of surgery."


The Lieutenant wanted to scream. "What made you wait until then? What? Were you hoping I wouldn't make it? Hoping you'd have her for yourself?"


Murdock shook his head, as tears came to his eyes. "No, I didn't plan it. It just happened."


Face walked up to him, and glared at him, in contempt. "I believed you. I told you, I thought you had feelings for her. You said, 'No, Face. We're just buddies.' Well, you want her so bad, *buddy*? Go ahead, take her."


"Face, I don't want her." HM realized he had said the wrong thing, about half a second before Peck punched him in the jaw.




Davis was just sitting up, when Face stormed into the room. She knew he was furious, and she hoped it was not for the reason she thought. Peck slammed the door shut. "Is it true?" he seethed.


*You idiot. Why did you tell him, Murdock?* she wondered. When Davis did not answer him, the Lieutenant screamed, "IS IT!?!"


There were tears of shame in her eyes. "Yes," she whispered.


Face marched over to the bed, and threw the sheets off. "Get out!"


"Tem -"


"SHUT UP!! I don't want to hear you. I don't want to see you. Just go." He was barely holding on.


Davis got out of bed, and got dressed. She was crying, as she pulled her shirt over her head. "Baby, we have to talk about this."


She nearly jumped out of her skin, as Face put his fist through the wall. He spun around, and glared at her. "I punched Murdock, and right now, I'm not so sure I won't do the same to you."


Davis headed for the door. "Wait," he said, and she turned back. "Give it."


"What?" she asked, hoping against hope that he did not mean what she thought he meant.


Peck walked over, and stared into her eyes. "The ring. You don't deserve to wear it."


Davis pulled the ring from her finger, slowly. She held it out to him, and he snatched it from her hand. She turned, and ran from the room.



Part 6


Face did not leave the room for the next three hours. He cried most of the time. Rage, hurt, and confusion boiling him over. Occasionally he felt like redecorating, and drove his fist into the wall.


When Murdock entered, the wall was nearly a quarter gone. He knew it was his fault, and knew he should leave, but Face needed to know. "Nice renovations, but windows belong on the outside walls."


The Lieutenant was sitting against the wall, he opened his eyes. "What do you want? Come to show me the ring *you're* going to give her?"


HM deserved that shot, but there were more urgent problems. "Davy's gone."


Peck laughed. "So? Go after her. You two deserve each other."


The pilot walked over, and pulled his friend up by the arms. He was careful to stand close enough, that Face could not kick him. "Damn it, Face. It was a mistake, it wasn't supposed to happen."


Peck just glared at him, so Murdock continued. "Davis ran away. Yeah, she's done it before. Yeah, she's ashamed and hurt, but, Face . . . she's got a gun."


The Lieutenant struggled, and HM released him. He followed the younger man to the car.




Davis was walking, blindly. She could feel the cold, heavy metal against the small of her back. She had to find somewhere quiet, an abandoned beach or park. Somewhere no one would see, or hear.


Davis knew she had to do this. She had let her hormones and emotions take over. She had hurt the one man who loved her, who she always prayed would love her. *Yeah, and you did it with his best friend,* she thought.


There was only one thing to do now. She had learned long ago, from the guys, not to fear death. "It calms you," Face had said. Davis was not afraid. It was her only option. Face had given his all to, and for, her. She had taken his heart, and stomped it into the dirt.


Only one question kept running through her mind. Why Murdock? *I don't have feelings for him. At least, not those kind of feelings,* she thought.


As she entered the park, she saw a figure walking ahead of her. Her thoughts of suicide were suddenly forgotten. Replaced by a new idea. "Jesse!"


He turned around, he did not recognize the woman who called him. *Who cares if you remember her. She obviously knows you, and she's gorgeous,* he thought. "Long time no see. How ya bin, sweetheart?"


Davis reached behind her, and leaned her hand on the gun. She smiled, sweetly. "I've been good." An idea formed in her mind. She looked around, and rested her gaze on some tall bushes. "I've got an idea," she said, huskily. "Why don't we go over there and reminisce?"


Jesse was in a rare, sober state. He stared at her. She wanted him here and now, and he was not about to argue. Walking in front of her, they headed for the bushes.


Once they were out of site, Jesse grabbed her hips. Pulling her close, he began to kiss her. Forcing his tongue into her mouth, he tried to perform a tonsillectomy.


Davis encouraged him, as she returned the kiss with as much force. To torture him a little, she placed her left hand on the front of his pants. In response, he pulled her even closer, and started taking an inventory of her body with his hands.


Satisfied that the shock would give him a heart attack, Davis pulled the gun from her waist, and stuck the muzzle in his ribs. Jesse instantly froze. He pulled away, slowly. "Hey, honey, come on. Let's talk about this."


Davis cocked the gun, and levelled it with his face. "Don't call me honey. You don't remember me, do you?"


Jesse shook his head. "No, but whatever I did, I'm sorry."


She glared at him, her eyes blazing. "You shot my boyfriend." Davis closed her eyes for a second, and opened them. All that was on her mind, was the last thing Face had said to her.


Jesse racked his brain, but could not remember shooting anyone. As Davis took aim, he screamed.



Part 7




Face and Murdock ran towards the cry. They entered the bushes, just as Davis was about to shoot. "Davis, don't," Face pleaded.


She jumped at the sound of his voice, but did not take her eyes off of Jesse. "Fair is fair, right? He shot you."


Peck walked slowly up to her. "You don't want to do this. I agree, he deserves it, but the consequences are too great." He put a hand on her shoulder. "I'm not losing you, because of this slime."


As the Lieutenant reached out his hand, Davis dropped her arm. The gun fell to the ground. Face took her into his arms, and held her. "It's okay. It's okay."


Murdock tackled Jesse, before he could run away. "Come on," the pilot said, as he dragged the other man to a nearby tree. Punching out Jesse, HM tied him to the tree, using the man's own shoelaces to bind his wrists.




Face and Davis sat on the bed, neither of them had uttered a word in the past twenty minutes. Peck leaned forward, and rested his elbows on his knees. Without looking at her, he asked, "What now?"


Davis looked over at him. She wanted so much to hug him, and tell him she was sorry. "I don't know."


He looked up at her, and then stared back at the floor. "I want to believe you. I want to . . . be able to put this behind us."


Not able to control herself any longer, Davis put an arm around him. "I could give you so many excuses. I didn't know what I was doing. We were just comforting each other. I know, that no matter what I say, I can't erase it. I want to say I'm sorry, but it's just not enough."


Face looked into her eyes. "I've been hurt too many times, Davis. I know I overreacted, but I couldn't help it." He took a deep breath. "Can you, honestly, promise me it won't happen again?"


She thought for a moment, and nodded. "It won't. You're all I've ever wanted. I love you, Tem."


Face wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her, deeply. As he pulled away, he reached into his pocket. Taking her left hand, he slipped the ring onto her finger. "I think this belongs to you."


Tears welled in Davis' eyes. "And I belong to you," she said, and kissed him.




There were six people in the backyard. Murdock and BA stood beside Face. Peck's younger half sister, Ellen, stood beside Davis. The sun was shining, and everything was perfect. Face was dressed in a silk suit. Davis, after much pleading and whining from the Lieutenant, had given in, and was wearing the light blue dress he had bought her.


Father Magill was closing the ceremony now. "What God has brought together, may no one put asunder." The old priest winked at Face and Davis. "You may kiss the bride."


Davis handed the bouquet to Ellen, and turned to her husband. They smiled, wrapped their arms around each other, and kissed.


"Yee haw!" Murdock yelled, and slapped Peck on the back, nearly sending the couple to the ground.




They sat around the yard on deck chairs, Davis on Face's lap. BA smiled at his Lieutenant. "What now, man?"


Face looked at him. "Now? I dunno." He turned to Davis. "What now, Mrs. Peck?"


She grinned at him. "Oooh, say it again."


He matched her grin. "Mrs. Peck," he replied, and kissed her.


Davis turned to Ellen. "Hey, sis. Whadya say we switch houses for a coupla weeks? We'll take your cabin, and you can stay here with these two. That is, until you start to go looney."


Ellen laughed. "Sounds good to me."


Murdock watched all this. There were tears in his eyes. He was sad, because he had lost Davis. He was also overjoyed, because Face was finally happy.


Davis turned her face up to the sky. "Thank you," she said.


Face smiled at her. "What?"


Davis looked at him. "I was just thanking Hannibal. I know he's up there, watching us. The sun is his grin. The clouds his cigar smoke."





Vows by Kamikaze



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