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NEW FIC: Washing The 'Vette

Washing The 'Vette
by Lieutenant Templeton Peck

Rating: 'G' for Fluff ( Playfulness)
Summary: It's a bright warm sunny day ( Don't we all wish?) and Face decides to wash his car. It turns into a game when Murdock interrupts, and suddenly the 'vette doesn't get any cleaner when Face
Warnings: None- This is another one of them fluffy fics and an excuse not to work on "Whitelighter". Face/Murdock pairing, light slash: playfulness with soap and water, some kissing, touching. And a
tiny bit of sexual humor.
Disclaimers: I don't own the A-Team nor the Corvette, I'm just borrowing them for this fic.
Special Credits: Murdygirl helped to inspire this fic.
Comments: Yup
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It was a bright, warm sunny morning in Los Angeles California. The Team was hanging out in one of Face's recently scammed two-story apartments, Hannibal, B.A. and Murdock were downstairs watching the big screen T.V. that came with the stylish abode. Face on the other hand was standing on the second floor terrace, a cup of coffee in one hand as he looked down to the parking lot area where his red and white 1984 C4 Corvette was parked. He noticed even from where he stood that the car looked dirty. It didn't have it's usual luster in the golden sunshine. Face sipped at his coffee, [ Work of Hannibal no doubt. Borrowing the 'vette without asking, again and not even bothering to have it washed and waxed. Typical.] Face thought as he sipped at the hazelnut-flavored coffee. [ I should wash the car. Been awhile since I've done that. Hardly anytime for the simple pleasures when Decker's chasing our tail.] Face turned and walked back inside the apartment, heading into the upstairs bedroom he shared with Murdock. Slipping out of his dark blue suit, Face pulled on a pair of tight blue jean cut-off shorts and a fatigue green
tanktop. He finished his cup o'coffee and headed downstairs into the kitchen. While Face rummaged around under the kitchen sink for a bucket, Murdock came into the kitchen, taking a bowl out of the dish drainer, getting out a box of Corn Chex cereal. He looked down to Face's backside, grinning. " Hey Facey, whatcha' doing?" Face stood up with a clean bucket in one hand and a couple sponges in the other. " Nothing H.M. Just ah thinking about washing the 'vette is all." Murdock poured milk onto his cereal, shoving a spoonful into his mouth, chewing the bite before answering, " Ah, gotcha. Ya sure you wanna wash the car in that outfit? I'd be tempted to, wax the hood with ya." Face couldn't help the blush that came to his cheeks. " Hmm, maybe later." He winked at Murdock, turned around again to fill the bucket with water. Murdock grinned and headed back into the living room to watch tv. Face started to look for a bottle of soap, nearly smacking his forhead, feeling one of his 'dumb blond moments.' He found the soap sitting right next to the dish drainer. Squirting a few drops of the liquid soap into the bucket. Once it was
full Face walked out the backdoor which led into the apartment's garage, opening a door that led outside into the parking lot. Walking over to his 'vette, Face set the bucket down and headed towards the 'Tenants Only' storage shed where a couple hoses were stored, also finding a can of car wax. Smiling he pulled the hose close to the 'vette, attaching one of those spray nozzles to the end of the hose, took a sponge out of the soapy water and started to wash the car's hood.

Sunlight beamed down, Outlining Face's well defined backside as he reached across the hood, taking his time to wash every inch of the hood, strong arm muscles rippling with his movements. Face took a
moment to admire his handywork before starting on the headlights, bending slightly to reach them with the sponge, dipping it back into the water now and again.

Inside, Murdock got up from the couch, eating the last of his cereal taking the bowl out into the kitchen. Plopping it into the sink, he turned and looked to Hannibal. " Hey Hannibal, mind if I head outside? I'm gonna rollerskate around the parking lot." [ And surprise Face] Murdock added silently to himself. Hannibal glanced up from the newspaper he was reading, " Sure Murdock just remember to be on the look out for Deckerbugs." Murdock grinned and nodded. " Right-O Colonel." He turned and bounded upstairs into the room he and Face shared, opening up the large walk-in closet, taking out his pair of rollerskates that Face had bought him one time. Sitting down on the bed, he pulled on socks then the skates and laced them up. He was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and his 'Napoleon' t-shirt. Murdock skated out of the bedroom, back down the stairs and took off out the front door. B.A. watched Murdock, shaking his head, " Crazy foo' rollerskatin' down the stairs." Hannibal chuckled.

Face was washing the left side of the 'vette when Murdock skated past backwards. He watched as Face knelt down to wash the left front tire, wolf whistling. Face looked around grinning at Murdock, deliberately standing up slowly to reach across the 'vette's hood to wash a spot he "missed", His movements slow and suggestively seductive. Murdock watched for a moment or two before sticking out
his tongue, " That the best you can do Facey?" before he took off, skating around the corner. Face laughed and started washing the back left tire. Murdock weaved in and out around parked cars on the lot, skating backwards and in circles. That crazy smile of his crept onto his face as he headed back to where Face was, he sat down on the curb pulling off his rollerskates and stockings. Murdock stood up and tiptoed towards the bucket Face was using. While Face wasn't looking, Murdock took out the other sponge. " Hey Face!" Face looked up just in time to get smacked with a flying soapy sponge. Face's eyes grew wide, " Why you-!" Murdock cracked up laughing, just as Face picked up the sponge and the one he was using to wash the car, walked around the 'vette and beaned Murdock with both of them, laughing. Murdock let out a surprised yelp and tried grabbing the sponges away from Face, but Face ducked out of the way and squeezed soapy water down Murdock's shorts. " Fa-ce!" Face looked at Murdock with a sly grin on his face. Murdock picked up the hose and aimed the spray nozzle at Face saying in a Terminator-like voice, " Prepare to be squirted Facial One. Say your prayers wabbit." Sounding like Elmer Fudd as well. Face's eyes widened again, then laughed. " You wouldn't dare." Murdock grinned and squirted him square in the chest. Face stood there dripping with a gleam in his blue eyes, " Ohhh you asked for it Murdock," he said reaching for the bucket of now dirty water. Murdock backed up keeping the hose aimed at Face, " I dare ya, G'head and try if you think yer tough enough punk." Face grinned, swung the bucket backwards, splashing Murdock with the water soaking him from head to toe.

Murdock retaliated by getting up close to Face and squeezed the nozzle trigger, getting him equally soaked. Face grabbed Murdock around the waist and started to wrestle the hose from Murdock's grip,
only to squirt himself and Murdock in the process. They both cracked up laughing then kissed. Murdock got out of Face's hold and eyed him " That all ya got?" Face stuck out his tongue, getting the hose free, reaching out to pull the front of Murdock's shorts open, blasting him with the cold water. Murdock's eyes grew wide " How so kimosabe," shoving a sponge down Face's tanktop. Pretty soon, washing the 'vette was forgotten as the two played in the water the rest of the sunny afternoon.


Washing The Vette by Lieutenant Templeton Peck



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