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Title : Nothing else to do

Nothing Else To Do

By Susie Owens


Rated: G

Summary: Murdock and BA have fun

Warning: None

Disclaimer: Don't own them

Copyright 2003

Author's Notes: Frankie went fishing.





BA sat down and watched Murdock, who was running in and out of the Langley house.


"Foo', whatcha doing?"


Murdock stopped long enough to reply. "Nothing really, I'm just bored out of my skull. There's nothing to do."


BA stood up and growled. "Running back and forth, in and out is not doing nothing. If you don't tell me whatcha doing I'll pound you to the floor."


Murdock shook his head. "Oh all right, if you must know." He looked around making sure no one was around. Then he whispered into BA's ear.


BA's eyes got wide. "YOU'RE DOING WHAT?"


"Shhh, not so loud. You want the others to hear you?"


"Fool, you out of your mind?"


Murdock smiled at him. "Do you really want me to answer that?"


BA shook his head. Murdock placed an arm around his shoulder. "Do you want to help me?"


BA smiled widely. "Oh man, do I ever. But won't Hannibal be mad?"


"Maybe a tad and Face also, but they'll get over it. Okay, finish helping set it up. Then we'll wait."


BA nodded and together they work on Murdock's plan. BA rolled up the barrel while Murdock ripped pillows apart. It took them almost all day but soon it was ready. They both nodded at each other and left.


Later on that night, they were all sitting down to dinner when they all heard a very not so nice language. Hannibal and Face jumped up while Murdock and BA remained seated.. They all stared at a tar and feathered Hunt Stockwell.


Stockwell stood there looking at them. "What is the meaning of this?" he roared.


Murdock stood up and smiled. "I was bored out of my skull. I needed something to do."


Stockwell approached Murdock. "You're crazy."


"No, I'm not. I've got papers to proof it."


"Then you'll pay for this suit, Mr. Murdock."


Stockwell then stomped out of the room. Both Face and Hannibal looked at Murdock.


Hannibal shook his head. "Captain, the next time you get bored out of your skull and you pull a stunt like thisÍ"


Murdock swallowed now wondering if he was in trouble. "Yeah, Colonel?"


Hannibal winked at Face. "Let me and Face know so we can join in on the fun."


Murdock smiled. "I will, Colonel, I promise."


Later that night, Murdock was lying in bed he was spending the night, when the door opened up and Face walked in.


"Hey, Murdock."


"Hey, Face."


"Did you have fun with BA today?"


"Yeah, I did. He needed some fun. How did you get Stockwell to agree to have one of his suits ruined?"


Face stood there for a moment. "Well, we both knew BA needed to laugh and Stockwell knew an unhappy BA could be a dangerous BA. Night, Murdock."


"Night, Face."


Face closed the door and smiled.



The End


Nothing Else To Do by Susie Owens



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