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The truth about sheets

The Truth About Sheets
by Cabaret

Rating: PG13
Summery: The team (without Murdock, he was sleeping in the VA)go shopping, which leads to Face doing some soul searching in rhyme.... very dodgy rhyme!
Warnings: Big time fluff! Some H/C (?!?) and a bit of Face bashing (not verbally, literally)
Author's note: Answer to Sherry's call for a Face fic. However, I have a cold and have just been jabbed with Hep A and Typhoid for travels, so I'm suffering big time (Bed I hear you call, I'm comming! I'm comming!). In other words, this has a ready made excuse! (And it needs one!)
Disclaimer: A Team: not mine
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It was early one morning, I awoke with a start.
BA said he needed a mart.
I rolled over in bed and thought of the silk,
My sheets had been starched because of the milk.
Don't ask what BA was doing, he said something
About cookies, milk and a bike chain called Ling.
Unhealthy? Yes, that's one word.
But he's nothing compared to the rant of my bird.
I wanted to go back, back to my slumber,
But BA's grumbling is a sound close to thunder.
He might get me new sheets, so off we trekked to the Kwike Stop Mart,
And promptly found Hannibal, when we bumped karts.
"It's a non smoking zone", I said with some exasperation.
The shoppers looked on and gasped in duration.
Hannibal laughed and walked on with BA,
While I was left with the shelf stacker in delay.
"What are we here for?" I finally asked,
"Sun lounger looks good" BA said as he basked.
"Stop messing around, it's business we're here for."
Hannibal glinted and looked at the door.
"That fool still here?" BA glowered at will,
"Don't include me!" Will ran out from the mill.
"So much for blame, erm, what's going on?"
"It's all a stick up Face. Gotta get out the manager."
He been here fo days that safe's got some stamina."
So we burst through the door, nail guns at ready,
But there was no one to catch and hold steady.
Until I felt it, a blow from behind,
Why do I suffer from men of their kind?
The lights went out and God knows what happened,
I wish I'd stayed in bed with Melissa from Lap Land.

On go the lights and I'm tied to a chair,
The generics is more than I can bare.
But here it comes, an interrogation, of sorts,
With punches and boots in the chest for contorts.
Where is my Team? Aren't they supposed to be here?
I can smell a gas leak so they must be near.
I tell them nothing, I'm a good soldier,
Mind you I know nothing, a very good soldier.
They want the safe combination, for the Mart's weekly cash,
All I know, is these ropes are giving me a rash!
I voice my complaint and there goes my filling,
My dentist will be happy, he freakily loves drilling.
I keep these thoughts inside my head,
For sanity you see or I'd be dead.
My ribs are broken, my lungs are wheezing,
My eyes are blackened and conscious breezing.
There's more of course, but I don't want the report,
Centre on the lil things and keep a retort.
I'm tougher than them, they don't know it yet,
Pretty boy has got a good thing to bet.
I slump down and they think they've won,
Yeah I look easy, so it's me they pick on.
"Take him away, he'll come round to our way."
Just a lil looser then I'll have my say.
Like a good lap dog, the goon unties me,
Now is my chance, the blind never see.
I toss the chair and take out 2 goons,
They never see it coming like laughing buffoons.
But the third one gets me and slams it in my ribs,
I fall spluttering, on me he's got dibs.
I'm on the gutter ring, the spiral downhill,
I feel so abandoned, my blood's gonna spill.
But somewhere inside me, my determination holds fast,
The duration of one breath seems long in the past.
It lasts a second our dance of violence,
He pulls a gun, the situation looks tense.
A deft move on my part, a spin in his arms,
And tango is just another in my list of charms.
I move in and grasp hard, his muscle structure's weak,
I find the pressure point, it's not so hard to seek.
He drops the gun into my hand, the tables are turned,
I hold him at point and his bridges are burned.

My team are tied up, awaiting a plan,
I stumble to their room with a placid air of calm.
"Untie them now, or watch the bullets fly."
I snarl at the bad guy who's close to going bye bye.
My team are untied and at last I feel safe,
Breathing is hard, my villain's called Raphe.
It's the last thing I hear as I slump to the floor,
I've done my bit, I know they don't want more.

It's sterile clean, I wake up in pain,
I'm in a hospital, here once again.
"Morning Face, we can't stay long."
Hannibal says in disguise of a sarong.
I wish we had more time, I ache all over,
My face I see, not tanned but mauver.
Freedom has it's price, I pay it every day,
When it's going to end, well who can say?
I'm getting tired now and I see wrinkles in the mirror,
How much longer will my body heal for?
Sometimes silence seems so great
But I don't think it's me and it's not my mates.
So we continue, I'm back home now,
There's no thanks, well I can't really bow.
It's time to play a card, they should know I need to hear it,
"You guys can't go shopping without getting bite."
"Well no harm done, so what's your complaint?"
Hannibal says with a sarcastic taint.
"Well leave me out, next time you stop by."
I storm to my room, well my time was drawing nigh.
"That's a shame Face, after all you did so well."
Hannibal smiles and stops me in my dwell.
Then he asks the question that's loaded with feeling,
"Are you ok kid?" We've been a long time dealing.
"I'm fine." I snap, it's only the edges that are frayed,
"Well lemme know when you're not." To me he bayed.
"Lemme know when it'll end." I offer from within,
I'm not good at this, my emotions always run thin.
"It won't Face and you know that, but that's where you come in
You bend the rules and make saints from a sin.
One day you'll find a permanent release instead of just a break,
But for you, it'll be scammed and probably for someone else's sake."
"I'm out for number one, you should know that."
"If you wanna play that game, but I know you, you're not that cat."
And so ends my story, a pat on the back from BA
That came quietly later, well that's his way.
Sometimes, I get hurt beyond what a punch can do,
It's words that choke in my throat and my mind that gets sued.
I hate to be alone, that's all I know,
Somehow it makes my journey longer to reap and sow.
How the guys do it, I'll never know, I have women
It's one way to break from my pen.
We're on the run, fighting for freedom,
But really we're cadged, locked in our need.
"I thought you'd left me alone." I say as I sleep,
There's no answer, But they're there in my keep.
New sheets have been bought, not silk but cotton,
To tell you the truth, and just between you and me,
Venison's never as good as mutton.

The End.


The Truth About Sheets by Cabaret



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