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The Gun

The Gun
by Lt. Templeton Peck

Rating: R for light slash ( No sex in this one) Face/Murdock pairing, Angst, mild swearing, thoughts of suicide.
Summary: Face contemplates suicide, but before anything happens, Murdock rescues Face from his demons. 1st person perspective (Face) 2nd person perspective(Murdock), then alternating perspectives.
Warnings: Be prepared for light slash, angst, mild swearing, thoughts of suicide.
Disclaimers: Don't own the A-Team, wouldn't mind owning the 'Vette though. This is just to mess with their minds and make plot bunnies shut up and leave me alone.
Comments: G'ahead

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~ The Gun~

Face: I sit in this darkened room, the room that I and Murdock share, holding a gun in my hand, the gun I had bought before a job the Team was hired for, saving a taxi cab company from being run out of business.
The weight of the gun reminds me of all life's pressures, What the Team demands from me on every mission, what I am expected to do, What Murdock wants, needs from me. Silence and stillness echo around me in this room. The light is turned off, one window open, a cooling breeze blowing on my back, but still the cold weight of this gun, In it's own way comforts for it is real, it is there. I swallow as I pull
back on the hammer, Two clicks in the night, a round loaded into the chamber. My eyes look down at the gun, as I wonder what it would be like to pull this trigger nestled inside the crook of my finger. One squeeze and my world would be shattered, quick and painless.

Murdock: Here I sit in the living room of the latest house Facey has scammed, one suited to our conman's taste, lavish decorations, stylish furniture and a big screen T.V. Legs tucked under me as I relax on the black leather couch, chin resting in my palms, watching cartoons. Wondering where Facey is, he should be watching these cartoons with me, He'd enjoy this one, It's Woody Wood Pecker. A frown forms on my lips, he's certainly taking a long time in the shower he said he was going to take. "Hey Facey, you done
You're missing the best part of Woody!" Just as Woody causes a funny looking guy to slam into a tree trunk. Cracking up laughing "Go Woody!"

Face: I look up suddenly, hearing Murdock calling for me. But I can't go to him, Can't let him see the pain in my eyes, the tormented look that haunts them. I never let *anyone* see my true feelings, but Murdock has a way of getting past my barriers, the walls I surround myself with. I draw in a slow breath as I raise my hand up slowly to my temple, holding the gun barrel tightly pressed there, finger poised on the trigger. Willing my finger to squeeze tighter and tighter...Eyes closing as the cold weight seems to become heavier. My eyes open as I turn my head, starting at the gun's barrel. A bullet ripping through my head would leave a messy stain on the bedsheets, clean, immaculate. Perfect white silk sheets which would become stained with my blood and I don't like the sight of blood, Not even my own. <Would I feel it?> I think. More than likely, I muse. Boom, a shot to the head. It would be less messier if I had the barrel held in my mouth, Lips holding it in place between my perfect teeth, pointed straight at my brain. The need to silence those demons that taunt me growing stronger and stronger as I shift the gun, bringing it away from the side of my head to my mouth, Staring at the shiny nickle-plating. Moonlight glinting off the chamber where six bullets lay like a snake ready to snap it's jaws. Inching the barrel closer to my mouth, Parting my lips, sliding the barrel inside and past my teeth, Finger on the trigger.

I wonder what Hannibal or B.A. would say about this, Hell, think about this? Faceman, sitting on the edge of a king-size bed with white silk sheets, A gun in his mouth. 'Parting is such sweet sorrow, Shall we say goodbye til' the morrow?'

Murdock: My frown grows deeper, I don't even hear water running. What's going on? Sighing, I slip off the couch, hands digging into my pants' pockets, walking down the hall to the bathroom, knocking softly. "Hey Tem, you in here?" Trying the door, finding it to be unlocked, pushing it open. He isn't in here. Then my attention is turned to the bedroom door, it's closed, no light shining from underneath the crack. I move towards the door, trying the handle, locked. "Face?" Okay, I don't necessarily *like* this silence that hangs in the air like a thick morning fog. I tug on the doorknob with a frown. "Hey, this isn't funny! Open the door."

Face: One eye opens at Murdock's voice so close to the bedroom door. A question in that voice I have come to love, come to be frightened of. Hearing him trying the doorknob, the growing urgency in his Texan drawl that sometimes escapes through the lips I love to kiss. <Don't try and pick the lock, Murdock please. I can't let you see what I'm doing. You'd freak and try to stop me.> Still willing my finger to pull back on the trigger, Splatter grey matter and blood behind me on the sheets, pillows. Another soft breeze blows through the open window, raising the hairs on my bare back, cooling the warm sweat that has begun to bead on my forehead. My hand shakes, but only for a moment, One slip and my finger would pull this trigger. One loud shot in the dark.

Murdock: I rattle the doorknob, Not entirely liking the silence I am answered with. "Come on Tem, this isn't funny. Please unlock the door." My voice filled with fear and urgency. Digging into my pocket I pull out a bobby pin I found the other day on the road, all alone. Frowning as I slide the bent pin into the lock, muttering under my breath as I roll it around the tumblers, trying to unlock this stupid door. How does Face do it? Get a door or padlock open in no more than five seconds flat? Finally I hear the 'click' as the door becomes unlocked. Pushing the door open I am greeted by darkness and a breeze coming from an open window, Seeing Face sitting on the edge of the bed, Outlined in moonlight. The light bouncing off something in his hand. I walk closer, getting a better fix on the object. What in the *HELL* is he doing holding a gun? "Tem! What are you doing for christsakes?!"

Face: Eyes fly open at the sound of fear in Murdock's voice as he catches me with the gun in my hand, Poised and ready to shoot. Looking at him, Trying to warn him back. <I'll do it, I'll fire! Don't come any closer!> Ready to complete the cycle and shoot a bullet into the back of my skull, Watching him moving forward, Kneeling in front of me, Fingers closing around my wrist, Trying to take the weapon out of my hand, But I hold it tighter, Eyes flashing. I want all this to end! Why can't he see this? I want the pain to go away, Though I don't wish to harm him, Or the Team, But I have to draw the line *somewhere*! <Face this and Face that> <Scam me this, Scam me that> Okay, I'm a conman and designated supply officer for
the Team, Am I not allowed to make mistakes?

Murdock: I kneel at Face's feet, trying to take the gun from him, seeing that haunted look in his beautiful blue eyes, Fingers closing around his wrist. "Don't do this Templeton! It isn't worth it, Can't you see this? I love you...You wouldn't leave me like this, would you?" Voice pleading, locking my eyes with his, seeing tears pooling there. "Tem, baby, This isn't the solution to your problems. Drowning in drink would be a better fate than putting a bullet through your head. Going crazy from the voices and purple wobblies is what *I* do best, It isn't you. You're Faceman, Conman Extraordinaire. Behind your seemingly vain exterior is a true friend and a sensitive soul." I feel his fingers starting to relax from around the gun handle. "That's it, Let the gun go." I say softly, reaching up to brush away that one lock of hair which never stays in place.

Face: A sigh escapes my lips as I feel tears spilling from my eyes, stinging my cheeks. Hearing his soft words starting to comfort me, Silence the voices, the endless chatter that I'd never admit to. My fingers relax from around the gun handle, The finger poised on the trigger falls away as I let him take the gun from me. I draw in a shaky breath. I lean into his strong embrace as his arms wrap around my slender shoulders, Head resting on his chest, My arms wrap around his waist. Another sigh passes my lips, "Murdock...I..."

Murdock: I pull Face close to my body as I set the gun far away from him, knowing he was so close to having a bullet rip through his skull, A bullet that would have taken him away from me and the Team. My hands resting in the middle of his lean back, soothing away his fears. Hearing him speak my name with an apology. "Shh Tem, I understand. You're safe now. I have you and I won't let go." I kiss his forehead softly, running my hands through his soft golden hair slowly, the silken strands parting as my fingers trail through the golden mass. "What brought you to this?" I ask quietly. "Have I done something lately?"

Face: My heart begins to slow down to normal, It was beating so wildly against my chest as I held that gun, Tears now streaming down my cheeks, Staining Murdock's shirt. I know he doesn't mind, I've probably stained more of his shirts with tears than I have any of mine, I'm sure. I pull back slowly, glancing up at his face. "I...I couldn't handle what was running around in my head. Fears, insecurities. I know I don't show them, But I have them. No, love, It wasn't anything you did. You never do anything wrong, You do everything right. Comfort me when I don't ask for comfort, Listen when I want to talk." I sigh, leaning my forehead against his, feeling his hands begin to rub my back, his warm fingers against my bare skin soothing. "I'm sorry.."

Murdock: I hold Face closer, my forehead resting against his, My hands running the length of his lean back. "Tem, It's alright, Honest. Don't get all worked up about this, At least to the point..." I trail off, The image of him holding a gun still fresh in my messed up head. "Promise me you will never do this sort of thing again."

Face: I pull Murdock closer, wanting to feel him against my body. He stands up and sits on the bed, Sliding me into his lap, Wrapping my legs around his waist. All I'm wearing are my black silk boxers, He's wearing khaki's and one of my white tanktops. I whisper, "Promise.." My lips seeking out his, my hands sliding up to touch the side of his face.

Murdock: I feel Face's lean legs slide around my waist and I hold him close, Kissing him slowly, gently. I was so close to losing him...I hold him closer, not ever daring to let him out of my embrace.


The Gun by Lieutenant Templeton Peck



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