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Doing The Time Warp

Doing The Time Warp
by Lieutenant Templeton Peck

Rating: Ooo, lesse. How about 'G' Cause, honestly, can you really make a fic of "Time Warp" that's rated higher than a 'G'? (Well, wait..yes..But not this time..)
Summary: Murdock begs Face to dance the Time Warp with him. Murdock bought the sound track to the movie and listening to the song gives Murdock an idea. Whole 'lotta FLUFF!
Warnings: None. It's FLUFF, FLUFF and more fluff. Silliness, craziness, All that good stuff. Itty bitty slash parts. Face/Murdock pairing. Nothing else really
Disclaimers: Don't own The A-Team, or the rights to 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', just wanted to use the song "Time Warp" for pure amusement, and put Face in a situation where he'd normally
not do this sort of thing.
Comments: Toss them at will

^Doing The Time Warp^

Scene: A two-story condo that Face has recently scammed

Murdock was upstairs in the bedroom that he and Face shared in this new place, wearing headphones over his ears as he listened to a new CD he'd bought while shopping with Face a couple days ago. The CD he'd bought was the soundtrack to the movie 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show '. He was dancing to "The Time Warp", jumping to the left and stepping to the right as instructed, Singing as well. "Let's do the Time Warp Again, let's do the time warp again." Bobbing his head to the music, Murdock bounded out of the bedroom and down the stairs into the living room where Face was sitting on a tan leather couch, eating a sandwich and drinking coffee. "Hey Faceyguy! Whatchu' doin'?" Murdock asked in a silly voice. Face
looked up at his friend and lover, blinking. "Murdock, what are you listening to *this* time that would make you act, crazier than normal?" Murdock grinned and wandered over to a large entertainment center, stopping the CD in his player and placing it into one of the CD trays, pushing 'close' and hitting the 'Play' button. "Oh, just this." He turned up the sound and the lyrics to "The Time Warp" filled the room: (It's astounding- Time is fleeting Madness takes it's toll. But listen closely- Not for very much longer I've got to keep control- I remember doing the Time Warp-Drinking those moments when The blackness would hit me- And the void would be calling: Let's do the Time Warp again Let's do the Time Warp again.) Face blinked as he listened to the song, "Is this what you bought when we went shopping? The soundtrack to 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show ' ?" Murdock nodded as he started dancing to it again. "Duh Facey! What did you think I bought? Some boring classical CD like you always get?" Face stuck out his tongue and finished his snack. "For one thing, Classical music *isn't* boring, You have to acquire a taste for that sort of music and I happen to like it." Murdock grinned and bounded over to Face, reaching for his hands. "Come on! Dance with me!" Face's eyes widened, and he held out his hands in a defensive posture. "Oh no, I'm NOT dancing the time warp!" Murdock gave Face the "puppy dog" look, "Pretty please with... Sugar and me on top?" Face sighed and took Murdock's hands, getting off the couch. "Okay. So what am I supposed to do?" Murdock smiled, "Just listen silly!"

(Let's do the Time Warp again, Let's do the Time Warp again. It's just a jump to the left and a step to the right, With your hands on your hips, You bring your knees in tight, But it's the pelvic thrust That really drives you insane. Let's do the Time Warp again, Let's do the Time Warp again.) Face got a confused look at this, eying Murdock, whom was dancing by himself. "Are you *serious*?" Murdock stopped in mid pelvic thrust, "Yes, I'm serious. Now dance before I, I tickle you." Putting his hands up in menacing claws, inching them closer and closer to Face's midsection. Face stepped back, "Oh alright." Listening to the words, Face started dancing. Jumping to the left and stepping to the right, putting his hands on his hips bringing his knees in tight and thrusting his pelvis as instructed by the song. Murdock watched Face out from the corner of his eye and started to crack up with laughter. Face stopped at, (In another dimension, Well secluded, I see all. With a bit of a mind flip, You're into the time slip, And nothing will ever be the same.) "What is *so* funny Murdock? Am I not dancing to it right?" Murdock caught his breath long enough to say, "Nope. Your rhythm is waayy off. Lemme help, You're all off-kilter." Face frowned and
huffed. "I can't dance to this sort of stuff anyway. I'm used to slow music, You oughta know that by now." Murdock giggled and stepped behind Face. "Just put your hands on your hips, Like this." Murdock
took hold of Face's hands, guiding them to his hips and holding them there. Face grinned slightly, "You know, I might start liking this even more. Now what's next?" Murdock kissed Face's ear for a moment
before saying, "Huh? Oh yeah. This. You bring your knees in tight, See?" Face nodded. "Okay, got that part down. So we jump and step now?" Murdock laughed at Face's blondness. "Yes silly goose. Just
follow the bouncing Murdock." As the song re-played it's self, Murdock and Face danced "The Time Warp", all the way to the bedroom.

FINI ( Told you it was fluffy ^.^)

Doing The Time Warp by Lieutenant Templeton Peck



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