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Changing Faces Changing Faces 1/?
by Lesa-Marie Shour and Pamela Starkey

Ratings: PG-13 to R
Warnings: Some violence, swearing, angst, the usual fare. (Oh, yeah,
Frankie alert!)

Summary: An intelligence officer is given the task of tracking down the
guys and finds herself in need of their help when her employers turn on
(c) L.Shour/P.Starkey, 1997 (revised 2000)

Part I

It was the perfect time for a set up.

He hadn't liked the idea of butting in on the military's turf, but when
Nathan Lewis had thought over the idea of tracking down the
ever-elusive A-Team and setting up his daughter and her partner as traitors, he
accepted the offer without hesitation.

"...could make or break your career.  As you're aware, this is
essentially doing something illegal as far as the Agency's policies are
concerned, so if you're asked about your case, make it clear that
you're only running a training mission.  Do you understand?"

The young woman seated next to Nathan nodded, an ambitious and eager
gleam in her eyes.  "Fully and completely, sir.  When do we get

"Actually, things are already getting started.  One of our other agents
is making contact with the subjects as we speak, as a potential client.
Agent Darken has been running surveillance all day.  You'll be
meeting him at Georgia Brown's in an hour.  Any other questions, Agent

Dana Lewis stood, barely able to contain her smile. "No, sir."  She
gave both men a polite, professional nod and left at a fast clip for her
office, running into several people as she did so.

Nathan had been watching as she left and turned back to the director
with a frown.  "Don't you think she's a little over-enthusiastic to be
working on something so important?"

"Which is exactly the reason that I didn't put her on the case by
herself.  She's only a distraction anyway, so don't worry.  Agent
Darken will be doing the real work."

"Still...." Lewis said.  "Nevermind."

The director watched as the other Lewis got up and left the office,
wondering why he had made his observation now instead of earlier.  He'd
been adamant about putting his daughter on this particular case, even
if it was in the background.  It worried him a bit, but he put that aside
and went back to other matters that were more important.

Nathan stopped at his daughter's office door and looked in.  "In a
hurry, I see."

Dana glanced up at him.  "Yeah, considering the DCI's gonna make me be
fashionably late."  She grabbed her coat and some files from her desk,
walking past her father.  "See you tomorrow, Dad."

"Have fun."

"Always!" she shouted from down the hall.


"Hannibal, are you sure that Frankie's the right person to be doing
this?"  Face asked, pacing.  Hannibal Smith just grinned at the
lieutenant as he lit his cigar.

"What's the matter, Facey?"  Murdock asked, a joking tone in his voice.
"Upset about missing out on the fun?"

"That's enough, guys," Hannibal said.  "I don't like what we're getting
into here.  So far, Stockwell hasn't given me a clear answer on

"So what else is new?" BA interrupted.  "I don' think this is a good
idea, Hannibal."

"Me either," Face said.  "I mean, what do we know about this Erin
Kessler anyway?"

"Not enough.  Not yet anyway.  That's why Frankie's going to find out
more about her and why she wants our help."  Hannibal looked over at
Frankie.  "Skylar will be watching from across the street and we'll be
working inside just in case anything goes wrong.  Let's get going,

Frankie grinned.  "Time to put the ol' Santana charm into action."

"Oh, brother," BA said, shaking his head.


Skylar Michaels sat on the rooftop across from Georgia Brown's,
binoculars in hand, watching the front door of the establishment.
She'd been waiting there for almost three hours, adding to the full morning
of tailing Kessler around DC.  All necessary, but terribly boring for the

She saw Frankie drive up in Face's 'Vette and her eyes went wide.  How
on earth did he get Face to give up the keys?

"So, how's it goin', kid?" she heard Hannibal say through her earpiece.

"Ah, the cavalry has arrived.  Kessler's inside, twiddling her thumbs
impatiently, I suppose."

"Why I have no idea," Face said.

Murdock spoke up next.  "Ignore him; he's just upset because he's not
in there charming the info outta her."

Skylar rolled her eyes.  "Well, just to let you all know, we may have
an itty bitty problem."

"Which is...?"

"I think we might have a coupla spooks hanging around.  One's sitting
at a table in the far back, the other one is a brunette that just walked

"Looks like I might have something to do after all," Face remarked.

"We're going in.  Keep your eyes open, Corporal.  We'll pick you up
when we wrap things up here."

"Gotcha, Colonel.  Be careful."  Skylar rested on her elbows, sighing
as she watched the patrons inside.

Changing Faces 2/?

Part II

An hour had passed uneventfully, Frankie and Erin passing the small talk
phase after only a half-hour.  He knew that he should have started
coaxing out what he needed to know from her, but whenever he tried to
ask her something about her past, work and the like, she dogded the
question and changed the subject.  He was starting to get impatient, and
it was starting to show, despite a few warnings from Hannibal.

By the kitchen entryway, Face kept an eye on the couple at the back
table, listening to Murdock rant and rave about the lack of shrimp for a
dish he was preparing with a slight smile on his face.  The couple was
talking, rather fervently about something, he noticed, but they stopped
as an older gentleman with dark hair, glasses and a cigar in hand came
up to their table.

"Excuse me, young lady, but you look mighty familiar t'me.  Might I be
so forward as to ask your name?" the man asked in a southern accent.

Dana glanced up at the man, squinting a bit.  "Dana Lewis.  I can't say
that I place you though."

"I'm not surprised a bit.  I met your daddy once or twice when I was
workin' around here.  Nathan, right?"

"I'd love to know how you knew that, Hannibal," Face said to himself,
briefly glancing over at the table.

"Yes, that's my father's name.  Can I ask who you are and how you know

"Fair enough," the disguised Hannibal said, taking a puff off his
cigar.  "My name's Marty Hamilton and your father and I are mutual

Dana nodded, pushing her hair back away from her face, satisfied with
that answer for the moment.  Seth glanced up at the waiter as he brought
their meals to them.  Hannibal took that as a sign to leave and did so,
walking back toward the kitchen, grinning at Face.  "Nice, huh?"

Face shook his head and went back into the kitchen.

"I can't work like this!"  Murdock was saying.  He gave Face a hopeless
look as he walked up.  "Faceman, can you believe this?!?  They won't get
me any shrimp..."


"Do you realize how many orders I have for stuff with shrimp in it?"

"Murdock..."  Murdock kept rambling and Face let him keep going.
Hannibal probably knew that trying to find anything out from Kessler
would be a bust and they'd be leaving soon.

Back at the table, Seth Darken listened halfway as Dana talked, his
attention focusing on something across the street.

"I asked you a question, Seth," Dana said, tapping her fingernails on
the tabletop.  She got a half-apologetic smile in response.

"Sorry, got distracted.  What did you ask?"

"I wanted to know why you kept looking outside."

"I think we may have more company.  Rooftop across the way.  Looks like
a white female, blond hair, sniper rifle; that's all I can see."

"Huh.  Sounds like Skylar Michaels," Dana said thoughtfully.

Seth's gaze returned to his companion, who glanced at him for a second,
noting the confused look on his face.  "She was a sniper, probably the
best the Army had back in 'Nam.  She was discharged after she disobeyed
a direct order.  Somehow she caught up with the A-Team and has been
playing hide and seek with the military ever since."

"Interesting.  That's all you could dig up?"

Dana shook her head.  "No, I've got more out in the car.  I'll go get
it."  She headed towards the exit, passing by the kitchen as she did
so.  Face spotted her and left Murdock to his rambling, following her

"I think we've been made, Hannibal," Murdock said as Face left.

Hannibal walked by Frankie's table and leaned down.  "Time to go,
Frank," he whispered.

Frankie smiled at Erin as he stood.  "I hate to run, but somethin' just
came up."

"I understand," she said, smiling back.  As he left, Erin looked at Seth
and mouthed, "Let's go."

As she walked away from her car, BA pulled the van out in her path and
Face opened the side door, pulling her in.

"Hey!" she shouted as she sat down in the back, dropping the files she
was carrying.

Murdock looked back at her and grinned.  "You got some 'splainin' to do,
Lucy," he said in a faux spanish accent.

"It can wait for now," Hannibal said, removing the wig he'd been wearing
and watching as the anger changed to shock on Dana's face.  "Let's go
get Skylar before Miss Lewis' friends catch on that she's gone."


Changing Faces by Lesa-Marie Shour