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NEW FIC: Two Poems Parts 1/1

Two Poems
by Lieutenant Templeton Peck ( In cahoots with Priestess Of Templeton)

Rating: G for Fluff. Hugging, kissing. Hey, it's clean!
Summary: Face and Murdock write poems for each other on Valentine's Day, then exchange them.
Warnings: None. All fluff here
Disclaimers: I don't own The A-Team, I just use them for amusement and written experiments
Comments: Yeah

~~Two Poems~~

Poem one- Face's poem to Murdock

Face sat at his desk, tapping then end of a pen to his lips while thinking of a poem to write for Murdock. It was Valentine's Day, one of the worst holiday's in Face's opinion. All because of some saint way back whenever. But, his friend and lover, Murdock loved the holiday, so Face had to go along with it. Sighing, Face leaned back in his black leather chair, looking at the blank piece of paper. Words simply wouldn't come to mind. Then it came to him: He always had trouble expressing his feelings, why not this? Leaning forwards, Face put pen to paper and came up with this;


~ There are times when I stand beside you in awe of how I feel, knowing deep down inside that you feel this way too.

It's hard to express those emotions I have for you, because love cannot be defined by simple phrases.

Every time our eyes meet it's like I've been hit by lightning and can't move 'till I feel you hands against mine.

Though these words may not convey all I feel, It's how you love me that matters most.~


Face smiled softly. Perfect.

Poem two- Murdock's poem to Face

Murdock sat on his bed, pad of paper in hand, along with a fountain pen he borrowed from Face's desk. Valentine's Day, one of his favorite holidays. Chocolate, candy hearts, overstuffed teddy bears. Roses. Murdock couldn't understand why Face didn't like this holiday, but that was okay because Murdock loved Face for all his little quirks. Stretching out on the bed, Murdock started to write a poem for his Facey;


~ Your hair is the color of spun gold when sunlight catches each silky strand.

Eyes the color of the bluest skies, Skin like sand on a warm sunny day.

A voice smooth as velvet.
All these things remind me of you because that's how much I love you.~


Murdock smiled, Face was going to love this poem.

Both Face and Murdock came out of their rooms, almost running into each other. They laughed, Face ran one hand through his dark blond hair. " Oh hi Murdock. I was going to come to your room to give you this." Holding out a piece of fine paper, folded neatly. Murdock looked to the paper then chuckled. " I was coming over to yours to do the same." Holding out a plain piece of paper with a candy heart attached that read, Be Mine. Face smiled and took the paper from Murdock and Murdock did the same. Face read the poem Murdock gave to him first, Popping the candy heart into his mouth. He smiled with each line he read. " Murdock, I'm deeply touched. You really notice these things about me?" Murdock nodded as he carefully opened the piece of paper Face gave him. He read the words that Face had written in his beautiful spidery script slowly, Moved by how Face's feelings for him came more alive on paper. Murdock pulled Face into a warm embrace and kissed his softly. " Yes Tem, I do." Face smiled softly and returned the kiss. " I'm glad you liked my poem too."

The end


Two Poems by Lieutenant Templeton Peck



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