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"Hannibal's Valentine, from Maggie"

Hannibal's Valentine, from Maggie
by Rita R

Rating: PG
Type: Non-Slash - Maggie misses Hannibal -- Thwarted Romance.
Pairing: Hannibal/Maggie
Time: Valentine's Day.
Summary: Maggie wants Hannibal but knows it's not to be.
Disclaimer: The A-Team characters solely belong to Universal, Frank Lupo and Stephen J. Cannell, I'm just messin' with their minds.


Twinkling blue eyes, that cocky grin,
I don't have to visualize to know it's him.
Feet splayed apart in that military stance,
Arms held out, coaxing, enticing me to dance.

Silver hair gleaming, a sheen in the light,
Makes my knees go weak even as I fight,
To stand tall, straight and proud,
My hands firmly clenched, their journey not allowed.

I want him more than words can express,
His eyes, heart, mouth, soul, and yes, sex.
But once that door was opened, we could never go back,
It could never be same once we hit the sack.

So I watch him, longing written all over me,
Cursing the fate that makes him flee,
Ever on the run, can't stay in one place,
Our love would be nothing more than a harried race.

I have my life, so safe, warm and secure,
But it's so damned empty without those eyes of azure,
Watching me, teasing me, with ever so gentle touch,
Then leaving me wanting, more from him, God, so very much.

So he shows up on my doorstep, that ragged grin alight,
A hurried coupling, touch, ecstasy and then flight.
He can't stay here long, that I know,
It would be death for him to be discovered so.

I know one day, he may never come back,
The battle lost in some last, hopeless attack.
On that day I will mourn, pouring out my soul,
And will wait out my lifetime, til at last we're joined...

... finally whole.



Hannibal's Valentine, from Maggie by Rita R.



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