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Title: Unrealized Love

Unrealized Love
by babycakes

Rated: G
Warnings: light slash implied, death of major character
Summary: Uh... one of the guys gets hurt and realizes something?
Disclaimer: Of course I don't own them, but oh the things I would do in Face's vette <BG>
Comments: Sir, may I have some, Sir?
Copyright: babycakes 2003
Author's Comments: Thanks a gazilion to Viskey for betaing this for me!


I know I won't see the dawn,
but he grasps my hand anyways
"I won't let you die," he cries,
but neither of us believes it
Tears want, no beg, to fall
'Must keep my fa┴ade' is my chant
Must appear unaffected by my fate
Must be indifferent and removed
Let no one through my walls,
lest they see the real, true me
For who wants a lonely, scared little boy?

But he knows me, knows my soul
How did he get in with just one single glance?
One simple sign lets me know
There's acceptance in his eyes
Within a single glance,
an eternity of soulful conversation
Destined to end with the blink of an eye

A single tear escapes me
He softly caresses my cheek
to catch the rebellious drop
A love never fully blossomed
A love realized too late
Goodbyes are made
With one unspoken promise
"I'll be waiting for you"
With a final breath released
A flame flickers out
And a star enters the sky

Home at last

Unrealized Love by babycakes



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