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by Jenny Nettis

Rating: PG
Summary: A woman sits down on a rainy afternoon to relive the memory of the most special man in her life. Told from the woman's perspective. A Murdock story with a positive twist at the end that I hope makes readers smile
Warning: None
Disclaimer: I do not own the A-Team or any of the characters. This is for fun
Warnings: None
Copyright: Jenny Nettis 2003


Part 1


Cassie is putting the laundry away in the upstairs bedroom when she hears the rain that has been threatening since morning begin to patter on the roof. She places the clean, folded t-shirts she is holding in her arms down on the bed, moves to the window, and gazes at the pasture below. She marvels, as she always does on rainy afternoons like this, at how the color of the pasture grass contrasts so sharply against the dull gray of the sky. As vivid as a pop-art painting from the 1960's - almost a dayglo green.

She sighs, feeling wistful. Days like this always make her feel wistful. She drags the old rocking chair from the corner of the room and sits knees to chin, arms wrapped around her legs. She sighs again and gives in to her thoughts.

It's been seven years...God, seven years! And thinking about him still makes her feel like this. She pictures his face and her mouth gets dry and her heart (such a true cliche) skips a beat and her stomach ties up in knots...She has a wonderful husband and an amazing daughter and more happiness than she knows what to do with most of the time. You would think she'd be over feeling like this about him by now...that the longing for him wouldn't be there anymore. Damn - had she become as crazy as him?

She remembers the first time she met him. Cassie had hired the A-Team to help her fight some not very nice men who were trying to run her off her small, but successful Quarter Horse ranch. Although she didn't have a big stable of horses, the ones she had were top quality in breeding and performance and she wasn't about to let go of what she had worked so hard for. If it took taking every penny she had in savings to hire the notorious A-Team to help her, then that's what she would do. And had done. It had not been easy, but she had found Hannibal Smith and he had agreed to help her.

The Team had rolled up her driveway in their customized van and when Hannibal got out and greeted her and introduced the other three, the only man she saw was him - H.M. Murdock - the crazy pilot with the soft Texas accent. He had stepped out of the van - tall, lanky, wearing that blue baseball cap and the brown leather jacket - ands she saw the grin that was as wide as the sky and the eyes that had so much going on behind them and she had felt the most bizarre jolt of recognition. She had looked into those eyes and thought, "I know you. Oh! I know you!" And she had seen his sudden look of surprise and she knew he felt the same connection.

She had not been wrong. The Team stayed with her for two weeks doing what needed to be done to save her ranch and during this time Murdock was always beside her, his eyes always on her. They finished each other's sentences and never ran out of things to discuss, talking long into the nights. When she went for her early morning run, he ran with her and they shared the sunrises. It was as if they had always known each other and this amazed her. At 36 years of age, she had had her share of relationships, but never one as instant or enriching as this.

She remembers the first time he kissed her. It was a rainy afternoon like this one and he had helped bring the horses in from the pasture. There were ten horses to bring in and by the time they were done they were both soaked to the bone and spattered with mud.

"You look like 14 miles of bad road," she teased as she tossed him a towel. "With potholes in it!"

Yeah?" he had answered. "Tell ya what, lady - you ain't no beauty queen yourself!"

She put her hands on her hips. "Watch it, Flyboy! And I don't think this is so shabby for a beat-up old horse wrangler!"

He had stopped drying his face then, and gazed at her with a look of such warmth that her heart began to pound. "No," he murmered. "Not too shabby at all. Beautiful, as a matter of fact."

And with one long step he was in front of her and his hands were cupping her face and his mouth was covering hers and he kissed like he flew - with skill and passion and that over-the-top abandon that made him so uniquely Murdock. Cassie' toes had curled then as they did now when she remembers the intensity of it.

And she remembers when he left. The A-Team had accomplished their mission of saving her ranch and she loved them all and was so very grateful to them...but seeing Murdock go broke her heart. They had stood behind the van for privacy and he had taken her face in his hands in the gesture that was now so dear and familiar to her and he looked down into her eyes. "I have to go. You know that, don't you? Please don't make this any harder..."

Cassie fought back the tears that she knew he could not handle seeing, swallowed hard and answered, "Yes, I understand. But you'll be in touch, won't you?

"I will...But it won't be for a while. There are things I have to straighten out with the Team. And with myself."

Time to mount up, Captain,"
Hannibal's firm voice came from the front of the van. And with that Murdock kissed her softly, so softly and lovingly that it made her ache and he whispered fiercely in her ear, "I'll be back. I promise you I'll be back. You've given me back my happiness." And then he was gone and she stood alone in the driveway watching the retreating van and finally letting the tears she had fought back so hard flow freely.

Cassie unwinds herself from the rocking chair and stands up, stretching her aching muscles. She has been sitting for a long time and it's getting dark outside. She wonders why her husband is not home yet.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Her daughter, Sophie, runs into the room waving a piece of paper in her hand. The child stops when she sees her mother at the window. "What's the matter, Mommy?"

"Nothing, baby." Cassie strokes her daughter's long, brown hair. "Mommy's just watching the rain..."

"Oh. Daydreaming, huh? Look what I drew! It's a dust-cropper!" The little girl shows the picture and Cassie grins. She wonders how she has been blessed with such a wonderful child. Sophie certainly has her father's genes, that's for sure.

"Crop-duster, baby. It's called a crop-duster. You know, most little girls like to play with Barbies."

"I don't like Barbies. I like airplanes. When I grow up I wanna fly 'em, just like Daddy!"

You will, Sophie. You will."

"When's Daddy coming home? I want to show him my picture."

"Soon, sweetie..." and just then the ranch dogs begin to bark and the sound of tires crunching on gravel is heard by mother and daughter.

"Whoa, Billy! Get down, Scooter! You guys are all muddy! Where's my womenfolk?" Her husband's voice calls up the stairs.

"Daddy! Daddy!" And Sophie goes clattering down the steps as she hurries to a hug from her father.

Cassie turns back to the window and waits. The rain has stopped. Soon she hears her husband's footsteps behind her and she catches her breath as his brown-leather clad arm sneaks around her waist and his mouth finds that special spot at the base of her neck.

"Hey now, Chiquita," he murmers. "Miss me?"

She turns to him and wraps her arms around his neck, lifting her face for one of those kisses of his that to this day still curls her toes. "Like crazy, Flyboy. Hungry?"

"Mmmhmm...For you..." And Murdock tosses his blue baseball cap onto the old rocking chair and lowers his wife to the bed and Cassie's mouth goes dry and her heart (such a true cliche!) skips a beat and she smiles to herself.

It's been seven years...God, seven years! And being with him still makes her feel like this. You'd think she'd be over it by now. That the longing for him would have faded. Damn...was she as crazy as he was?

"Not hardly," she thinks...


Daydreams 1 by Jenny Nettis



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