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Implications of Identity

Implications of Identity

By Schrander


Rating: G, maybe PG if you're a real prude
Warning: none
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit
Summary: Face reflects on the connotations of his name
Distribution: Ask first please, and keep my name on it.




A.J. Bancroft once asked my best friend why the Team always calls me "Face."


Murdock replied that it was because I was "soooo good-looking." It's true that my face is the A-Team's fortune; if I didn't look like this, many of the Team's jobs would be much more difficult to do, if not impossible.


I don't mind them calling me "Face," or the "Faceman" all that much. You see, I hate my name.


I find it ironic that it was Bancroft, who turned out to be my own father, asked after my name. He himself had given me the name of "Richard Bancroft" but I don't think I'd have kept that one either knowing who he was.


But what kind of a name is "Templeton Peck," for that matter?


What do you mean, what's wrong with it?


All right, let me ask you this: what's the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the name Templeton?


Charlotte's Web. Yeah, the rat. I know, I used to get that a lot. Made me start to hate E.B. White!


Maybe I was just fated to be a scrounger and a scammer, just like the rat. Maybe it's not clothes that make the man, but the name.


What's that? Nicknames? Well, sure, I always had nicknames. They didn't change anything either.


Well, you know my reputation as a ladies' man, right? I know you do; you can't hang around the Team very long and not hear the comments. They all see me as the guy who's always got a different girl on my arm, rarely the same one twice and all. But you know what all these women call me? Temp. Short for Templeton, sure, but they all know that I won't be around for long. Temp. The temporary guy.


Sometimes I envy Murdock. Out of all of us, at least he's got a home address.


And Peck? Hell kind of name is Peck? Chickens do that when they do their scratching for sustenance. Not too different from what I do for the Team. Chicken, just a juvenile word for coward. Peck, short for pecker, which is what the Team believes I do my thinking with.


What on earth possessed them to name me Templeton Peck, anyway?


So all in all, I don't mind being called Face. I know the guys who call me that care about me, and they know I'll stick with 'em till we either die or get pardoned. There's nothing cowardly or temporary about this Face, and the guys who call me that know it.



Implications Of Identity by Schrander



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