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Post-Holiday Uses For Mistletoe

Post-Holiday Uses For Mistletoe
by Live Lady Roadkill

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: A-Team owned by Stephen J. Cannell etc.
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Warnings: M/M SLASH/consensual/graphic silliness
Summary: a little pwp where Murdock and BA find a creative way of using mistletoe.


Christmas was over with and days in the past. Now it was time to take down the decorations and to put them away. The little tree that Murdock had picked out had been de-ornamented and dis-garlanded. As BA hauled it out of the small apartment that was his current residence, Murdock began to hum an enthusiastic rendition of a funeral dirge while sweeping up the trail of fallen needles and tensile.

The tree had been a pathetic specimen and BA reluctantly agreed to get it after arguing over it with Murdock for nearly half an hour just to keep the peace. The man at the tree lot took pity on them and just gave it to them. Murdock had declared it was going to be a Charlie Brown Christmas, but it was anything but.

No amount of decorations helped the tree at all, but BA saw that Murdock loved it. The lights, tensile and ornaments became beautiful to BA when he looked at Murdock's eyes. He was almost sorry to have to leave the tree by the curb to be picked up to be turned into mulch.

When BA returned to the apartment he heard Murdock was still happily humming the funeral dirge while taking down the mistletoe. Where the tree was lacking, they had made up for in mistletoe at Murdock's insistence. There was mistletoe in every place in the apartment that BA had t be careful where he stepped or he'd be attacked by Murdock with a shower of kisses. With a sigh, Murdock tossed the last of the mistletoe in a wastebasket. "That's the last of it, Big Guy."

The disappointment could be heard clearly in his voice as BA picked up a few sprigs off the floor that had missed their target. Instead of placing it in the basket with the rest of it, BA fingered it as he watched Murdock step down from the kitchen chair he was using as a ladder. He thought of the past week and what fun they had with the mistletoe all around them. With a smirk he looked down at the thick succulent leaves that were beginning to show some signs of wilting. "I think these are still good."

Murdock stopped humming and looked at BA questioningly as he pushed the chair back into the kitchen table. Slowly his look of confusion turned into a devilish smile. "I dunno, BA. We're going to have to see about that."

BA raised the mistletoe over their heads as Murdock stepped up to him and slid his arms around the bigger man's neck. With a grin BA tiled his head and met Murdock's lips. He immediately started delving with his tongue deep into Murdock's mouth and pulled him closer after he dropped the hand that held the mistletoe. Murdock sucked on his tongue to take more of him in his mouth, but when BA withdrew Murdock's tongue chased after the retreating tongue. Murdock teased BA's mouth with his tongue and then pulled back breathlessly. After swallowing some air, Murdock gasped, "That stuff is still good. We can't throw this stuff away."

BA let Murdock go so he could pick up the wastebasket and start picking the discarded mistletoe out. With each sprig Murdock held it above their heads and they tested out. After the sixth or seventh sprig Murdock's eyes gleamed and he held a sprig over his neck. BA chuckled as he shook his head in disbelief. Murdock threw the sprig over his shoulder and pronounced, "It's a dud."

Then he quickly pulled out another sprig and held it over his neck. BA chuckled a little more and latched onto Murdock's throat with a bruising, sucking kiss. He felt Murdock shiver in pleasure. When he was sure there was going to be a prominent hickey on Murdock's neck he pulled back and picked a sprig out for himself. He tucked it behind his ear. Murdock dove on top of him and knocked him to the floor. He barely recovered when he found Murdock probing his ear delicately with his tongue and mouth. Murdock then whispered breathily in his ear about all the naughty things they could do with the mistletoe causing him to moan.

BA started pulling at Murdock's clothes as he listened to more and then Murdock thrust his tongue back into BA's ear. BA had managed to remove Murdock's shirt and T-shirt and it was now Murdock's turn at the mistletoe. He took another sprig of it and held it over his chest while lying on his back on the floor. BA took the hand that held the mistletoe and moved it to where it was over Murdock's crotch. Then BA set to work on unfastening the pants as Murdock grinned like the devil himself. With one yank, both pants and underwear were down around Murdock's thighs.

With a smile, BA grasped the other man's hips and went down on him with his mouth. Murdock let out a mangled moan as BA orally assaulted his penis. He strained forwards and grasped BA's head for leverage. He gasped out, "Oh. Oh.. Oh.. That's a good one.. A REAL good one..."

Murdock kicked the floor as BA continued and he arched his back off the floor when BA licked his testicles. Murdock was blinking back tears as he gulped for air and then suddenly BA stopped. BA would have to stop just as he was seconds away from coming. He glanced down at his angry red erection and then at BA holding a sprig of mistletoe over his hip while lying on his side next to Murdock on the floor.

With a not so innocent smile plastered on his face, BA giggled helplessly as Murdock kicked off his pants like it was painful to move. Murdock glared as he dove onto the bigger man and snatching the mistletoe away to hold it over BA's butt. BA giggled some more as he glanced at Murdock's erection and rolled onto his stomach. Murdock yanked down BA's sweatpants and BA looked over his shoulder to see what Murdock would do.

BA was surprised when Murdock dropped the mistletoe on the small of his back and using both hands, spread the butt cheeks wide. Then he licked the top part between the well muscle mounds held in place by his hands. He felt a shiver go through BA and he knew BA wasn't smiling anymore. He teasingly licked slowly down the cleft ever so carefully and then went back up just above the twitching goal. He heard a begging groan as he continued on upwards. Then he started back down again with firm caresses and squeezes. After a couple of licks back downward he skipped over a space and kissed BA's anus. He grinned as BA jerked and forced his tongue in.

BA howled at the initial entry and moaned as Murdock continued. It wasn't long till BA was ready and Murdock was more than ready as he thought the throbbing couldn't get any worse. He pulled BA's sweatpants down further and hefted the bigger man's hips up. "We're keeping the mistletoe."

Murdock positioned himself behind BA and pushed in with a shudder and a strangled gasp. BA arched back into Murdock and nodded in agreement.


Post Holiday Uses For Mistletoe by Live Lady Roadkill



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