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By Nancy


Rated R for violence

Disclaimer: The A-Team and it's characters don't belong to me. No copyright infringement is intended. However the characters of Karen and Susan Baker, the bad guys, and the hospital staff do belong to me.

Timeline: Fall of 1985




The auburn hair woman placed a single rose on the grave of her husband and turned away. She got into her car, started the engine, and drove home. Her mind replaying the events of a month before.


"Why didn't you tell me." Tawnia Lefcourt demanded of her husband.


"Because I didn't want you involved I still don't." Brian Lefcourt said. "These men are dangerous."


"As if I hadn't faced danger before." She argued. Thinking back to her days with the A-Team.


"Honey, please take the next plane out of here. Jake Stanley is no one to mess with." Brian pleads.


"You got that right." A voice breaks through the hotel room.


"What are you doing here?" He steps in front of his wife shielding her from harm. "I said I'd meet you in an hour."


Jake pulls out a gun and aims it at him.


"Yeah well the plans have changed. He fires the gun. Tawnia screams and Brian slumps dead to the floor. She rushes to his side and checks for a pulse there is none. Her eyes lock with Jakes as he aims the gun at her preparing to fire again.


"You better hope the bullet kills me you sonofabitch." She says through her tears of grief and shock.


Suddenly the door swings open surrounding the room with police officers Jake is arrested and taken in. Brian's body is taken to the morgue after Tawnia says a final good bye to him.



She pulls into her driveway and turns off the engine.


"He won't get away with killing you my love I promise." She says through her tears.


She goes inside.


"What brings you here?" She asks the woman sitting on her sofa.


"Just in the neighborhood." Amy Allen lies.


"Yeah right, which one of them called you?" Tawnia says flatly.


"Face did, but all of them are worried about you. So am I."


"There's no need to worry I'm fine." She's gets a glass of water.


"Tawnia, this is me your talking to you. I know you too well and you're not fooling me. Now what's going on?"


Tawnia starts to retreat to her bedroom, but Amy stops her.


"Let go of me." Tawnia warns.


"Listen to me everything is going to be all right. Jake won't get anywhere near you. The guys will be around to make sure of it." Amy reassures her.


"Wait a minute are you saying that they released that bastard?" Tawnia asks.


"He escaped." Amy says looking at her best friend confusingly. "We thought you knew."


"No I didn't know." A deadly smiles plays across her face. "Thanks for the information. Oh and do me a favor, call the guys up and tell them that I won't be needing their protection."


"No, I don't think so." Amy says her voice full of alarm. "What are you planning?"


"This doesn't concern you. It doesn't concern any of you. It's personal." Tawnia goes to her bedroom and locks the door behind her.


Amy reaches into her purse and pulls out a walkie talkie. She pushes the send button.


"Guys are you there?" Amy says urgently.


"Yeah kid we're here. Don't worry the place is guarded tighter than a drum. No one is going to get in there." Hannibal assures her.


"Can one of you come in here. I'm having a little trouble on this end."


"I'll be right there." He signs off and heads inside.


Moments later in the living room.


"So what do you think is going on?" Hannibal asks.


"I don't know, I've never seen that look on her face before." Amy says worriedly.


Tawnia comes out of the bedroom preparing to leave again. Hannibal takes a good look at her and recognises the signs immediately. It's the same look he had seen plenty of men in Vietnam wearing. He knew she was going to kill the man who had killed her husband or she'd die trying. He spots her car keys on top of the tv set and confiscates them.


"Want to give me my keys back?"


"No kid I don't think so. You see I'd never forgive myself if I let you do what you are planning to do. Especially when there's a chance that you won't make it back alive."


"I don't know want you're talking about. I was just going to go to the grocery store." She lies.


"You're going after Jake." It finally dawns on Amy. "Do you even know where he is?"


"Can I please have my keys back?"




"Fine." She plops down on the sofa and sighs heavily out of frustration. Amy approaches her.


"I know you miss him, but what good is going after Jake going to do?"


"I'm not going after Jake." Her lip quivers. "Yes I am, and you can't stop me. None of you can. He killed the only man I've ever loved and he's going to answer for that." Tawnia says vehemently.


The telephone rings. Tawnia picks it up and answers it.




"He's at the docks." The male voice on the other line says. "Pier 15 Warehouse."


"Thanks I owe you one."


"No you don't." He hangs up.


"Hannibal, I have to go into work, please give me my keys back."


"Let me get this straight. They call you into work on a Saturday and your response to them is thanks I owe you one?" Amy says clearly not convinced.


"It's a lead on a new story." Hannibal doesn't budge. Tawnia grabs the spare key, her purse, and then heads out. BA and Face follow in the van.


Hoping that Tawnia's answering machine somehow picked up the call, Amy plays back the messages. The message replays.


"Wait a minute, that's Alex Kramer on the other end." Murdock says.


"I know that he's a friend of ours." Amy says.


"Amy he works for Jake." Murdock reveals.


"Oh my God." She says after a momentarily stunned silence. "She's walking right into a trap."


"Hannibal are you there come in."


He picks up his walkie talkie and answers.


"What's up Faceman."


"We lost her."


"She's headed for the Pier 15 Warehouse, get there yesterday. Murdock and I are on the way."



Several moments later in the warehouse. Tawnia sneaks in with her gun ready to fire. Jake sneaks up behind her and grabs her and places his gun to her left temple.


"Drop the gun now."


"Go to hell."


Alex confiscates her gun.


"Good job man. I'll pay you well. Time for you to join your husband Mrs. Lefcourt." He squeezes the trigger, she's instantly engulfed in a world of darkness and slumps to the floor.


"Is she dead?"


"She will be soon." Jake aims the gun at her and repeatedly fires.


They both flee the scene right as BA and Face get there. Tawnia's car is still there so they stop the van instead of following Jake and Alex. They enter the warehouse guns drawn just in case and seconds later they find her lying in a pool of blood.


Face rushes to her side and checks for a pulse.


"She's still alive, barely." He says while tears form in his eyes.


"Get her in the van, we have to move now." BA says urgently.


He gently lifts her off the ground and rushes her to the van. Once they're both safely inside BA floors it and speeds towards the nearest hospital. Face grabs anything he can to try to stop the bleeding.


"You're going to be all right." He says gently. "Just hang on."


BA contacts Hannibal and tells him everything. Murdock and Amy are with him. Amy grabs the CB from Hannibal.


"BA, how bad is she hurt?" She asks on the verge tears. Silence. "Tell me."


"I have to go we're at the hospital now." He signs out. Stops the van and opens the sliding door. Face hands Tawnia to him and BA rushes her inside.


Face then examines his shirt he sees the blood on it and finally breaks not being able to hold back the tears any longer. Finally he realizes what Amy's reaction would be if she saw it so he changes shirts and throws the current one away then he heads inside and strolls over to BA. BA looks into his questioning eyes.


"They're working on her right now. It's going to be at least an hour before they tell us anything." BA suddenly grows angry. "Jake and Alex are dead men when I get ahold of them."


"She's going to be all right man." Face tries to calm him and also hands him a different shirt. "Amy's going to be here any minute."


BA nods understandingly and goes to change.


Dr. Susan Baker comes out of an elevator finished with her rounds for the day. She glances at her watch and sees that she has plenty of time before she has to go home and get dinner started. Her younger sister had lost her husband recently and Susan was worried about her. Mostly because she hadn't spent any time with her since it happened with work keeping her busy and everything. Stop beating yourself up about it you'll see Tawnia tonight and then you'll see for yourself how she's doing. She is about to head out the door when she sees Amy, Murdock, and Hannibal rush in. Amy looks like she's in hysterics so Susan approaches her.


"Amy what's wrong? Are you ok? Did something happen?" Susan asks her.


"You can say that." Amy says through her tears as she tells Susan everything. Susan goes pale with fear and her insides turn ice cold as she rushes to the nurses desk and checks the lists to find out where they took her sister. She finds the location and rushes to her side.


Hannibal, Murdock, and Amy find Face and BA in the waiting room.


"How is she?" Amy asks them.


"We don't know yet they're still working on her." Face says as he hugs her and tries to calm her down. "But she'll pull through don't worry."


Hannibal motions for BA to join him far enough away so Amy doesn't hear.


"How badly is she hurt?" She asks him.


"It looks bad man, one of the bullets went in her head we think and there was a lot of blood. Hannibal we have to find these bastards they can't get away with this. They killed Brian, and who knows who else they killed and now they almost killed Tawnia they have to be stopped." BA rages.


"Yes they do, but first we have to make sure that Tawnia is going to be all right." Hannibal replies. BA nods in agreement and then they return to the others.


"You guys have to get out of here." Amy says through her tears. "What if the MP's find out that you're here?"


"We'll deal with that if the situation arises until then I'm not going anywhere." Hannibal says as he gets a cup of coffee.



Meanwhile in the Trauma unit. Susan and the other doctors are waiting for lab results. They have the bleeding stopped and bandages on the gun shot wounds. Tawnia has stopped breathing on her own so she's on life support. Susan continues to monitor her comatose sister and prays for a miracle.


Another doctor sits down beside her. His name was Dr. James Callahan. He and Susan had been dating for the past month.


"Do you want me to call your mom? She'll definitely want to be here." James inquires.


"Yes." She says in a worried and sad tone.


He kisses her and then goes to call their mother. Karen Baker goes into complete hysterics and rushes to the hospital. She bumps into Hannibal in the waiting room when she arrives.


"Karen?" Hannibal says completely stunned.


"John?" They hug.


"What are you doing here you're not sick are you?" He asks.


Her face clouds over and tears well in her eyes. "No it's not me, my baby got shot." She says as the tears fall. "Excuse me." She's about to head for the nurses desk when she sees Amy. "Amy how is she? Is she going to be all right?" Karen asks hoping the answer is a good one.


Tawnia is Karen's daughter. Oh my God, Hannibal thinks to himself as he remembers an Autumn day back in 1959.


"Adam wants to get back together." Karen tells a much younger John Hannibal Smith.


"Does he know that you're pregnant?" He asks her. "With our child."


"Yes he does, and he wants to raise the baby as his own." Karen reveals.


The young Hannibal boils over in anger. "He lost his chance with you and Susan when he walked out on you two last year!!" He rages. "And you trust him with our baby, what if he walks out again!! I don't want my son or daughter hurt like that!!"


"John I love him, you know that I've tried to love you but it just isn't happening. Besides neither of us are completely sure if the baby is yours or Adam's."


"I don't care. I will be a much better father than him."


She smiles. "You will make a wonderful father someday and if the blood tests prove you are the father this baby will know you that I promise."


Two weeks later they got the results proving Adam as the father. However, neither Karen or Hannibal knew that Adam had rigged the results and that Hannibal was in fact Tawnia's biological father.


Hannibal's mind returns to the present when he hears Karen shouting.


"Why didn't you call me?!" She shouts at Hannibal. "Why didn't anyone call me and tell me that she was going to go after Jake?!"


"There wasn't enough time." Amy tells her.


"Karen I didn't know that she was your daughter. Do you know how many people have Baker as their last name in this city?" Hannibal says and then tries to calm her. "I know you're scared but don't be. She's going to be all right."



One hour later Susan and one of the other doctors approaches them.


"Is she all right?" Karen asks her oldest daughter.


"No mom she's not." Susan says sadly.


"Mrs. Baker we have to operate right away. One of the bullets is lodged in her heart, the other bullets exited but not before damaging her lungs and brain. Right now we have to get the bullet out and repair her heart and lungs." The other doctor says.


"And her brain?" Karen asks as tears start to well in her eyes again.


"If we try to repair any of the damage we might cause more. We're hoping that she'll be able to overcome it with therapy if and when she comes out of the coma." He says. "But if we don't operate now she'll die." He says with urgency. Karen signs the consent form.


"Mom don't worry I'll be in there with her." Susan says as she hugs her distraught mother and then she and the other doctor return to Tawnia to prep her for surgery.



Tawnia survives surgery but remains in a coma. Morning arrives and finds Karen at her daughters bedside talking to her and hoping that it works. Hannibal is watching her from behind the glass wondering how to approach her with the questions he has. While inside her daughters room while she's talking to her another part of her mind is wondering how to tell John what Adam had done years ago. ~How can I tell him now when all these years he thought Tawnia was Adam's daughter.~


B.A approaches Hannibal. "When are we going after the bastards that did this to her?"


"Not now what if she wakes up and I'm not here." Hannibal says. Amy overhears and wonders why Hannibal is acting so odd she decides not to press the issue and approaches the men.


"Then you'll see her when you get back. Look the police don't have a clue to where these men are hiding. Maybe you guys are the only ones who can find them." She says.


"I'm not going anywhere." Hannibal says and continues to gaze inside Tawnia's room wishing he could do something to make her better again.



One week later the men who shot Tawnia are caught and put in jail. Their boss is also caught. They never have a chance at a hearing after being killed by fellow prisoners. Prisoners who had gone to High School with Tawnia. They were just a couple of guys who made some bad choices in life so now they were in jail.


Tawnia remains in a coma but her heart and lungs are starting to mend very much to her friends and family's relief. Colonel Decker had almost caught the Team at the hospital so they were now back in hiding with Amy providing them updates on Tawnia's condition when she can. One night Karen shows up to provide the update.


"John we have to talk."


"What about?" He asks although he has a pretty good idea of what she wants to talk about.


"Adam confessed something to me on his death bed two years ago." She gently tells him about Adam rigging the tests and that Tawnia is his daughter.


After he recovers from the shock. "I had a feeling that was the case but it still comes as a surprise."


She grips his hand in support.


"Does Tawnia know?"


She shakes her head. "At the time I couldn't tell her. She was devastated when Adam died I couldn't lay this on her. No offense."


"None taken."


"And now you have to find out when..." Her voice cracks and she starts crying.


"Hey we're not going to lose her." He tries to assure her and himself.


"Then why won't she wake up? Why isn't anything working?"


"I don't know but she is going to wake up." He tries to convince her. After she's all cried out. "Karen when were you going to tell her?"


"I don't know." She says honestly. "I tried so many times to tell her. I wanted her to know but I was so worried about what her reaction would be."


"Why I'm not a homicidal maniac or anything."


She smiles. "I know, but put yourself in her place. How would you feel if one day you found out that the man you thought was your father did something so calculating just to keep the truth from you about your real father."


"Maybe we can tell her that Adam didn't know about the screwup either."


She shakes her head. "You can't combat a lie with another lie."


He sighs. "Karen I can't know that I have a daughter and not be in her life with her knowing who I am."


"I know and we'll think of a time to tell her." They continue to discuss things and then she soon leaves for the hospital.



One week later Tawnia begins to slowly awaken from the coma and soon after that she does fully awaken and with the help of her friends and family and therapy she soon overcomes the brain damage. A few months later Hannibal and Karen tell her who her real father is.


"Adam didn't intend to betray you honey he was just scared of losing you." Karen tells her daughter.


Tawnia takes this all in and doesn't know how to react. She glances at Hannibal and shakes her head. "Is this some kind of joke?"


"No kid it's not, and I know this must be hard to accept right now." Hannibal says. "If you have any questions or want to vent, we're both here for you." He assures her.


It takes a long time but Tawnia finally does accept that Hannibal is her father and also eventually learns to live with losing Brian.



The End


Revenge by Nancy



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