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Turkey Club

Turkey Club
by Val Thomas

Rating: NC-17
Pairings: H/M/F
Category: PWP
Disclaimer: I don't own the guys. More's the pity!
Notes: This was my first attempt at an AT PWP so if it seems a bit... unlike me, that's why. ;-)
Warnings (if needed): Slash!
Summary: It's a PWP; there's nothing to summarize.




Face looked around disconsolately. Things hadn't been going well lately and he felt like it was his fault. Everything he'd scammed lately seemed to go wrong. If he found them a plane, the engine failed. If it was a car, the motor froze up. The list went on and on. And it just got worse. He'd walked in on Hannibal and Murdock... having sex. He wasn't a prude, far from it. It was just... well, it wasn't what he'd expected from two of his best friends. He'd backed himself out of the room without saying a word. He remembered the pained expressions on their faces vividly.

He practically ran back to his own room and sat shaking on the bed. He didn't even look up when someone knocked on the door. There was no way he was going to face them after what he'd seen.

The door opened anyway to reveal Murdock standing in a terry cloth bathrobe.

"Hi muchacho! How's tricks?"

Face turned away from his best friend.

Murdock sighed. "I know you must be pretty rattled at what you saw, but it's no big deal. Hannibal & me, we've been..."

"I don't want to hear about it!" Face stormed at him.

"But there's nothing wrong..." he tried again.

Face rose and walked over to the patio door.

"Faceman, look at me. There's nothing wrong with two men loving each other. Look at you, for instance."


"Yeah, you. You're so pretty standin' over there. Take such pains with your appearance. How's that s'posed to make me feel?"

Face finally turned and stared at his best friend. "You don't mean... Just because I take care of myself... How could you...?"

"You're beautiful, Faceman. 'Fact, you're one of the most desirable men I know of. Don't tell me you didn't know it."

Face shook his head.

"I'd love to make love to you, Faceman." Murdock stepped closer to his friend, close enough to stroke his cheek gently.

Face stood still, uncertain of what to do.

"Let me teach you what love is, Temp. 'Cause I do love you already."

"I... I love you, too, HM." He finally dared look at the pilot. There was a grin the size of Texas spread across the mobile features.

"You love me? Let me love you, Temp. Let me show you." He moved in closer, putting a gentle arm around the other man's shoulders. Murdock moved in closer to those lips he'd wanted for so long. He pulled Face nearer.

Nervously, Face closed his eyes and opened his lips. Murdock licked Face's lips softly. That bottom lip! So full! So inviting! He sucked it gently into his mouth, hearing the conman sigh in pleasure. Face began to return the kiss.

Murdock's hands moved down lower, to the buttons on Face's shirt. Face wriggled out of it, allowing his best friend to caress his shoulders and pecs. His own hands moved down to the belt knotted at Murdock's waist, loosening the knot to let the robe fall open. He paused as he felt the erection growing inside the robe.

"Murdock, I ..." he broke off the sentence.

"Shh! Let me do the work!" Murdock carefully removed the rest of Face's clothes. When they stood naked, staring at each other, Face had to bite back the urge to laugh. This was something he'd dreamed about on occasion, but never thought he'd have the chance to do.

Murdock made the first move. He held out one hand which Face grasped tentatively. The hand pulled him closer, ready for another kiss.

As they broke the kiss, Murdock pulled Face over toward the bed. Seeing the hesitation there, Murdock whispered, "Shh, I'd never hurt you."

"I trust you, it's just that... well, I've never... with a man before. I..."

"I know, Temp, I know. I won't hurt you." With that, he pushed Face back onto the bed. Murdock continued to kiss Face, then finally moved down to the rest of his body. He licked his way down the graceful neck, pausing to nibble on one shoulder. Face moaned as one of the nips made him jump. Murdock smiled and continued. Gentle hands caressed Face's torso, tickling him just slightly, adding a bit of spice. At the same time, Murdock's mouth changed positions as well, finding the pert nipples already standing up, waiting for attention. He lapped around the other man's pecs for a moment, then centered his attention on the pink nubs. A louder moan made its way out as Murdock suckled hungrily on one nipple like a babe at its mother's breast.

Face found his fingers running through the thinning hair, massaging Murdock's head. Murdock looked up at him momentarily and grinned before resuming his feast.

Murdock continued on his way down Peck's body, reveling in the firm yet soft flesh he found.

"Oh, Face, I've wanted to do this for so long," Murdock purred as he reached Face's erection. Without any more comment, he dove in to the treat awaiting him.

Face gasped as he felt his cock engulfed by that hot mouth. He'd never felt anything quite like this before. That moist cavern contained his whole world at the moment; nothing else mattered. When Murdock carefully inserted one finger into Face's anus, Face thrust back on the finger, begging for more. Murdock quickly took the hint, stretching his friend open wide, massaging the pleasure center he found deep inside.

When Murdock pulled back, Face gasped in desperation.

"I want you, Faceman," Murdock whispered. "I want to feel you come inside me."

"Come..." Face begged, incoherent.

Murdock lay back on the bed, legs pulled up to his chest and spread. He pulled Face into place between his legs and guided the impressive erection to his own opening.

As Face began to thrust into his friend, Murdock threw his head back against the bed and moaned loudly. The sound made Face hotter. He thrust up into Murdock hard, drawing another moan.

The two were so engaged in what they were doing they didn't hear the door open softly. The figure that entered held a finger to his lips when Murdock did finally open his eyes enough to see. The pilot smiled as he thrust back against his new lover, who was oblivious to anything other than the feel of his cock in his best friend's ass.

All of a sudden, Face's eyes shot open as he felt something enter him from behind. He glanced around to see a pair of twinkling blue eyes smile at him. As the older man plunged deep into his lieutenant, Face gave up all pretense and shoved his pelvis between the two men, driving deep into one, then shoving himself back onto the cock that was driving him wild. He thrust blindly, oblivious to all but his own need.

He felt his own climax building, wanting to prolong the feeling, but needing release too much. He exploded into Murdock's ass with a loud cry and almost collapsed on top of him. Hannibal continued to thrust against his prostate, drawing still more moans of ecstasy from the blond. Murdock smiled at Hannibal, enjoying the feel of being filled by his best friend. He held Face close as Hannibal continued to pound his behind, kissing the blond who was lost in pleasure. For his own part, Face returned the kiss passionately, letting Murdock's tongue explore his mouth without protest. His eyes opened wide as he felt Hannibal come inside him for the first time.

The three began to relax on the bed, Face still inside Murdock, Hannibal still inside Face. The blond nuzzled his best friend's neck gently, licking the sweat off him as he purred his pleasure. Fully sated, Face began to doze off, still sandwiched between two of the people he loved the most.

The alarm went off. Face slapped it and wished he had a gun so he could shoot it. Damn fool alarm, interrupting a perfectly good dream!

Reluctantly he rose and headed for the bathroom. He always got up early to get a shower before the others. That way he was assured of enough hot water for his whole shower. He sighed as he remembered that perfect dream; making love to both Hannibal and Murdock was a secret fantasy of his. Like in the dream at first, there was no way he'd ever have the courage to act on his dream. If only he could act on it!

As he passed Murdock's room, he heard a strange noise. The door was just slightly ajar so he pushed it silently open. He gasped at the sight that met his eyes - it was just like the dream! Hannibal thrust hard into Murdock before Face's amazed eyes. The envious blond started to back out of the room, just as he had done in his dream, when he made a decision. He entered the room and closed the door tightly, locking it against intruders.




Turkey Club by Val Thomas



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