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Christmas Brawl

Christmas Brawl.

Summary:  It’s Christmas time and what happens?  A fight breaks out between Tawnia and Amy.  What caused it?  Who will break them up?  Will the place survive?  Find out when you read the story silly people. 

Rating:  PG just to be safe.

Author:  Georgia Bentz

Warnings:  A cat fight is involved.  Possibly swear words and a hurt fruit cake.  Dunno just yet.  But you have been warned.  There is no happiness involved. 

Disclaimer:  The A-Team, Amy, and Tawnia don’t belong to me.  But how I wish I owned Murdock.  What better way to get ‘round the country then havin your own pilot?  Anywhos they all belong to Stephen J. Cannell.


On to the story>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Christmas.  It was such a happy time of year.  Presents,  a tree.  Friends.  Family.  Perfect right?  Well not when you’re the A-Team and the two friends you brought over for Christmas dinner hate each others’ guts.   That’s what all the guys could feel.  Tension.  Not just any sort of tension.  But the kind that you can cut with a knife.  All in all  not a pleasant sort of feeling.

"Get the feeling that Amy and Tawnia ain’t getting ‘long?"  Murdock asked worriedly.

Casting glances at the two reporters sulking at the table the Team nodded as one.  The dinner was finally finished.  Everything had been cleared.  There was really nothing for them to do.  Except maybe if the ladies were left to themselves then the problem could be straightened out.

Hannibal spoke just then.  "Let’s just nonchalantly disappear and hopefully they’ll come to their senses.  Face make up an excuse

Me?  Why is it always me that has to make up the excuses?"  Face asked soberly.

"Cause Facey ya make up th’ bes’ excuses."  Murdock replied.  Slapping Face on the back.

"Fine.  Fine.  Here goes nothing.  Ladies we’re going to go to a wood farm to get some wood.  We’ll be back later.  Ahhh play nice."  Face said.


At that the Team all cleared out of the house and soon Tawnia and Amy were left alone to themselves.  Each both seated at the table.  Their arms were crossed and they were shooting daggers at each other the whole time.  They didn’t speak to each other but simultaneously they got up from the  table and then arrived in the living room.

Presents were scattered everywhere.  As was the wrapping paper.  Amy kicked the paper away from the front of the couch.  She sat down on it and she crossed her arms again.  She was seething.  How dare Tawnia show up when she was the one who was invited to Christmas Dinner?  Tawnia had just invited herself over.  She again shot daggers at Tawnia.

"Oh quit acting the spoiled brat Allen.  It’s not my fault the Team likes me better."  Tawnia spoke first. 

"You invited your own self over Baker!  They don’t like you better.  You weren’t even thought of!"  Amy answered. 


"Bitch!"  Tawnia replied.


"Prepubescent little pipsqueak.  Can’t even take a hint.  Won’t even take a hint.  Has to be in the spotlight all the time."  Amy replied.  A smug look crossing her features. 

Nobody could say how it started.  Perhaps it was the slap that Tawnia made the effort to deliver while Amy was sitting with her arms crossed.  Perhaps it was the hair that Amy pulled as she  retaliated back.  Nobody could say for sure.  But somehow someone ended up with a bloody nose.  There was cursing and then there was a smack as something collided with someone’s head.

"You little witch!  That’s the candleholder I got for Face.  Amy said as the foresaid candleholder collided with her head. Take that you little hussy!"  Amy threw something at Tawnia’s head.  It missed its mark though.

"Ha!  You missed!"  Tawnia said gleefully.  However she didn’t duck when Amy took a flying leap and landed on Tawnia’s back punching her back.  Then Tawnia turned around and pinned Amy down.

Suddenly the glass ornament came off the tree just then.  Thanks to Amy’s quick reflexes she had gotten free and was now firing glass ornaments at Tawnia.  Tawnia picked up a box of fruitcake that Face had given Murdock as a gag gift.  She aimed it at Amy’s midsection.  Ducking out of the way Amy found a box of her own.  Filled with mushy goodness. 

"Take this you little wanna be A-Team member!"  Amy said as she flung gooy cake at the other reporter.

"Missed!  Take this you little monger!" Tawnia yelled back.  As more fruit cake was flung at the couch.

The fight would have continued just then if the Team hadn’t come in at the opportune time that food from the meal had been brought in and was being flung everywhere.  But a voice brought the fight to a halt.

"What the hell do you think you’re doing?  This is a very expensive apartment.  Now how will I explain this to the manager?"  Face asked angrily.

"What is going on here and I demand an answer from the two of you."  Hannibal replied commandingly.

"M’Fruitcake.  And Murray likes Fruitcake."  Murdock nearly wailed.  Murray was the guy who lived two doors down from him in the VA.

"Women.  Ain’t nuttin’ but trouble. Always getting themse’ves in trouble."  BA grumped. 

Scolding them as if they were children Hannibal made them clean up their mess.  Although he did seem to be having a sort of silent chuckle fest at their expenses.  He and the Team had never thought their friends would do this.  At least not to each other.  To someone else maybe.  But not to each other. Finally after all the mess was cleaned up Hannibal wanted to know what the fight was about.

"She’s being a scene stealer.  The only reason she wants to hang out with you guys is because she’s copying me!"  Amy argued.

"She left you guys first.  Then she has the audacity to show her face again?  I’m your friend too. I have a right to be here!"  Tawnia growled.

Before the team could say anything else the fight started up again.  Hannibal shrugged his shoulders and looked at his Team. If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em.  He thought to himself.  Soon there was an all out Christmas war going on.  It was kind of fun.  A little out of character but fun.  It was an interesting Christmas through and through.

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