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This Year

This Year
by Lt. Peck

Rating: PG-13 for Slash (Face/ Murdock pairing) -no sex-, kissing, the usual fluff. Sadness, rejection and regret.
Summary: Response to Cathy's Christmas Song Challenge.

On Christmas, Murdock gives Face the best present of all, But is hurt by Face's rejection the very next day. Be prepared for some slash ( kissing, holding) the usual fluff. A little bit of swearing, but oh so mild, Fluff, regret and rejection.
Disclaimers: Don't own The Team, but wouldn't mind owning the 'Vette.
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Christmas. A time for family, friends and lovers. Or, at least that's what Murdock thought, before the way Face hurt him the
day after. He and Face were at a big party, thrown by some friends Face had made during a scam or two. They were there as a couple, not caring if anyone objected to them being together. BA and Hannibal knew, so why shouldn't the whole world know too?

"Come on Facey, let's dance." Murdock asked Face, whom was sulking just a bit. The ballroom was crowded with his friends, All of which were made during a scam or two. Face was reluctant to openly show his feelings and affection for Murdock in front of them, But since it was Christmas, what did it matter? " Okay love, you lead and I'll follow." Murdock grinned and pulled Face onto the dance floor. The two danced to an upbeat song, which changed into a slow song.
Murdock pulled Face close, wrapping his arms around Face's neck, leaning in close. Face smiled and held him close, Wrapping his arms around Murdock's waist. * This really isn't so bad after all* Face thought. * Murdock feels right against me, And I shouldn't let people's idea's get to me.* Murdock sighed softly. " Face?" " Hmm Murdock?" Murdock pulled back slowly, but kept his arms around the conman. " I love you, You know that?" Face nodded, searching Murdock's brown eyes with his own ocean-blue ones. " Well, I want to give you a present. One I know you'll really like." Face smiled, "Oh? Shall I guess, or are ya gonna tell me?" Murdock laughed softly, reaching up to brush a golden lock out of Face's eyes. " I want to
give you my heart. I give it to you because you've always had a part of it, But this time, you deserve the whole thing. Wrapped up and sent special delivery by your's truely. Merry Christmas, I love you Tem." Face blinked, suddenly feeling very loved at the moment. " I.. ah.. Don't know what to say.. Except.. Thank you Murdock." He pulled Murdock close again and kissed him softly, but fully on the lips. Murdock returned the kiss, holding Face close and breathing in the warm musk cologne he was wearing.

That was last year. The season's came and went, and another Christmas crept up and once again presented it's self. Murdock felt betrayed by Face, simply because of the way his.. Lover acted the next day after that Christmas when he openly gave Face his heart. It was all Murdock could do to avoid Face the next day when he saw Face with another guy. Just as handsome as he was. Tan, blond, but with green eyes. Murdock was crushed. How could he? After what he was given? It made no sense.


" It makes no sense Face! I gave you my heart.. And you've basically stomped on it and threw it away like crappy gift wrap!"
Face let Murdock's words hit him and cut deeper into the already big hole he'd dug himself into. " I know.. Murdock.. I just.. I'm sorry. But, I honestly didn't think you loved me that much to do that." Murdock's brown eyes blazed with fire. " Uh huh. Right. Now I see what a fool I've been." He turned around and walked off. Face stood there, watching Murdock leave. Okay, He deserved that.

Another Christmas. Murdock was invited to a party, intent to not let the pain of last year's rejection by Face get to him. He was going to have a great time. Drink hot spiced orange tea, Eat fruitcake and as many cookies as he could handle. Watching couples dance, Murdock caught sight of blonde hair in the crowd, followed closely by another blonde, arm in arm. Murdock couldn't believe it. Face and his new beau. James. What a name.. Murdock kept his distance from the two, even as they walked up to the goodie table to get cups of tea and a plate of cake and cookies. Face looked up for a moment, Swearing he
saw Murdock, then shook his head. Couldn't have been. He laughed it off and walked back to join James at their table. Murdock was stunned. Face didn't recognize him, not one bit. Not surprising. It was only a year, after all. Murdock closed his eyes and thought of the kiss he and Face shared that night. If he was kissed again, Murdock knew Face would fool him. He could have sworn Face's soul was made of ice, The cold brushed up against him when those blue eyes looked over his body, trying to register the barer of the faded brown leather jacket. Murdock thought Face was someone to rely on, But it turned out Murdock was Face's shoulder to cry on.

* Well* Murdock thought. * If Face doesn't want my heart, I'll give it to someone who deserves it and I feel is special enough.*



This Year by Lieutenant Templeton Peck



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