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by Priestess of Templeton

Rating: PG ( For light smatterings of slash, Face/Murdock)
Summary: Responding To Cathy's Christmas Song Challenge.
Christmas eve, Face and Murdock are celebrating the holiday in their own way. ( Light slash, hugging, kissing, hand holding, that sort of fluff. Mind out of the gutter on this one.)
Warnings: Be prepared for Light smatterings of Slash ( Face/Murdock paring)
Hugging, Kissing, hand holding, that sort of fluff. That's 'bout it. Mild swearing also.
Disclaimers: I don't own The A-Team, Only borrowing them for a time.
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It was Christmas Eve and Murdock wanted to take a walk out in the newly fallen snow. Face was busy stringing lights on the tree that the Team had picked out, Muttering every time he'd get caught up in the cords. " Damn.. Blasted cords, Why couldn't we have unwound them -before- I was picked to decorate the tree?" He mused. Murdock looked away from the window, Smiling softly and laughing at Face's dilemma, " Because, Tem, It's more funner that way. Besides, I like to see you all frustrated." Brown eyes twinkling. Face turned to look at the pilot, sticking his tongue out. "Oh really? Why don't you come over here and help? Then that way, We could be 'all tangled up'

Murdock walked over to the tree, The many-colored lights reflecting in his eyes, Looking at Face. "Tell you what. I want to go out and walk in the snow, It's best like it is right now, Freshly fallen and untouched. And we could look at all the perdy lights on other people's houses." Face smiled softly and took his lover's hand, Kissing the pilot softly. "Sure, why not. Hannibal and BA can finish stringing lights." From the couch, Hannibal looked up, "Yeah? But you were voted Face. Can't leave a job half-way done." Murdock glanced over to Hannibal, "Ah come on Hannibal, I wanna walk in the snow. Face does too. Please, Perdy please?" Hannibal laughed, "Alright. It's Christmas Eve, Go have fun."

Murdock grinned and pulled Face towards the door, "Thanks!" Face chuckled and followed Murdock outside, Catching the sound of bells ringing on the air. "Listen to them Murdock, Ringing out the spirit of the holiday." Face said, wrapping his hand around the pilot's tightly, a smile on his handsome face. Murdock nodded and pointed down the sidewalk. " Yeah, they do sound pretty. Goes with the snow. I wonder how many kids are decorating their trees tonight?" Face shrugged, starting to walk in the snow, Sneaking a peek or two into the houses they passed, Watching young children help their parents decorate different sized trees. " Looks like many are." Face said, The bells ringing brought back memories of he and Murdock at past Christmases.

During their walk, Murdock stopped and bent down, Picking up some of the white powder, forming it into a ball, tossing it at Face. Face was caught by surprise, the snowball hitting the leather jacket he wore. " I'm gonna get you for that." He bent down, gathered snow and tossed it at Murdock. The pilot laughed and tackled Face down on the ground, pushing snow into Face's dark blond hair. "Hey Murdock, Remember that time the two of us rode down that snow covered hill in Central Park?" Murdock nodded and sat on Face's stomach, Not letting the conman up. " Yup, Sure do, Then afterwards, we sat beside the fireplace to melt all the snow we had on us." Face chuckled and
pushed Murdock off his stomach, Brushing snow from his pants. " Yeah, those were good times. I've always liked Christmas, How the bells ring out, Silver tinkling. Do you suppose that the bells ring just for us?" Pulling the pilot into a bear hug, Enveloping him in a warm circle. Murdock leaned against Face's chest, starting to walk again, Heading towards the bridge, were all kinds of boats sailed on the water, Lit up with lights. " I dunno, They could be. Each ring for the love we have?" He said softly. Face rested his chin on Murdock's shoulder, Watching each ship as it sailed by, Kissing the pilot's cheek softly. " Hmm. Yeah, They ring for you and me."



Bells by Priestess of Templeton



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