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by Hayley May

Rating: G
Response to Cathy's Christmas song challenge.
Disclaimer: not mine, but should TPTB want to give them to me for Christmas I'll be *very* happy. <g>


It was snowing again.

He sat in awed silence, just watching as the flakes slowly fell, settling on the white blanketed landscape. It looked so unreal, so... artificial in a way. But it wasn't. It was real, it just seemed so... so something. He wasn't sure what it was. What it was that had gotten him up at this time of night, or should he say morning. Twenty past four, the morning of December 25. Christmas day. It was snowing on Christmas day.

He had never seen a white Christmas before. Had dreamed about it often while growing up, but then again he had dreamed of so many things. Not all of them had come true though.

A white Christmas. So this is what it looked like. Everything was so quiet, so tranquil. The only movement outside was that of the falling snow flakes. It was as if nothing else was alive out there.

Inside it was just as still. The others were all asleep, snoring softly behind him, stretched out on the floor, cocooned in blankets and sheets. That's where he should have been; asleep. Instead he was up and awake, sat by the window on the morning of the Lord's birth. Just watching... just being.

It was peaceful. Maybe that was it; maybe that was what he was craving, why he was still up. Peace. With the hustle and bustle of their lives it was nice to find a time when they weren't being chased by the MPs or were being subjected to the unquenchable force that was the jazz. It was nice to just sit and watch, enjoy the stillness, the calm, the quiet. Nice to just be.

Leaning the side of his head against the cool glass, he smiled to himself. From this angle he could see both the worlds; the cold beauty of nature and the warm cosiness of the cabin they were staying in, a cabin without beds. He shouldn't complain. They had been lucky to find the place after being caught in the heavy snow storm in the middle of no where. What a way to spend Christmas. It could have been worse though, he rationalised. He could have been alone. He could have been spending this holiday, of all the holidays, without his friends, without his family. At least this time they were altogether. Wasn't that what Christmas was all about? Family? Friends? Loved ones? And weren't all three of them here in this room with him?

Contentment suddenly washing over him, he took one more look outside, before rising silently to his feet. Drawing the curtain closed, he allowed himself a moment for his eyes to adjust once more to the dark, before picking his way back over to his makeshift bed, careful not to step on anyone. Lying down, he pulled the blankets back over him, snuggling down in the warmth created by the two figures lying on either side. Smiling, he got himself comfortable and closed his eyes, finally drifting into a peaceful sleep.

The End

Peace by Hayley May



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