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Murdock's Christmas Miracle

Murdock's Christmas Miracle
by TVNewsCam

Rating: G
Summary: On Christmas, Murdock recounts the events from the prior year where he nearly came face to face with death. Written as a response to the Christmas Song Challenge by Cathy Fisher.
Author's Notes: This fanfic is set in the Vietnam era. Thanks to Fancy for the beta!
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The characters involved are the property of the creator, Stephen J. Cannell. This fanfiction was written to promote the series, not for profit; no copyright infringement is intended.
Copyright: Stephanie Roberts, 2002


"Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree . . ." a strong baritone voice belted out.

"Shut up, fool!" BA blasted, glaring in disapproval at the singer.

Captain Murdock's face took on an expression of mock hurt as he sat down on his bunk, leaning back against the wall in a semi-reclining position. "Come on, BA. Don't'cha like Christmas songs? You got something 'gainst the holiday or what?"

"Ain't nothin' wrong with Christmas. What's wrong is you singin'. You ain't gonna sing 'em right, just like you messed up teachin' Lin that cowboy song," the muscular sergeant retorted, trying to keep his concentration focused on cleaning his rifle.

"You know, BA, miracles have been known to happen on Christmas," Hannibal chimed in from the doorway, having just arrived at the hootch. His blue eyes seemed to sparkle, and his smile was enough to practically light up the entire room.

Face stood next to Hannibal, carrying a box of items he had managed to procure . . . or rather, scam.

"Yup! That's right!" Murdock affirmed, his reply drawing the attention from the others in the room.

Face snuck around Hannibal at the doorway and made his way over to his bunk. He put the box down on his bed, and then looked over to Murdock. As a practicing Catholic, Templeton Peck was somewhat skeptical. "You've had a Christmas miracle, Murdock?" he asked in disbelief.

A twinkle appeared in Hannibal's eyes, and a knowing smile crossed his face. Face pulled out and handed him a cigar. He bit off the end, and then chomped down on the fine Cuban Havana while he pulled out a lighter and held a flame to the end.

Murdock grinned wildly as he launched the tale, "Yeah . . . happened 'bout a year ago. There was an NVA pilot that was really good and kept doggin' me in the air. We both came close to shootin' each other down a couple of times."

Face pulled up a chair and sat on it backwards, using the back to serve as an armrest. Hannibal sat on the edge of a bed next to his lieutenant and his sergeant. BA just shook his head and muttered to himself, "This is gonna be a long story."

Murdock ignored BA's jibe as he continued, "I had two days of R & R, startin' with Christmas eve, when the big brass called me up. It was one of the coldest nights since I've been in 'Nam, which is weird 'cause it normally doesn't get that cold in 'Nam. I went up there, eventually found the guy, and we got into a huge dogfight. He got the upper hand and had locked on to me, but he didn't fire. I ain't got a clue why, but I do remember hearin' bells from a small village."

"Bells?" Face parroted.

BA snorted, "The only bells' you hearin' are in your head, ding dong."

Hannibal shot BA a sharp look, and then returned his attention to the pilot. From the look of interest on his face, apparently there were a few quirks to this story that even he hadn't heard before. "Go on, Murdock," the colonel encouraged.

"Anyhoo, he forced me to set down in Cong territory, north of the DMZ. I thought he was gonna kill me for sure . . ." Murdock trailed off, his voice clearly indicating just how close he possibly had come to certain death.

Although BA wasn't too keen on Murdock's antics, hearing that a friend had come that close to death was enough to finally get his full attention. He stopped what he was doing and looked up at the pilot, the concern obvious within his eyes as he asked, "And, man? What happened?"

"You ain't gonna believe this, but he wished me a Merry Christmas. We saluted each other, and he let me go. We got back in our crafts and took off, headin' our own separate directions," Murdock finished, almost in awe of the events himself.

"You're kidding, right?" Face inquired, still unsure whether it was real or a fable out of Murdock's active imagination.

"Ain't no way it could be true. The VC don't just let prisoners go," BA huffed, again settling back in to cleaning his rifle.

"What do you think?" Murdock retorted with a playful smirk.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Murdock's Christmas Miracle by TVNewsCam



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