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Ho, Ho, Ho

Ho, Ho, Ho!
by Blinky, the Christmas Elf

Rating: G
Summary: An answer to Cathy's Christmas song challenge. Guess which one!!!!
Warnings: Gooey Christmas sentimentality. All over the place!
Disclaimer: This was written for educational purposes only. Most of the characters belong to Steven J. Cannel Productions and Universal. No copyright infringement intended. The plot is mine, all mine.


B.A. was annoyed. This, of course was not an unusual thing in itself. It was the reason for the annoyance that was interesting. He was wearing a Santa hat. He didn't want to. The fool had insisted and B.A. had promised Hannibal that he would try to get along with him for the holiday.

Murdock had gone even further with his own outfit. He was wearing a complete Santa suit. It was ludicrous. The pilot was as skinny as a rail and the suit hung like a sack. The beard looked like a family of birds had recently left it. B.A. snorted. The fool looked ridiculous.

The Captain was decorating everything that would stand still, and a few things that wouldn't. Evergreen wreaths, holly boughs, and tinsel were strewn everywhere. B.A. was half expecting to have to grind the Captain into the ground over mistletoe, but Murdock had shown some unexpected restraint.

Face and Hannibal came back from checking the perimeter. They too had hats. They sat down and gratefully accepted the hot cocoa offered by "Santa."

"If there was somebody out there, they'd shoot you for wearing those hats," B.A. growled.

"But they would never suspect us of being the A-Team!" Face said, with a grin. He seemed to enjoy Murdock's Santa fixation.

"We took them off B.A. It was probably a deer that set off the alarm. We have 'nothing to dread..' Relax, Sergeant, everything is fine."

"Yeah, fine, if you don't count being hunted like animals" B.A. muttered. "Or be'in kept away from family."

"I'm sorry, B.A. If we could get you back to Chicago, we would," Hannibal offered. "Decker is keeping too close an eye on your mother right now."

"Maybe we should sing carols!" Murdock chimed. "That will take your mind off your problems!"

"Maybe I should take yo' head off and I won't have any problems!"

The big man stormed out of the door. He pulled off the hat and sat down on the porch.

It had been another long year. He missed his mother. She had managed to keep Christmas a happy time even in the worst years, when he was growing up. Now, he hadn't spent a holiday with her for over ten years. He missed her singing, her stories, and mostly, her smile. He loved the guys, but it just wasn't the same. He sat on the porch for a while, feeling sorry for himself.

"Sergeant, get in here"

B.A. reluctantly followed the order. He found the other three sitting expectantly by the coffee table. There were two wrapped packages on the table. "Santa" held the larger one first.

"I thought you might want these today, rather than wait until tomorrow. It's okay, you've been very good this year."

B.A. open the package up and found cookies. His mothers homemade gingerbread cookies. He looked up in surprise.

"She sent them to me, so the military wouldn't catch on. She sent something else, too."

Murdock tore open the other package and pulled out a video tape. Before B.A. could say a word, he had it in the machine. The picture came up. It was B.A.'s mother, smiling.

"Merry Christmas, Scooter, baby. I just wanted to tell you how much I miss you and share a little Christmas with you."

B.A. sat silently, a look of wonder in his eyes. She told him about the local news, the family gossip and then sang one of his favorite carols. To the surprise of the others, B.A. joined in.

When the tape was over he sat for a moment, with tears in his eyes. He then put the hat back on.

"How about those carols now, Suck'a"

Ho, Ho, Ho! by Blinky, the Christmas Elf