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Maggie Sullivan

Maggie Sullivan
by Georgia Bentz


Rated G

Summary: There are hardly any just Maggie stories. The country doctor in Bad Rock California. So I'm going to write about her family and up until she meets the A-Team first hand when BA's shot.
Hope you all enjoy.


1946, Blazon County California.....
Setting: A ranch, a rancher and a little surprise in the early
evening hours....

Jesse Sullivan was sound asleep at nine that night he had to get up early in the morning to feed the livestock. He knew his wife Beulah would be up with him. Tending to the things in the household.

He also knew that their first child was awaiting to be born. He was, however, unexpectedly awakened by Beulah's hitting him on the chest.

"What is it Beu? Can't you let a fella get some sleep around here?"

Beulah answered. "I would...... Except it's time Jess."

Jesse snorted. "Time for what Beu?"

Beulah flipped on the beside lamp and screamed out. "It's Time For This Darned Baby To Be Born!"

Jesse sat bolt upright in the bed. He looked at Beulah and then got dressed. There was no time for Beulah to get dressed so he took her down the stairs and he put her in their Model T Ford. He sped to the local doctors and there in the midst of convincing the doctor to come to their house to deliver the baby, the baby was born on the examining table. Jesse was disappointed that this one wasn't a boy. But he decided he did like the sight of this little girl.


He looked at Beulah. "What'll we name 'er?"


Beulah smiled. "We'll name her after your mother and mine. Margaret Jolene Sullivan. We'll call her Maggie."

"Maggie? I like the sound of that." Answered Jesse.

Beulah nodded and they took their little girl home as soon as the doctor was finished examining both mother and daughter.

Twenty-one years later......

Twenty-one year old Margaret J. Sullivan wasn't a stunning beauty but she wasn't ugly either. She was thin had dark brown eyes and wavy dark brown hair. She was also willowy and curvy.

She also was never without dates which constantly made her father angry. He mainly shooed all the boys away from his precious daughter. Which in turn made her angry. She was more like her father then her mother.

Beulah tried hard to get Maggie to see to reason. But Maggie always seemed to end up storming away. Maggie had graduated from high school and was now going to college.

The reason she was twenty-one and just going to college was because Jesse had made her stay at home for two years to be a ranch hand. Finally Maggie had decided to go back to school with or without Jesse's blessing.

She was determined to be a doctor. But would settle for being a nurse for the time being. And now the Vietnam War had come up. She was wanting to be a nurse. Was already a nurse.

Thankfully her father didn't know that. For Jesse was determined that she was to stay home and help around the ranch for a little while longer.

"Oh Father. You are so old fashioned! They need nurses down there. I intend to be a nurse!"

Jesse glared at Maggie and then at Beulah and then back at Maggie. "And I say No Daughter Of Mine Will Go Off To A War That Don't Concern Us!"

His daughter's eyes widened and then she glared at him as she crisply spoke. "Not concern us? Of course it concerns Us! It's us, the U.S. of A. who is fighting this War Father!" Maggie stamped her foot for emphasis.

Jesse returned just as crisply. "And I tell you no way. Beu. You talk some sense into your daughter!" Jesse said as he stormed out.

But before Beulah could talk to their daughter Maggie had also stormed out. Beulah stood there for a minute before going to Maggie's room. Hoping to find her daughter there. She knocked.

But no answer was forthcoming.

Finally she knocked again and said Maggie's full name. "Margaret Jolene Sullivan. You open this door right now! Right Now!"

A muffled voice replied. "No! I won't do it Mother I won't. Besides I'm a full nurse anyway."

"You're a what?" Beulah screeched.

Hesitantly Maggie opened the door. "Hello Mama."

Beulah's arms were crossed and she looked at her daughter. "You're a what?" Her mother asked again but in softer tones this time.

"I'm a nurse." Maggie replied calmly. Just as she led her mother into the room.

Beulah looked around and she shook her head. Jesse would be very angry at that revelation. "Your father's going to be furious when he finds out." Beulah stated.

Maggie rolled her eyes. "I had to become a nurse Mama. I had to! I've been watching television late at night. Watching the news that sort of thing. It made me want to become a nurse. This war is horrible. I'm going to enlist into the services tomorrow."

Beulah shook her head. "And how will you? Your father's grounded you from the Mustang ever since you let your friend Sally ride in it. Now everybody calls her Mustang Sally. Though I can't understand why anybody would want to slow her down...."

Maggie's face turned a deep crimson. "Mama..... Listen that's not important. What's important is that I get down to the recruiting office that's in town. I'll borrow the wagon if I have to and Marco and Petunia too." Marco and Petunia were the only two horses on the almost all cattle ranch.

"Don't even threaten that Young Lady. You're not to go and that is final. You heard your father."

Maggie nodded. "I heard him. But Mother, I'm twenty-one now. I'm an adult. If you had the opportunity to do something for your country.... Wouldn't you do it?"

Beulah looked thoughtful. "I guess I would. But you'll have to tell your father."

At that a pounding sounded outside the door and a voice thundered. "Tell Me What?"

Maggie let her father into and he looked at both his wife and daughter in askance. "What's the big secret? No lies. Just the truth."

So Beulah told him with Maggie adding in bits and pieces.

Jesse's look was now astonishment. "You're a WHAT?!"

Maggie interrupted his tirade. "Daddy don't yell. You'll scare things. It's no big deal. Besides.... I'll be leaving tomorrow to the recruitment office. Just thought I'd tell you before I was off." She pointed to the bags that were packed. "I shouldn't be gone for more then a couple of years."

With that she ushered her parents out of her room and continued to pack. Leaving Jesse to brood and Beulah to go wash dishes. They had never denied her anything before. She was their only child. For Beulah had been unable to have any more. Beulah washed the dishes and pondered. Their daughter was certainly headstrong. She would make it as a nurse. Resigned to that fact she decided to see to Jesse. Meanwhile Maggie had finished her packing.


The next morning dawned bright and clear. Maggie took the Mustang convertible and she was soon at the recruitment office. She had all her credentials with her. They let her in. Fortunately for her she didn't have to go to boot camp.

Since she was already a qualified nurse they sent her out to Vietnam right away. Maggie could barely catch her breath. She arrived just as she saw a pilot swaggering around and speaking Vietnamese. But with a Texan accent? She wasn't too sure and found her unit. They were all very nice. But a dull ache was starting in her heart. She missed home already. Even if Jesse were too overprotective and Beulah always gave into him. She missed them.


Suddenly an arm draped over her shoulder. An accent assaulted her ear. Texan it seemed. Or perhaps from one of the other southern states? Georgia perhaps? North Carolina? She turned around and came face-to-face with another young lady like herself.

Maggie spoke first. "Hello. I'm Maggie Sullivan."

The other returned. "An' I'm Mary. Mary Cheyenne Augustus. But they all call me Chye (pronounced Shy). Are you a nurse too? Are you new here?" Chye asked.

Maggie nodded. "Yes I am a nurse. And I just got here this morning in fact."

"Nice to meet you Maggie Sullivan."

Maggie smiled back at Chye. Then she spoke. "Nice to meet you too Chye."

Chye nodded and led her to the other ladies. They were equally as responsive as Chye.

"Welcome to the nurses brigade." Someone said as they were all introduced to Maggie by way of Chye.

Maggie grinned. She would definitely be comfortable here. Well as comfortable as she would be if she weren't in a war. They led her to a cluster of buildings.

Chye started speaking again. "Our barracks. Least that's what the army calls it. I call it a hell-hole. But then again I've been on one tour of duty alre...." Chye's voice trailed off as she looked curiously at Maggie. "Are you gonna be okay there Maggs?"

Maggie dumbly nodded and finally spoke. "I-I guess so. I've never been this far from home before."

Chye nodded and replied. "You'll get used to it."

Maggie replied. "Seems awfully quiet."

Chye chuckled. "It won't seem that quiet in a little bit. Soon medevacs'll be pouring in and we'll be busy for quite a while. Let's just get you settled down and then you can meet the rest of the staff. Okay?"

Maggie nodded some more and she was soon settled in. They made their way to the main office of the doctorate staff. They met the head doctor. Doctor Wheaten. And the other nurses and staff. They were all friendly and nice to Maggie. The head doctor even promised to help Maggie in any way he could. Maggie nodded and asked if he could help her become a doctor.

The doctor replied. "If you can prove to me that you're as good a nurse as your papers say then I might consider it. Now there's no work right at this moment. Have Nurse Augustus take you around and show you the sights."

Chye grinned at Maggie and spoke. "Guess that makes me th' tour guide don't it?" Chye was seeming to revel in her new position. She joked. "That's what I get for bein' so damned friendly. Don't you know?"

Maggie smiled and Chye led the way into the base. Chye showed her the Officer's Club.

"That's the place where you're Not Supposed To Go. Unless of course you're an officer and you like the smell of blood and puke. Otherwise I wouldn't risk sneaking into it."

They walked on and found themselves in another place. "This is the mess tent. Kind of appropriate if you ask me. This place is a mess from about six to whenever you can get everybody to bed. Now we will be eating here but we have our own table. The lieutenants have their own table and the higher ups have their own table and so on. Get what I'm trying to say?"

Maggie nodded. "I get it. I think. I hope I can figure this out some day."

"Don't worry Maggs.
It takes a grunt a little while to figure things out."

"Grunt?" Maggie asked.

"A grunt. You know a tenderfoot? A green horn even?"

Maggie nodded some more then evenly spoke. "I get it. The less experienced right?"

Chye nodded in approval. "Now you're getting it. You won't be a grunt for too long though. Nobody's green around here for too long." Chye smiled and they were at another part of the base.

It was all so unfamiliar. But Maggie was confident she would fit right in. And then the medevacs came in.

"Oh! That's our Cue." Chye pulled on Maggie's uniform sleeve and they went back to the Main Hospital area.


"In here Quick! These have just come from the interior. Looks like they had a fight with some Charlies." A doctor shouted. He wasn't the same one that Maggie had been introduced to at first.


Finally Doctor Wheaten entered the room and he glanced sideways at both Chye and Maggie. "Augustus. Get your rear into gear. I want you in med 7, and that new one.... Will stick with me. Well come on don't stare open mouthed ladies."

The two retreated to their assigned places. Soon a bunch of doctors' lingo rang out. "Bring 4CC's of blood STAT! I need some pumpers over here! I need a few more CC's of sterilization!!!!!"

Maggie didn't even flinch she was a natural at what she was doing. Her mind was focused. Finally at about one o'clock in the morning it had all settled down. The nurses turned in for a few winks before they were to be awakened at seven am.

"Ugh! Debriefing! Gotta love to hate it." Chye announced as she rolled over and started getting dressed.

Another nurse by the name of Eliza Junas sighed and spoke. "Could be worse. We could be first tourers and he give out the same instructions he gave when we first got here...."

At that moment Eliza got thumped in the ribs by another nurse. Helene Bugois. Helene nodded at Maggie. Maggie blushed and Chye took over from there.

Chye grinned. "Oh don't worry. He's not so awful. Just reminds us not to cut off our patients' fingers and the like. Reminds us we're supposed to sterilize...."

A few minutes later....

"Sterilization is the most important thing to do. Especially in war torn and foreign countries. You forget to sterilize...."

Chye meanwhile was mouthing the words and looking pointedly at Maggie who just so happened to be her seat mate. Chye mouthed along. "You forget to sterilize you will lose your patient."

Just then Doctor Wheaten stopped his lecture for a minute and looked pointedly at Chye. Chye ducked her head and pretended to be taking notes. "How many of you know that the least infection in a patient in a country that has almost no medical relief could cost you a life? Be it our own nation's people or the people we are trying to protect?"

Maggie raised her hand as did a smattering of others. Doctor Wheaten nodded again and finally debriefed them. "Now you who are doing their second tours are to show the first years what they can and cannot do. What they can and cannot touch. And where to go if one feels the need to vomit."

At the mention of the word vomit a couple of the first timers turned green. Maggie's face was set impassively. Doctor Wheaten nodded again and dismissed the nurses.

"Where to vomit. Honestly!" sniped a first tourer by the name of Courtney Waverly.

"Yo Court. Unless you turn green at the sight of every single thing I'm sure none of that applied to you." Replied her twin Cassadee.

Courtney made a face. "Thanks a lot Dee-Dee. I really appreciate the comment."

"Anytime Court. Anytime!"

Cassadee and Courtney Waverly parted ways. Maggie waited for Chye to reappear. Chye reappeared just then and she grinned and led Maggie back to the nurses barracks.

"What did Doctor Wheaten want?" Maggie asked.

Chye rolled her eyes. "Damned if I knew. He wasn't even talkin' to me. Just kept waving at me to sit and be still."

Maggie silently giggled. "Hard for you to do. I'm sure."

Chye shot her friend a look and they got inside the barracks without any trouble at all. The mess bell sounded and they all regrouped back to their table. Again introductions were made. The Waverly twins were amiable enough.

Maggie looked at the 'mess' she'd been served and eyed it scrutiably.

Chye noticed her look and smiled. "You'll get used to it. At least it's not MRE's. Those are not very good to eat."

The others agreed at that point. Chye smiled once more and returned to her meal. Finally it was over but Maggie noticed they weren't ready to leave yet.

Chye poked Maggie's ribs and spoke. "Oh I forgot to tell you. Tonight's movie night. I don't know what we're gonna watch tonight. Probably a romance. Nancy loves romances. Especially Casablanca."

Chye rolled her eyes at a mousy haired girl with volumnous greenish blue eyes hidden behind enormous black army issued glasses. Nancy seemed non-plussed as she waited for the movie to start. It was Casablanca.

Nancy leaned over to Maggie and whispered. "This is my favorite movie. And I brought tissues. This is going to be the best movie night ever."

Chye giggled and whispered to Maggie after Nancy was finished talking to her. "She says that about EVERY movie that we ever watch. And she Always brings the tissues." Chye gave a dramatical sigh which received a glare from Nancy.

Maggie enjoyed the movie thoroughly. Except at the end when Humphrey Bogart made his love interest get on the plane. That made her tear up and she reached for the tissue box that Nancy held in her hand.

At about midnight the movie ended and they made their way back to their barracks. Maggie fell into a deep sleep. All of a sudden she was awakened by Chye again.

"Something's happened. Got some chopper pilot who's been in a firefight. Some sorta escape flight looks like. He's wounded. But the thing is he's jokin' an' flirtin' with everyone. So Marguerite says." Chye rolled her eyes for emphasis.


Once at the infirmary Maggie went to see the chopper pilot. He had a bandage on his head and his bare chest had a gauze bandage just above the navel. His leg was hoisted a little and put in a cast and a sling which hung above the bed. He was however quite conscious.


He glanced at Maggie and smiled. "Hullo. Man I musta died an' gone ta heav'n."

Maggie cracked back drily. "You probably say that to all the nurses."

The man crinkled his eyebrows and then nodded. "Yup. Guess I do. Mebbe Faceman oughtta teach me new phrases? Ya think I cou'd charm ya nex' time?"

Maggie couldn't help the small chuckle that escaped her lips. "Maybe. Who is this Faceman?"

The man shrugged not willing to divulge any information. "Jussa a guy who's m'friend." He finally answered.

Maggie nodded and she looked the guy over. "Well looks like Nurse Augustus stitched you up really well."

The pilot only nodded and looked back at her. "Cou'd ya tell m'CO whure I'm at once he's done checkin' in?"

Maggie nodded again and turned to Chye. "Maybe Nurse Augustus will take it?" Chye taking her cue nodded and left the room.


Maggie glanced back at Murdock and picked up the chart that was at the foot of the bed. "Wow! Looks like this isn't your first time in here. You've crashed your plane, helicopter, jeep, so many times you could have the world's record of crashes."

The man smiled from the bed and quipped. "Ya th'nk so? Mebbe I cou'd use tha' fer m'career'a choice?"

Maggie quipped. "Yeah maybe. Looks like you're already suited for that profession. Now lay back and get some sleep. You'll hear from your CO tomorrow." The man nodded and fell asleep with the aid of a sleeping draught.

Maggie sought out Chye. "Why'd you need me?"

Chye looked incredulously at her. "You mean? You don't know? I mean surely you've heard of.... Captain H.M. Murdock? Ace pilot extraordinaire?"

Maggie sighed. "I've only been in the country less then a few days Chye. How am I supposed to know Captain H.M. Murdock Ace Pilot Extraordinaire personally?"

Chye smiled. "He's cute."

Maggie shook her head. "His head's too big. I've seen him swaggering around. And does he speak Vietnamese?"

Chye shook her head. "No. I don't think so. At least he's never mentioned it to me...." Her musings were cut off as the Waverly twins and Nancy came for their shifts.


Chye and Maggie headed back to their tents. "You Honestly Think This Captain Murdock's Cute?!" Maggie asked in complete horror.

"A little. His eyes though....YUMMMYYY!"

Are you sure you're not his sister or something? You two seem to match perfectly. Similar accents too."

Chye grinned. "Ya think? Too bad I'll have to disappoint ya. We ain't related. Although I wouldn't mind being related to him." She grinned again and they started to laugh a little.

The next morning the man hadn't been discharged. He glanced over at Maggie and motioned her over to his bedside. "Can ya tell me ya name?"

Maggie sighed. "How many times have we been through this? I can't tell you my first name. The doctor told the nurses not to get involved with officers. Told us it was risky business. I can tell you that I'm Nurse Sullivan. But that's about it." She turned on her heel to go.


A chuckle caused her to turn back to the bedside. "You find me amusing Captain?"

He didn't answer. Just mumbled something about her acting like his commanding officer.


Maggie Sullivan was sitting in her house not even bothering with getting ready for the day. Her parents had gone from her life and from existence altogether. Maggie had opened her own clinic in the small town of Bad Rock California. She was sitting sipping coffee and was reading the latest exploits of the renegades that were known as the A-Team.

Chye had the day off and Maggie knew that there wouldn't hardly be any business that day being Saturday. Saturday was her day for resting and relaxing. She eased her feet under her chair and prepared to just while away a few hours. But it didn't work that way.

A pounding on the door caused her to look up from the newspaper she was reading and made her hot coffee nearly spill in the saucer as she put each of the items down and opened the door. They were the fugitives from the paper. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"Wha...? How? Who are you g...." She was cut off from one of the younger looking people.

"Help us. Please? He's been shot." The young man with bronze colored hair indicated the dark skinned man that both he and a man with white hair were holding between them.

"Oh great. Just what I need. More work. Chye'll like the looks of this guy." She was looking at the younger man as she spoke to herself.

She looked at the white haired man and then fully realized the blood issuing forth. "Hurry! Follow me. And when I do get him fixed up I want explanations. I know who you are."

The younger man turned to the white haired man and gritted his teeth. "Great Hannibal. She knows who we are. Why must we have reputations?"

The one identified as Hannibal shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno Face. Luck? Skill? Both?"

They both shrugged which was hard to do with a bleeding person in between them which was being supported by the two of them. They put the man on the examining table. He was definitely bleeding and by the looks of it he had lost a lot of blood.

"He needs a transfusion. Do you know of anybody who has his blood type?"

A look of confirmation seemed to pass through the two men standing at each end of the examination table.

"Yeah. We know who we want to contact. Face have Amy go get Murdock."

The white haired man turned back to Maggie. "He'll be back in a few minutes with news on the donor."

At that the dark skinned man groaned.

"Don't worry BA. You'll feel okay in a minute. Murdock's gonna give you some of his juice."

The man now identified as BA spoke. More like he grunted. "Murdock? Awww man Hannibal! I don't wanna be swappin' juice with dhat Sucka!"

"Now now BA. Temper temper. Besides he's the only one who's your blood type."

BA grunted again and lay back down on the table. An hour later Face came back with a man who had a baseball cap on and a leather jacket. Followed by a girl in the very latest fashion and dark hair and dark eyes. The girl was introduced as Amy. And the man in the baseball cap was referred to as Murdock.

"What the Hell are you doing here Amy?" Hannibal seemed to want to know.

Maggie really didn't know what to make of things. She did know that she didn't want to be harboring fugitives. So she called up Hank who was the sheriff.

Hank came as fast as he could. Which was pretty fast since his office was across the street from her house/clinic. The one identified as Face spoke as soon as Maggie returned from her phone call and as soon as Hank had come. The two were led out of the house with handcuffs on.


Face said. "Great. This is just great. Not only are we being led away but Decker's on his way and so is that motorcycle gang we're after...."

Any other part of the conversation was cut off since the door closed behind them. Amy looked at Maggie with a look of disdain on her face. Maggie looked defiantly at Amy.

Maggie spoke. "I did what I thought was best. Now let's get him fixed up shall we?" Amy instead went to the jail cell to visit with Hannibal and Face.


Maggie turned back to her patients. "Let's see how to do this....."

She brought in another examination table and scooted it as far as it would go to the other table. She asked Murdock to lay down on it. Then she prepared the treatment. When all of a sudden a loud knocking was at the door. She really wished Chye hadn't taken the 'Oh go ahead it's your day off' words so seriously. She had tried to reach Chye several times and all she had gotten was her answering machine.

"Chye? I HATE YOU!" Maggie screamed to herself.

She flung the door open and was met with a glare by the rudest person in the world. It was a hurting person from the motorcycle gang. "I'm Hurt Doc! Awful BAD!"

Something didn't smell right to her but she couldn't refuse medical attention to anybody. No that wouldn't be very professional at all. She reluctantly let him in. She stitched him up and again called

He put the man in a holding cell. However Hannibal and that other guy got out of their cell quite easily and had come back to fight off the motorcycle gang that had decided to invade the town to get their buddy out of jail.

While they were out fighting Hannibal put Maggie in the closet. His words were to the effect of: "Sorry Doc. It's safer for you in there."

There she had sat for what seemed like decades until he finally let her out and showed her what they had cooked up. The blood donor. She had found his name was Murdock?, decided to be insane. He asked the gang where San Jose' was and they chased him.

Finally everything was wrapped up and the A-Team was on their way out of town. Maggie hoped to see them again. Especially Hannibal. As soon as they were gone she called up Chye.

Chye answered somewhat groggily.

"Hey Chye? You will Never Guess what happened to me?"

Chye perked up. "What? What happen'd to ya Girl?"

Maggie replied. "Come over? I really could use someone's calming influence. My hands are shaking all over."

Twenty minutes later Chye arrived. She was grinning as she knocked on the door. She had hoped that Maggie had found herself a boyfriend. Someone other then her clinic to occupy her time.

She knocked and Maggie answered on the first knock. Chye grinned. "Sooooo what's his name? Who is he?"

Maggie arched her eyebrows. "Who says it's a guy?"

Chye's smile momentarily disappeared as she spoke again. "I-I just naturally assumed.... Well you seemed so excited over the phone..... So tell me... What is it? Who is it?"

Maggie escorted her friend inside and made some coffee. They sat down and Maggie told her tale.

Chye laughed. "He actually locked you in a closet? Then that crazy guy....? Man! Why did you have to tell me to take a day off? I would have loved to have seen it all."

Maggie grinned. "I got pictures!!!!!" She grinned and showed her friend the pictures that had been
developed in an hour.

"The A-Team? Are you kidding me? But who is the fourth guy?" Chye asked.

Maggie shrugged. "Called himself Murdock?"

Chye's eyes widened. "Ohhhh no! Remember that pilot you worked on in 'Nam? That one who spoke Vietnamese when you first arrived and called you an angel that you told me about?!"

Realization dawned on her and Maggie's eyes opened wide. "That rowdy bunch? The ones that were ALWAYS in trouble?"

Chye nodded. "Yeah and don't yell...."

They spent the rest of the afternoon poring over the pictures. And that is where we shall leave the two friends...

The End!

Maggie Sullivan by Georgia Bentz



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